Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Awesome Gay Web Series: Husbands

I've been following this show since 2011 when a friend showed it to me online.  It's hilarious, at times real, and at other times a bit far fetched, but the take away is definitely a smile and some warm fuzzies.   Husbands centers around a thrown together gay couple, baseball star Brady Kelly (Sean Hemeon), and media darling Cheeks (Brad Bell), who wake up one morning to find themselves married after a crazy night in Vegas.  The show continues as the couple begin to work their way through the ramifications of such an unexpected union, and find that they're willing to make things work, even though they barely know each other.  The entire relationship is under media scrutiny, as they're both celebrities, and makes for some absolutely hysterical comedy.

The show is produced by Jane Epstein (of Buffy fame) and Brad Bell (Cheeks), and even has a few guest appearances by Joss Whedon.  Not only that, but Cheeks's best friend is played by Alessandra Torresani, who might look familiar from her starring role in SyFy's Caprica.  Although, her role in Husbands is far different from her former sci-fi days.  She's a loud, lush socialite who wants nothing more than to help Cheeks and Brady keep it all together... at least she tries. lol

Anywho, if I was to rate this series, I would give it a five out five.  It's feel good entertainment, an opposites attract romance, and downright funny.  You can find the entire series for free (2 seasons) on YouTube, and according to the actors and producers, you can look forward to more in the future.

Well, have fun shacking up for the afternoon behind the computer.  You'll be glad you did.

xx ~Night


  1. Thanks for the tip. Just watched them & love it! Hooked!!

  2. Just finished season 2 and loved it!!

  3. Agree! I found the show a few months ago and I loved it! I hope there is a third season... and a 4th... It's funny, romantic and smart

  4. Yes agree!!
    Just watched an episode. It was funny and had *awww* moments
    Will definitely watch all when I have more time.
    So much better 'real' than the soppy sitcoms on the networks
    Thanks Night really appreciate it
    One of your semi-stalkers

  5. I am glad I watched it. I usually just past post like these by (other than the cooking ones)! It was really funny and I am glad S2 has started. I think the baseball player needs to butch it up some a little... to fem to be head of house hold (aka: TOP) and trying to give the world a persona of manliness but then I guess that is the point, "what goes on behind closed doors..."

    Thanks though, I had no idea that this was a series and I watch a lot (more like a few but popular) of gay YouTubers and none have ever mentioned this show! Great Job introducing it to us! YAY! WHISKEY FOR EVERYONE!!! LOL


  6. A little over the top for me, but very funny. The really short episodes are hard for me to grasp.

  7. I loved it! I was confused for a second over the length of the episodes, but I couldn't stop watching. And I'm pretty sure that my dear, lovely sister has assisted to her new "scotch o'clock" schedule with gusto. I love this mix of characters, and the satire is spot on. Although, I did notice that Cheeks went from cute in the first season, to mmmmmm sexy in the second....
    That's for the recommendation!

  8. How did I miss this post?! I love this web series, and I'm a huge Jane Espenson fan :) Brad Bell is pretty amazing too. Plus I totally fangirled cos Joss Whedon guest stars!! Squeeee. I've even got the Husbands comic book pre-ordered on amazon (if you're a fan of Husbands its well worth checking out - I can't wait! The print version is basically a hardcover edition of the six ebook comics that were released).

    Lauren <3

    1. I know! This was like a culmination of all my favorite things! Buffy writer? Check. Joss Whedon! Check. Cute boys and funny zingers? Check. A frickin Dark Horse comic to top it off? Check. I love Dark Horse and when I saw they were fronting the comic I was so psyched. :) We can fangirl together! ♥