Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Sexy Sunday Snack

Just a little something that I think I'm going to be doing on Sundays from now on.  Very short, glimpses of a story that make you smile. All of them will be based on a picture. Enjoy.

This Week's Sexy Sunday Snack:

Long days running the bookstore, and a lack of seeing his busy-as-hell boyfriend were beginning to take their toll.  How could you live with someone and miss them so much? Million dollar question, Ian sighed. At least he could console himself with a few books that had come into the store today while Jared was on his work trip. One really juicy read had caught his eye right before he had left. Maybe a soak in the tub, a glass of wine, and some erotica could shake his blues.

But nothing was as good at the real thing. He really did miss Jared. He couldn't complain about the hours though. Jared had worked really hard to start his own ad agency and traveling was a big part of the job. Jared had even gone as far to tell Ian that he really appreciated all the support and love, the understanding Ian gave him. That smile had been worth all his alone time, so he kept his woes to himself.  He loved to make Jared happy.

It still didn't make him want his boyfriend wrapped around him any less. Wasn't it normal to always want your boyfriend though? He wondered what it would be like to have one of those perfect boyfriends out of his romance novels. The ones who were always dressed well, oiled up, smelled like crack, and their release tasted like apples or bubble gum. That made him laugh a little. So unrealistic, but it would be fun all the same. 

Giggling to himself a bit, he unlocked the front door of their house and stepped inside. At least home never changed, he thought, throwing his keys into the little dish by the door. He passed up the living room without a glance, heading for the bedroom to get into his comfy clothes. Changed and ready to dive into the first chapter while he made some dinner, Ian read the first page on the way to the kitchen.  Again, he didn't notice what waited for him in the living room. 

Setting the book down for a second, he washed his hands. When he turned to the refrigerator, he noticed the counter. A wine bottle was opened, condensation dripped down the side. A glass was already in use, an empty one next to it. What the hell? Ian eyed the set-up with a frown. He hadn't drank anything yet and Jared wasn't home. And why two glasses?

Then he panicked a little. These days all sorts of weirdos came out of the wood works. Wine drinking robbers wouldn't surprise him in the least. Grabbing a knife from the butcher's block next to him, he made sure his phone was in his pocket as he made his way for the front door. He'd seen way too many scary movies where everyone thought they were some sort of immortal Nancy Drew, where roaming through the house with a killer was a great idea. 

They usually ended up with a creative death scene. A way that Ian didn't wish to go. The air vent kicked on and he jumped, turning around in a ridiculous circle. That's when he saw the french doors to the small living room were open. Candles flickered shadows against the wall. The curtains were drawn so that the room was darker than normal. He walked forward, curiosity enticing his inner Nancy Drew despite his best efforts. 

Music kicked on the second his foot breached the room. He jumped back with a startle. Slow, sexy, wine drinking music wafted from the speakers. His eyes darted around in fear. Ghost maybe? That's what he was about to start going with when a man jumped out from the corner, leaving him screaming for the front door. 
He dropped his knife to the ground when large arms grabbed him from around the middle with a laugh.

Not thinking about the familiar sound of the other man, Ian struggled. 

"I thought you said on the phone yesterday that you wanted me. If I remember correctly, I think you said I can't wait to feel you against me."

Ian went still, his panting slowed. A grin replaced his terror. "Jared?"

"Scare ya?" A sexy laugh rumbled in Ian's ear. A kiss pressed to his jaw.

"Maybe a little." He blushed. "What are you doing home? You're supposed to be in California."

Ian turned to face his boyfriend. What he saw left him speechless. 

"There wasn't a job in Cali this weekend. There is, but it's not until the fall. I thought we could use a little down time. You've been sad, I've been tense, and...I found a little something that I thought would cheer both of us up."

Ian nodded, his cock stirring in his sweats below. His eyes widened a little as Jared pulled a book from behind his back. One of his books. Oh no. "Where did you get that?"

"From the stash you don't think I know about under the bed." Jared smiled, biting his lip quickly. "This does it for you? Am I not good enough?" It was teasing, but Ian had never seen this from his boyfriend. That...oh my God.

Tossing the book onto the couch, Jared backed into the living room again. "You like this?" With a lick of his lips, Jared grabbed a liter bottle from the coffee table and popped the top.

"What are you doing?" Ian breathed. Jared was wearing nothing, but a tight, pair of ragged yet delicious boxers that were just begging to come off. Like in the book, where the main character had ripped his lover's boxers off, there was a few tears in Jared's fabric. 

"Playing," Jared whispered. He crooked his finger at his boyfriend, pointing to the couch. 

Ian sat on the couch and watched as Jared poured strawberry flavored oil down his body. From head to toe, he let it drip down his muscles, his hair, his boxers...everywhere.  His hands began to glide over his chest, his nipples, then over the staff that was now prominent below.

"I wonder which is better. The book or real life?" Jared smiled down at Ian who had his hand in his pants already. 

"I guess I'll let you know. That part where Liam pours oil all over himself and Kyle licks it off was so hot, I don't know if I can compete with that. Especially by myself." Jared pouted, hooking a thumb in his boxers--the fabric so tight, it ripped a little more. "Whoops. I guess these things are just too tight to wear anymore. Maybe I should throw them away."

Stroking his cock in his pants, Ian nodded in serious agreement. "Yeah you should do that. You should just take them off."

"Or maybe you should take them off for me, rip em. That is, if you aren't too busy reading that book over there."

"I'm not doing anything," Ian quickly squeaked. He was so oblivious to the almost drooling look on his face that Jared had to keep from laughing. He loved how adorable Ian was. He was so shy and timid, but not in the bedroom. This role playing thing was totally working in Jared's favor this time.

Sweat pants abandoned, shirt tugged off his head, Ian stood inches from his boyfriend in only his underwear. 

"Miss you," Jared murmured. He pulled Ian to his wet body, rubbing them together as his lips kissed away his boyfriend's tension. 

"Miss you more." Ian submitted to Jared's passionate kisses, massaging the oil into any place he could reach.  Pulling back for a little air, he shook his head. "No doubt about it. The real thing is so much better."

Jared laughed, his own stress disappearing under Ian's fingers. "Good, I'm glad to be of service."

"Nah, it's not a service. You just love me is all." Ian winked, sliding down Jared's body with his tongue.

Closing his eyes, Jared smiled. "You're right, I love you for your tongue."

He received a slap to his inner thigh, his cock twitching in response. With another laugh, he opened his eyes and looked down into Ian's eyes. "Okay, I give. I love you for real. Oil and tongues excluded. Love you, Ian."

Bending down, he kissed his boy softly until Ian moaned. With his lips next to Ian's ear, he smiled. "Now get to work. I can't  lick myself."

They both cracked up laughing, ending up on the floor in a heap of arms, legs, and a whole lot of oil.



  1. Awwwww :D So sweet :D

    Mo x

  2. Such a fun and exciting story. Great idea and a wonderful end to the weekends for us. :o)

    1. I thought you might like that. :)Yay Sundays! ♥


  3. mmmmmm,nice!
    Very sweet!!
    I think I will be enjoying these Sunday treats.

    1. Haha thanks Mik. I think I will enjoy writing them. :)


  4. Yum! I agree. I'm definitely going to be looking forward to Sundays now.(;

  5. I love how much emotion and feeling you can put into such a short little story. You may actually get me looking forward to Sundays now :)

    1. Haha thanks Naughty! My work schedule changed, so now I have Sundays off. These are just a fun way to switch it up for me. :)


  6. Night, I have to tell you that you are one of the best authors for m/m writing. I am a huge fan and I love all of your work. I love your blog and have read almost all of your stories on your blog. I am a greedy reader so keep up the good work!!!!

    1. Thanks H! The love is much appreciated. *Hug*


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    1. Thanks Jade. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)


  8. *swoon* Oh my, this was such a cute little story. Thanks for sharing, Night. I'll be looking forward to Sundays now ;)

  9. What a sweet little story! Loved it, Night!


  10. Awwwwww its lovely!


  11. Thanks Night, short, sweet and sexy. And a damn hot pic to boot.