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My Telija Ch. 05

Happy Weekend, my little readers!!!!  I hope you’re all doing great and I also hope you’re ready for another chapter of Telija!!!  As I’m working on three different stories right now, I’ve decided to shorten the chapters and give you a chapter of from a different story every week (unless something comes up and then I’ll tell you). 

But I thought you’d be happy to know that and next week we will be back to Yes, Master.  For now though, enjoy some time with Vendish and Jordan…steamy steamy.  I’ve included a little reference list in case it’s been awhile for you and you needed a little brush up.  Okay have a good night and stay safe!!

XOXO Night Tempest

Fae Terminology:

Telijah- my love, my heart, my everything

Unijah-treasured friend, part of my heart

Mellochi- the combining of two soul mate’s powers to unify their mating.

Ghea- true soul mates

Tanta- respected female of your family such as an aunt or cousin.

Skeenji- a smaller Fae species that hold the ability to read minds and emotional patterns, manipulate thoughts, and take over another person’s body for their own devices.

Elder species- the first of species that the Great Mother created. From these creatures, the twelve species were formed.  They reside in the Elder lands as historians and teachers.  Priests and priestesses are their protégés. 

Character refresher:

Blajah- Leader of the Fire Fae.  Mother of Hazia (her eldest) and twins Dim and Lit.

Rain- Leader of the Water Fae.  Mother of Lucy’s absentee father. 

Guardwin- King of all Fae.  Grandfather to Jordan.  Father to Jameen. Abilities-Water and Air

Orla- Queen of all Fae.  Grandmother to Jordan. Mother to Jameen. Leader of the Skeenji.

Jillian- Mother of Jordan and lost mate of Jameen.  Reborn as Fae.  Ability unknown.

Cellan- Leader of the Night Fae and second in command of the Fae guard.  Vendish’s best friend.

Hazia- Fire Fae with a flame for Vendish.  Ex-lover and friend of the prince.

Yarnah- priestess to the Elders and sister to Orla.  Traveling teacher and guide to Fae. Great Aunt to 


Grazing a cool cloth across Jordan’s brow, I wiped up the sweat that had been accumulating there every ten minutes or so.  Seeing no other traces of the salty residue left, I put the cloth in the bowl on the bedside table and laid down next to him. My back cracked and my feet screamed with relief as I stretched the line of my body straight and then molded my form to his side tenderly. Since the staff had made it’s self a part of his body earlier, Jordan’s skin had glowed with an almost golden sheen and I traced the subtle light along his arm with my fingertips.

He was so beautiful and even more so to me when I knew he was going to be just fine.  At least this part of the day had been the most normal as far as our culture was concerned.  When a staff was passed down to the new king or prince or even master of shadows, the staff always found its way to its owner eventually.  It had started with his unusual ability manifesting, then his shadow master markings had appeared, and then his staff had come. I sighed and inhaled the smell of his hair while rubbing a hand over his stomach in circles.  I had come to find that it relaxed him and also that it was becoming an absent minded habit on my part.  This was the first time since the incident in the council room that I had had him all to myself. 

No Guardwin and Orla pacing the room.  No fidgety June with scrunched up face as she attempted to heal something that wasn’t wrong with him.  No Lucy biting her nails and buzzing her wings in the corner.  And last but not least, no Jillian.  Surprisingly though, the mother of my mate was rather calm in all of this.  Not like she could have possibly known what was going to happen to Jordan but she was just serene all evening.

  As she sat on the side of his bed earlier with her long flowing hair and delicate lace wings she had been completely silent.  But she watched him and put her hand over his for the longest time.  So statuesque was she that it unnerved me to no end.  Now it was just the two us and I could hold him close and snake my leg between his---like we were meant to be.

There were still so many questions and answers hanging in the balance as to why Jordan would be of such a standing in the court but they could all wait.  My love was in need of me and the peace I could provide his body.  He had no need for a mess of careless thinking and circular non sense.  When Jordan awoke, we would take him to the Elder species and assess him properly.  Until then he would sleep in my arms to heal his mind of the overwhelming days that had passed us by.

“He has yet to wake, I see…” Hazia leaned in the door frame, blocking the cool breeze that had felt wonderful on my legs.

One of my fists tightened away from Jordan’s sleeping body and I sat up using my stomach muscles.  “What right do you have to come in here?” I grit out barely above a whisper. 

Pushing off the stone entryway, Hazia planted both feet and his body in front of the breeze.  His golden hair fluttered around his shoulders dangerously.  Putting a little heat behind his eyes, Hazia’s irises glowed with his inner calling---setting off old flames that were anything but mutual. 

“I’d thought it obvious.” The Fire Fae didn’t miss a beat.

“Well it isn’t.  After your performance earlier I’d thought you would have understood the boundaries set in place.  Obviously you need to be told in a more informal fashion and far be it from me to deny you that,” my voice raised an octave or two and I shut my mouth with the realization. I wanted to slap the slow grin from his face.

“Always one step ahead of yourself aren’t you Unijah?  Always planning and all-knowing but really you are just as blind to this world as any of the rest of us.  You say he is your mate in all things but he does not reach for you as I do.  Even inches from your side and not in this realm of reality, he should seek you out with his hands,” Hazia hissed and I felt his unnatural heat creep onto my skin like a rash of fiery goose flesh.  Before I could rub the all too alluring feeling away, the bed dipped slightly and Hazia’s bare chested body was on its knees before me. He was sex with red skin and eyes that begged for more.

“Get.  Away,” I breathed in fury.  He was messing with me and in the worst way imaginable.  This was punishment to himself and me for what had happened long ago between us.  A punishment to his self for never letting me go and to me for the way my body still reacted to his.  Trust me when I express that my mind and heart we not in these attentions.  But my manhood could not deny the wonder of lean flesh before me.  It had been so long and his skin was so familiar. I could even remember what it tasted like.

“No.” My voice was rough and my eyes stung from the swell of his heat wrapped around me. My eyes managed to flick to Jordan---guilt like knives through my chest pained my heart. “Stop, Hazia.  Stop this now.  It is not right,” I gasped as sweat broke out on my chest and arms. But instead of the heat being unbearable, it seemed rather to seep into my skin like the most erotic touch of another and bring the flesh between my thighs to life. 

“Tell me no now Unijah.  Say you don’t remember what it was like inside of me.  I remember the way your flesh stretched me wide,” Hazia rasped with lust and pushed down on my chest with his palms, my body betraying me onto my back.  All the while Jordan laid unawares to the first stages of adultery next to his prone body.  He had yet to lay his claim unto me in his sleep, for not even a finger twitched.  My heart was rapidly sinking into my stomach for in this, Hazia was right.  But Jordan was my Ghea.  He was… He had to be.

Straddling my hips, the Fire Fae lowered his warm junction to my cock and pressed down, binding our linen pants together.  Heat seeped between us and my breath caught in my throat at the pleasure forming there. Hazia dipped his hips into me, rubbing his erection deep into mine while his strong fingers dug into my chest causing my traitorous mouth to open and moan.

“Please stop,” I begged softly.  He was entrapping me now.  His powers had grown since last we had come together.  Hazia’s persuasive heat was making me careless to my surroundings and bold to his body.
“Touch me my prince,” a husky command came, his fangs descendin with a sharp slice to his gums. “Rip these linens from me and show me your true power,” he purred and then…it happened. 

Thin fingers smoothed over my chest causing Hazia to sit back with a look of sickness.  Golden hair slid in waves over my shoulder and Jordan nuzzled his face in my neck while his arm snaked around my torso.  A slight frown crossed my mate’s face as his knee connected with something other than my leg and Hazia climbed off me wordlessly.  A muffled noise like a sigh breached Jordan’s lips, his fingers stretched and then curled around my side.

Instantly Hazia’s arousal deflated, his eyes were disbelieving and stricken with grief. His lean crimson body went still off to the side of the bed.  The Fire Fae’s hormone induced haze of lust peeled off me like a wrapping of some kind and the cool night air bloomed over my sweaty skin.  Jordan half climbed on top of me, bringing his silky knee in between my legs.  Stretching his toes against my leg momentarily, Jordan finally settled back into a deep sleep.

Pity rose in my heart for the man who used to be one of my closest friends in the entire universe.  It had been a mistake to touch him so intimately back then and now it seemed almost like relational suicide to even think of it but then again, what relations did we have left?  He turned from me and tied his hair into place with a strap from his wrist.

“Sleep well your highness,” he clipped but it wasn’t in a sarcastic or angry manner.  His body suggested it was a clip your words so as not to cry response.

“Hazia, please,” I reached for him a little.  We didn’t have to be enemies because I was not his.

“No.  I have watched and felt you ignore me all these years because there was something about me that made you turn me out.  Never once did you have a good enough reason or a possible explanation.  You just stopped, like the Great Mother flipped your switch of me.  Do you know what it feels like to fall in love and know with all your heart that he loves you too only to be cruelly mistaken?  One day, out of the blue, you are dumped to the side as if you never were.  But the worst part of it all?  Knowing you never knew why.” His face was blank but a lone tear trailed down his cheek in the moonlight.

“I will always wonder why I was so terrible and why I would never be the one.  And I wonder to this day why I still cling to the hope that you were wrong.  But this very moment has finally allowed my heart to break and know you no longer.  I cannot afford to care for you a second more, for this alone feels like true death or a loss of limb.”

I had no idea what to say to him.  His feelings were thick in the air as if I could reach out and touch his devastation.  Truthfully I believed he had been the one to move on first with all the men he had taken after we had parted ways.  I never would have thought it was merely to cover up his love for me.  How these many long years must have tortured his soul and wickedly twisted the potential line to his Ghea.  Did he have one among us and not know it because of his infatuation with me? 

“I knew you were not mine to take Hazia,” I found myself saying.  “I loved you as a man loves another man yes.  But we did not exchange hearts or souls.  I knew the Ghea to be a mind-altering bliss between two people and that was something we never carried.  Neither of us did Hazia.  Please, tell me you know this to be true.  Even after all this time you will think back now and just know.  Do not blame me for feeling it first. For you would only wish me dead if I had doted on you all this time only to find my true heart after many years at your side.  Has that not an ounce truth to it?” I asked quietly and Jordan shifted a little into my side. Our voices growing in volume were rousing him in his slumber.

“I wish.  I wish it did not.  For then I could hate you as I have for all these years.  Now?  I have nothing left to offer a mate now…because I wasted all my emotion on you.  In secret, in hiding, buried in my heart; it is all ash after you.  May your life be what you dreamt it to b, your highness.  I bid you goodnight.” Hazia bowed, tears flowing down his face.  He ran out of our room in the palace with his bare feet slapping the stone underneath him.

“Forgive me…” I whispered to the still room and gathered Jordan in my arms.  His body fit to mine like a glove and it was then that I knew without a doubt that I had never felt anything for Hazia like did with Jordan.  He would forever be my everything and that very thought brought my lips to his warm neck and my tongue to lap at his sweaty skin. He mumbled softly in his sleep, his fingers gripped my side tighter and I felt him begin to harden against my leg. The moon washed our room in cut and paste slices of blue and onyx. Black shadow or cerulean, you could see it or you couldn’t.  I could see the left side of his face but only touch the right.

It became a game of mystery and discovery as I slowly rolled us and laid him out underneath me---pulling the silky sheet off his naked body. He was lean with a little muscle definition around his stomach but otherwise flat as I ran my hand down his chest.  His elegant legs scissored together and his newly formed erection swayed a little with his movements. Curling a bit at the ends, his long hair splayed around the pillow and he shivered in his dreams while the breeze coursed over his long leans legs and over his chest.  

This creature with the sultry black and ocean blue markings across his upper body writhed under me, his mouth open slightly with want. Another gust of honey soaked air blew through the open windows and mixed with my Telija’s intoxicating scent.  Straddling his lean body, I made no move to hide the thickening cock between my legs and rubbed against him with need. 

It had been so long and I was so hot from my bout with Hazia and Jordan was mine… Wasn’t he?  “Great Mother,” I breathed and ran my hands down my chest and closed my eyes.  Everything became sharper and I felt my body go into a form of heat.  My loins needed Jordan with a vengeance and I was fighting the urge every step of the way but he was too beautiful, too succulent to deny myself of his body. I needed to mate with him, the urge painful as it was only a natural response to claim him and bond together. But once I started this…I would not stop until I was released deep inside of him.

“Telija,” the word came out a growl from between my lips and he gasped but his eyes remained closed.
Like a ravenous animal I fell upon him.  My hands grasped his rib cage and my teeth descended upon his tiny pink nipple.  The first nibble to his bud had my Telija arching his back. His heels dug into the bed beneath us and his hands gripped the ends of my hair like reins between his fingers.

“Awake my mate!” I growled and lapped at his now splotchy red nipple.  Moving my hands downward, I cupped his hips and thrust my linen clad erection into his own silky pink member. 

He whined and pleaded in his dreams, his breath hitching and then escaping him.  Mother, he was a vision covered in sweat with a strip of blue moonlight running down his body.  I wanted to devour him alive but I settled for my lips on his as I cupped his ass and ground against him.

His tongue needed no invitation and split my lips apart for a proper taste of me.  We groaned as one and I sucked the invading tongue into my mouth---twisting our tastes into one sweet flavor.  The fingers in my hair became urgent, slipping down to my back and clawing into my muscle. This had become real.  Was he…
Drawing back a bit, I saw his eyes were indeed open and dark as the color of the night. 

  “Jordan?” I rumbled and he moaned thrusting his hips at me.

“Now,” he hissed.  “More now,” he commanded and I growled in return.  Oh yes, he wanted me back.  Thank you mother…

He was everywhere and nowhere all at once.  Just when I would feel his hands on my backside they would soon be replaced with the cool night breeze.  His fingers trailed everywhere, his shadows birthing from his digits to whisper along my exposed skin.  They drugged my senses like Hazia’s heat but unlike the Fire Fae Jordan’s powers sought to integrate with mine not overpower me. 

My wind and earth powers were called forth and I sat back before I lost all coherent thought and ripped my linens from my lower body.  Now we were nothing but sweating flesh and wild limbs, he and I together in our bed for the first time. 

“Vendish!” Jordan threw his head back and screamed as my finger slipped into the valley between his ass cheeks and roughly circled his anus.  I had not another thought in the world except to be inside of him and that required acceptance on his part and something wet.

“Let me take you my love.  I need to…” I gruffly tried to convey my need but he moaned and fisted my hair.
“Fuck me!” His voice cracked and I lost all of my control.  Snatching his hips in my hands, I pulled his lower body up to my face as if he were nothing more than a doll. On my knees, I locked his legs around my shoulders as he frantically searched for a way to balance his upper body.  Finally he settled for a strained back bend of sorts and I pulled apart his cheeks and took the first lick of his entrance. 

“Ah!” Jordan screamed as if he had been locked away for the past twenty three years and my tongue to him was the first contact he had ever felt.  The sound riveted my body causing me to turn up my own abilities.  The wind of my very core picked up throughout the room and the sheets about our legs and arms danced like water under the air’s ministrations.

His body took turns shivering in my grip then shuddering deeply while my tongue swirled around the pulsing ring of muscle under my taste buds.  Tasting of salt and something fresh like a summer’s day I worked my tongue into him, stabbing deep and listening to my Telija cry out like a beacon to all of Fae. In and out I worked my tongue until I had to touch him deeper.  Palming his back for support, I worked my index finger into him.  Shuddering, Jordan pushed with his arms and thrust himself onto my hand and made me gasp at the way his body moved. 

The glistening erection before my eyes dripped a trail down Jordan’s chest. My tongue licked my lips with want for a taste of that sweet nectar wetting his body.  Pulling my finger from him, I thoroughly lubricated his entrance one more time with a swirl of my tongue before gently lowering him to the bed.  He panted and pulled in a few deep breaths before I licked the trail of wetness from his chest.
“Ven, please…” he begged.  Bringing my lips even with his, I shared a kiss with my love and swapped his flavor back and forth between us.  He wrapped his legs around my hips and tangled his arms around my back and in my hair.  It was my turn to shudder, realizing his shadows had risen to the occasion---slithering over my skin and down to my own seeping shaft.

“Telija what are you…Oh Great Mother!” I flung my head back and away from him as the shadows squeezed my erection tight then loosened a bit to pump along my length.  It was like he was touching me there but in fact, he wasn’t and my wind and earth responded to his devilish smile. The bed made of birch trees began to shake. Their branches and silken green curtains bent and twined at twisted angles to form a nest around us, leaving the ceiling wide open to the prismatic glass dome above. My powers came forth in a most startling way and the wind of my own doing seemed to run right through me.  The red staff marking at my wrist glowed and my hair whipped around my body.  I did not have to see my face to know my eyes glowed like clover set afire. 

I had hit a power peak and Jordan was almost there.  Water began to mist from his body, dampening the sheets and our skin.  But he seemed unfazed and ground against me, moaning and calling my name like he was taking a breath.  Our slickened skin slipped together and the feeling of my hard muscle against his youthfully smooth body was enough to make me lose my seed all over his stomach.  He wanted to mate with me, I cried inside with joy.  His powers infusing with mine was the most sacred act among our kind and connecting with him after years of longing for a mate of my own made me want to sob with relief. 
I held back on the crying, favoring a kiss from his mouth instead.  Above us came a clap of thunder and I listened with a gasping smile.  His water had morphed with its gain of power and had combined with my wind to create a literal storm of passion.  Or in Fae a Mellochi which simply meant the combination of a Ghea’s abilities. 

“What’s happening?  Vendish I need…I need!” Jordan cried out and thrashed on the now sopping bed.  Our bodies were dripping from the rain above and I flipped my heavy hair onto my back with a loud slap, the sting resonating up my spine.  Bringing his rear to my pelvis, I slid our glistening erections together.
“In me, please.  Please my mate! Oh God!” Those two words from his lips had me baring my teeth.  The wind around us howled its victory with pride.  My mate.

“Mine,” I hissed and he pulled my hair at my lower back and growled.  Without any need for further encouragement, I pressed the throbbing head of my penis to his entrance and pushed.

He choked and spit water to the side in surprise but otherwise took me without anything but pleasure. Lean legs were wrapped low on my hips as I pushed further into him.  His dark eyes widened and the glow along his skin grew brighter. As I leaned forward, my hair fell in a gleaming wet curtain to either side of us and his inner glow caught the reflection of the multi colored stones in my ears---the prisms of light casting jewel toned rainbows across his lust filled face.  All of this was a fantasy.  Surely it had to be.  

My flesh filling his warm channel, his muscles expanding and contracting beneath my wet body, his eyes that burned for me, and the erotic combination of our powers that I could feel with every nerve in my body----All of it a dream surely, for I craved him almost violently.


The last thing I remembered was the staff in my hand and the electric ripple that had shocked me into a coma. Now I was back to another session of sensory overload and I hadn’t been awake a whole two seconds.  Need was a word well below the description of what I was feeling for Vendish and the hard cock creating friction against my skin.  The shadows bled from my skin and I yearned for him inside of me.    It felt like that fresh warmth of a sun burn.  The glorious summer sizzle on your back before you put your shirt back on---that feeling now lined my insides combined with the sensation of an out of the blue shiver you got from head to toe.  I needed something to cool me off.  I was going to explode from how good this felt---how amazing Vendish felt. I was completely wet and surrounded by…I don’t what but he was sliding us together, making me harder, and dripping his sweet goodness all over my chest and face. 

Then it was like my body sighed and water flooded out of my pores.  If I had thought the pleasure of Vendish’s mouth and hands on me was incredible, nothing could have prepared me for letting go completely.  Shadows crept out of me and water misted from my skin to coexist between my mate and I.  I felt his wind demanding entrance into my space and I breathed him in, letting his powers flow into me and touch my core.  Pulling and prodding deep in my soul, his elements combined with mine. The union of all four elements together had me crying out in ecstasy.  If every cell and nerve in my body could have an orgasm then that was what was happening.

I knew I begged for Ven to fuck me. I heard my mindless screaming.  But he was my mate and I didn’t care about anything other than him inside of me. 

“In me, please.  Please my mate! Oh God!” I cried and pulled on his slippery black hair.  It was so long and gorgeous and he was all wet and big and oh fuck! I was in some kind of dream, I had to be.  I opened my mouth to beg him again but I didn’t have to.  Pushing into me Vendish proclaimed me his and water rained from above down my throat---making me choke as he filled me so good.

My muscles tightened then released around him as Vendish leaned forward and dripped his raven locks around our upper bodies.  My skin glowed for him under the combination of our powers and this new strength that I had been given.  Tiny beams of vivid color moved along my body from the jewels he wore and his face was completely raptured.  Vendish was the epitome of male beauty I thought as I 
looked at his massive sculpted body and felt him move another inch deeper into me.

“More,” I cracked and wrapped his hair around my hands, holding him to me.

“Be careful what you wish for my love.  For I am not…myself,” his words were feral and I wanted him hard.

“More,” I was able to confidently demand and a rumble of satisfaction bellowed from his throat.  Pushing on, he bottomed out, connecting us completely.  Tears or rain, one of the two ran down my face at the fact that I no longer longed for someone because I had him.  I didn’t have to go hungry for affection anymore because he would fill me whenever I got the craving. 

A smile tightened my cheeks and I bit my lip.  How did this work exactly? I wondered for a second before the thought was shattered and Vendish lifted my hips to drive home.  My hands had to leave his hair to grip his shoulders.  The rain grew heavier, my shadows covered both of us, the leaves of our nest caressed our skin, and Ven’s wind howled our pleasure above and below and between… 

I gasped for air but he captured my mouth and pushed my legs back forcefully, effectively spreading me wider.  His powerful thighs bunched and relaxed over and over when he thrust into me, the sounds of our wet skin slapping together was like the beat of the mating dance in my head.  The way we had wanted each other so badly and now…

“Vendish, oh fuck!  Harder, yea...” I arched and he hit the magic spot on top of all the sensation I was experiencing. The light under my skin lit up the room and the black and blue lines of my tattoos looked like veins against the lantern I had become.

He hugged me to his chest and continued to pound away at the spot that had driven me to this level of explosion.  Eyes filled with passion, love, and a fear of the unknown stared back at me as I clung to him and it was then that I knew.  He was my…

Ghea!” I screamed as the warmth built and spilt over---my release so explosive our elements were pushed away and only a ball of light consumed us.  His fingers crushed my back and I loved the pain.  My mate’s eyes were glued to mine, his mouth opened to gasp for air as he too was taken over the edge that I had just jumped.

His release filled me but I had no strength to even utter a word of care to him.  Looking god-like yet spent Ven’s roar of completion dwindled to a croaked sigh and he covered me from head to toe with his body.  He was wet and shaking and we both groaned in a mix of pain and pleasure as our elements slammed back into our bodies forcibly.  Vendish gripped me under the shoulders, holding me to him as I arched into his chest.  Like being filled all over again, my powers washed through me and took the very last of my strength.  Feeling drained, I went limp in his arms and he in turn slumped back on top of me.  I could barely breathe with his weight on my chest but I didn’t want him to move an inch.  Because I loved the way he settled against my skin and the way he still was hard inside of me.  How he could still retain an erection after that was beyond me but I wasn’t complaining.  It felt too good to protest.

“Telija…” he murmured like a groan and I tried to move my hand to touch him but it weighed a ton. 

“Yeah?” I cleared my throat.  My voice sounded like sandpaper.

“Are you well?” Vendish asked as if he was already asleep.

“Better than well,” I whispered back and felt him smile against my cheek.

“Rest now Telija,” he managed and cradled my head to him.  The rain and wind had stopped the minute our powers had come back to us but my shadows still slowly caressed Ven’s back.  The minute his breathing steadied and hit my neck evenly, the branches around us closed in and cut out all the light, creating a cocoon just for us.

With the warmth of his body and the delicious darkness engulfing us, I drifted into the most peaceful sleep I had ever known.


“Yarnah, you just got here!” Orla protested as we she walked arm in arm with Guardwin and the rest of our party. The raven haired priestess turned to her sister---regarding the Queen with smiling eyes the color of Caribbean waters.

“Orla, I have important work to see to.  Spring approaches and many preparations must be made.  I will admit I wish I did not have to leave so soon as I would love to know my nephew better,” Yarnah paused and squeezed my shoulder. She was so beautiful and graceful as we walked along the white sand path to the Hall of the Elders.  Trees with deep wine colored trunks and dark green foliage bowed away from the road on either side. Up ahead was a large structure of snow white stone with large columns holding up the front awning.  The closer we walked towards it, the more imposing it seemed. 

“But there will be other times to share together.  I am sure of this,” the priestess concluded and pulled her white hood tighter around her neck.  “The Mother is in the last thralls of winter here.  Always the coolest time of year save for the flurries of snow on occasion,” Yarnah remarked and her voice made me want to know more.  Every time Yarnah said anything, I found myself learning but then again that’s what priestess’s did around here.  They were teachers and guides for all of Fae---protégé’s to the Elders.

“If you don’t mind me asking uh…” Did I call her Aunt?

“You may call me Tanta Yarnah.  That is what I am to you,” she smiled and caressed my cheek.  I couldn’t help but feel like a kid at Christmas.  All these relatives popping out of the woodworks were overwhelming but amazing.  It was like a dream walking down the road with my grandparents, my aunt, my mother, my best friend, my mate and his guards.  All we needed was a box of ugly sweaters and a Polaroid camera to make my guiltiest desire come true.  I could just imagine the look on their faces when the flash went off.

Vendish’s arms went around my waist and his thumbs skimmed under my tunic, scraping away all my crazy plans for Fae Christmas cards.  Ever since this morning when we had woken up wound in each other, he couldn’t keep his hands off me and well… I couldn’t stop touching him either.  I had never felt connected to another person like I was to Vendish and the bond between us had an insatiable naughty streak. 

“Later,” I hissed to him and blushed.  He chuckled and skimmed his scorching lips over my neck before pulling my new coat tight around me.  Without bonfires and pixies leaving blazing trails of heat in their wake this part of Fae left me freezing my nuts off. 

What I thought was a small kingdom of enchanted woods and glowing ponds was in fact an entire world. Albeit not as large as what I was used to but it was still large all the same.  All the species had their own territory and lands…and apparently their own weather.  I was just starting to think how much this cold sucked when Guardwin and Orla stopped causing our group to stop as well.

Lucy rushed over to me with excitement and made a small squeal in my ear.  “They’re here!” She giggled quietly.

Blajah, the leader of the Fire Fae was descending the white sand covered steps of the Hall of Elders---her dashing twin boys, Dim and Lit, flanking the red skinned socialite. Suddenly, I felt the need to hum the Miss America theme song as Blajah sashayed down the last few steps like she was on a Couture runway with her equally model type sons in tow.

“Blajah, I was not of the impression that you had business in Elder lands this day,” Guardwin greeted the Fire leader cautiously. Everyone was on edge since the attacks and paranoia had set in.

“Your highness,” Blajah curtsied low to the ground---her golden gown and red velvet cape pooling at her feet. She rose and walked to meet us.  “I was summoned in the late of the night.  A Fire Fae was born in the wee hours of the morning to an Elder’s courier.  I was only here to witness and greet the wee one in person.  She and the babe fare well but I am not sure of the papa,” Blajah laughed lightly and it was as if the entire group sighed collectively. 

“Which Elder? I must congratulate the mother,” Orla sang and hugged her sister, Yarnah.  Women and their damn babies, I swear.  But hearing Vendish sigh behind me kind of melted my child unfriendly ice cube.  Did he want kids? Well if he did, I hope they grew them like fruit around here because I sure as hell wasn’t equipped.

“Elder Frawn. He will be delighted to have you,” Blajah bowed a little and her eyes met mine when she rose.  “Ah, I think I know why you come today.  Congratulations wee one.” She bowed again and I looked around in a little confusion.  Did she know about me and Ven? Oh God.  How would she know that! Her yellow gaze caught my attention again and I sucked in a breath.  Blajah’s eyes crinkled then relaxed as if she was reading my mind and her mouth caught to one side in a satisfied grin. Or was I imagining that? 

“Your blood has fully attuned to Fae.  I can feel your power in the air and it is pure.  You will fair well amongst us and such a fine mate you have acquired.” She winked and her floor length copper hair blew in the wind. I had no idea what Blajah was really thinking but she seemed happy enough.

I blushed for the thousandth time today and nodded a thank you.  I wanted to hide my complete embarrassment but no one knew what I was thinking right?  Yeah, like she knew that we had had body altering sex last night.  Jordan you’re a dumbass.

Lucy practically swished with pleasure next to me---her eyes locked on the twins to either side of their mother.  I had to hand it to her, she did have good taste.  Both men were tall and lean but unlike their mother’s red skin theirs was a shade of pumpkin and with their long red hair and yellow eyes, they were damn near irresistible. Both twins felt our stares on them and flipped their eyes to us.  Twin grins broke out on their lips and they shared a quick mischievous look.

“Oh for the Mother’s sake, go ahead,” Blajah exclaimed in exasperation and Lu looked to her grandparents expectantly.

“Go on then,” Guardwin rolled his eyes.

“But they…” Vendish started to reach for Lucy but Orla held up a hand. I knew he hated the twins with a passion because they were supposedly these arrogant man whores but honestly they looked just as happy to see Lu as she did them.

“She is mature enough to make those decisions for herself.  You were young once Vendish.” The Queen raised a challenging brow and Ven sighed, holding me tight like it was a consolation to his bruised ego.

“Fine,” he grunted.

Lucy blew me a kiss with a giggle and took off into the woods with Dim and Lit on her trail.  I had no idea what they did together but every time I saw the three of them they seemed to light up.  Whether that was young Fae hormones or something else, time could only tell. 

“I must be on my way your graces.  The Fire meeting is this evening.” Blajah smiled and Guardwin waved his hand.

“Of course, of course, I am so sorry to have held you up Blajah,” he relayed sincerely. 

“Fare well,” Blajah curtsied and vanished with a crackle of orange flames.

“I think I’ve had enough excitement this week to last me an eternity,” Guardwin mused on a sigh and wrapped his arm around his mate.

“Too true my love.  Anyone else?” Orla asked teasingly.

“I think all is well your highness,” Cellan chuckled and I looked at the Night Fae. 

  Now he was something else.  It was like his black and navy skin was a moving picture and a tiny galaxy of stars lived on his body.  A few sparkling lights shot across his chest and his sinfully dark eyes met mine.  I stiffened and Ven laughed. “Come on. The Elders are waiting for us.” His large hand cupped mine and our fingers locked together.  Catching my blush, my mother winked at me and let the guards usher her ahead of us.  They were treating her as if she were made of glass.  I guess if you’d never seen someone come back to life from a pile of wood and fire then I’d treat you like the great messiah too.  To me though, mom seemed more normal than ever.  Vendish took my silence as a means of raking his hand under my tunic while no one was looking---his other paw still locked with mine.

My breath hitched and I felt myself getting hot just from holding his hand. Suddenly---like a firework shot through my dick---my mind went somewhere else. If no one else were with us I’d push him on his back and ride the shit out…

“Jordan,” Ven hissed and squeezed my hand.  What?  I looked up into his narrowed green eyes and squeaked. He knows!  Oh no no no.  This is bad.  How are we going to get through the next few hours?  Is it normal to be this turned on?

“Sorry,” I blushed not even knowing what I was sorry for but I had a pretty good guess.

“I will not touch you at all if you cannot control yourself, if not for you then for my own sake.  When you think of such things now, I can feel it,” he whispered heatedly in my ear and I wanted to moan.  “We are newly mated and that will cause a certain…need.  So please, contain yourself…” Vendish begged quietly while the others walked ahead of us, giving us some much needed space.

If had thought waking up this morning was any indication that something was off then I was sure something was weird now. I couldn’t stop thinking about Vendish and my body moved in his direction if he stepped away for even a second.  I could still feel his lips pumping up and down my cock from this morning and his impossibly large finger prodding at my entrance like I was still in his bed.  His free hand would glide up my stomach and his fingers would spread until they whispered over my nipples.  His hair glinted almost blue with the rising sun and his imposing body covered my legs like a cat waiting to pounce.

Vendish shouted something in Fae language to Guardwin and Orla with the guards and they all giggled but kept going. My day dream shattered, his hands grabbed at me and pulled me behind the thick cut of trees to our right.  My back slammed into a large trunk and I moaned so loud I had to suck in a breath to relieve myself of the pressure in my chest.  His lips cut me off and my coat disappeared somewhere under his hands. 

“I…” He gasped.  “I…warned you.” He ripped my tunic down the middle and fell to his knees---his hair blowing around his body like a cape.  What was this between us?  It wasn’t like dating where this was just some hot sex that would lead to once or twice more and then done for good.  Ven and I were connected and every breath he took, I could feel it. He was going to be inside of me and instead of begging for release, I wanted it to last.  I wanted him in me forever. 

Holy shit, instead of hot flashes, I was having fuck me flashes.  Breathing was harder to do all the sudden and the cold around me felt like Miami on my skin.
My linen bottoms were yanked down, exposing my hard shaft to the formerly frigid air.  Cranking up the heat to a sweltering level, Vendish greedily guided my cock into his mouth---his luscious warmth like an eye popping mind fuck.

“Yes.  Oh Ven yes…” I gasped and combed my fingers through his hair to make him know how good this felt.  I wanted him to feel appreciated and couldn’t help feeling selfish that he had done all the work...last night…and this morning…and right now.  But when his tongue flicked across my cock head, boy did I stop worrying altogether.  Jewel green eyes narrowed and he grinned around me---sliding my length all the way into his mouth---while I made groaning noises that zombies could only aspire to.

Gripping the tree behind me with one hand, Vendish swung one of my legs over his shoulder.  We couldn’t get close enough, nothing was satisfying my hunger. As much as I loved his mouth on me, we both knew what we needed.  My cock hit my stomach when Ven let go of me and immediately I turned around and planted my palms on the tree with my ass out.

He said nothing but I heard his leather pants being undone and pushed down to his boots.  A slick hand lubed up my entrance but there was no preparation.  One moment and a heartbeat later was all I had before Vendish was pushing into me.  My face was against the tree, his hand gripped my hair and he slammed into me. 

I think I was screaming but I couldn’t tell for sure. All I could really hear was his heavy breathing and the buzzing in my ears.  My eyes rolled somewhere into my head and my hand was on my own cock before I knew it. Together we worked my body good and hard.  I noticed the growling and felt our powers starting to stir but he reached underneath me and pulled on my nipple violently.

“No,” he growled.  “Just us.  Just us.” What did that mean?  No powers? “Tell them no.  Just feel me Telija.  Feel your mate inside of you,” his gravelly voice ended with a bite to my neck and I cried out with a strangled sound.

“Harder!” I bellowed and heard the forest animals scatter away from us.  Everything else was forgotten as I arched my ass higher into him and he pulled my hips back to meet his perfect body like we were a well-oiled machine.  No one would ever take me like this.  We were raw.  This was sacred.  We were…mated.  Oh God, this is real.

His fingers bruised me and I took every ounce of pain because I wanted him to leave marks.  I wanted prints of his hands on my skin.  I wanted them inked in place so I would always see him on me.
Telija no more.  Stop thinking or I will not last!” He cried and we slid to the forest floor---me on my hands and knees and him going at me from behind.  He was inside my widened knees and I loved when he met me skin to skin; brushing against my balls from behind.  I wanted to turn around and taste him so bad but he was way too gone to be told what to do and I was enjoying the ride.

At the last second he yanked my hair back and pulled me to my knees.  Rising to his feet he pushed my head back and I opened my mouth, knowing exactly where this was going.  Grabbing hold of his thick cock, I directed his release onto my waiting tongue and pumped his length.  Rope after rope of his seed flowed into my mouth and I watched his hungry eyes on me as I tasted him for the first time.  Like sweat and salt, yet sweet and addicting.  I couldn’t get enough and sucked three inches of his cock between my lips and swirled my tongue around him. 

His cream filled my mouth and ran down my throat, barely giving me time to swallow.  But I could die from choking and it would be the best death ever as I watched his approving eyes from above.  His grip loosened into soft strokes through my hair and he pushed it back away from my face.  What had started out a fury of need had again turned into something tender and…loving.  There was that word again.  Did I love him? How could I love him?  My head began to pound and my body shook slightly.

“Sh. No thinking, it makes you anxious and then makes me anxious.” he twisted my hair around his finger and I let him go from my lips. 

“Sorry,” I sighed and put my head down with my hands covering my aching need.  Why was I so up and down?  I felt like I had disappointed him somehow.  What had I done to make him so upset? A low buzzing noise rang in my ears and my temples began to throb like I could feel my heartbeat with every pulse.

“You worry too much about every little thing.  You know that?” Ven slowly crouched and rocked onto his knees, smoothing his hands over my shoulders and down my arms.  “You think I am angry with you don’t you?”

I flicked my eyes to meet his. Yeah, I had made him mad.  But why was he being this way? “Oh, Telija you are mistaken.  I just don’t want you to burden yourself with such strong emotions if you…if you do not feel the same.  This is enough for me.” He smiled and I frowned.  Sex was enough for him?  I stared at him and felt my erection fade under my fingers.  Suddenly my thoughts went somewhere dark.  And I felt like crying. A strike of pain lanced through the back of my head.  It had to be a migraine.  Yeah, that’s what this was.

A fuzzy image came forward in my head from the dark thoughts flitting through my memories. Where was this coming from? I was forgetting…something before the staff had come to me.  We were fighting about…Hazia. My hands curled into fists against my knees at the thought of that red skinned demon.  A picture crossed my mind of Hazia and Vendish together in bed---naked, kissing, touching.  That’s all Vendish wanted wasn’t it?  He slept with everyone and I was just sex and a title to him.  Oh no, no, no.   That can’t be right, my other half wailed.  Is it? A seed of doubt bloomed while my heart screamed that Vendish was truthful.  I had to talk to Hazia to know for sure.  I had to look into those yellow eyes and pry the truth from that demon’s mouth.

Telija, your body as well as your emotions are sensitive from your recent power gain and completing our mating all at the same time.  Just try to breathe and we will take our time getting to the Elders.” He rubbed my arms and I wanted to throw up. His touch made me nauseous suddenly and I pushed his chest away from me.

“Jordan, what the…” Vendish’s green eyes went wide with hurt and his mouth opened to say something but he closed it.

“I don’t what’s happening but just…just don’t touch me,” I whispered, feeling the frigid air settle over my skin again.  My teeth chattered as I stood to pull on my pants and the remains of my tunic.  A tear slipped down my cheek and I bit back a sob.  What was happening to me?  I didn’t feel in control of myself and I tried to cover the sliver of panic trying to crack me wide open.

“Jordan, I know what you are going through and it is difficult when you first acclimate with your abilities but please… Please Telija do not push me away.  I am only trying to help you,” he begged still on his knees.
Knowing he wouldn’t let this go until I calmed down, I took a deep breath and masked the growing anger inside of me.  My shadows swirled with irritation---creating a power shift in the air but Vendish would probably think it was just from my hormonal imbalance as he called it.

“I just need some room to think and breathe.  I’m…sorry for freaking you out.  Maybe until we get back to our room you shouldn’t…uh touch me.” That would buy me some time to sort all this out, hopefully. 

Vendish looked to the ground and his shoulders slumped.  “If that is what you wish.  I…I won’t touch you,” he murmured and I could hear the pain in his voice.  My heart cried out again but the dark seed in my head was pounding with the thought that Ven was fucking Hazia. Or he had before he met me and he was lying about it.  My temples were like drums now in my head and I rubbed them to take away the sting.  A zing of pain slashed through my forehead this time and I grimaced.

I never saw him leap to his feet or dress for that matter.  But Vendish was fully clothed with his staff in hand, pulled out of thin air.  The glowing tip pointed in Rain’s face within seconds of my fingers to my temples.  My gasp was caught in my throat at the sight of the Water Fae leader standing before us but she waved her hand with a sigh. Narrowing her crystalline eyes, she crossed her arms and stretched her neck to get a look at me.  She seemed relieved at the sight of me.

“Truly Vendish?” She asked with irritation.  “The Elders summon me here to have their prince wave his magic wand in my face?  Is that a proper greeting where you hail from?” Today she was dressed in dark blue velvet gown that hugged her tiny figure and trailed behind her on the frozen ground.  A silver cloak that looked like liquid metal cascaded down her back, tied around her neck.

“What are you doing out here if you were summoned to the Hall, Rain?” Vendish spat and Rain narrowed her eyes.

“I felt it again as I know you did too.  I came to make sure all was well.  Is that not what we are to do for each other in times of war?” She raised a dark brow at the prince.

“It is,” he replied cautiously and lowered his staff but didn’t let it go.  “And I did feel it, right as Jordan had his…” Vendish turned to me. “You felt it too then?  You were holding your head as if it hurt.”

“Fae do not get headaches unless…” Rain whispered and spun around looking into the woods with open hands.  She was ready to strike.  “Get him inside now and alert Orla that I require her.  As the leader of the Skeenji, she should know she has a traitor.”

“What!” Vendish growled and his eyes burned with hatred.  “No one among us would do this.”

“I can feel it from here my prince.  They were trying to touch him,” she hissed and the snow around her began to turn to ice as both the prince and the Water Fae began to grow angry.

“He was just all over the place emotionally because of yesterday and…”

“No!  He is part of my line and the more I tap into his power around me, the more I can feel his true emotions.  You are new to him and cannot decipher his mind as I can but I speak to the water as if it were my blood! Jordan…” I saw her eyes soften and the pain in my head got worse.  Something was whispering to me but I was fighting it.  It wasn’t the shadows because they were trying to shield me from it.  It wasn’t the water because Rain was trying to connect with it. It was… My body snapped straight and I bared my teeth at the Hall of Elders. 

“There…” I hissed and pointed to the white structure made of limestone and green Ivy.  It was so bright against the clearing of trees that I wanted to shield my eyes.

“No…” Rain gasped and picked up her skirts at a dead run. She transported into a violent wave of water and disappeared before our eyes.

“Come on!” Vendish shouted above the wind that was forming around his feet and pulled me to him.  The traitor was inside the most sacred place in all of Fae.  The Elder Species from what I had been told were the first Fae ever created by the Great Mother and had lived these lands since before the creation of mankind on the other side. 

Being the first species, the Mother had entrusted each Elder with the power of all the elements but as I figured out that was not a permanent arrangement.  With the good comes the bad and the power became too much for the Elders.  War broke out between them---a struggle for power and a seat in the ruling chair. 
Stripped of their elements, except for one that was uniquely theirs they began to mate and so on and so on.  All twelve species derived from the Elders that were in that temple and who now served as historians and holy leaders for the lands.  They were supposed to be peaceful and quiet creatures, undeserving of the deaths that this traitor posed.  And what in the hell was a Skeenji? 

“Ven!” I tried to shout but the wind captivated us until I couldn’t breathe. The earth quaked and soon enough our feet landed on smooth stone.  I wheezed and shook under the windstorm that was dying.  Vendish was in full warrior mode and holy shit was he mad. 

His deep voice carried down the hall, his language purely Fae.  I know it sounds so fucked up but damn did he make me hard; all rippling male body and roughly voiced commands. Having no idea how to fight or what to do with my new abilities unless I was extremely pissed and half under a ‘shadow spell’ I stayed behind the source of my hard on and struggled to keep up with his broad legged run.   My headache was fading but not my panic.  What were we going to do?  Where was my mother?  Was Lucy okay?  Who the hell was this traitor and where was my magical staff?

I almost screamed when we ran around a corner and squeaked to a stop in a room full of…what the fuck…  Eight feet tall and thin like branches with slight curves to indicate some shape under the silvery gauze that hung ornately around their bodies.  Their skin was like moon stone---thin enough to see through but shimmering and beautiful as it wrapped taut around their limbs.  Eyes like stars---bright and penetrating and shaped like slanted bay leaves.  Hair of all different colors flowed to their ankles freely or in braids laced with ribbons the colors of their garb. 

They were humanoid but not.  They were terrifying yet mesmerizing.  These were the Elders and without being told I fell to one knee.  My heart raced and my gaze fell to the ground as my emotional turmoil decided now would be a great time to kick it up a notch.  The power in the room was overwhelming and I shook with the need to bawl my eyes out.  Was this what it was like to be a teenage girl? 

“All is well Rain.  The disturbance hides itself from us but I can assure you my wee one that if this traitor among us returns to this place with ill intent, I shall paint the stone beneath your feet with their warm blood,” the deepest voice I had ever heard stated with malice.  The Elder was very serious. 

“We agreed long ago to live in peace without violence in this place.  But I will not tolerate a threat to my species upon my own lands. For thousands of years we have been teachers, we have helped you cultivate your souls and feel a part of what you are.  In this we have also let your kind decide outside our lands what is and what isn’t.  We do not involve ourselves in combat or feuds between one another.  After hearing of your newest addition though, we believe as a whole that it is time to show Jameen’s child what is in his blood, so that he may seek out his father and put an end to this mess.  What say you Rain, mighty Water Fae?”

Rain rose from her place on the floor and stared up into the faces of her Elders.  “I say that is a wise decision, Elder Frawn.” Her thick hair and silver cape fluttered as she turned to face me.  “How about you, Jordan of the Fae right?  You stand before your Elders and as the claimed Master of Shadows, mated in every right to the prince that may not be of your blood but instead earned his place in arms against our enemy.  You Jordan, are a powerful individual.  But you have no idea what that means and we as a whole…Elders and leaders alike will put aside our differences to educate you.  Will you put aside all your speculation and preconceived notions about our kind to let us?”

That was not where I thought this was going…at all.  All the tension in my head had suddenly gone somewhere around my slackened jaw.  Was she serious?  There was a traitor standing around somewhere in this ‘temple’ of Elders trying to give me a death by migraine and they wanted to teach me?  I looked around and could not get over this. Vendish was looking at me like I had lost my mind.  Guardwin nodded his head as if I was supposed to agree with this and Cellan was wearing the devil’s smile.  Finally the Night Fae hitched a thumb from his quiet place on the far wall and nodded quickly.

I guess if these guys were under the impression that I could learn to protect myself and let’s not forget “show me what’s in my blood” or use the force, whatever they called it.  Then I could at least say yes. What’s the harm in agreeing to have the glittering supermodel fairies from outer space teach you to hone your craft?
I cleared my throat and looked Rain in the eye , “I um…”


Poppy hummed her way through the tall grass of the field she was collecting flowers from.  She knew she had gone too far from her Papa but the sun felt so good in this particular patch of grass and the kitten in her lap rolled around with a smile.  Papa would find her in a minute, she thought, rubbing a silky petal between her fingers.  Poppy got to her knees to search him out with a hand to shield her eyes.  The kitten mowed its protest, being tossed from his bed unceremoniously and bits of yellow petals floated to the ground.

A shiver stole the warmth of day from her back and she turned to look out to the tree line.  She put a hand over her mouth and ducked down as far as she could still see.  A man was walking the edge of the wood, slowly but still traveling.  His long golden hair was what had caught her eye as it hit the rays of sun but the rest of him was in the shadows of the wood. 

He had a funny feeling to him.  Not like papa.  The man instantly made Poppy miss her father and the wee one slowly got to her feet but stayed down so as not to be seen.  Before she could move, a hand stole over her mouth and she was pulled to the ground with a rumble of the soft soil between her toes and the heightening of the grass by a few inches.  Large arms captured her from behind and a familiar bearded prickle rubbed her cheek.

“Utter not a peep ma wee darlin.  Papa’s here but you must be quiet.  You saw the man?” A relieved whisper breathed in Poppy’s ear. The child nodded slowly and he rubbed her arm to soothe her.  “We have to leave now.  Grab kitten and I’ll take us where we need to go.”

Her father’s rich pine scent wrapped around them, the smell of fresh soil followed and the grass silently began to cover them both.  With terror, the child sucked in a breath as she spotted the very sparkle that had lured her to this part of the field in the first place.  Before the grass transported them, her gaze took in a miniature face the color of ash belonging to a very tiny body of blue, followed by another and another. Little swords like mirrors reflecting in the sun were stabbed into the earth. The Pixie Queen’s guard…was dead.



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