Monday, January 21, 2013

Make Me a Playlist: Gift Card Giveaway!!

Happy Monday!!!!  Let me start by saying this giveaway is going to be for US readers only.  I tried to find a way around this, and I WILL make up for this disappointing truth next month, but iTunes would only let me purchase gift cards for the US store.  I apologize.  I sympathize.  Don't hate me.  :(   If you guys can suggest internationally friendly giveaway prizes, I'd love you forever.  Now I'm a little sad, but I still have prizes to give away here, and they must not be wasted!  *fist pump*  I still love you all!

You guys know how much I love music.  You'd have to be crazy not to have noticed by now.  That's why I'm excited about this giveaway!  This is your chance to introduce me to your favorite musical artists and songs. At the end of the week, I'll make an awesome playlist with all of your suggestions.  Oh gosh, sooooo excited.  *quakes with joy*  My music library is going to explode.  Gah!


3 $10 iTunes gift cards!


This time around, we'll be using Rafflecopter to choose a winner.  We play fair around here!! :D 

In the app below, enter your email or log in with your Facebook account.

Follow the instructions to increase your chances of winning!  Every time you complete a task on the list, you gain points.

Mandatory:  Leave me your 2 favorite songs, with title and artist in the comments section, and please include  your name and email.  You must log in with Rafflecopter to be entered.


Restrictions:  No music from before 1990.  My library is busting with older stuff as it is.  lol  And no metal music.  It gives me a panic attack. :D

and moving along...

At midnight, eastern time, on Saturday 1/26/13, the winners will be chosen.

Even if you're not a US citizen, you can still comment with songs for me. :)

I'll announce the winners before Sunday's episode of Heart for Trade (1/27/13), and post the epic playlist as a tab on the sidebar!

The winners will be emailed their iTunes gift card code to redeem on Sunday.


Good luck everyone!


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  1. Only two songs????? Seriously you are killing me. I have to do eny meny miny mo I can't choose.

  2. I know I'm not in the running but here's my faves anyway....

    Hall of Fame by The Script and Will.I.Am
    When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars

  3. Ok I've randomly chosen
    The Pit- Silversun Pickups
    Sweet Nothing- Calvin Harris and Florence Welsh

  4. Crap I forgot to leave my name and email. It's late forgive me.


  5. Oh, that tough! Only two!! EEP! Alright, I can do this. I choose...

    Train - Drops Of Jupiter annnnd
    Craig Morgan - More Trucks Than Cars

    I listen to mostly country, but I did only one country so.. yeah. :P

    -- Whitney M.

  6. Just two?! *thud*

    ...Okay. Bedshaped, by Keane. And Mercy, by IAMX.
    Keane has been my favorite band for eight years, and IAMX... Well. I've gone without a heart for five years, thanks to the beautiful mastermind of a man that is Chris Corner.

    My love for these two artists can't possibly be overstated. I would only implore you to check out more of their songs, if you happen to like what you hear. *bows* :)

  7. Aw jeez, entered my name and email in the thingy and forgot to put them in the comment *headdesk*

    Name: Julia

    Sorry. I hope it still counts D:

  8. Within Temptations 'Angels' and Ellie Goulding's 'The Writer'. Usually listen to upbeat songs but love the beat of these. Keep ya coming back. Wanted to put Mr. Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan but didn't know dates so...

  9. *wicked grin* So was that two songs PER comment? Lol! I just remembered two more....I promise that's it. And since I'm not in the comp, ima give them to you anyways! ;)

    Macklemore -Same Love and Thrift Shop

    Okies I done now.

    Lubs you Night xx

    1. Thrift shop rocks! Makes me smile every time.

    2. I just listened to same love and that song fuckin rocks too. Thanks for expanding my musical horizons.

    3. You're very welcome Lizzie! :)

  10. The Dandy Warhols' "And Then I Dreamt of Yes," and Robots in Disguise's "Turn it Up."

    1. I LOVE The Dandy Warhols! "Nietzsche" is one of my favorite tracks to put on. Of course I love their darker stuff. :) Thanks, Alleson!

  11. I'm a hundred year old in a young body. Hahas. I listen to really slow moving songs but since I don't qualify either(its ok Night, no worries!), heck!

    She's gonna fly & Time Machine - Collin Ray

  12. those nights and yours to hold by skillet. ones of my fav when i read your stories i think about this cd.i think you'll really like them.


  13. Classy Girls by The Lumineers. That whole entire cd is actually one of my favorites. I debated long and hard on the second song. I am going to go with Linkin Park's Lies,Greed,Misery. This is one of my favorite songs from Living Things which is their most recent album. When it came out I played this song for my darling mother who declared it the best F- You song ever. At this point my husband and I were separating and it describes the whole incident perfectly. FYI. I think this is my favorite contest ever. I love getting new music and this post will be great for that. YAY!

  14. Ok my two picks would be

    A Thousand Years - Christina Perri
    Foundations - Kate Nash

    I love the idea of this giveaway!


  15. Christ that was hard. I tried to pick two artists from my top ten songs that I hope you haven't heard of yet. Let me know if I got it right!

    Fat Freddy's Drop - Flashback
    Trevor Hall - Beautiful Lunatic


  16. Little Things - One Direction
    Every Breath - Boyce Avenue

    Thank you!

  17. thank you! I love this - discovering new songs, new books...

    1. So, ok, I only know the oldies. And the songs mentioned above a new to me...

      But these are good too (they might slightly fail the 'after 90s' rule):

      Fools Gold - Stone Roses
      Loaded - Primal Scream

  18. I did a random shuffle of my top rated songs on iTunes because being a Libra, I was unable to choose. *laugh* Here's what my computer told me to tell you:

    It ends tonight - All American Rejects
    Numb - Linkin Park

    And, if the 2nd one is too close to metal, a replacement is:
    Two beds and a coffee machine - Savage Garden

    1. *face/palm* e-mail

  19. Ok, asking me to choose only two songs is totally evil!!! And to be honest with everyone I sorta figured since I'm not actually entering the compitition I could cheat. My favorite band in the whole wide world is Sublime. If any of you haven't heard Sublime you need to check out the songs Rivers of Babylon and Garden Grove. Now, I'm not counting those as my songs because it was too easy and I am assuming most people have heard them. The songs I picked are not so popular so maybe some people will be able to appreciate some sweet new tunes.
    My songs are:

    Kid Cudi- Pursuit of Happiness
    Slightly Stoopid- Closer to the Sun
    Kottonmouth Kings- Tangerine Sky

  20. Wow, I never thought just picking two songs would be so difficult. I will go with Goyte - Somebody that I used to know and Mumford and Sons - I will wait. I have to add that at the end of a hard day nothing helps better than Diana Krall. This was a great idea and although we listen to music everyday I focused more on it trying to pick out my two favorites and in the process realized just how great it is to sing along with my 8 year old. Thanks for helping me refocus on the important things.

  21. Although I thought very seriously about posting some 90's R&B amazingness or anything by Sia, i restrained myself and decide to go with some songs I can't stop listening to right now. Even restricting myself, it has been so hard to narrow down my choices to just two songs, but I managed some how.

    Emma Louise - Jungle
    Bear//Face - Taste My Sad


  22. My two favorites right now are

    Hero by Family of the year
    Radioactive by Imagine Dragons