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My Stories: A Complete List

A Complete List of Night’s Work:

Thank you for taking the time to check out my work. Below I've organized my completed stories by series or collection to make things easier for you. I've also included blurbs, along with a few bits of information you might find useful. Thanks again. I enjoy reader love. :)


Shelter Me: The Second City Tales #1- 

Greg Courtenay has spent his entire life trying to step out of his father's shadow.  Most Royal vampires would kill to be a Manager under the Queen, but not Greg.  As part of the younger generation of vampires, his goal in life is to better his future and the future of their youth.  His lifework is spent at a shelter for wayward vampires in desperate need during the darkness invading New York City.  But no matter how much his heart wants to help the unfortunate, he yearns for a mate more.

Trey is a human-turned vamp dealer on the run from traitorous criminals.  Set loose in New York City with no where to hide, he plays the part of a homeless vamp to seek sanctuary in the SoHo shelter.  Once he meets Greg, his life takes a more dangerous turn.  Greg is his mate; the man he's been searching for his entire life. But does Trey give in to the passion and love he so desperately wants and selfishly put his mate in danger?  Or does he run with no plan and leave his mate heartbroken and lost once more?

1 . 2 . 3 . 4 . 5 . 6 . 7 . Finale

Taming Fire -

Bad boy, Xavier makes his last strike as far as his mother, the Archangel Elsanah, is concerned.  With the permission of the Creator, she punishes him to battle with both his demon and angel halves.  He will have no choice, but to better his life and his heart, and stay in line or he'll be a danger to himself and others.  And not in a way that formerly served for his entertainment.

Emile is a broke college student with a drive to get in shape.  Having been kicked to the curb by his parents after coming out, he was left to pay for school and a roof over his head, all on his own.  After being let go from a job he desperately needed, Emile finds the creepiest, if not perfect opportunity to make money as a housekeeper at Raven House.  An old, Gothic manor in the city's historical district, the owners request that he lives there as part of his work, claiming he'll never know when he's going have to clean up a mess.

As this simple request starts to be more than he bargained for, Emile and Xavier go head to head, in a battle that will shake the very structure of heaven and hell.   All he ever wanted to do was learn and get a job, but Emile finds out there are scarier things than finals, being broke, and nightmares.  For instance, the nightmares are real.

Wk 1 . Wk2 . Wk3 . Wk4 . Wk5 . Wk 6 . Wk7 . Wk8 . Wk9 . FinalePt1 . FinalePt2

M/M Romance, M/M Paranormal (Medium Heat Level) Status: Completed

Heart For Trade -

The year is 2512 and the world has been torn apart by war--leaving people struggling to rebuild a life without the comfort of their addiction to technology or the safety of a government to rely on - left with trading goods as their only means of currency. Self governing villages have sprung up all across the lands. Small bands of families and friends trying to survive with only the basic necessities and their own skills to get them by. Sometimes villages have nothing - left to fend for themselves or die trying.

Ryan's village is starving and their homes can't withstand another winter. If they can't come up with food or better shelter, they will all die. So when his father, their leader, declares after a tough battle with himself that he is trading Ryan to save his village. Ryan is heartbroken but loves his family enough to endure being given away to save them all. 

Samuel is the leader of Rineway village - a mysterious place the other villages have never heard of. In a time of absolute poverty, Samuel and his people rely on their secrecy to hide the wealth of treasures their village guards underground. Happening upon a man for trade, a rarity, Samuel answers the ad with hopes for something more than just a labor hand. 

With secrets, an old government mission still at hand and a world so bleak it's hard to dream of the light, can love really prevail?

Wk 1 . Wk 2 . Wk 3 . Wk4 . Wk5 . Wk6 . Wk7 . Wk8 . Wk9 . Wk10 Wk11 . Wk12 . Wk13 . Wk14 . Wk15 . Wk16 . Wk17 . Wk18 Wk19 . Wk20 . Wk 21 . Wk 22 . Wk23 . Finale

M/M Romance, M/M Fantasy/Contemporary (Medium - High Heat Level) Status: Completed

Cade: (Will be renamed upon submission) Book 1 in the Vampire Series (Yet To Be Named)

A rich, handsome, twenty-three year old man with everything at his fingertips, suddenly finds himself living in a tragedy.  After burying both of his parents when a fatal car crash takes both their lives, Cadence Hightower moves back into his family’s home.  Even though his depression and heartache still linger, nothing can stop Cade from being strangely attracted to his father’s old assistant Micah Derenger, who moves in to help Cade with his new role as CEO of his father’s business.

Along with Micah’s arrival though, come a slew of unraveled family secrets that leave Cade’s head spinning and parts of him changing forever. Warriors of old, a new hunger that only Micah can sate, and creatures of the night become Cade’s world, but is he ready to take up the role that his people are relying on him to fill? Can he accept his fate and let Micah heal his broken heart?

M/M Romance/Fantasy-Paranormal (High Heat Levels & Violence) Status: Completed/Being Revised For Submission

The links to this story have been removed for publishing reasons.

Yes, MasterBook 2 in the Vampire Series (Yet To Be Named)

Life is good for Oliver Caldwell. A millionaire CEO for Caldwell Industries, Olly is the epitome of a playboy bachelor, but his tastes are a little specific, his needs a little darker.  Estranged for the most part from his parents, raised without affections or love from either of them, Oliver draws his strength from the control he has over others, specifically in bed. When he happens upon a beautiful young man in his own bar one night, Oliver thinks he’s bringing home nothing more than a prime piece for his sheets, but that is far from the truth.

What starts out a steamy night of cuffs and submission leads into something that opens both their eyes. When Olly wakes up to find Tate gone the next morning, the hunt begins. Suddenly Tate becomes everything to Oliver and he refuses to let anything come between them, bosses, threats, or business included.  The heat only gets hotter when Oliver finds out that his arch enemy in the business world is after both of them.  Forced into an underground world of mob wars and creatures of the night, two mortals find out how much they are willing to stake to be with each other. How much trust are they willing to put in creatures that were previously only make-believe?

This installment of the Vampire Series takes you back to before Cade’s tale and gives you a look at what happened before the death of Cade’s parents.  What really happened and how did it go down?

M/M Romance/Fantasy-Paranormal (High Heat Levels &Violence) Status: Completed.

Dan & Rowe Book 3 in the Vampire Series (Yet To Be Named)

Dan and Rowe have been nothing, but at each other’s throats since they first met.  Rowen Gerard, the Blood Prince and Daniel Walker, Cade’s best friend, have a tension building between them that is about ready to explode.  Rowe knows who Daniel is to him in the vampire world, but he can’t seem to make Dan understand, no matter how hard he tries. Daniel on the other hand understands Rowe just fine, but he refuses to give in.  When he finally can’t fight Rowe any longer, a love blooms that is so raw and sincere, it’s obvious they were meant to be.

Just as the relationship takes flight, so does the enemy, and what starts out as a sexy birthday bash in the city, quickly turns into a night that Rowe doesn’t think Daniel will ever recover from. Dan’s past combined with this latest emotional trauma, leave him a different person, someone Rowe hopes to heal with his heart, but will that be enough?  The compound is rocked by a multitude of dramatic changes, enemies step up their game, and new players step on board in this latest installment.  Will Rowe step up and help the Guardians bring order to his people to keep them safe while balancing his fragile mate’s needs?  Will Dan accept his new life among the vampires and realize he was meant to be here all along?  Will he trust Rowe enough to give up his life to stay by his mate’s side for eternity?

M/M Romance/ Fantasy-Paranormal (High Heat Levels/Violence) Status: Completed

Dan and Rowe Chapters 1&2 are no longer available.  Sorry for the inconvenience.   DR 3 . DR 4 . DR 5 . DR6 . DR7 .  DR8 . DR9.1 . DR9.2

Dan and Rowe Extras:

FangSpace J FS 1 . FS 2 . FS 3 . FS4 . FS5

A Visit To The Royal Compound : Part 1 / Part 2

Knox & Isaac: Book 3 in the Vampire Series (yet to be named)

Vampire Royal, Knoxtian Montesego, has known for 23 years that Cade and Micah's son, Isaac, is his mate. Scared of the wrath of Cade over loving his precious son and cursed with a tortuous wait until Isaac comes of age, Knox hides his secret from almost everyone. Or does he? Sooner or later, someone will catch on. But when Isaac is finally of age, will Knox subject his mate to his dark side? A world filled with whips and chains masked as love? Can he suck it up and admit his undying love for his mate?

Isaac Hightower is all grown up and doesn't fit in with the others. He's small. He dances instead of fighting. And he's sick of trying to find his niche. All of his life he's wanted Knox's approval. So much so, that he's willing do to anything to get it. His want takes him places that he'd never thought he'd go. Leather and lace, pole dancing and pain, will Isaac truly give in the dark world Knox has surrounded him with?

Can they finally come together and see past all the wrongs Knox has done to Isaac up until now? Will they come together as true mates do and build a bond that can last an eternity?

K/I 1 . K/I 2 . K/I 3 . K/I 4 . K/I 5 . K/I6 . K/7 Finale

M/M Romance/ Fantasy-Paranormal (High Heat Levels/Violence) Status: Completed

Nan and Jaska: A Finally Ever After

This is a M/F short story that was requested by a lot of readers. I left it out of Knox and Isaac because it was their story, not Nan's. Read and enjoy Nan finally getting a little attention of her own. :)

Nan and Jaska

M/F Romance Status: Completed

My Telija

Living with his slob of a cousin Lucy and taking care of his withdrawn mother was not what graphic designer Jordan had planned for his life.  When a bout of faulty electricity and a flat tire force Jordan to rearrange a work meeting, he falls into the arms of a hulking warrior Prince who saves his life, turning it upside down forever.  For his safety, but not his sanity, Jordan is whisked to another world that exists within his own.  Angry, scared, and overwhelmed, Jordan begins to cling to Prince Vendish as he learns his own true identity and about his father’s shaky past.

Fae Prince Vendish, finds himself immediately arrested by his soul mate Jordan, but the Great Mother tests his love for the half human in more ways than one. Just when he thinks Jordan is finally coming around to the idea that they belong together, another obstacle is thrown in the way.  Ancient shadow dragons, a missing staff, and powers no one have ever seen, create fear among the Fae people and all eyes are on Jordan, leaving Vendish scrambling to comfort the poor half human. Did Jordan’s father really side with the enemy?  Is war upon the Fae people?  Together with his mate, will Jordan use his new powers to save his new family? Will Jordan ultimately learn the meaning of being Fae?

M/M Romance/Fantasy-Fae (High Heat Levels/Violence) Status: In Progress

My Love Is Your Love (2012 Valentine’s Day Contest Story Winner)

Sheriff Remy La Croix has always wanted a man to spend Valentine’s Day with, a man he could warm by the fire, and cook a nice dinner for, but once again he was left on the holiday of love without a date.  Finn had been in Bermont less than twenty four hours when he found himself in Jackie’s Diner on the holiday he hated the most.  Only a reminder of how his ex-boyfriend had walked out of his life for another man, Finn loathed Valentine’s Day with a passion. 

A packed diner with the only open seat across from him left Finn with a blind dinner date, one Sheriff Remy LaCroix.  Instant attraction, a magical pot pie, and one heck of a snow storm lead to an adventure of the heart, an adventure that might have been helped along by a certain back room cook. 

Chris was new to Bermont, but as a line cook in Jackie’s diner, he was a pro. Year after year, he hid his identity to help the mortals find their true loves, but finding love for himself was not so easy.  Feeling hopeless after another year with no one to call his own, Chris is surprised to be given a task that might give him the very thing he’s always craved. Love.

Warning: Must have cookies or brownies readily available when reading.

M/M Romance Contemporary/Mild-Fantasy (Medium – High Heat Levels) Status: Completed

QUICKISH STORIES: Short stories that contain a few parts. <3

A Hugh Northam Halloween Short: A Full Moon Cliché -

Tightly wound, high school history teacher, Hugh, reluctantly agrees to a boy's night out with his best friend Marshall. What happens after they arrive at the club will be a night Hugh will never forget.

Part 1 . Part 2

M/M Paranormal, M/M Romance (Medium Heat Level with a mild undertone of non-consent) HEA Status: Completed

A Hugh Northam Thanksgiving Short: A Turkey Travesty -

Newly mated history teacher and werewolf, Hugh Northam, is having a hard time with his new man Shepard Hanes. As the mate of the alpha, Hugh is in the spotlight with the pack and he isn't adjusting well. Add to his list of problems that his mate is being territorial, his new in-laws are coming for turkey dinner, the sexy next door neighbor isn't all that he seems to be, and Hugh is for one hell of a Thanksgiving.

Part 1 . Part 2

M/M Paranormal, M/M Romance (Medium Heat Level with a mild undertone of non-consent) HEA Status: Completed

On My Mind A Shermin Heights Short #1

Shermin Heights, Kentucky had always chugged along at a slow pace, with good fishin, and a nice cold beer at the end of the day. Although as of late, things had not been so smooth for Noah Pierson or his family. After his daddy lost his battle with Alzheimer’s, Noah picked up the slack, and began to care for his broken mother, younger brother, and his crazy granny Ella Mae. Lost and without purpose, Noah threw himself into cleaning up what his daddy had left behind, love the last thing on his mind.

Jamie Ford was a corporate misfit with father issues of his own. Working for his step-father and his heartless mother, he was trained as a professional pain in the ass. So, when he was sent to Shermin Heights, Kentucky, acquiring twenty acres for the oil company from one Noah Pierson seemed like a cake walk. Never in his life had Jamie been so wrong.

When city meets country, things heat up in Shermin Heights.  Locals get nosey, boys will be boys, and the food is good for the soul. Jamie starts to see himself in a different light, not to mention the sexy Noah who is the reason for the change. Noah falls hard for the stubborn Yankee, but when Jamie’s parents arrive in town after a phone call throw down, will love be enough? Or will Jamie betray the man he’s grown to care for?  Funny, sexy, with a whole lot of southern charm, On My Mind is good for the soul.

M/M Romance – Contemporary/Short Story (Heat Level Mild) Status: Completed

Made Up My Mind – A Shermin Heights Short #2

Mason Pierson was fed up with his life.  He didn’t have a job, a house of his own, or anything that amounted to squat and living with Jamie and Noah was getting tiresome. Things go from bad to worse when Noah’s business partner and friend, Matt Every comes to live with them for the summer, causing Mason’s heart to stir in all the wrong places.  Or so he thinks.

Matt Every was just a simple glass blower, with a simple crush on Noah’s little brother, but all that simplicity was about to get really complicated when Mason throws up a hell of wall between the two of them. Hiding his feelings while trying not to hurt Matt’s is almost impossible for Mason and a series of events breaks the two apart. When Matt has finally had enough of Mason and his heartbreaking behavior, he agrees to a date with Todd Paola, Noah’s ex-boyfriend. In true Shermin Heights fashion, the town bands together once again to see their boys happy once more, but are they too late to undo what’s already been done?  Another tale to make you sigh, make you cry, and make you laugh.  Welcome back to Shermin Heights, kick your feet up, and stay a while.

M/M Romance – Contemporary/Short Story (Heat Level Medium) Status: Completed

Made Up My Mind Part 1 . Made Up My Mind Part 2 . Made Up My Mind Part 3

Read My Mind - A Shermin Heights Short # 3

Online gay magazine blogger, Adam Jackson, hears rumors of his boyfriend Todd's escapades with other men.  Pissed off and out of options, he makes a visit to Shermin Heights to confront the bastard, face to face, and give him what for.  What starts off as a bad breakup, almost costs Adam his life.  

Country boy, Perry Olivette, doesn't take kindly to people talking crap about his friends. Using his fists instead of his words gets him into a scuffle with his arch nemesis, Joe Mayfield, who just so happens to be the son of a local gay bashing religious group preacher.  When Perry makes it out the fight, barely conscious, he and Adam are thrust together by sheer luck and whole lot of family drama.

When Joe Mayfield's father leads an all out, gay bashing protest, with the Leighton Assembly against Shermin Heights, Adam decides to take a stand for himself and for all of his readers.  Through heartache and honesty, Perry and Adam form a bond that no one else understands, until it's made clear for the whole world to see.

Read My Mind Part 1 Read My Mind Part 2Read My Mind Part 3Read My Mind Part 4 (Finale)

M/M Romance – Contemporary/Short Story (Heat Level Medium) Status: Completed

Out Of My Mind - A Shermin Heights Short # 4

Casey Belgard flees his hometown of New Orleans to escape his abusive cop father after he comes out, leaving his loving mother behind.  With some help from his cousin Adam, Casey lands at the New Heights Haven in Shermin Heights with an offer of work and a roof over his head.

Link Stevens works the front desk at the haven for Adam and  Perry.  Like Casey, he ran away from his past, but he's a little better at hiding his sadness behind his loud and proud exterior.  Link finds himself opening up to the new kid, connecting on a level much deeper than the string of sexual memories other men have left behind.

As the two men start to lean on each other, helping to mend old wounds and start something new, old ghosts begin to surface, leaving both Casey and Link in grave danger.

OOMM Pt1 . OOMM Pt2 . OOMM Pt3 . OOMM Pt4 . OOMM Pt5 . OOMM Finale

M/M Romance – Contemporary/Short Story (Heat Level Medium) Status: In Progress

Almost Human -

Lawry must battle with himself, intergalactic terrorists, and underground traders to save an android from a terrible fate. With the help of a fugitive female from an ancient race, a rather tiny assistant, and his two best friends, Lawry learns the true meaning of love.  A Sci-Fi twist on the beloved classic Pinocchio.

M/M Romance - Sci-Fi/ Fantasy/Short Story (Heat Level - Mild) Status: Completed

Almost Human Part 1 . Almost Human Part 2 . Almost Human Part 3

QUICKIES: Short stories that are 15 pages or less. Good to read before bed or on your lunch break. J

In Heat  - A club owner is in for the surprise of his life.

A Repeat Kind of Love - A high school boy finally gets a Valentine, just not the one he was expecting.

You Have No Idea – A coming out tale that you might want a Kleenex for.

The Delivery – A flat tire, a mysterious stranger, and what the heck is in the trunk?

Two Little Boys Sitting In A Tree, Will You Make A PromiseTo Me? – Two childhood best friends are separated, one moving far away and one left behind.  It isn’t until years later that they meet again, but is it just a coincidence, or divine intervention?

A Warlock’s Tale – A young protégé has hopes of being something in the magical community, but his lack of power prevents any future as a full warlock.  That is until the sexy Magistrate steps in and offers him an apprenticeship he can’t refuse.

Batter Up – The captain of the school’s baseball team spots his prey.  With nowhere to hide from the cocky jock, the prey gives in.

The Assignment – Relocated to a Podunk town in the middle of nowhere, a couple begins to feel a strain in their relationship.  Until a hunger that rivals any petty drama between them can’t be ignored anymore.

Where Do I Belong – Being in love with your best friend and the Alpha’s son is not allowed.  Not until you prove who you really are that is.

Forget Me Not – The strangest story I have ever written. LOL.  I don’t think I could describe it in a sentence, just enjoy it.

Stay – In another galaxy, a young man is faced with the prospect of a new life, one he doesn’t want.  Will the man who stole his heart, save him from himself? 

Merry Christmas, Riley Green -  A gourmet food and wine shop owner gets a holiday gift that he's wanted for a long time.  


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  1. Well, it's official: you are by far the most prolific writer I know! Nice to see your work presented like this. Very nice. I'm glad to see you're preparing Cade for submission. :)

    1. Thanks Tali! I don't have a lot of time to devote to the actual revision, but I'm slowly cranking it out. :) Have a good week!


  2. This post did exactly what it was supposed to do... make me want to read everything...AGAIN!! And for those who haven't read all of them yet, or for reader who are new to your blog, it gives them an order in which to read.

    Thank you for posting everything AND giving a short snippet of what they were each about. It made me want to go back and read every single on of these again!!

    I know what I'll be doing for the rest of the night :)

    1. Thanks Naughty! It was a little bit of work, but I'm happy with it. I'm glad you guys are enjoying this and hopefully new readers will find it a little easier to navigate. :) Xoxo


  3. Wow, seeing all your work placed out like this is amazing. :)
    Great job Night, will make re-reading these awesome stories easier, wont have to going searching through the tags,lol

    1. Thanks Mik! Glad it worked out for everyone. No more tag clicking for you. ;P


  4. Thanks for this! Makes it easy to find the stories and read in the right order. Reading this list makes me realize just how much I have to read...

    1. Well have fun vamp. I hope you like. :)


  5. I am so sorry if this is one of those questions that comes with an obvious answer, but when you say that you are going to be submitting Cade, do you mean that you are going to be posting it here, on your blog? Again, really sorry if I'm just being my naturally blond self.

    1. Lol, that's okay! By submission, I mean sending the new version to a publisher. :)

    2. Oh, okay. I just wanted to make sure, thank you!

  6. Great thing to do, makes it so easy to go back to our favs. Enjoying the quickies. Do you have 'Where do i belong' to relist b/c when you click on it, it takes you to a google sign in. I'd like to read that one.

  7. I love the way you laid the stories out and the little blurbs about each. You have such an imagination, and your vampire stories are among the most realistic ones I've ever read.

    1. Aww thanks Cliffy. Muah. Have a good week.


  8. YAY! Thank you so very kindly for this. Its rather like a reading buffet! I am curious if you shall put the Shermin Hights all together in a book. Its one of my favorite quickish series. I also have to agree with you that Forget Me Not was a little strange but it was still fun. It was a nice change of pace. Now, back to re-reading stuff just for giggles.

    1. I am currently debating whether to write the last story and submit them to a publisher as a one piece or to submit them seperate. *shrugs* And yeah forget me not was one of those wierd pieces that just had to be written, if not for just my piece of my mind. That was a strange week for me I guess, I dunno. Thanks Carrie and enjoy the all you can eat feast. :)


  9. Awww, darn it . Now you make me want to read every piece again and again -_-
    Thanks for compiling all of this so that we can enjoy the stories even better. I just read The Delivery again, this one by far is my fav quickie . I just love the writing style, and backbone story is very interesting too . Can a girl hope for expansion of this ? :D

  10. I too love The Delivery! I can see some very interesting tales come from this not to mention some dreamy steamy characters(

    Btw: I have stood staring at various cars in my life (some I owned some not) and also pondered what the heck is in the trunk and occassionally what the heck is that smell? Hmmmm...

  11. Hi Hun, Ive been a fan for a long while now and im wondering when are you going to bring out the new chapter of My Telija? One of my top 10 fav stories, I miss them...

  12. Once I read your first story on Literotica I was hooked. I kept returning to your profile in hopes that you posted something new or another chapter. It seemed that you were never going to post again but then I read somewhere that you had this blogg. I was over the moon. I thought all my xmas's had come at once. Great storylines and Dan and Rowe's story I felt happy with (such a romantic am I!). I cant wait for other storylines to be explored. I read here that you have been unwell, I hope you are much better. Selfishly I want you well so that you can get back to writing again. I love all the characters and I know Im gonna love the new antagonist that appeared in Dan and Rowe's storyline. Should make life a bit uneasy for some. Like Alectra, who wanted know when the next chapter for My Telija will be out, I am also eager to read the next installment. May your muse for your writing give you the inspiration to create inspiring and spellbounding literature. Thanks for an enjoyable experience.

  13. I love all of your stories!!! You are a fantasticly talented writer with an awesome imagination! I An on pins and needles waiting for Knox and Isaac's story and I am also looking forward to more of "My Telejah". The first story I read of yours was of Cade and Micah on Lit and I was sooooo happy when I found the blog and there was even more. So thanks for the hours of entertainment and please continue to write and we'll continue to read!

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  21. I love the Shermin Heights series!!! It's my favorite, along with Knox and Isaac!

    Question though: I've probably read and reread your stories countless times, because you're awesome and solid like that. Is there a timeframe for when you'll be publishing Cade, so that us poor mortals will be out of misery, and I can reread it again for the 20th time?? Along with the first two chapters of Dan and Rowe? God, I love that first DR chapter!!

    Thanks, Night! Stay awesomesauce!

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