About Me

Hey guys!  I'm Night Tempest.  Make up artist and nail guru by day.  M/M Romance and Erotica writer by night.

While I've always been girly with my make up and fashion, I haven't always been a writer.  I dabbled.  I had a diary where I thought my scribbles and angst filled teenage woes were absolute gold.  I went through a poetry phase.  Wasn't my thing.  And I even had an entire novel written in a composition book one time.  I have no idea where it went.  It probably sucked.

Then the day came where I decided I wanted to write for real.  I won't go into some long-winded, emotional back story and make you a weepy mess.  But I do have a very personal reason that I write.  The real nudge to set my fingers to a keyboard was when I stumbled upon a free erotic stories website filled with amazing talent and wonderful, supporting people.  I was on it for hours, then days, and I finally  came to the conclusion that I could do this too.

I could write for real.

I had shit to say just like everyone else.

And while I'm not an English scholar by any means, and my grammar slash punctuation would probably send any editor running for the hills, I have a knack for telling stories and an imagination meant for people on colorful pills.  So I did it.  I started a story that gained a loyal, little following. And from there I started this blog.  Aka my happy place.

Now it's time for some humble pie.  I'm not famous.  I probably never will be.  I write because I like to and I also like to make people happy.  I write M/M Romance because it's beautiful and different and backs my beliefs and those of my friends and family.  And it's hot.  Let's be honest, okay?

So if you want to follow this small town girl who will probably end up on a reality television show one day because she's crazy, by all means, read my stuff.  If not, it's your loss.  Because someone once told me just because I'm crazy it doesn't mean I'm not awesome.  That's motto and I'm sticking to it.


Night Tempest


  1. Hey you, wanted to get in touch...been too long! hope to talk to you soon.

  2. Hi Night, hope all is well with you. Missing you and your stories. Be well HAPPY NEW YEAR and all that jazz.

  3. Hey Night I love your work have followed you for about 2 yrs. I am wondering if you will continue the Hedgewater series? I can tell you are on your way to even bigger things. I have seen how your stories have taken on even greater depth. I cant wait for the day I get a first edition novel of yours signed by you. I would love yet another Shermin Heights tale. You have a beautiful heart and style.

  4. hey, its unlike you to leave us hanging this long, im a hag and i love gage after knox. I hve been worried about you and your dad. I know weird,thats me a little crazy,wont find me on a reality show though.im the person who puts very drunk women who I don't knew in cabs on a night out.My son calls me batman

  5. Hi Night Tempest! i would like to ask if u have a link for the first two parts of dan and rowe's story? im dying to read them! please? ��

  6. Hay lady i miss ur stories i keep coming back to see if u will return to us :( i hope ur situation is better than when u left us

  7. I really still be believe you'll come back.