Saturday, January 12, 2013

Updates on Heart for Trade and My Telija... and other stuff.

Hey guys!  I got called out of town for a gig this weekend.  I won't be back until Wednesday and I'm not going to push myself while carrying a full workload already.  I'll post Heart for Trade Week 15 (holy crap, 15!!!!) Wednesday night, and yes, I'll tack on some extra wordage for being patient.  I'm moving Telija to the following Wednesday (Jan 23).  I'm about halfway through, and yes, this time it's saved and backed up.  There will be no mishaps this time!  Halle-friggin-lujah!  The next installment of Taming Fire will be up the week after that.  Woo hoo!  

P.S. To those of you that keep emailing me/commenting about the links from Cade & Dan and Rowe on the My Stories page, they've been removed.  No more dead hyperlinks on the blog.  You're welcome.  Okay, I'm all out of exclamation points.  *hits the floor*  Time for bed.  I have an early morning tomorrow.  Love and kisses.



  1. Have fun on your gig. Or at least try to.

    And don't worry about tacking on extra wordage--we;ll still love you even if you make it normal length. :)

  2. Have as much fun as you can and get your stuff up when it's possible! We can wait :)

  3. ROAD TRIP!! Have a blast and a safe trip! Thanks for the update, sweetie!!

  4. Have fun. Hopefully there won't be any annoying people on this trip.

  5. Well, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, so enjoy yourself and have fun.

  6. Take care of yourself and I'll be checking back Wednesday!!

  7. No worries Night.
    Have a safe trip. Try to enjoy yourself while your working. :)

  8. All of your fans that love you wll wait...for good things come to those who wait....
    Other idiots pimp smacked on site!

  9. Yes, those who can't wait at least politely (if not patiently), need an "attitude adjustment in the parking lot", or at the very least be given a puppy and two yr.old fresh from a birthday party.

    Have a good gig on the road (be careful of freaky weather; we still have to be careful of fire due to cold dry weather). If it's work don't forget to have little fun on the side. (When I had to go on the road I used to try to tack on 'plastic weekends' - mild credit card shopping trips).

    Post as you can; don't put yourself out to do extra. Just your normal bits are enough. You are more consistent and generous with writing than almost any other blogger. We just get impatient and frustrated when you break off because I think your work has a lot more action and passion that is crafted more expertly.

    I am enjoying these last couple of stories, even without any vamps *wink*.

    We'll 'leave the light on' for you.

  10. Enjoy your trip and be safe. We may bug you but we know life takes precedence!