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Chit Chat and Heart for Trade: Week 15

Guess who's back from Chicago????  That would be me.  Yay!  *Everyone joins me in a dance party*  Oh my gosh!  I had so much fun on my little weekend excursion.  I can't even tell you how desperately needed this trip was.  After the holiday, if I can even call it that, I've been on the go CONSTANTLY.  I know I tweet and FB and yatta yatta, but most of that's done from my phone at either work or, yes... *guilty secret time* ... when I'm at the store.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to tweet and grocery shop at the same time?  I swear... I should get an award for my mad multi-tasking skills.  My skills aside, this trip came at the perfect time.  I got a chance to hang out with a couple of my work friends, and shop, and stay at the... HARD ROCK HOTEL on company dime.  Hollah!
Well, initially I thought I was being roped into a teaching gig, and I was kinda like... no.  The pay is good and all, but at this point in the year, I'm burnt out.  So, I was happy to learn it wasn't a teaching gig after all and that my boss had hooked us up with another beauty reviewer company.  Basically, we got to test out products in a professional setting for three days and keep the stuff after we were done.  O.O  I know.  I was near full-on glitter explosion.  Can you say Benefit products?  I can!  Woot!  Yesterday, we were given gift baskets, on top of our super loot we'd been given, and I near fainted.  Does anyone read the Beautiful Creatures series?  If so, then you should know the PurMinerals has an entire makeup kit out to promo the movie.  Got it.  Yep.  I am one hell of a happy camper. 
On top of all of this, I got a mani/pedi by a celebrity nail girl. *still hyperventilating*  I got to have a five star dinner. *swank*  I got to go shopping at H&M.  *swoon* AND I got to have one hell of a slumber party that got busted up by hotel staff.  My assistant answering the door in his neon green boxers while wearing bright pink lipstick probably sealed the deal, but hey, we had fun being bad.  So now I'm home, back to my not-so-glamorous life, but that's just fine by me.  I don't time to keep up with the Jones' in Chi-town, but it was fun playing the part while we were there.  Which leads me to the stuff you actually want to read about.  ;)  Thanks for being patient while I stepped out of the office for a bit.  You guys rock!  Here it is...Sam and Ryan... Like A Virgin comes to mind, and will probably be stuck in my head all night.  When I really wrote this scene to Lana Del Ray.  I included my favorite song for you to cue up while you read.  You're welcome.
Stay warm.  Stay Safe.  Love and kisses.
The feel of Samuel’s body against his was unlike anything Ryan had ever known.  Having only had a taste of the Commander’s hard muscle earlier, he craved more.  Arms surrounded him.  The soft cotton of Sam’s sweatpants rubbed against his naked skin.  And then, Sam was gone.  Lips departed from his, leaving Ryan breathless and shocked.  His eyes opened.  His hands searched the empty air until he found Sam again.
“Hold on.”  Sam put up a hand, keeping Ryan in his seat. 
He went to the corner, choosing a caramel colored roll of fabric.  Gently, he set it on the floor and kicked with his foot.  The roll unraveled until it hit the opposite wall of shelving.  Fuzzy and strange, Ryan had never seen anything like it.   He slid to his knees, feeling the fabric touch his legs.  His hands slid over the material, in love at first touch.  It was the softest thing he’d ever felt.  It begged him to wrap his body in the yards on display.
Ryan flicked his eyes up at the sound of Sam’s hoodie dropping to the ground.  He swallowed, seeing the Commander’s fit torso in the soft light.  The music captured him again, drawing his eyes up to Sam’s.  He forgot how to breathe as Sam crouched to the ground, and crawled across the fabric.
“It’s called Vicuna,” he whispered inches from Ryan’s face.  “Named after the Vicuna of South America, which resemble a llama, but they’re actually in the camel family.  This was once considered the finest fabric in the world.”
“Really?”  Ryan leaned forward.  His hands delicately grabbed at the material.
“A fabric to make clothes, blankets...”  Sam smiled, putting his hands to Ryan’s chest, slipping them under the robe again.  “But unlike the wool of a say a goat, this wool blend is softer, silkier, and rarer.  It took over three hundred Vicuna fleeces to make this roll.  There isn’t anything left in the world such as this.”
“It’s so soft,” Ryan murmured, closing his eyes.  “It’s perfect.”
“You deserve nothing less.”
“For what?” His eyes fluttered open.
The robe slipped from his shoulders and down his arms, leaving his completely nude.  He wanted to cover himself out of habit.  He wanted to look away, but he couldn’t.  Truthfully, he wanted Sam to see him this way, no secrets and no barriers between them.  He wanted Sam to see it all.  Being brave, Ryan pulled what remained of the robe away from his body, throwing it on the chair.  He took a deep breath and lay on his back with the urging of Sam’s hand to his chest.
“Do you know what making love means, Ry?”  Sam eyed his body from head to toe, slowly running his hands over the length of Ryan’s legs.
“I’m not that innocent, Sam.  I could have said fuck, but I didn’t, because that’s not what I want.”  His legs shook as he spread them wider to accommodate the Commander.  His knees bent with his feet planted firmly over the soft material, he looked up at Sam moving into place.  “I said make love to me.”
“That would imply you love me.”  Sam placed his hands to either side of Ryan’s chest.
“I…I do.”
“How can you be sure?”
“Because I can’t be sure of anything without you.”
Sam paused, his heart racing wildly.  “I know.  I feel like I’ve always known you.  Is that how this is supposed to be?”
“You’re the Commander.  You tell me.”  Ryan ran his hands down Sam’s back until he could feel his sweats teasing his fingers.
“This doesn’t involve base life, Ry.  This is you and me, and I’ve never known this before.  I’m just as blind as you are.”
“Start with what you want to say.  I told you how I feel, and I’m a little concerned you haven’t said it back,” Ryan realized out loud.  He’d been so sure before.  Now he was starting to get nervous.  What if he’d been wrong and he was lying naked under Sam, just giving his virginity away?  No…
“See?  If you could see your face…damn, I’m really blind here.  I can touch you all I want, but I’m not very good with everything else.”  Sam settled his weight on Ryan.  “But I do, Ry.  I…I love you, too.”
Ryan’s sigh of relief was louder than the music.  He closed his eyes. “You’re better at this than I am.  You have the music, and this fabric, and this…”  His fingers locked inside the hem of Sam’s sweatpants, pulling them down over his firm backside.  “You have patience.  You made compromises for me.  You welcomed me into your rooms the best way you knew how.  You didn’t make fun of me, or push me into something I wasn’t ready for.”  Ryan opened his teary eyes.  “You’ve cared since the minute you took me away from my home, but I just now felt it.  I trust you with my life, Sam.  I’m giving you myself because I know you love me.  You’ve more than shown me, even if you didn’t always have the right words to go along for the ride.”
“You don’t owe me anything, Ry.”  Sam nuzzled into Ryan’s neck, kissing the warm skin under his lips.  “Not a thing.”
Ryan squirmed, thrusting up in a desperate attempt to make the torture stop.  “What more do you need, Sam?  This isn’t pity.  I want you so bad.”
Feeling Ryan’s erection push into his, Sam moaned, and tightened his hold on Ryan.  “You want me?”
“Yes.  Please, touch me.”  Ryan craned his neck back, giving Sam better access.  His whole body arched.  His toes curling around the fabric, he gripped Sam’s back until his nails dug deep.
“Are you warm enough?”  Sam lifted his head, trying his best to make everything perfect.  “Are you—”
His lips were taken by Ryan’s.  His words were lost in his lover’s mouth.  Hands found his bare ass.  He worked the rest of his pants off with an awkward shimmy until he was able to stretch naked on top of Ryan.  The little blond moaned, wrapping his legs around Sam’s hips, thrusting, rolling his hips until he could barely think.  He was going to…
“Slow down,” Sam gasped the words.  “You’re going to—”
“Hurry, Sam.  I don’t know how much longer I can last.”  Ryan panted, licking his lips while running his hands anywhere he could reach on the Commander’s body.  “Fuck,” he whispered.
Ryan’s blue eyes were wild.  His cheeks were flushed, and his hair was a mess, but damn if he wasn’t beautiful.  “I don’t want to hurry.  I want you to relax,” Sam commanded.
He fisted Ryan’s cock, which was already slick with excitement.  “I…I can’t!”  Sam watched him buck underneath.  Ryan’s smaller body shuddered uncontrollably.
Sam squeezed to get his attention.  “Yes, you can.  Take a deep breath and calm down.”
Ryan stilled immediately as Sam’s grip tightened.  Fingers eased up along his shaft, and started to stroke.  “You like that?”  His thumb teased over Ryan’s slit.  “Hmm?”
“Yes,” Ryan whispered, closing his eyes.
Biting his lip, Sam ignored his own need.  He had a basic idea of what he was supposed to do now, and that took focus.  He wanted this to be good for Ryan.  He didn’t care about himself, even if the throb in his cock was near painful.  He wanted Ryan to remember this moment forever, but he knew it was going to hurt.  God, he wished it didn’t have to be a painful process, but after experimenting on himself, he knew it would be.
“Lift your hips for me.”
Ryan swallowed.  “Slow, okay?”
“I promise.”  Sam bent down for a quick kiss.
“Okay.” Ryan hesitated before lifting his hips a bit.  The hand on his cock released him, traveling down his balls with a gentle massage of fingers until he felt Sam touch his…  “Oh my God,” he breathed.
Heat radiated under Sam’s hand, beckoning his fingers inside.  A perfect pink, Ryan’s entrance had never been touched by another man before.  Sam was entranced as his wet fingers rubbed over the puckered hole, glossing it over until looked just as wet as the head of Ryan’s cock.  Was that enough lubrication, he wondered.  Was this good enough?  He looked to Ryan, who had his eyes closed.
“Relax, Ry.  I’m gonna try, okay?”  He kissed Ryan’s knee.  His lover only nodded, squeezing his eyes shut tighter.
Spitting into his hand, just to be sure, Sam brought his fingers back to Ryan’s entrance.  He put pressure on the virginal hole, pressing deep until Ryan accepted the tip of his finger inside.  “Is that—”
“Keep going,” the blond urged through clamped teeth.
Sam pulled the finger out a little, pushing back inside until Ryan’s muscles began to swallow it inside.  He twisted his finger, pulling in and out to loosen up the tight ring of muscle.  “Ry?”  Loud panting was the only answer he was going to get.  “You’re doing so good,” Sam praised, using his other hand to stroke Ryan a little.  He noticed Ry going soft and started to worry.  Was that normal for someone who became excited at the drop of a hat?  Was he doing this wrong?  Shit, Sam thought, moving his finger in and out faster.
Ryan made a garbled noise, taking his own cock away from Sam.  He began to push back against the finger inside of him.  His chest rose and fell with such speed that Sam thought he was going to pass out.  Taking this as a good sign, Sam again bit his lip, and pulled the finger out, and put two against Ryan’s entrance.  He was the one who had to take a deep breath this time before pushing in again.
“Ah, fuck,” Ryan cried.  “It burns!”
“Okay, okay, just breathe, Ry!”  Panic flooded him.  “Keep, uh…hold on.  Let me try this.”  He pushed Ryan’s hand away and shimmed onto his stomach between his legs.  He took Ryan’s cock in his hand and began to suck on the head, then pushed his fingers back inside.  Ryan moaned so loud Sam could have exploded on the spot.  He felt the pain in every squeeze of Ryan clamping down on his fingers.  To soothe the burn, Sam made up for it by taking as much of Ryan’s length into his mouth as he could.  He bobbed his head, simultaneously pushing his fingers deeper inside.  Ryan slapped his hands on the ground, groaning like a man possessed.  His body bucked over and over, dancing under Sam until he found a rhythm.
“Still…still hurts, Sam,” he slurred.
The Commander wanted to cry.  Not only was this embarrassing for him because he was letting Ryan down, he selfishly wanted to pleasure himself, too.  He had no idea what to do and groaned his way off Ryan’s length.  He propped up on his elbow, fingers still trapped.
“Do you want to stop?  We don’t have to do this, you know?  We can wait until you’re ready.”  He couldn’t look at Ryan.  He felt like such a failure.
“It’s going to hurt regardless, isn’t it?”  Ryan wiped his eyes of tears he’d been holding back.
“Yes,” Sam admitted behind the shelter of his hair.  “I’m sorry, Ry.”
“Sorry?  You didn’t do anything.”  Ryan readjusted his body on the ground, careful of Sam’s fingers.  “Keep going.  I have to…loosen up, right?  If I’m going to take you, I mean.”
“Ry, you can’t even handle my fingers.  What makes you think you’ll be able to—”
“I’ll take it because it’s you, and I want you, okay?  We’re doing this.  I’m going to do this.”  He let his head fall gently back, determined to see this through.  He wanted Sam inside of him, no matter how much it hurt.  He wanted Sam to feel good, too.  But most of all, he wanted to feel Sam let go.  Maybe then he could let go of the pain, and just focus on their lovemaking.
“You aren’t getting graded, Ry.  If it hurts, don’t torture yourself.  That’s not sexy for anybody.”
Ryan rose onto his elbows.  The look in his eyes was beyond his years and almost predatory.  “Put it in, Sam, now.”
“What?”  The Commander’s eyes went wide.  “Ry, you can’t be serious.”
“Take them out, Sam.”  Ryan lifted his upper body to see what was happening below.
Staring at Ryan, Sam slowly pulled his fingers out.  The hiss that left Ry’s lips wasn’t reassuring, but if this was what his man wanted, he’d give it to him, even if he’d feel like a bastard after the fact.  He stroked himself, using his own fluids to lubricate his shaft.  “Are you comfortable?”
Ryan got to his knees, lining his body with hard muscle.  “I’m not a baby, Sam.  I don’t need comfort, but thanks,” he added.  “I want to try it a different way.”  He brought Sam’s face to his.  “And I’m not trying to prove anything.  I just want to be with you, and I’ll take a bit of pain to get it.  You did nothing wrong and everything right.  Let me do this with you,” he whispered over Sam’s lips.  “I want you.”
“I want you, too.”  Sam crushed his lips to Ryan’s.  His ass hit the ground with a push from his lover.  Ryan straddled his lap, grabbing onto his hair as their kiss deepened.  The Commander filled his palms with the fleshy cheeks of Ryan’s ass, kneading and massaging until Ryan seated himself completely.   Hard again, Ryan held on to him, rubbing himself against Sam, kissing him like lovers should.  This was how it was supposed to be, Sam smiled.  This was how you made love, at least in his mind.
His cock slipped underneath Ryan.  He could feel the heat between his man’s cheeks once more, and groaned with an unholy need.  Ryan’s hand smoothed over his shoulders as he pulled back to look him in the eye.  “I’m ready,” he panted.
“You sure?”  Sam ran his hands down Ry’s back.
In a brave move, Ryan reached behind himself and grabbed Sam’s cock, rubbing the head over his entrance.  “Yeah.”
“Don’t push yourself, Ry.  Go slow.”
“We never got a chance for slow, Sam.”  Ryan looked up.  “And I wouldn’t have it any other way now that I know this, us.” He lifted onto his knees and lined himself up with Sam’s length.  “I love you, Sam.”
Sam nodded.  His eyes were glassy again.  “Love you, too.”  He put his forehead to Ryan’s as the smaller man began to lower himself.
He closed his eyes as the head of his cock began to stretch Ryan open.  “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Ryan chanted softly, trying to cover his unease within his whispers.
“I know.”  Sam tried to stroke Ryan between them in an attempt to pleasure him beyond the pain.  “Just breathe.”
Ryan’s eyes went wide.  His mouth opened, letting out a choked sound.  The burn increased as he continued his slow descent onto Sam’s cock.  Across from him, he watched Sam helplessly trying to make him feel better.  Ryan hoped, given a few minutes, the pain would ease.  He tried his best to hide the shock from his face, but it was an easier thought than actually done.  The room seemed to spin.  His body was fevered like he was rolling in fire.  Every nerve in his body cried out, desperately trying to break free of his skin.  His entire body quivered, even though he tried to relax.  Sam’s length continued to stretch him.  Never ending inches seemed like miles.
“Ryan,” Sam grew anxious as the music climaxed in the air, “look at me.”  Sparkling blue eyes looked down at him, scared to death, but still determined.  It was time for a different approach.  “You have no idea how good this feels,” he confessed.  “You’re so hot, so fucking tight around me.”
Lips opening and closing, Ryan tried to respond.  His ability to think was scrambled, but Sam’s voice touched him deeply and turned him on.  “Yeah?”  Ryan closed his eyes, letting his head fall back.  He rose a little, feeling Sam’s length slick inside him.
“Yeah,” Sam growled, putting his lips to Ryan’s chest.  His tongue circled a nipple before he dragged his teeth across it.  “I’ve wanted you since the first moment I laid eyes on you, like this, hot against me.  God, I want to…”
“Tell me,” Ryan purred between gasps, focusing on Sam’s voice as he let himself fall gently.
“I want to make you mine.”  Sam sucked the nipple into his mouth, careful not to add to the pain with his teeth.  “I want you out of your mind because of me.”
“More,” Ryan pleaded, cringing as the last inch entered him.
Tongue flat, Sam ran it over Ryan’s chest, and up to his neck.  “You taste so good, baby.”  He sucked at his neck.  “I want to lick every inch of this body.”  He let Ryan take the reins for a minute, keeping up the stroke of his hand until Ry’s cock filled his grip.  A smile crossed his face.  “That’s it, Ry.  Move for me, baby.”
“Like this?”  Ryan moaned, threading his fingers through Sam’s hair.  “I’m doing it,” he whispered.  “I’m really…oh my God.”
“Yeah you are.”  Sam moved his hands, going back to Ryan’s hips so he could feel them move for himself.  “So good, Ry, feels so fucking good.”
Ryan nodded frantically.  “It doesn’t hurt anymore,” he half laughed, half cried.  “I feel…full.”
“You like having me inside of you?”  Sam soothed his hands up Ryan’s sides and under his arms to hug him closer.  His hips started to move underneath, gently pushing back.
“Yes,” Ryan finally cried.  He hugged Sam back, letting the larger man thrust into him completely.  His entire body shook with excitement. The pain was tolerable now.  The pleasure built.  “Don’t stop.”
Cupping Ryan’s head, Sam leaned forward and laid them back out on the floor.  He lifted Ryan’s legs a bit, still buried deep inside.  “We got this now.”  He grinned.
“Yeah.” Ryan responded with a genuine smile.  “I’m ready.”
“I know you are.”  Sam ran his hands over Ryan’s thighs, leaning down for a deep kiss.  “I got you, baby.”  He pumped his hips, swallowing Ryan’s delicious moan.  Legs wrapped around his hips.  He began to thrust a little faster, but not all the way in.
Ryan wrapped his arms around Sam’s back.  His lip was sucked into Sam’s mouth.  His head swam with pleasure.  He was finally doing it.  It wasn’t perfect like he’d read about in his novels.  It was painful.  It was messy, and at times, awkward.  But it was with Sam, and he loved him, and Sam made him feel good.  That was what made it perfect.  This was his romance and his man to share it with.  The raw discoveries of each other’s bodies was what made this moment intimate and erotic, not the skilled moves he’d read about.  Fuck the books, he thought.  This was so much better, so worth the wait.
The fabric began to mold to his back with sweat.  Sam’s hips thrust faster and faster, moving deeper every minute that passed.  They’d lost words.  They spoke with their eyes.  They met in the middle, push for push, wanting nothing more than to be together, touching, and seeing the pleasure they created for each other.  Ryan was secretly glad he couldn’t stay completely hard as Sam thrust into him.  Not because he didn’t enjoy it, but because he did, and he wanted to last until the very end.   He’d dreamed of this moment, and now that it was here, he didn’t want it to be over.  He let Sam take him over.  He let all thoughts of his little problem run away like beads of sweat down his body.
He smiled the entire time.
Sam laughed, happy and almost there.  The joy radiating from Ryan was better than any sex they could ever have.  He’d done it.  Ryan loved him.  They were making love and Ry wasn’t cringing.  A tangle of legs and awkward hand placements, he continued to pump into Ryan.  He felt the buildup start in the tip of his toes and push through his veins like white lightning.  Ryan was magnificent to watch.  He couldn’t stay still, even if he tried.  He’d squirm, readjust his legs or move his hands over his body.  But the one thing Sam couldn’t stop watching was his smile.  It was the one thing that’d been missing earlier.  It was the reason his own body jerked, and his hands gripped Ryan by the ass, pulling him as close as he could.  His eyes glazed over.  Fire coursed through his length and spent his seed into Ryan.
Long hair slipped over Sam’s shoulders as Ryan finally relaxed, feeling something warm fill his insides.  It felt so good, so hot that he never wanted to move again.  He’d never seen Sam release before, and damn if he didn’t want to watch it all over again.  Hazy green eyes seemed to come back to reality.  Sam looked spent, but ready for another round.  Ryan wasn’t sure he had it in him, but he’d try.  But first, he had something to take care of.  He smiled, and studied Sam’s body, grabbing his cock.
“Don’t pull out,” he whispered.  “Push your hair out of your eyes.”
“Ry, let me,” Sam argued.
“No, let me.  Your hair,” he reminded Sam.  “I want to see your eyes.”
Sam pushed his hair over his shoulders again, gently thrusting into Ryan a few times while he still had the ability.  “Come for me, Ry.”  He moved his hands down his chest, drawing Ryan’s eyes over his body.  He ran his fingers down the line of hair across his abs, biting his lip.
“Yeah, like that.”  Ryan’s hand moved furiously up and down.  His ass clamped down on Sam.  He watched Sam scrape his nails over his nipples.  “Ah, fuck.”  A familiar explosion sent his body into another universe, but Sam’s eyes kept him from drifting too far.  With his brilliant green stare, Sam was the sexiest man he’d ever known.  And the best part—Ryan squeezed his dick in rapture—was Sam was all his.  A burst of creamy white fluid hit his chest, followed by another and another until he was completely emptied. He waited until he could breathe again before he reached for Sam.
Sam lowered himself on top of Ryan, still half-hard inside of him.  “You’re getting better at that.”  He grinned.
Ryan’s eyelids became heavy, but he accepted Sam with open arms.  “You’re a good teacher,” he murmured.
“I’m just as much a beginner as you are.”  Sam kissed him.  “But I’ll take it.”
Ryan opened his mouth for another kiss, stretching his legs along the back of Sam’s thighs.  “You can take anything you want from me, Sam.”
“I have what I want.”  He put his hand over Ryan’s heart.  He laid his cheek on top of his hand, feeling Ryan’s chest rise and fall.  “Thank you.”
“For what?”  Ryan played with Sam’s hair.  His eyes closed with a smile on his lips.
“For being you and for letting me be me.”
Ryan yawned, splaying his hand over his lover’s back in response.  “Sam?”
“I think I wanna try that bed now.”  His eyes began to close.
“I thought you were scared of the bed.”  Sam smiled.
“Not with you.  Not anymore,” Ryan whispered.  His head lolled slowly to the side and his breathing evened out. 
Slipping from Ryan as gently as he could, Sam stood, and turned off the music.  He wrapped Ryan up in his bathrobe and left everything just as it was.  “Goodnight, Ry.”  He picked him up, and carried him back down the cold hallway while ignoring the frigid temperature against his naked skin, and smiling the entire time.  All it took to get back out of his secret hideaway was a touch of his toe to a button on the floor.  The bathroom wall slid away, and Samuel took his lover to bed.



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