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Heart for Trade Announcement

Hey everyone!  I know it's been a while since I posted and I know you're all anxious for the next HFT but with the holiday and a few other things going on, I'm going to have to postpone until next Sunday.  Sorry guys! :(  I promise you a much longer chapter next Sunday since we're nearing the conclusion.  Yes, Taming Fire will still post on Wednesday.  And guess what?  I finally started chapter 9 of the LIT draft of Cade.  We're over three hundred pages and I think I have about thirty more to go, that is if I don't crank out some extra stuff along the way.  Then I'll start on the edited draft, working out all the typos and grammar and punctuation and stuff I hate. lol  But it has to be done for the good of the book.

As much as I want to write this very minute, I have two army sized dishes of cheesy potatoes in the oven, a stove top full of things for tomorrow, six children screaming at the top of their lungs, running around my house, and I'm mentally slapping their parents for abandoning them here with us for the night to 'prepare the grand egg hunt'. Aka they're making good use of their alone time.  I think my boyfriend locked himself in a closet somewhere and my roommate can only take so many Disney movies.  And I don't want to see another hard boiled egg or Peep so long as I live.  I used to love Peeps.  Damn.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and if you don't celebrate, have a good weekend anyway.  Later guys!

~xX Night

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March's Book Club Discussion: The Fireman and the Cop by: RJ Scott

Hey everyone!  Welcome to this month's book club discussion.  The book this month was The Fireman and the Cop by RJ Scott.  This is book one in the Ellery Mountain series.  Before we get to my review, and leave a comment, please read the following guidelines"


Please leave your review in the comments section.  You may do this anonymously or provide your name/online handle.

Please refrain from bashing the author, even if you didn't like the book.  There are tactful ways to deliver your review without trashing someone.  It's okay if you weren't fond of the story.  I'm just asking that you have a point to why you didn't like it without swiping the author's face on the floor. You know what I mean?  Keep it clean boys and girls. ;)

We'll be rating the book on a five star scale, five being you loved it, one being you did not.  You can include your rating with your review.

If you have not read this book, please try not to skip down to the comments section.  This is your warning that there will most likely be spoilers.

If you have read this book and intend to leave a spoiler, please write SPOILER at the beginning of your review for the naughty ones who have not read this book.  ;)  I'm just kidding.  But no, seriously, label your review SPOILER.

When you're done with the discussion, please take the time to post your review on Goodreads, Amazon, B&N, or even at the main publishing site should they allow reviews.  This helps the author out by giving new readers a glimpse of what they're in for and boosts sales, not to mention leaves warm fuzzies for the author to see.  It will only take a minute to copy paste your comment from here to there.

The last thing I ask is that you guys suggest a book for next month along with your review.  I'm looking for books that have been published this year or will be out by the first week of April 2013.  All suggestions must be M/M. When I have enough suggestions, I'll post them in a poll next week.

Onto the main event...

***I have included a few spoilers in my review this month. If you have not read this book, please wait to read until you have.  Thanks!***

Max is a former big city firefighter from Nashville.  He moved to Ellery to get away from the homophobic attitude of his Nashville coworkers.  Finn is a small town cop in need of saving.  When a fire breaks out at the local police station, leaving Finn trapped inside, Max follows his instincts, and runs through the flames to save Finn from a fiery death.  Near out his mind with the effects of smoke and pain, Finn gives his savior a half-coherent pick up line, leaving Max wanting more.

For the first book in this series, I saw a lot of potential spin-offs and am anxious to here the other stories coming next. Hint, hint...Daniel, please?  :D  Finn and Max worked well together throughout the story in my opinion.  I'd read a lot of reviews on GR before I read this story, and I don't see why people found Max too aggressive.  If anything, I thought Finn did most of the pushing.  And oh did that lead to one hella sexy romp in the kitchen after only knowing each other a few days.

But it wasn't trashy in the least.  The author did a great job giving off a small town vibe, where it could easily be conceived by a reader that Finn didn't see a whole lot of action until Max came along, with his pool of pickings rather small, save for his two best friends.  The sexual awakening between Finn and Max was great, but I wished their first time would have been a little more passionate than what we were given.  That's not me being greedy.  I just thought the first 'real' time scene fell a little flat for me.  It was good, but it just lacked that needy feeling between the couple, after waiting to have sex for that long, coupled with the anxiety to crawl into each other's arms after having been through so much trauma in such a short time.  I hope that made sense.  lol

Another thing I would have liked to see was a little more explanation on the villain.  I get it.  It's a novella and it's like seventy something pages, but I think a lot of 'huh what' would have cleared up if the ex boyfriend would have said he just got out of the mental hospital and had been thinking of Finn the entire time.  That would have made a whole lot more sense to me.  I felt like he was just there and then he wasn't. And you had so many questions left unanswered.

The last thing I'll point out was the strange time jump where I felt like we came back to two completely different characters.  Between the time that the villain was taken out and the time in which we returned for the last scene where Max replaced Finn's truck, I was left re-reading those few pages, hoping I'd left something out.  I gathered that Finn had some flashbacks from his his time with Neil and he was experiencing anxiety from the attack, but he was angry with Max and I couldn't figure out why.  When he finally stated the reason he didn't feel they could be together, I was what?  But I'll leave that up to you guys for discussion.

I will say, that minus those tiny things that were probably just me, I did enjoy Finn and Max and was very happy to see their happy little ending.  That last line cracked me up.  Good job, RJ.  I love a good giggle and an even better ending.  I'm giving this book 4 stars.  What did you guys think?

~xX Night 

P.S. Who the hell is about ready to claw up the walls waiting for Lover at Last to come out tomorrow?  If you haven't might want to.  I'll probably be up at midnight on FB, leaving a gasp, oh my god, or a few naughty emoticon winky faces for all those reading with me.  LOL  *Squeeeealllllsss*

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Heart For Trade: Week 23

Heart For Trade: Week 23
Hand in hand with Ryan, Sam slowly walked down the hallway.  In his other hand, the manila folder from the safe was clutched in his fingers.  Adrenaline fizzled from their earlier discovery.  Now he was coming down from his high, struck stupid, which slowed him down a bit.  He came to a complete stop, staring down the hallway.  The very spot where his dad would stand, studying his watch to make sure his son came back at the exact time every day, was empty.  However, Sam could still see his dad leaning against the wall.  Dark blue eyes would turn his way.  A smirk would slide over his father’s lips.  A simple nod would be all the acknowledgment he’d get, but the pride would be in his eyes, a shiny sparkle only for him.  They’d really done it and now he was hallucinating.

Then the thought struck him, Ryan had found the password, not him.  He was just along for the ride, just like his dad had been.  Ryan had been the key all along, not the stupid password.  Sam turned to his heart, bringing Ryan’s hand to his chest, still clasped in his.

“Sam?”  A wrinkle appeared over Ryan’s forehead.  “Are you okay?”

Benny walked around Sam, putting a hand to his shoulder.  “Do you need to sit down again?”

“No biggie, we can wait.”  Jarum shrugged.

Sam shook his head.  He held out the manila folder to Ryan.  “The most important thing I’ve ever found is you.  Without you, this means nothing to me.  This is yours, not mine.  You are every bit my equal, and have been since the beginning, but it took me a minute to figure it out.  I want you to present this to them, because you are important, even without training you’ve done something it took years for us even to consider.  Take it.”  He pressed the folder into Ryan’s chest.

“I can’t.”  Ryan pulled away.  “That’s yours, Sam.  It’s supposed to be you who goes in front of them and gives them the news they’ve wanted all their lives.  I’m just a kid from the topside.  It’s you, Sam, you’re their Commander.”

“And you’re the man that made me a Commander.”  Sam wrapped Ryan in his arms.  “Take credit.  You deserve every cheer, Ryan.  They value honesty from their leader.  I would be lying if I went up there and told them I found this.  Take it.”

“You’re dad gave this to you.”  Ryan looked up.  “I couldn’t possibly.”

Sam pushed Ryan’s hair out of his eyes.  “And your dad gave you to me.  I would think knowing his son was the guy who saved the world would make us even.”

“Bart is gonna freak.”  Jarum clapped his hands.  “Take it, Ry.  You’ve always wanted to do something great.  Sam’s right, that password is yours.  Take it.”

“If you take that, their respect for Sam won’t diminish.  If anything, they’ll respect him more.  I know I do.  That’s one of hell of a gift, Ryan.”  Benny nodded, wiggling his fingers at Jarum.  Jarum slipped his hand into Benny’s, biting his lip.

“Come on, Ry, you can do it, you big baby.”  Jarum winked.

“The sooner you take this, the sooner I can start preparing the base for phase one.”  Sam smiled.

“Phase one, what’s that?”  Ryan looked down at the file.

“You’ll only know once you take this.”  Sam stepped back, waving the file in front of him like candy.  If there was a way to negotiate with Ryan, it was holding information over his curious little head.  He had to know all the answers and phase one was a big one.

“Hell, I’ll take it.”  Jarum rolled his eyes and stuck out his hand.  “I want to know what happens next.”

“No!”  Ryan snatched the file away, safely hiding it under his crossed arms.

“Is that your precious?”  Sam busted up laughing.

“Huh?”  Benny and Jarum chorused.

“I’ll tell you later.”  Ryan chuckled.  “And no, it’s not.”  He elbowed Sam.  “Thank you.  I’m not sure that really covers it, but thank you.”

Sam slung an arm around him.  “Keep walking, boys.”  He shooed Benny and Jarum away.  “I need to get my thank you properly.”

Jarum and Benny laughed.  They trotted off, pushing each other like little boys the entire way down the hall.  When they got to the double doors, Benny palmed it open and Jarum raced after him into the main corridor.  Happy as he’d ever been, Sam looked back to Ryan.

“I meant what I said, you’re more important to me than anything else in this black hole we live in.  My father didn’t want me to be the toughest, the faster, or the best dictator on base.  He distanced himself from me because he wanted me to rely on others.  He knew he wouldn’t be around for the end.  He started dying the day my brother and mother died.  I can’t spend my life trying to follow in his footsteps because I’m not him.  I’m me, I make my own path, and I want to be the man you think I am.  I want to be happy.  You, Ryan, you’ve made the happiest man on earth.  That’s why I’m giving this to you, because I’m proud of you and of everything you’ve ever done.  And I’m even prouder to be yours.”

Ryan exhaled loudly.  He closed his eyes, leaning into Sam.  “That was better than anything I’ve ever read.”

“Because it was real.”

Ryan nodded.  He let the folder drop to the ground and pushed onto his tiptoes, eye level with Sam.  “We are our own love story.  I’ll never need to read anyone else’s ever again.”

Sam groaned and kissed Ryan, picking him up off the ground and pressing him into the wall.  The folder lay on the ground for the next twenty minutes.


“Sir.”  Andrew saluted Sam, holding open the mess hall door.

“Relax, Andrew.  We come in peace.”  Sam led the way into the hall. 

Confused with Sam’s smile, Andrew cocked his head.  “Sir?”

“Good luck with that one.”  Ryan patted his arm.  “Thank you, Andrew.”  He followed Sam.

Benny and Jarum were already seated at the head table, chowing down on Yvonne’s version of a hamburger.  Jarum moaned, closing his eyes.  Tomato juice dripped down his chin and Benny swiped it up with his thumb, ignoring the strange looks from the other technicians.  Jarum just smiled, chewing happily.  He could never be angry during hamburgers.  They were his new favorite.

They waved at Sam and Ryan as they approached the head table.  Andrew quickly took up the rear, squinting the entire time.  “Sir, if I could just…”

“Not necessary, Andrew, Ryan and I would like to have some dinner and then we’ll talk.  Oh, but do me a favor and hook up the microphone.”

“Sir, I thought karaoke was tomorrow night.”  Andrew huffed.  “What’s going on?”

“Is it your place to question your Commander?”  Ryan eyed Andrew.  Sam pushed his chair in.

“No, but—”

Ryan held up a hand.  “We’d like the microphone set up, Andrew.  Thank you. That will be all.”

“What he said.”  Sam hitched a thumb at his partner.

Put off by Ryan’s sudden authority, Andrew raised a brow.  “Fine.”

“Fine what?”  Ryan smirked.

“Don’t push it, sir.”  Sam nudged Ryan.  “He was kidding.”

“I’m sure he was.”  Andrew snarled, but went to the kitchen for the microphone.

“What’s karaoke?”  Jarum smacked with his mouth open.

Sliding the file folder between him and Ryan, Sam chuckled.  “You don’t want to know.  It’s terrible.”

Jarum shrugged, contently eating his food.  He looked out over the crowd, noticing more of the base had shown up for dinner than usual.  A lot of techs and soldiers ate sporadically throughout the three hour dinner service window because there were a lot of shift changes then, but tonight at least two hundred men and women sat around the tables.

Avery met his eye from the table in front of theirs.  She nodded slightly and turned back to her table’s conversation.  That certainly answered his question.  He shared a look with Benny, smiling, and stole a fry.

“You know, I was thinking…”

Benny took a sip of his water.  “That’s never a good thing.”

“Hey, I’m trying to be serious here.”  Jarum pouted.

Eyes softening, Benny waved Jarum on.  “What were you thinking?”

“What if I didn’t want to be a technician?  What if I wanted to do something else?”

Benny wiped his mouth.  “Like what?”

“Never mind, it’s stupid.”  Jarum shoved another bite in his mouth, averting his eyes.

“Jarum, I asked like what?”

“What if I wanted to learn how to cook?”  Jarum waited for the laugh that never came.

“I’d say you’d want to talk to Yvonne.  She’s apprenticing one of the younger teens right now, on and off as he starts his training.  She’d have time to train you.  If you do get in with her, I demand chocolate chip cookies.  I don’t know how she makes them, but they taste like heaven.”

Jarum’s mouth opened then closed.  He scooted closer to Benny.  “You’re not mad at me?”

“Why would I be mad?  All of us trained for a life skill outside of technician work.  I just happened to like computers more than I did water filtration when the time came to decide.  This place is run by people who aren’t in the Control Room, Jarum.  It takes people from all walks, especially as far food is concerned.  And besides, Yvonne is awesome, minus her constant dirty jokes, but she’s very good at what she does.  Cooking for an entire base is real work, Jarum.  You’d be lucky to step foot in her kitchen.  If that’s what you want to do, go for it.  But you still need to finish your training, regardless.  That’s non-negotiable.  That and cookies.”

Jarum smiled.  He leaned in for a kiss then thought better of it, settling back into his seat.

“When are you gonna learn?”  Benny sighed.

“Learn what?”

Benny leaned over.  “Learn that I’m not afraid of us.  They can go fuck themselves.”  He kissed Jarum on the lips, in front of everyone.

The first whistle made Jarum blush.  The sound of over a hundred whistles and cat calls made him turn purple.  “Okay, okay!”

“Now who’s embarrassed?”  Benny laughed, raising his glass to the crowd.

“That’s it.  What the hell is going on?”  Andrew set the microphone down on the table.

“Ten more minutes.”  Sam nodded to the kitchen server who set down their plates.  “I’m hungry.”

Andrew grumbled, plugging in the mic and checking the speakers.


“All right, everyone settle down.”  Sam put a hand up, holding the mic.  “I need everyone in the kitchen to come out here please.”

Yvonne and five kitchen helpers came out of the back, splattered with grease.  Yvonne threw a towel over her shoulder and crossed her arms, perturbed she’d been bothered during the busiest service of the day.

“Thank you, Yvonne.  Actually, I’d like to thank all of you.  I don’t tell you enough how much I appreciate the work that goes on here and I’m sorry for that.  These last few years have been hectic for all of us, not just me.  You don’t know how much it means to me that you still respect my authority and work your hardest to keep things running, even with little hope of a brighter future.  Your perseverance humbles me.  Your smiles fuel me.  And I’d like to continue on from here with the same spirit you’ve carried me with.  Now it’s time that determination and positive attitude paid off.”

The whispers and mild chatter ceased.  Every eye turned to the head table.  They watched as Sam handed Ryan the microphone.

“Hello,” Ryan murmured, nervous in front of the crowd.  “I’m Ryan.”

Sam turned his face, hiding his cheesy smile.

“Um, I guess I should thank you all, too.  When Jarum and I first came here, we were terrified of being brought underground to a place we’d never known with people who weren’t our family.  It took some adjusting and a lot of tears, but…you guys made us feel safe and welcome, and for that I’m so thankful.  I don’t know all of you yet, but I intend to because you guys are our family now.  Uh…”

Avery gave him a thumbs up.  Ryan gulped.

“I know how hard you guys have been working to establish connections with the other countries and get us back on track.  Today, our head technician, Benny, confirmed we gained the last country on the list.”

Cheers went up around the room.  Ryan bit his lip, overwhelmed by the hugs and hollers throughout the room.  “But that’s not all.”  The room quieted again.  “Your determination, like Sam said, was contagious to me.  I wanted so badly to fix things for you guys.  As a former topsider it meant so much that you would continue to try and save what was left of my home, my old home, I mean.  Anyway,” Ryan wiped a tear from his eye, “it got me to thinking what I could do for this base, and the one thing I’m good at is learning.  I used all the facts and got a little creative on how I went about my mission, but I was successful.”  Ryan turned to Sam, near full-on tears.  Sam nodded, mirroring his emotions.

Ryan turned back to the crowd, holding up the folder.  “Today I found the password.”

Ryan had never heard a noise as deafening as the sound of hundreds of men and women jumping to their feet and screaming with joy.


After being hugged, kissed, and shaken more times than he could count, Ryan sat at his training screen in the Control Room.  The room was buzzing with technicians and any man, woman, or child that could fit.  Sam and Jarum leaned over Avery’s hunched shoulders.  She typed messages back and forth with the other countries, linking their video screens on dozens of monitors around the ceiling.

Ryan watched each face appear on one of fifteen screens blink to life.  Jarum was huddled into his side, anxious as he was.  “What’s gonna happen?”

Ryan shook his head.  “I don’t know, but I want to talk to my dad.” He reached for Jarum’s hand.  “When I said they were my family, I meant part of it.  I can’t stop thinking about him, Jar.  What’s going to happen to them now?”

Jarum held onto him, head resting on Ryan’s shoulder.  “It’ll work out, Ry.  Sam won’t let you down. He knows how much Bart means to you and your sisters.”

“I know, but I just need to…”  Ryan sank in his chair.  “We can’t right now.  There’s so much going on.”

“I’m gonna do you one better, Ry.”  Sam crouched down, scaring both of them.  “After phase one, which will take about twenty-four hours, you’re going to call Bart and tell him to get the village ready to go.”

“Go for what?”

“To leave.”  Sam put a hand on his knee.

“I don’t want them to go.”  Ryan sobbed.  “Please, I’m begging you.  It’s bad enough I know they’re so close and can’t see them.  I couldn’t stand to know it would never be an option again if they went away for good.”

“Oh shit, baby, I didn’t mean go away.  I meant come here.”  Sam cupped his face.  “I would never do that to you or to them.”

“You mean my family can come here?”  Ryan forgot how to breathe.

“After phase one, we’ll be equipped to take on two hundred survivors.  That’s why I kept it a secret.  I didn’t want to get your hopes up.  It was killing me not to tell you.  That’s why I got so crazy.  I wanted so bad to give that to you, and now, I’ll be able to.”  Sam kissed his cheek.  “They’re going to live here, Ry.”

“How?  I don’t understand.”

“Commander, we’re ready.”  Avery fidgeted in her chair, pointing at the screen.  “All connections are go and the computer began a refresh.  If the update works, that screen is gonna start at ten minutes.  Cross your fingers, boys.”

“Here we go.”  Sam inhaled, gripping Ryan’s arms.  “Remember this is all because of you, both of you.”  Sam looked at Jarum.  “Take care of him a minute, Jarum?”

“Yes, sir.”  Jarum saluted, tucking himself into Ryan’s side.  “I got this.”

Ryan breathed in and out with Jarum’s guidance, trying to keep it together.  It wasn’t easy to know that life was going to change forever…again, but this time, there wasn’t any fear, only curiosity, which he fed on.  Every screen except for the connected monitors around the ceiling flashed white.  Ryan held his breath.

“We’re in, Commander,” Avery said in shock.  She stared at the top level log in screen for a few seconds before swiveling around.  She stood up and offered Sam her seat.  “Please log in, Commander.”

Sam sat down, cracking his knuckles.  He offered up a small prayer then typed in his personal log in id.

“Your headset.”  Avery held it out to him.  The pride in her eyes made Ryan’s stomach dance.  This was really happening.

Sam slipped it on, sitting up straight.  A loading bar sat in the center of the screen.  An official United States Military logo filled the page.  A counter at the bottom rolled over numbers at rapid speed.  And then everyone looked up to the timer.  It blinked once and filled with numbers, starting at ten minutes.

Sam shook out his hands, took a deep breath, and relaxed.  “This is the Commander of the United States Military.  We’ve achieved entry to the countdown database.  All systems are go.”

Ryan could hear the murmurs from the other countries, translating Sam’s words into other languages for their technicians.  Sam kept nodding, hearing the Commanders confirm in his ear while scrolling down his screen where the others were connecting to the database in live time.  He urged Jarum to roll over with him.  He wanted to get closer.  He wanted to see the magic firsthand.

Sam nodded at an open binder Avery held out.  He flipped the page.  “The counter is now at nine minutes.  Please put in your password and wait for the computer prompt for any further direction detailing phase one.”

Benny clipped the ten digit password to the binder, allowing Sam to put it into the box.  He hit enter and closed his eyes.  The speakers crackled.  “This is Russia, we’re in.  This is China, we’re in.  This is…” The other Commanders continued, over and over they stated success.

Sam opened his eyes and stared at the paused timer above.  The numbers blinked once and started to scroll backwards.  The screen went black before a video with a prompted box overlay came up.

“You may now hit play and commence phase one.”  Sam reached around Avery, pulling on Ryan’s hand to roll him closer.  He yanked his partner into his lap, holding on while the video played.

A man dressed in a suit sat behind a fancy desk.  An American flung hung limp in the background.

“This is President Henry Swartz of the United States of America.  If you are watching this then you know of the devastation that’s been brought to our world as a result of war between the nations.  The system we put into place over many years, the very system which has become your daily life, was kept a secret from the public to reduce mass hysteria and to ensure our nations would be rebuilt quickly after the dust had settled.  But now it is up to you to ensure our efforts were not wasted and to bring survivors into a new era, one of peace and humanity.  Go forth and create life.  God’s speed.”

The video broke away to another government logo.  Code ran from top to bottom on one side and a list of boxes on the other.  The speakers buzzed.

“Commencing phase one,” a female voice sounded.  “Please secure yourself away from all walls and doors.  You will be given twenty minutes to do so.  Please note on the screen all areas of change.  These areas should be evacuated immediately due to restructuring.  If you are unable to comply, please hit the pause button on your screen now.  If you do not hit the pause button, restructuring will commence in twenty minutes.”

An animated blue print of the base turned on the screen.  Certain areas began to flash red, including the gym, the monitor wall of the control room, the garage, and the last two residential wings.  A warning siren started.  The female voice repeated the directions over and over.  The floor started to vibrate and Ryan held onto Sam.

“What’s happening?”

Sam held him tight.  “Well, we’re gonna need somewhere to put them, right?”

Jarum gasped.  The main wall of the Control Room began to move back.  Row after row dropped further and further into the ground where the wall had moved back.  The turned on their sides as they went, forming computer stations when screens slid up at each terminal.  Whatever was going to happen was going to require a lot of manpower, he thought, and people who could read.  He grinned, looking to Benny.

“I bet you just came, didn’t you, you little nerd.”

Benny licked his lips, wearing a shit eating grin.  “Not yet.”  He turned to Jarum.  “But you can bet your ass I will later.”

Avery groaned, covering her eyes.  “Seriously?”


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Gay Web Comics With Night

All right, I know quite a few of you have mentioned free reads and where to find them.  Well, I'm going to twist that a bit and give you my favorite M/M web comics.  Every week, or whenever the author feels like it, these sites update with a new page of the comic.  They range from soft and sweet to wicked and explicit.  I hope you enjoy!  P.S. Click on the title of the comic to take you to the first page.  Happy reading.

~xX Night

by: Mickey

This is a high school dramedy meets super sweet bromance.  I love this comic for it's angst and silly humor.  Plus, Teddy is just the best character ever.  He's such a little nerd, but he's suave and charming when you least expect it. And his hair. LOL Add on top of that a cast of really great supporting characters and you have an awesome comic.

Updates every Wednesday


by: HamletMachine

Starfighter is my absolute favorite comic.  It's slow, sure, but every page is perfect.  The illustrations are edgy, a bit harsh, and intense compared to a lot of M/M comics.  The story is set in a sci-fi environment where the navigators and fighters are paired into teams, sharing a room and a ship.  Cain, the fighter, is an aggressive bastard.  Where Abel, his navigator, is a bit sheepish and innocent.  But even after the first time they share a room, Abel lets Cain dominate him, and so begins this back and forth, intense drama.  Both guys are totally into each other, but Cain is such a hardass that he'll never admit how he 'feels' for Abel.  And then there's the mystery surrounding Cain, and what he's really up to with Abel.  He's on a secret mission to watch over Abel, but we're not really sure why or what else is involved.  Like I said, this is my fave, and it's pretty explicit...sexually speaking.  NSFW.

Updates come whenever the hell she feels like it.  LOL


by: Hazel and Bell

The story follows Carter and Adrian, beginning with Carter starting his new journey as a confused gay teenager.  He's just come out, which you learn a little later, and wants nothing more than to sleep with someone ASAP.  After no luck on Craigslist, yeah Craigslist, he pursues Adrian, a kid from school.  By pursue, I mean throws himself at him in a bunch of crazy ways.  This is probably the most 'real' of all the comics because both characters are people you could relate to in high school.  The atmosphere and the other characters are very much typical teenagers and the situations they find themselves in, including controversial topics, are spot on for the most part.  Favorite part of this comic, besides Carter and Adrian of course, would have to be all the nerd nods on basically every page.  I'm jonesing for the next page over here!

  Updates are on Fridays.


by: Suzanna & Owen

This comic centers around Liam, the closeted pseudo-jerk, and Milo, the insecure extrovert who is in love with Liam.  The story starts out where Liam's roommate, Archie, begs Liam and then Milo to come along on a date with a girl he likes because he sucks at conversation, where Milo is completely at ease.  Milo agrees because he knows Liam is going to be there.  He ends up kissing Mr. Claims To Be Straight Liam in the bathroom, confessing his feelings, and Liam flips out.  It's a funny game of hide and seek with a few angsty twists.  It's a fun read and I always look forward to the next part. :)

Updates every Tuesday.


by: Alex Woolfson

If you're a Yaoi 911 fanatic, you already know about this one.  This has to be one of the most popular web comics, if not the most popular, next to Teahouse and Starfighter Comic.  HOT.  ACTION.  LOUD BOOM.  FIGHTS. SUPERHEROES!!!!  HERO VS VILLAIN MAN LOVE.  Need I say more????

Mmm hmm.

Okay, and if you haven't checked out Artifice by Alex, whoooo....  I cried.  It was SO fucking good.  And it's finished, so you can zoom right through it without holding your breath for another page.  I have to say, while I love The Young Protector artwork, Winona Nelson's illustrations in Artifice are unf.  They're a little darker, more to my tastes than the traditional comic style TYP rocks.  But I still love love love the story.


The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ & Amal
by:  E.K Weaver

The basic gist of this comic is Amal calls it quits with his arranged marriage and comes out to his parents.  Of  course, coming from a family that arranges marriages, they disown him and he hits rock bottom.  He gets drunk, wakes up to find TJ in his kitchen and their journey begins.  Amal promised his sister he was going to be at her graduation in Providence, and TJ makes a vow to come along for the ride...aka pay for it.  But if you read it, you know that TJ has it bad for Amal, so of course he's gonna go.  The comic centers around their journey to Providence from Berkeley.  I love this comic because it deals with real world issues and the writer portrays the characters like they're real people, doing and saying things you and I do every day.  It's easy to connect to both TJ and Amal and feel for them with every page.


Prince meets dark night, aka Marcus, and falls in love.  Unicorns, sparkles, chibi, squees, tons of hearts, and lots of giggles.  This is one of those feel good fairy tales that all you hope for is a kiss.  Super cute.


by: Wensleydale & Ocicatsy (Team Shameless)

Benedict is a bodyguard in training, working with Edmund, this major ass hat.  All Benedict wanted was a jet bike and instead, Edmund ordered him an android robot, aka a bang maid.  At first Benedict is pissed off about the obvious switch, but he gets used to having Florian, the robot, around and starts to cozy up to him.  This is definitely NSFW with full erotic pages.  Love this one.

Best page ever, where I started laughing hysterically... M1 Pg 42... "I'm so glad we can all be friends."  Have fun with that one.


Teahouse Comic
by: Emirain (Emi & Rain)

Basically this is the hottest comic around.  18+ only because you got a lot of naughty coming at you.  The story takes place in a brothel which was formerly a tea house, hence the name teahouse.  From royalty to anyone with enough money for a night, to the prostitutes that service them, teahouse has a plot for everyone. This is my second favorite comic next to Starfighter.  :D  ADDICTIVE. NSFW. P.S. If you want the completely unedited, explicit version of the comic with added scenes, purchase the print version.  Worth the money.

Updates every Wednesday.


I have so many more, but this is gonna be it for now.  If you have a fave, list it below for the next free reads post.  :)

Taming Fire: Week 6

The Creator
Song Inspiration:


The Creator stretched his legs, crossing an ankle over the other.  He smiled, staring out over the courtyard as his hands dug into the grass.  Up above, the sun filtered through a passing parade of clouds, and he tilted his head back to bask in the interrupted rays of warmth.

“Is it so hard for you to enjoy the day, Emile?  Look at all the wonderful things around you.”  The Creator turned his head.

Emile put his sandwich down and wiped his mouth.  “I’m sorry, but I’m having a hard time enjoying myself.  Your other half is trying to kill me and Xavier…I don’t want to talk about it.”

“You enjoy his company and you’re scared that you don’t understand why.”  The Creator hummed.  “Only natural I suppose.”

“There’s nothing natural about him.”  Emile chugged from a bottle of water.  “I don’t understand…sir, why me?”

“Why not him?” The Creator pointed to a man running across the lawn.  “Or her?”  A young woman trudged up the stairs across the way.  “Why not the mail carrier?”

“That’s exactly my point, so why me?”

Sighing, the Creator shifted towards Emile.  “Inside of you, Emile, you carry so much heartache, darkness that eats at you.  But here,” he put a hand over Emile’s heart, “you overcome it all for the sake of life.  Even though you hurt inside, you have a desire to help those around you, to be a good person and not allow your past or current demons wear away your light.  As Lim said, you walk the line on an everyday basis, and all you would have to do is reach out a hand to either side and fall.  Yet you keep your balance, because you wish to do so, not because you’ve been persuaded.  That is a rare gift, for most mortals desire to be categorized, to fit in even though that is not who they are.  You truly wish to be yourself, a good man.”

“Is this a punishment?  Have I done something wrong?  I don’t understand.  It’s always me.  I’ll never be happy.”  Emile put his lips to the back of his hand, breathing deeply.

The Creator scooted close.  His arm slipped over Emile’s back.  “You are a treasure buried under many layers of mortal sin.  They have ignored your beauty and your love for far too long, and my heart is heavy with the pain you suffer.  However it is part of life, Emile.  Many suffer as you do, because of them, quietly dwindling away when they can’t stand to breathe any longer.  If you wish to view this is a sacrifice, it is up to you, but to me and mine, you are a warrior of the light.  One of our own is in the midst of a raging battle, and it is your task to save him.  Xavier needs you, Emile.  One of you without the other is a dangerous future.”

“I didn’t decide to like him.  It’s forced because of you.”  Emile looked up.  “Isn’t it?”

The Creator shook his head.  “Your futures may collide by my hand, but the heart wants what the heart wants.  Whatever designs you foresee with Xavier are all of your own doing.”

Emile shook his head.  “That’s not possible.  I basically threw myself at him.  I’m not like that.  You don’t understand.”

“I don’t understand?”  The Creator laughed.  “You are so innocent.”  He rubbed Emile’s shoulder.  “It suits you well.”

Groaning, Emile hid his face in his hands.  “Of course you understand.  You know everything before it happens.  You’re God.”

“I’m many things, Emile, but always know I’m listening when you speak to me.  I watch over you continually.  I would never give you more than you could handle.  This situation you find yourself in is nothing you can’t overcome.  You are essential, as are all my children, but you’re purpose is dear to me.  I hope you will let your heart guide you.  Many will test you and your relationship with Xavier.  I know this scares you, you wouldn’t be who you are if it didn’t, but you have me and mine behind you eternally.  Just call and we will be there, my Emile.”  The Creator kissed Emile’s hair.

Emile shivered, filled to the brim with ease that reminded him of his grandmother’s hugs.  He had so many questions and the feeling that he only had so much time to answer them.  When he looked up to see the Creator’s face, he found himself staring at a pure ray of sun breaking through the clouds.

The Creator was gone.

A warm breeze rushed across his face, leaving behind the scent of his grandmother’s perfume.  Instead of breaking into tears and scrambling around like a frightened idiot, Emile closed his eyes and inhaled.  He concentrated on the feel of the sun and the softness of the new growth of grass under his fingers.  He let the smell of his grandmother still him.

The cross around his neck thrummed with power, heating up as he focused.  His questions were his own to answer.  God wasn’t going to give him everything he wanted to know.  It was up to Emile to take his future into his hands, just like the rest of mankind.

When he opened his eyes with a renewed heart, his gaze landed on Xavier standing across the courtyard.  Xavier’s eyes were narrowed.  His hands were stuffed in his jacket pockets, arms stiff and legs shoulder width apart.  He was livid.  Emile looked to the spot where the Creator had sat and put two and two together.  He gathered up his things, rushing to catch up with Xavier who had turned around and stomped off.

“Xavier!”  Emile gasped, running full speed over the grass.  He sidestepped a couple holding hands and pounded down the steps.  “Xavier, wait.  Slow down.”

“I had my suspicions.”  Xavier stopped short, watching Emile trip over his own feet beside him.  “But not in my wildest dreams did I suspect you to be working for the Creator directly.”

Catching his breath, Emile winced at the scratches on his palms from the pavement.  He got to his knees, checking his bag over.  “I didn’t know I was.  It’s all a misunderstanding.  I’m not one of you.”

Xavier growled, letting himself fall into a crouch.  “What did you just say?”

“That’s what worries you? That I know what you are?  You just saw me with him and…never mind.  We have to get out of here.”  Emile scratched his chest.  The cross warmed to an intolerant level.  His paranoia shot up the scale.

Xavier observed his surroundings, wondering what the hell Emile was looking for.  “You think I’d go anywhere with you after what I just saw?  You’re out of your fucking mind.  I’ve got people hunting me on both sides, Emile.  Or did your precious Creator forget to mention that?”

Emile whipped around, grabbing Xavier’s collar.  “You’re wrong.  The light isn’t after you like you think.  It’s the dark, Xavier, and they’re not only after you, they’re coming for me too.”

“And why would they come for you, Emile?  Who the fuck are you?”  Xavier yanked Emile to his feet.  He dragged him behind a cluster of trees in the courtyard.

Emile gulped in air, aware of Xavier’s arms still around him.  He flicked his eyes around, terrified they were being watched.  “I’m the guy who has to protect you from them.”

Xavier balked, letting go of Emile.  A sizzle bled over his back, signaling the beginning of an excruciating ordeal.  “You’re fucked in the head.  Do you have any idea what I’m capable of?”

“I think I have an idea, but you can’t use your power on me, can you?”  Clutching his cross, Emile took a step back.  He felt dizzy, as if distancing himself from Xavier made him sick.

“Oh, they’ve told you have they?  Making fun of me I suppose.  I thought you were some innocent little mortal who was a bit pretty and didn’t know it, but you’re not, are you?  Protect me, what a fucking joke.  When they find out I can’t be the demon I’m supposed to be, terrorizing the mortals and claiming their souls, they’ll wipe me out, Emile.  Tell me, mortal, what the hell is so funny about that?  Without me, you’re fucked too.”

“Do you see me laughing?”  Emile gripped his head with one hand, reaching for Emile with the other.  “Bee knows already, Emile.  He tried to kill me earlier.  He thinks I’m doing this to you or something, I’m not really sure.  I don’t know what to do, but everyone seems to think I’m the guy who has to pull your head out of your ass and make you see the light.  I’m just as fucked as you are. I know that and I’m scared, Xavier!”

Rage bubbled in Xavier’s gut.  Steam rose from his demon hand.  Unconsciously, he reached out for Emile, pulling him close.  “He touched you?”

Emile breathed in relief, fitting his arms around Xavier.  He inhaled his smoky scent, rubbing his nose into Xavier’s jacket like a puppy.  “I saw him, Xavier, what he really is.  He tried to burn me.  He should have killed me, but I fought back.  Lim didn’t have to help.  I made Bee leave somehow.  He exploded into ashes.”

“Slow down,” Xavier rumbled.  His eyes locked on the area around him, searching for one of his kind.  “What exactly did Bee say?”

“He said he will pocket my soul or some shit like that.  Basically he’s pissed off that he doesn’t know who I am or how I could hurt…I think he said Deumos?  Lim said the demons are free to make the next move because he openly helped me by giving me this cross.  Now I’m the middle of some war or something and I’m supposed to help you and I have no idea how to.  But I do know that we’re supposed to…”

Xavier turned his head.  His eyes both heavy with anger and soft with the guilt he held for Emile.  “Supposed to what?”

Emile shook his head.  “Doesn’t matter.”

“Obviously anything matters at this point.  If you are who you say you are and I’m kind of a loner right now, any information you have helps us, Emile.”  Xavier rubbed his gloved hands down Emile’s back.

“You probably get a lot of attention from people, like…they want you.  You’re probably used to getting with guys or girls often, but I’m not.  I don’t just kiss people I’ve only known for two days.  In fact, I haven’t kissed anyone since my parents threw me out a few years ago.  But the first time I saw you, I wanted to so badly.  And anytime you’ve been around me since, I just want to—”

“Be with you,” Xavier finished.  “I have the same problem.  You’re not my type, not remotely so.  And yet, I’m drawn to you.”

“Oh, thanks,” Emile spat.  He pushed away from Xavier, having enough contact to make his headache go away.  “Glad to know I’m despicable and this whole thing between us is forced.  Thanks so much for confirming that.  I was kind of fuzzy on the details.”

Xavier stood there, arms crossed.  He waited for Emile to calm down while keeping watch on the tree line, tracking any movement around them.  “Are you finished?”

“You know what,” Emile adjusted his backpack, “fuck you.  You’re such a badass, you can protect yourself.  I’m gonna go pack my shit and sleep at the church.  They can’t touch me there.”

“Right, because there’s never been any corruption in the church.”  Emile rolled his eyes.  “And you’re not going anywhere.  I said I was attracted to you, didn’t I?  I just merely added you weren’t my usual taste.  What you read into it is all your imagination.”  The next spike of pain lit his spine up like a Christmas tree.  He grimaced into his shoulder, clenching his fists.

“Are you okay?”  Emile faltered, slowly plodding over the grass.

“Do I look okay?”  Xavier groaned, falling to his knees.  “Shouldn’t have said that.”

Joining him on the grass, Emile put his hands on Xavier’s shoulders.  “You can’t be mean to me because it hurts you, doesn’t it?”

Xavier growled, fingers biting into the grass.  “Yes.”


“My back.”

Emile felt under Xavier’s jacket, running his fingers along his back and over his skin where it was almost too hot to handle.  “What is that?”

“Wings,” Xavier hissed.  He crawled away, gasping through the pain.

“Why can’t you let them out?” Emile saw the anguish Xavier was going through and went to him again, hoping to comfort him somehow.  He couldn’t let him suffer, no matter how much Xavier wanted to suffer alone.


“Let me help.”

“No!”  Xavier groaned, sitting up.  He closed his eyes, wishing away the pain.  It had never lasted this long.

“Yes.” Emile huffed, getting as close as he could.  “There’s got to be a way to fix this.  I’m supposed to help you.  He wouldn’t put us together if I was only supposed to watch you suffer.  That doesn’t make sense.”

“Put us together?”  Xavier’s dark eye smoldered red.  He snarled.  “The Creator did this to me!  Now he’s forcing men down my throat too? I’ll have his head.” He choked on his next words.  Fire crept through his stomach, causing him to twist onto his side.

“Shit.”  Emile pulled Xavier into his lap, dragging them into the safety of a group of thick pines.  He peeled Xavier’s jacket off, lifting up his shirt.  Jagged red lines laced up his back, moving around as if something were trying to get out.  “Breath, Xavier, just breath for me.”

“Hurts so bad, Emile…”

“I know.  Close your eyes and hold onto me.  Let me try something.”  He positioned Xavier facing him, arms around his neck.  Emile placed his hands on the small of Xavier’s back.  “I can’t watch you like this, no matter how much it hurts your ego.  I just can’t do it.”

“I’m not weak,” Xavier whispered.  “Only when it comes to you and I don’t know why.”

“It’s because I’m yours.”  Emile closed his eyes and focused on the heat of his cross.  He envisioned the warmth of the sun slicing over him on a summer’s day, the floral smell of his grandmother’s perfume, and the touch of her hands when she used to put him to bed.  The cross hummed against his skin, radiating power down his arms into his hands.  Tingling, his fingers moved over Xavier’s scars, willing the pain far away.

Xavier sighed, relaxing his weight against Emile.  The most beautiful relief settled in his body.  The pain was gone, and only a pleasurable tickle remained.  Still, he held onto Emile, grasping at his last words.  “How did you do that?”

Eyes opening, Emile blinked.  “It worked?”

“Yes.”  Xavier turned his head, still resting against Emile’s shoulder.

“I don’t know how.  I just wanted to make the pain stop and I did.  I pictured things that made me happy, things that used to help me when I was hurting.  Something’s changing inside of me.  I knew it would work if I could just touch you.  I’ve never done that before.” He hugged Xavier.  “I’m glad it worked, though.  Whatever’s wrong with me, I’m glad I made it stop.”

“I hate that I can’t stand it.  I should be able to take the pain because that’s who I am.  I thrive on pain, Emile.  I used to live to destroy mortals, to tear them down until they wept or went mad.  I would have let them at you before this happened.  I would have helped them.”  Xavier shuddered as he exhaled.  “Do you understand? I’m not someone you should protect.”

“I don’t think you understand.  You’re not just a demon, Xavier, you’re part angel too.  It’s time you realized that.”

Xavier sat up, eyes narrowed.  “I won’t be like my mother.  She lives to destroy my kind, my friends and family—”

“They’re only your friends because you don’t know anything else, you refuse to.  Would you destroy me if you had the chance now, Xavier?”  Emile tried to keep a calm face, but his stomach churned at the cool look in Xavier’s eyes.

Turning away, Xavier got to his feet.  “No.”

“Because it would cause you pain or because I’m your friend now too?”  Emile stood slowly, waiting for a reply.

“Does it matter?  I told you no.”

“It matters to me.  I feel for you, Xavier, like I’ve never felt for anyone before.  I’m not calling it forever or something farfetched, but I know that if they were to destroy you this very minute, I’d never forget.  I would never be the same.  That’s how I feel for you.  Why?  Because since we were thrown into existence, we were supposed to be together.  This was all planned since the beginning, since he decided it to be, and I could think of far worse futures for both of us.  I could continue to disappear, being a joke to anyone who decided to pay me attention, barely getting by in school, and scraping pennies to have a roof over my head after my tuition was paid, or I could be something.  I could be something to someone and have a real purpose that meant you could have one too.  You could be that someone to me, and so sue me, I want that.  I’ve always wanted that.  Who the fuck doesn’t?”

“Wonderful, you’re a romantic.”  Xavier growled, scratching his head.  His hair spiked under his hand, leaving him with a mess on his head.  “I’m not.  I see it in black and white.  I’m going to get my ass handed to me, and if I’m lucky, I’ll still have a head when it’s over.  And you, if you come along for the ride, you’re going to die, Emile.  They will suck the soul from your heart with a fucking straw and chat about how delicious it was later.  They’re demons.  Good doesn’t always win, Emile.  Pull your head out of your heart and look around you.  We’re going to be in the middle of a war because of what my mother has done.”

“And you’re just going to take it lying down?  You’re going to let them kill you and then me because you can’t bear the pain or because you’re scared?  I’m fucking human, no special powers here, and I’d fight to save us both, even if I died trying.  And I’m glad I’m a romantic because that means I have a heart.  You’re so hot and cold, I think whatever semblance of a heart you have took a fucking vacation.  If you don’t want to do this with me, fine.  I’ll do it myself.  Heaven help me, I have no idea why I’d try to save your pathetic ass, but I’ll do it because it’s the right thing to do, which is something you know nothing about.”

“I did the right thing by you!  After Deumos pulled her night of the living dead stunt in the basement, I carried you upstairs and held you all night long because you were terrified, even in your sleep you cried.  Every time I tried to move, you started all over again.  Only when I had my arms around you did you sleep without a sound.  I couldn’t hear you cry, Emile.  It broke my…whatever the fuck I have, because according to you it’s pretty dark in there.”  Xavier howled, scratching at his back to rip open his skin.  He couldn’t take the sporadic pain flashes anymore.  He was done.

“I don’t remember that.”  Emile crossed the distance.  “Why don’t I remember that?”

“Because Bodus put you to sleep!  I didn’t want you to remember that fear.  You’d never be the same again.”  He keened through his teeth.  Both eyes glowed, on the cusp of bursting with emotion.  “Why can’t I stop feeling for you?”

“Because you’re mine.”  Emile yanked on Xavier’s collar, drawing him forward.  “Because you don’t want me to die.  Because I may not be striking, but I’m exactly what you need.  And fuck it, I need you too.”  He claimed Xavier’s mouth with every second of pent up passion he’d locked away for years.  Every boy he’d pined over, every sexy smile that hadn’t been for him, every night he’d touched himself hoping it was someone else; all of it he gave to Xavier.

Xavier’s eyes rolled into the back of his head.  He fed on Emile’s passion, his fiery heart, and everything pouring into his mouth.  He tasted the sweet sugar of Emile’s soul on his tongue and his pain retreated into the dark void of his heart.  Clutching Emile’s sweatshirt in his fists, Xavier yanked him closer, tilting his head to drink from the well of Emile’s mouth.  A growling rumble fled into Emile’s throat from his lips, taking their kiss to darker lusts.

Emile almost slung a leg around Xavier’s hip.  He couldn’t seem to get close enough.  He couldn’t get enough of any of it.  No one had ever kissed him like this.  No one seemed to want to turn him inside out from the mouth down.  No one else had clawed at his chest, fighting to free him of his sweatshirt.

Xavier’s hands tore apart his jeans button and Emile’s eyes opened.  He pushed Xavier away, realizing where they were.  His pants wouldn’t button.  The zipper was broken too.  “Fuck.”  Emile looked around for anyone who would have seen.  Someone, aka a demon, could be out there, reporting back to Bee…if he still existed.

“The fuck?”  Xavier grabbed him by the hood, twirling him around.  “I wasn’t fucking done yet.”  He bit Emile’s lower lip, grinding into him below.

Emile moaned again then snapped back to attention.  “Hold up!”  He wedged a hand between them, fighting off Xavier’s strong hands.  “It isn’t safe here.”

“There isn’t a place in the world where we’re safe, Emile.  Fuck, I’m not safe and here you are eating my mouth like I’m made of chocolate.”  Xavier sucked in a breath, letting it go like a predator.  He licked his lips and crooked his finger.  “Get over here.”

“This isn’t about sex, Xavier.  We need to get out of here until we know what’s happening.”

“And go where, Emile, back to the house with Deumos, who you lovingly know as Mosey?”   Xavier laughed darkly.  “Wonderful idea.”

“That’s not a bad idea, actually.  What about the other guy, Botis?  Didn’t you say he helped you?”  Emile looked at him hopefully.  “You said you had friends.  Now it’s time to see if they really are.”

Pacing for a minute to gather his thoughts, Xavier stopped, turning on his heel.  “What if he doesn’t help?  If Bee knows about Deumos, one of them must be his eyes in the house.  I didn’t tell him.  I’ve been avoiding him obviously.”

“You’re an idiot.  Of course she told him, I almost burnt her to a crisp.”  Emile pulled the cross free of his sweatshirt, holding it out for Xavier to see.  “Duh.”

Xavier’s almost anger floated away.  He tilted his head, his mind spinning.  And then it clicked.  “That’s it.  Lim gave you that cross as protection because he knew what was going to happen to us.  You had no weapon and he gave you one.  That’s a disciple’s cross, Emile, not just any fine jewelry store will sell you one.  The Creator hid them after Jesus’s disciples passed on, treasuring the holy relics of such pure and faithful followers.  He didn’t want them disturbed or tainted.  The story goes that if one were to wear the cross of such a holy man, they would see the world for the evil it had become and be the light in the dark for all those who were blind.  Lim really did give you the ultimate weapon against them, Emile.  He gave you the complete protection of the Holy Spirit.  No darkness will touch you unless you let it in with your own free will and succumb to the sin of mankind.  I had only heard stories, but it’s real, isn’t it?  You’re a modern day disciple, Emile.  You really are here to protect me.”

“I’m not a disciple.  I’m a college student with a punch card at Little Tony’s.  I don’t even go to church anymore.”  Emile shook his head.  “I just wanted to help you, Xavier.  I like you.”

“Don’t you get all emotional on me now.  You faced off with Bee and sent him running, Emile.  Don’t act like a coward.  I think you’ve proven you’re not.”

“What does this mean then?  Lim said he was going to be in trouble for giving me this.  What if the Creator decides to take it away?”

“He won’t do that now.  If you already have it, it was part of the plan, and the Creator foresaw Lim doing it.  If the angel wants to take the rap, then by all means, I have no problem with it.  But you’re safe from them, Emile, as long as you believe.  And you can’t very well erase the memory of meeting the Creator in person, so you’re all set.”

Emile shook his fists.  “That doesn’t make me feel better, Xavier.  Now Lim’s in trouble when we need him the most. The dark side gets to make a move on the chess board to even the score and you’re stuck on warm and fluffy until we can get your wing thing under control.  I can’t just make out with you in the middle of a fight with one of them to make the pain go away.”

Xavier smirked.  “It would probably give us a minute of reprieve.  They’d most likely be so confused, shock would set in.  But you don’t get it.  I only have to be nice to mortals.  No one said a damn thing about being nice to demons.”

“Then why do you need me?”  Emile looked down.  “You can fight your own battles.”

“I kind of need a flashlight in the dark.”  Xavier took a few steps and flicked the cross around Emile’s neck.  “And I kind of want you just because.”

“Because you have to?”  Emile turned his head, sulking.

“No.  I think you put it best, because you’re mine.”  Xavier tilted Emile’s chin up and kissed him one more time.


“Oh hello there,” Lucifer mimicked a female voice into the phone.  “This is…”  He read the thoughts of the woman in his grasp, tightening his hand around her throat.  Bee hadn’t given him much to go on. “This is Sandra Florentine, Rosalind Sisco’s lawyer.”

He listened, nodding his head to the voice on the other end.  He made a few faces at the real Sandra Florentine, shaking her to make her dance as he blew her kisses.  “Uh huh, oh you were unaware she hired me before she passed?  That’s strange.”

Luficer flung Sandra across the room, covering the noise of her barely breathing body hitting the ground by opening his filing cabinet.  “I have here a notification of the deceased’s final records, indicating her grandson as the recipient of a large trust set to be accessed on his twenty-first birthday, which is…next Friday.  How about that?  Isn’t it wonderful?”

He distanced the phone from his ear due to the shrieking from the woman on the other end.  “That’s a pity you feel that way, Mrs. Sisco.  Is there someone else I can speak with?  As the beneficiary of Rosalind’s home and other assets, I’ll need a family witness to uh…sign some official documents.”  His hand motioned her on in a circle.  He rolled his eyes.  “I must have caught you on a bad day.  Did you say your son can rot in hell?  Funny…”  He grinned at Sandra, who tried to pull herself up a chair.  “Well, ma’am, I’m afraid you’re going to have sign these documents in person or I’ll have to alert the authorities.”

He shrugged at Sandra and covered the receiver.  “How would you rate my bullshitting skills on a scale of one to ten, hmm?”  Sandra groaned, falling to her side again.  “Ah, well, maybe later then.”

Kicking his feet up on the desk, Lucifer stretched his arms and yawned.  “Mrs. Sisco, I’m sure you don’t want the authorities involved.  Why don’t we arrange a quick meet and greet in the office and everyone can be on their merry way?  Of course, you’ll have to refrain from using that kind of language in front of your son.  Young impressionable minds and what not…”  He laughed silently, holding the phone away for a second.  “Yes, we wouldn’t him to think he was a, what did you say, worthless piece of crap?  Yes, we wouldn’t want that.”

He covered the receiver again, looking at Sandra’s petrified stare. “We totally want that.”

After a few minutes of negotiating, Lucifer had Mrs. Sisco right where he wanted her.  “Don’t forget to bring your lovely husband.  I’m sure Emile will just adore seeing him after all this time.  Screw myself?  Well, if that were possible, I’d be a very lucky woman.”  He sniggered.  “You have a good day now.  I’ll see you Thursday.”

He sent Bee a message that the meeting had been set and put the phone down.  He clapped his hands, reviving his flat screen back to life.  “Sandra, would you rather watch Wheel of Fortune while you suck my dick or do you prefer Ricky Lake?”