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Well hello again.  I see you're interested in catching up on my current stories.  Below you can find the links to make things easier on you.  Enjoy and make sure to leave me a comment.  I love hearing what you all think.  

Hedgewater - 

In the quiet town of Hedgewater, first semester is just beginning at Hedgewater College, a private all-male institution on the edge of town.  Socialites and the just plain filthy rich send their sons to Hedgewater in hopes of giving them an education they'll never forget, but secrets about the school and the students are slowly unraveling, making the small college not so private anymore.  With a mysterious gossip, known as the Hedgewater Holmes, forever blasting tight-lipped information about the boys, and a murderer on the loose, everyone is suspect, even the quietest of the bunch.  Everyone has a secret, but what will they do to keep them from coming out is the question.

*** This story has a separate blog!  By clicking the link you will be taken to another site where an episode guide will be listed.  CAUTION: This is a M/M soap opera.  It's written in a different style than my other stories and is a fast paced thriller.  If non-consent, violence, casual sex, explicit drug use, and patience isn't your thing, still give Hedgewater a read.  You may find this isn't your usual soap opera.

Whispers in Silence: Book 2 in The Second City Tales:

Since he could walk, Adrian Donohue has been trained to kill, even though he's the first deaf pre-turn to walk the earth.  As a Hunter, a secret assassin under the Queen's command, Adrian has seen his share of death and tragedy, but nothing prepares him for the death of his father; the man who was also his mentor and partner in the field.  Ten years later Adrian finds himself a graduate of the Guard Academy and headed to New York City to work under his father's brother, the Captain of the Guard Bureau, Sutton Donohue.  With years of stress between the two, Adrian's sure he's looking at another decade of hell.

Wesley Durren has been Guard before they called them Guards.  As a Senior Detective for the Bureau, he hates being partnered, especially with fresh meat.  So when he learns he's been chosen to partner with the Academy's biggest spectacle, a deaf pre-turn with an attitude problem, he prepares for the worst.  Their first case together turns out to be worse than he expected.  With a high ranking public figure in the vampire world dead and not much to go on, all evidence begins to show the killer is actually after Adrian.

When Adrian begins to warm up to Wes, turning their worlds upside down, sparks to fly and the dead start to speak; because when Adrian gave up one ability at birth, he gained another.  And now it's time to use it before he ends up dead himself.

Part 1 . Part 2 . Part 3 . Part 4 . Part 5 . Part 6 . Part 7 . Part 8 . Part 9 . Part 10 . Part 11

***This is a spin-off series to The Guardians, my other vampire series.  If you haven't read what I have up to read on that series, hop on over to the Completed Stories Archive to catch up.


  1. glad to have found your blog and have read most of your stories posted herd. loved the guardian stories but was wondering if you were planning on completing the Ghost and Gabriel story, or Nova story. so many unfinished stories waiting to be told.

  2. Hey Night, I read the first installment of SCT and in this note you said to jump over to completed stories to read the Guardians tale because they tie together. Have the Guardian tales been removed I can't find them.
    Thanks Leety777 Love your work

  3. are you still writing as i have not seen anyhting new from you in ages