Monday, July 16, 2012

A Bite-Sized Update

I was hoping to get the next part of Almost Human up tonight, but with today being crazy, it just didn't happen. I am very close to finishing it and if you're lucky, I might post it at some obscure hour that no one is even up. Yay for you. Haha.

Why was today busy you ask? Well....I bought another house! That is why I've been slow to post things lately. I've been working my ass off to get the down payment. Which was more than it should have been, *but* we're getting the house for 35,000 so I'm not complaining in the least. Less payment for us!

What do you mean *another* house? Well....I'm going to be a landlord! Uh ma gah, Night that's a lot of work. Yeah, yeah I know, i know. But, I'm not some prissy little whiner and I like to get my hands dirty. Plus I am not the only landlord, so that will make the work load easier.

Our area is really turning around right now and since the addition of another high school and a few industrial parks to our small town, families and young couples seem to be flocking here. D and I, being the young business savvy people we are, decided to jump on the property wagon while it was hot and invest.  We did some pre-search as D calls it and put up a listing for December (with the homeowner's permission) on a local website and already received over thirty interested messages last week.

The homeowner was so impressed with our ability to come up with the cash down pay and that we already a set reno plan that he just gave us the house at 35 instead of 40. (He's our neighbor :) That always helps also.)  We just think he wanted to retire south and needed the cash quick. Either that or he's on the run from the law and moved here to create a new identity.

LOL. So today we went ahead and signed papers today and tomorrow? We get to go in with a few family members and start tearing shit up! So excited! I love a good hammer through the wall. :) Okay, I know you probably don't even care. But I was way to gigglish about this today to not blog it. Maybe I'll see you sometime during the middle of the night, but if not...tomorrow for sure. Ciao.



  1. How exciting..I love demo work, just not the clean up that goes with it. Congrats

  2. I'm all for reading until obscure hours of the night, so I'll be waiting!(;
    Congratulations on the cool opportunity. I agree with skurtz70 - love tearing and wrecking shit up. Cleaning it up? Not so much. Sounds like you got a lot of work ahead of you, but also so much fun!

  3. Congratulations!!! Sounds exciting

  4. Congrats!!

    I have a lot of work to do tonight, I will be up till obscure hrs,lol

    Sounds like an awesome investment. The way the market is, now is the time to buy.
    I would love to buy a townhouse right now but don't have the cash, I only get to save a little from my teaching assistant job. Hopefully I will graduate with my masters degree by next year and get a job. Then I can buy about a year from then, so thats 2 years from now. I am hoping to market is still reasonable at that time.

    The reno can be a pain but Im sure it will also be fun. I watch a lot of those shows on HGTV,lol

  5. Wow. Congrats.
    I like splashing paint and things like that, then run away and let some invisible angel clean my mess.(I get too excited when paining so cleaning after me is no fun.)
    Have fun with the new stuff.

  6. I have family in Reno. It's such a great place, I'd love to live there.

  7. Where the hell do you live that you can get a house for 35 or 40 grand? Wow, that is awesome. That is probably one of the best investments you can get. So congrats and good luck! Here in Jersey, you can't touch a house for less than 100-150 in the middle of nowhere and around me even in this market, it's 250+ and I'm in a middle class area. Gosh I gotta move :) Anyhow...I wish you the best.

    I tried to comment on Almost human pt. 3 but it wouldn't bring up a comment box for me. rocked. the twist at the end with Aurora being his mom and giving him her life force was wonderful!!! The singular change I'd have liked to see added would be here saying the words 'I'm your mother.' He was so innocent that I don't know if he could have deduced that from their conversation. As usual an inspired piece. I really enjoyed it. And once again, congrats *raising a glass...cheers!*