Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Forgive My Crazy Bits

Okay, it's share time.  Last week someone pissed me off.  Yep.  I was irate that someone would insinuate I basically look down on the people that got me this far, my readers, as if they were a group of whiny childish peasants.  I'm not going to lie about it and say I just brushed it off like a lot of other writers are able to.  They must be robots, because I have feelings.  That comment didn't take a jab at my writing, but at me personally, which is why I was so utterly shocked.

Sure, this is online and you don't know me personally, and I might be a snarky-tongued chicky most of the time, but I'm human too.  I'm young.  I'm new at this.  And I'm not some published know-it-all droid that can become a different person online than in real life and let it all roll off me like water.  I share things with you because I like to, because I don't want to be fake.  I want to interact with you guys because I like being connected with you.  I give you guys tons of stuff for free because I like to.  And I genuinely like you guys.  Does that entitle me to anything from you?  No.  Do I think you should bow down to me and my opinion because I'm the Regina George of M/M fiction?  No, no, and no I'm not.  I'm a speck of sand in the writing ocean.  I know that.  But on my blog, it's me and you guys.  That's it.

This is my space to let go and have fun away from the stress of the recently realized cut throat reality of publishing.  This is a place that I let you guys have fun too.  But when I wake up in the morning to a comment like that?  It puts me in another place.  I can't help it.  I can't help but defend myself as a person, and shut down a little afterwards.  This has nothing to do with my writing, and for those of you probably thinking I'm being a whiny baby who should just zip it and move on - if I'm being myself here - screw you.  When I put my stories out there for pay, I expect to be critiqued and given 1 star reviews, and razzed by the harem of pros out there looking at my stuff.  I expect my writing flaws to be pointed out, to help me learn, and yeah, I'll move on from that, because that's what this industry is about.  I'm not stupid.  I'm fully aware of the blood, sweat, and tears coming my way.  But again, that's another topic entirely.

And just like in real life, if you insult me personally, not my writing, I'm going to have a big problem with it.  Just because you're online doesn't make a difference, either.  And this isn't me waging war on my readers if they have a difference of opinion.  I welcome your opinion just like you welcome mine.  This is me telling you all that if I get another comment like that, it's going to be deleted for my own peace of mind - like it was never there in the first place and I never saw it.  There won't be anymore talk about it. There won't be anymore posts on it.  It will simply be deleted.

Can I do that anywhere else but my blog?  No and I know that.  And that's the absolute fucking beauty of this being my space.  That said, this is still a space for you guys, too.  I love hearing from you guys, but from now on if you have something that bothers you, something I said, buck up and email me personally.  Don't broadcast it all over my blog like a hater. It'll tell me a lot more about you, that you have enough respect for me to talk it through like an adult and most likely find out it was all a misunderstanding.  I'll show you the same respect, I promise.  We're moving on from this.  I've said my peace.  I'm not mad at the anon.  I was, but I'm not anymore.  I don't have it in me to hold a grudge.  Never have, never will.  I think we understand each other now and that's what's important.  I'm over it now, well, after a bag of cheesecake bites and an eighties movie marathon.

God bless you, John Hughes.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles... How the hell can you not crack a smile over that one?  Fucking John Candy.  Ridiculous.

Okay, now that it's all out of my system *shakes hands* I'm going wave some burning sage around the laptop and clear out all the bad juju.  Not really, but you get the picture.  Happy thoughts from here on out.  I promise I won't pull a Britney.  I love my hair too much.  Wow, that sounded a bit vain.  Whatever, I don't care.  I love my hair.  lol  I don't know how to end this post.  Shit... I'm officially crazy.  *shrugs*  But aren't we all?




  1. In the simplest terms; your awesome, they are idiots, enough said!

  2. You're awesome Night!! Glad you're still with us!!

  3. yay she still with us. i totally agree with you night just ignore comments that hate on you.

  4. I'm glad you're all better because sometimes that kind of thing is hard to take. It's like we put a piece of ourselves in the stories we write, and yes, we know if we're courageous enough to put them out for people to read, we better be have a thick enough skin for the bad comments too. But when someone starts to snark you personally, that's a whole different ballgame.
    We so appreciate the stories you tell and how much you write for us. You constantly have at least 1-2 stories going at a time with more promised, and you work and are trying to get Cade ready for publishing. So relax and tell yourself someone was having a bad day and took it out on you.

  5. Don't know what that person said but I'm happy your not letting it bother you too much.
    Trolls flame and hate and it can get to you.
    Your awesome as always for being strong.

  6. All I can say is...here here! Just be you and don't worry about the rest. I love the snarky comments on our blog and in the characters.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Girl if you need to vent go right ahead...Playas gonna play and haters gonna hate so why should it change your swagga? You are a wonderful author, you write from the heart and i would support you whether you are published or not.
    Best of luck to you and your loved ones in all your future endeavors!


  9. Yay! You are back! I love all your little snarky comments. They make me laugh. It's nice to know that you are feeling better now and will still be sharing some of your personality with us, which, quite frankly, would scare me to death. That's probably why I don't blog. Anyway, I'm glad you are back. :)

  10. I'm such a lurker....and proud of it! I read the original intro (and laughed and loved it), then read the rewrite, and the comment that spurred it...and I continued to lurk, cause I know you're a tough chick, and I knew you'd feel the love and support we were sending your way. I am totally standing up right now saying "Hell Yeah! No one is going to silence our Night!"

  11. Hallelujah! She's back!

  12. yay! I was wondering when you'd break ;D I'm so glad you're back with us 'Regina' hahaha that made my day. Tons of loves and crazy fairy glitters :P ~Kris

  13. Yay, you're back! Thanks hun, your strength inspires me... xxx

  14. Can't believed you ever called us fans whiners. This the whiners-anonymous mission statement right here. You're all like boo hoo poor me. God forbid anyone have an opinion or give some snark right back attcha. Cuz if we do, and it gets the your little mermaid panties in a knot... we get a whole post dedicated to you feeling sorry for yourself over a comment where the posted was 100% right by the way. Isn't it in the bloggers how-to book for dummies that you wanna have a successful blog and keep your fans, that you don't bag on them or bitch about them. I also get a kick out how when you would do your intros, you would always act like the current chapter/story was a huge imposition for you and we're putting you out. PUH-Lease girlfriend. No one is making you do shit. Oh and by the way, the only person who can really rush you or push you into finishing a story faster is you.

    So unless you wanna come looking like a fucktard, I wouldn't go around calling the peeps who super love your work whiners. I doubt you'd even bother keeping this blog iif it werent for them. I used to be a die hard fan but now I am taking a step down to casual reader. You don't deserve my praise filled comments or dedication anymore. Not that they'd be appreciated or wanted anymore now anyways..

    So sorry that the pressure of your fans loving your work so much was to much for you to handle that you had to resort to openly bad mouthing them. Whew! You are some piece of work.

    *sorry my grammar bites. I figured I would just say 'fuck it' since this comment wont be appreciated or sttay up very long

    1. Whiner indeed!

      I thought we had established this long ago, if you dont like what Night is writing, you can jolly well NOT read it. Besides, if you truly have issues with what she said, show her some respect and email her privately!

      She has requested and put forth her opinions about comments like yours, it just shows what kind of person you are if you cannot even respect a simple request of the OWNER of the blog :\

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Really Anon?! Why do you have to start so much negitivity. Night is great!!! I have never read one of her stories I haven't absolutely LOVED, and her personality makes me smile too! So if you don't enjoy reading what she has to say why not, I don't know, STOP READING HER BLOG!

      Oh, and if you think your opinion is so important, why hide behind Anonomous

    4. I deleted my earlier comment,said some bad things about this anon but I realised doing so makes me no different,so I deleted it. Anon,you said you "used" to bw a die hard fan,then shouldn't you realise Night didn't mean anything bad.
      Read the blog or don't.Stop whining about it.

    5. Dear Anon, as another writer I can tell you that what you see here on Night's blog is nothing. I'm sure she gets e-mails from her 'fans' too. The ones who complain that she isn't updating her stories fast enough or her chapters are too short. Those who skewer her for spelling/punctuation mistakes or for dropping a word (yes- people do that!). Or saying that something her character said or did was unrealistic, challenging her because he vampire culture is different than other people's or claiming her stories sound like some other author's. There is all different forms of whining and ways to deliver the message.

  15. ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑

    Here's a whiner!

    To whiners-anonymous

    No need to be angry if its true you know :) You just proved that there are indeed fans who are whiners :p

  16. We love you Night! So glad your back and I love your snarky comments!

  17. Oh thank goodness! She's absolutely back! I laughed all the way home after reading your post!

    Welcome back Night! We missed you and love you always!

  18. You weren't gone long, but I missed you. Glad you're moving past that nastiness! -kat

  19. Whoop! Whoop! Our Nighty girl is back. I'm glad you're back. Seriously, we love your snark and sarcasm. I don't get people. Seriousy the Anon who commented again↑↑ find something better to do with your fucking time!!! Just be yourself Night; we love your intros and stories and some of those little things you write about stick with me the longest. I still think about the two guys you stood up for at StarBucks. And I seriously still get a jolly giggle about the "Aqua" girl who took over your car stereo system. It has literally made me get Barbie Girl stuck in my damn head (so maybe I should hate you?!?!? LOL) Anyway...tons of hugs and encouragement. Keep up the great work, most of us really, really appreciate it.

  20. Night,

    I was quite disturbed to read the Anonymous 5:25 AM posting. Since this person downgraded themselves from a die hard fan to casual fan with this much attitude, your stories obviously are worthwhile. The number of stories that you write and the complexity of many of them is amazing to me, especially with your RL job etc.
    Usually, I'm trying to catch up on a big backlog of your story postings. Most of the time, I lurk in the background, but I had to say something here.
    I'm glad that you're able to vent about this situation, and know that you have readers that really appreciate all the effort that you put into your stories and blog postings.


  21. I have read all your stories (some of them several times) and I think you are a very creative person. ignore the negative and often talent-less people. Keep writing so we can keep on enjoying.

  22. I'm soo happy you're back!! I love your the stories you write as well as the stories of your life. Keep up the great work!!!


  23. *twirls you* So happy to see this post and see you're back! You rock lovely lady. Don't ever stop being yourself because you're fabulous!


  24. Thanks, Night! I appreciate your work and your openness sooooooo very much. It is a pleasure to read your stories, and track your growth as an author with each new post.


  25. Holy damn is that Anon is in high school.....no scratch that....middle school? I thought I left all that back when I graduated a year ago. God fucking leeee....bet thats the same ”fan” who made the other comment. Ok now my mini rant is over.

    Yay Night is back!!! I mean the Night I know and love. Not the scary distant Night. She was scary...but I am truly glad you are back hun. And way to be a better person! People can learn a thing or two from you. (ok NOW I'm really done with my mini rant) Can't wait for whatever the heck you post!!!!

    Faithful Reader
    Ivan :)

  26. Wow!!

    I don’t know what else I can say that hasn’t already been said but “There are over 7 billion people on earth (or hundreds of fans) and you’re going to let 1 person ruin your day? DON’T”

    I love your comments, your stories (free!! for us to enjoy), I just love your writing and I sooo appreciate everything you share with us. It’s a privilege.

    I think your creative personality and the experiences in your life are what make your work amazing. This is your blog to write whatever you want so if whoever Anon is doesn’t like it he/she can just stop reading.

  27. and the freedom to speech DOESN'T include the freedom to be rude, insult and deliberately offend

  28. so glad you're back. Looking forward to whatever you have to give, especially your comments. Even if it weren't free I would pay to read anything you write , but then again, I would miss your wonderful commentary that accompanies each post ;) As many have said the anonymous commenter should read your posts, or not. If the choice is to read them then refrain from harassing you; I don't even think that type of personal attack is appropriate by email but that's just me. It is rather odd someone would take such apparent personal offense to any comment you make when you obviously offer us your sweat and tears, so to speak. And then whine about it when you refus to let it rule your behaviour. Forgive me my punctuation.

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