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A Visit to the Royal Compound with Night Tempest: Part 2: A Kinda Sorta Interview with Knox

Yay for the Blogger App!!!!  Love this thing by the way.  Live from Chicago and without further adieu, I give you part deux....


Thick fingers let go of my wrist as well as my shoulder, leaving me to come to a stop in the middle of the dark.  I hated lights out and I think somehow he knew that.  I had always been afraid of complete darkness and I would probably never completely get over it.  Too many horror movies as a child I guess. Shrug. 

I wasn’t really shrugging now though as I wrapped my arms around myself and turned in circles, trying to find him in the pitch blackness of the room.  Hot breath crept over my neck and I gasped turning around and putting my arms out in front of me.  My blood thumped in my veins and my heart pattered like a wild animal in my chest.  Knox was trying to give me a heart attack.  That much was obvious.

“Still want to interrogate me?”  His chilled whisper was inches from my right ear and I swung an arm out in the direction of his voice.  Was he testing me?

I could feel his body slice away from my fingers by mere inches and a wide current of air gusted over my back as he spun around.  I knew how the human body moved and I was glad in this moment for my years of defense training.  Then again Knox wasn’t human and he had a hell of a lot more tricks than I did.  I heard a small rustle behind me and felt something in my space.  Soon his front lined up with my back and his arms went around my upper chest, making me clamp my mouth shut so I didn’t scream.

Rule number two when dealing with vampires…don’t ever try to fight them. They’re always quicker and always stronger. Duh.  So on that note I held still in his embrace, feeling my own heartbeat reflect off his arms while he lowered his mouth to my ear.

“Not bad.  For a human,” he broke the silence and then chuckled.  His body released from mine and I headr him clap his hands.  I had to shield my eyes when a sudden glow of light appeared from the small lamps around the room.  It still wasn’t very bright but his large space had that nice library warmth to it and the fact that I could see anything was slightly reassuring.  Finally I noticed the rest of the room and my eyes went a little wide.  But I didn’t say anything.  This was Knox, plain and simple.  And truthfully it didn’t bother me for long.

The room was black.  A dark pool of marble looked wet across the floor it shined so bright.  Walls like liquid leather surrounded us but one wall was devoted solely to a metal slab drilled against it.  Small track lamps spotlighted the wall and a collection of leather and metal chains and manacles hung from it.  A video camera was setup in front of that and a padded bench with lock and key restraints sat beside it.  It was like a Dom’s paradise in here and I felt seriously out of place. 

And oh God his tools of the trade!  On either side of the metal contraption were cabinets like something out of a Swedish experiment.  They practically glowed with their silver backing and fluorescent lighting, making their contents seem to float in place.  Whips and chains hung side by side perfectly spaced apart.  Making his cabinets look like some kind of maniacal art gallery rather than what it really was.  Lubes, candles, and wicked looking rubber were set in the other cabinet and I swallowed at the size of some of the stuff in there.  Where the fuck would that even fit?  I cocked my head and he snorted.

“I’m surprised you haven’t run yet,” he pondered aloud and I turned to look at him, catching a glimpse of his bed that was nothing more than a monumental square of gunmetal silk in the middle of the room and then a glowing blue hot tub in the corner.  He really was tricked out. 

“I’d be lying if I’d said I wasn’t expecting this.  I mean you do give off that vibe…you know the big bad boy feeling.” I countered and he smiled to one side of his mouth.

“True. Okay. Fine.  I’ll answer your little questions but I’m gonna drink while we do it.  Cool?” He cocked a brow and I rolled my eyes.

“Your room, remember?” I reminded him and he nodded.

“You’re just going to keep surprising me aren’t you?”  He shook his head and walked to a hidden cabinet under his flat screen television.  Pushing on the panel, it popped open and the same kind of blue glow from the hot tub backlit two dozen bottles of high end liquor, ready for consumption. 

“You want something sweetheart?”  He asked without looking at me—the sweetheart not really all that affectionate.  Then  he turned and his blue bangs swished over his left eye again.  God he was so big and tight.  Even slightly turning his body you could see all the muscles bulging in his back and ass. 

“Uh, sure.  Vodka if you have it.  With a little lime?” I asked and avoided his dark eyes.  He knew I thought he was hot.  Instead of having that conversation though I just kept my mouth shut.

“Do I have vodka?” He raised a brow like I had just spoken Hebrew and reached into the cabinet.  “Russian Standard or Ketel One? I got some frou frou flavored shit somewhere under here but I don’t drink it.”

“Ketel One,” I replied quickly.  It was my favorite anyway and I too hated that fruity crap. 

“Take a seat.” He gestured to the high back chairs in front of him that were covered in cherry red leather.  Interesting, I thought.  These chairs were the only real color in the room aside from the hot tub that kept catching my eye in the corner.  A black marble tub matched the floor and you really had to look to tell where one started and the other began.  The water was turned off but it lapped gently over the blue glow coming from somewhere at the bottom, where it in turn lit up the reflective tiles above, giving off the appearance of peacock shades of black and blue.  I wonder what it would be like to be in there while he was…

“You gonna drink this or do I get to hold it all night?” A tinkle of ice came as Knox shook the sifter of vodka in front of my face; a small slice of lime way floating inside of it.

“Sorry,” I muttered and took the drink from him.

“Whatever.  How you wanna do this?  Or what do I do I guess I should ask?” Knox looked nervous.  The big creep actually was sweating a little.

“Hey why don’t you just sit and chill a little.  I’m just going to ask you a few questions from the readers and a few I have myself. No big deal.  You don’t want to answer, then don’t.  Deal?”

“If I say no, I mean…”

“Yeah.  I Got it.  Now can we get this going… I mean if you don’t mind that is,” I rephrased.  I needed to get a hold of my usual tongue.  It could very well get me in trouble.

Knox studied me for a moment then sat in the red chair across from mine and set his drink down on a coaster.  I wanted to smile at the small gesture.  Men and coasters usually didn’t go hand in hand.

“What?” He barked and narrowed his eyes.

“Nothin.  Okay then…” I pulled a recorder out and set it on the table between our chairs.  “This okay here?”

“Fine.  Get on with it.” He watched me from his still narrowed gaze and sipped his own dark liquid.

“You know you could be a little…”

“I’m a bastard, yeah I got it.  Turn on your little piece a crap and let’s hear what your little friends are dying to ask me.”

“Okaaay… Yeah so...” I pulled a notebook and pen out from my laptop bag and flipped to the questions.  Looking around the room, I knew the first thing I wanted to ask him wasn’t on the list.

“Why aren’t there any windows in here?  You can walk in the sun, so I don’t get it.”

“I thought the theme was obvious; dark and ominous.” He laughed coldly. “Besides every Batman needs a cave right?”

“Batman?”  I smirked and shook my head, doodling a little face with x’s for eyes in the top right corner.

“Yeah. Crime fighter, wearer of leather, lives in a big ole fortress with underground awesomeness.  Heard of him?” He replied with sarcasm and I sighed.

“Yes I have.  I just didn’t see the… Never mind Knox.  Okay next question and it’s probably been the most popular one as of yet.”

“Oh I can’t wait to hear this.” He crossed his heavy black boot over his leather clad knee and opened the glass dish on the side table to reveal hundreds of reese’s pieces.  He stared at me with boredom as he snuck a few candies into his mouth and chewed slowly.

Lowering my brows, I looked back to the sheet to focus before I started laughing.  “Next question, why are you so afraid of children?”

Practically gagging, Knox spit a candy out into his palm and wiped his mouth on the back of his arm. “What the hell kind of question is that? Fucking kids, are you kidding me?  Do I look like the kind of male who does the goo goo gaga shit?  Uh, no.  I don’t.  I hate kids plain and simple.  They make messes, they demand too much attention, and they are just another target to shield from the enemy.  Who the hell are these people, asking such stupid things?” He blabbered and his cheeks looked like he was… Holy shit, he was blushing!


“I don’t fucking like kids alright?” He snapped back, his fangs shooting out of his gums to peek out of his mouth.  His dark eyes swirled with a deep gold and I pressed myself into my seat. 

“I’m sorry.  Okay you don’t like em.  I get it.” I held my hands up in defense.  “Geesh.  And for your information, those people are just interested in your life.  You’re kind of closed book ya know?” I shook my head to avoid any more eye contact with him.

“I’m about to be a sealed book if you don’t get on with it,” he growled and pushed his bangs to the side to emphasize his angry glare.

“One teensy little thing though.  Uh, how do you expect the race to survive without some type of reproduction going on? Do you condone that or are you in favor of your people dying out eventually?”

“Look Night.  I don’t care if those females pop out a baby or not.  Yeah a few every couple of decades is alright to keep shit a float but don’t shove one at me and expect me to take care of it.  And no,” his voice went a little higher like are you kidding me.  “I don’t want my race to die out.  You are terrible for even suggesting such you little human…”

“Okay.  You don’t even have to finish that.  I didn’t mean to offend you, I was just wondering.  Calm yourself.” I held up a hand and flipped to the next page.

“Calm myself?” His eyes bugged and he started to rise from his chair.

“Can we just get through this without you pulling some he-man I’m all macho bullshit please?  I’m tired, my feet hurt, and I’m getting a serious case of the turned-on’s. So if you could just humor me and answer the rest of my questions, I’d really appreciate it.” The words flowed out of my mouth without a thought.  Until I realized what I had just said and gasped silently and turned my wide eyes to him.

Knox was seated once more with a smug little smile and a leg hanging over the arm rest to showcase his open… Oh fuck.  Damn him.  “Turned on huh?”

“Whoops, yeah didn’t mean that.  Next question,” I squeaked and the notebook in my hands shook.  “Uh, are you romantically involved with any vampires or maybe even a human?” I put the notebook down and bravely looked at him again.

“As in one person?” He barked a strange laugh.


“Hell no.  Sex isn’t romance and I like it that way.  Attachments equal weaknesses and I’m a warrior that can’t afford such petty distractions.  Even if I could, I wouldn’t.  Fuck that noise.  They’re all like I need you and I love you mumbly jumbly.  Yeah, no way Jose.  I’ll stick with what I got going and I’m all good.” He folded his hands behind his head and showcased his muscled arms covered in thick ropes of ink.

I cleared my throat and darted a glance away.  “So you don’t ever plan to mate?  What if someone comes along and you can’t fight the pull?  I’ve heard it’s almost impossible to ignore.”

“Yeah it is.” He agreed and looked at me with a shocked face as if I’d caught him rubbing one out while tap dancing to some little diddy.  “I mean, Rowe said it was.  Not me. I won’t ever take a mate.  I like my variety,” he rushed and I wrote a little note in my book.  Well if that didn’t confirm that.  Hmm.

“That’s going to be a really sad life but it’s yours to live right?” I smiled up at him because I think I had finally figured it out and he crossed his arms with a huff.  “Let’s go to something lighter shall we?”

“Yes.  Let’s do that princess,” he sneered and I had the urge to stick my tongue out at him.  Or lick him.  God, I was becoming increasingly horny the more time I spent in this God forsaken place.  It was pure torture to be across from a body as perfect as his and not even so much as touch him.

“How about you interview me naked, seeing as how you got the x ray eyes going anyway?” He grinned and licked his lips.  Was he flirting with me?  I thought he was….

“Yeah put that in your little notebook sweetheart.  I like chicken and steak.  Feel me?”

“You’re Bi?

“I like em all as long they have a hole to fill,” he purred and I pulled another red tomato to match the chair.

“You blush a lot,” he commented and I felt like he was closer than he had been before but he wasn’t.  The giant vampire was still very much in his own chair. 

“Next question,” I managed and he ran a thick hand over the leather arm rest of his chair.

“Whatever you like.”

“Er…uh.  Okay.  What does it feel like to be put under by a vampire?  No examples please just a description will do,” I added quickly, knowing he wasn’t above using me like a doll. I rearranged my legs, crossing one over the other and took a big swig of vodka.  It burned going down and had that thick aftertaste but it calmed my nerves.

“Each human is different. In my experience most humans see it as a highly pleasurable situation and have little to no side effects afterwards.  By that I mean they don’t feel sick or frightened that they can’t remember a certain time frame afterwards.  I always alternate the memory with something else, so that never happens with my human feeds.

If we will you to forget, you do.  You don’t feel anything and aren’t even aware of what is happening.  It’s like sleeping with your eyes open.  Some vampires use the block as a tool for fear and that’s when things can have very serious effects to the brain.”

“Like what?” I leaned forward in interest.

“Some humans can become stuck in their own head.  Relive nightmares over and over and never be able to wake.  Most of the time they get put in an institution or kill themselves.” He shook his head like this made him upset.

“I take it that bothers you,” I asked.

“It doesn’t bother you?  Humans make up a good portion of our life source and are to be treated with respect and care.  Not as targets to unleash our beastly desires upon.  It’s sick and when I see it happening, the vamp is punished with the utmost cruelty.”

“I guess a thank you is in order then.” I smiled and he turned to me with confusion and then slowly put a hand over his heart with understanding.  The tiniest bit of warmth filled his eyes.

“It is an honor to serve you,” he murmured and bent his head.

I bit my lip and he looked at me again. “What is it like to feel the pleasure of a vampire’s block?”

He thought about this for a moment and then gave me that chesire cat grin. “Say I told you I wanted to take you home from the bar and I knew you wanted to, but your human conscious was nagging you to think it over. I would then lean forward a little and put a hand on you so your nerves would respond to my energy.  My blood would call to you and settle you enough to look at me. Well at least that’s how I do.  You don’t have to touch a human to gain control of them.” He explained and my body seemed to melt as his fingers skimmed over my tingling knee.  Wow, I felt like my blood was made of wine and I was drowning in a good way.

“Then,” he breathed and moved onto his knees in front of me, rubbing both his palms up my thighs.  “I would tell you to look into my eyes.” I glanced up and was immediately entranced by the golden swirl of his beautiful irises.  I wanted to swim in them and feel his burning hot hands all over my body.

“After that, I would tell you to take off your blazer for me because you look a little flushed.” His fingers dug into my thighs and I went for the only button on blazer quickly.  It was like my thoughts weren’t my own and some foreign heat was creeping up from the depths of my toes to flourish throughout my entire body.  I was on fire and only Knox could put it out.

“And then Sugar, I would move on up here,” he whispered and before I knew it his face was at my neck and his lips were brushing over my skin.  His massive thigh was wedged in between my legs for balance and his hands were in my hair.  “I would taste of you and send you to a pleasure so high you would never be able to reach it again.”

I was on autopilot.  My brain was somewhere else and my body was speaking for me.  I knew somehow that my hands were moving over his body but I wasn’t sure where or how I had the energy.  I felt heavy but not sleepy and it was like every nerve in body had come to play.

“Tell me Night.  How do you feel darlin?” Knox licked my neck and grazed his fangs over me and then it was over.  Just like that I snapped out of it and the tattooed giant was back in his chair next to me, drinking his liquor.

“What?” I mumbled and looked around to make sure the room hadn’t changed or something else crazy.  Did I just dream that up or had it really happened?  Oh my God, I could still feel his hands on me.  Or could I?  Damn what was in this vodka? I eyed the small glass with speculation and then looked back to him.

“Got what ya need?”  He smiled and then laughed.  I know he was sexy, I mean come on.  But when the large male let his eyes relax and he threw his head back with this rich laughter filling the air…he was beautiful.  This made me smile and watch him intently.  I wish I could have had him on film in that moment to show my muse later.  He would get a kick out of that.

“Did that really happen?”

“Oh yeah.  How did it feel?” He asked and seemed seriously interested.   Or in male speak, I think it was something on the lines of how was I?

“It felt really…I mean like amazing,” I confessed and covered my mouth to hide the blushing smile that was erupting.

“I still got it,” Knox chuckled to himself and gained a satisfied expression.  “Let me guess.  You would rather ask more questions than finish our little experiment though right?”

“Right,” I answered and he swore something in another language.  “Maybe, if things were different,” I offered trying not to bruise his ego.

“Whatever.  I’m ready for the next round.” He sighed and waved me off.  Knox didn’t seem too disheartened so I continued.

“Tell me about your family.”

“No.”  Simple as that and the sudden fire in his eyes was not the spicy kind.  No meant no and I shuddered to think what would happen to me if I pushed that envelope.

“Ok, sorry.”

“Just move on please.” He looked over to the glow of the hot tub and kept his ear turned towards me.

“Do you have an official title within the Royal court?” I picked a random question off the list.

“My bloodline has always assisted the King’s family as warriors.  I am the second son of Jorigh and as the last remaining direct descendant of his blood, I am the Prince’s second and the Queen’s third in command.  Cade comes second as he is a birthed Guardian and their leader.” Knox offered with respect behind his words.  He clearly thought fondly of the Original.

“Third to the Queen? So you don’t mind that Cade has kind of taken over the warriors since he’s accepted his new role?”

“Not at all.  The job was always his and I am glad that he has found his place amongst us.  The warriors and Guardians alike respond well to him and we are better for having him here.”

“I kind of feel like you guys have become pretty close over the last few weeks.  All of you I mean.  Not just you and Cade but everyone together.  Would you say the same?”

“There is always a certain fellowship that comes from being warriors for the same side but yes I would agree we share something deeper rooted than simple closeness.  We are kind of like brothers but very good friends for sure.” He nodded and tapped his foot.  He was getting impatient. 

“Okay I have to ask because it’s bugging me.  Why do you carry the dictionary with you everywhere?” I sighed.  He had one on the mantle too.  What was up with that?

“Lamprophony.” he folded his hands together and smiled.


“Lamprophony.  Tell me what that means little one who writes.” He raised his brows and I muttered a curse under my breath. 

“I don’t know.” I shrugged but inside I felt like an idiot.  But really who uses that word anyway?

“It means loudness or clarity of voice.  Lamprophony.  It’s the word of the day.” He uttered with a certain pride.

“So you just pick a word out of the dictionary every day?”  I balked.  I hate dictionaries and thesauruses.  We had never gotten along but they were tools of the trade and therefore we had to compromise with one another.

“After I read a page of the dictionary in the morning, I pick a word out and make sure I use it at least ten times.  Readers Digest suggested it to keep the brain sharp.  It works you know.”

“Uh huh.” I nodded slowly in disbelief.  Reader’s Digest?  Knox was throwing me for a loop; a really, really big loop.

“Yep,” he answered and popped a candy in his mouth and chased it with what I was beginning to suspect was rum judging from the spicy smell coming my way.  A loud buzzing had the giant vampire snapping to attention and reaching into the back of his leather’s for a shiny black smart phone.

With a fierce sexual eye, Knox texted something  back to the sender and cleared his throat.  “Can we wrap this up and finish the questions tomorrow?  Got company coming.”

“Oh you mean…” My eyes darted to the metal chains on the wall and I fidgeted in my seat as my temperature rose.

“Yeah.  That’s exactly what I mean.  Unless you want to fill in Night,” he growled quietly and I slapped my knees.

“Well uh I’ll be on my way then.  Um, tomorrow morning perhaps we can finish this?” My voice was squeaky and way too high.  Just the thought of being chained to that wall made me want to say yes.  I needed to get out of here.  I could feel the room getting hot again.

“Yeah we can.  I think you’re boy’s here anyway,” he nodded at the door and I frowned.

“I didn’t bring anyone with me,” I replied.

“Well I think he came without your permission then Sugar.  He’s waiting in the hall.  I can smell him and I don’t think he’s gonna wait much longer.” Knox smiled wickedly and I knew immediately who was out there. 

“Right.  Ok I’ll see you at breakfast then?” My hands shook as I shoved my notebook into my bag and tossed back the remainder of the vodka in my glass.

“Yeah, now get out of here before I do something very naughty and piss off big guy out there,” Knox growled and I thought about trying to shake his hand in thanks but immediately thought better of it.  Screw it and leave Night.

“Good night,” I mumbled.

“That’s what he said,” Knox barked and slapped his knee as if that was the funniest joke he had ever heard.

“Cute. Later asshole.”

“Later Sugar.”

I scampered out of the room and shut myself off from the smell of rum and the feel of that sex filled heat on my skin.  Only to turn and face those glowing yellow slits for eyes that I saw every single night.

“What are you doing here?” I whispered but he didn’t care about words.  Tugging on my wrist, he pulled me behind him and dragged me down the corridor to the darkest doorway he could find.

“I think you forget that I’m always with you,” he growled in my ear and blocked my view of the world with his larger than life body.  “That I know what you’re thinking…” he murmured and my heartbeat sped up.

“So what are we gonna do now?” I whispered in the dark and he smiled.

“I don’t know, you tell me…I’m just the Muse.”




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