Monday, April 30, 2012

QUICKIES: The Assignment

Really funny, this story came from this picture. I have no idea how it turned into...this...but it did.  I hope you like it. :D Thanks everyone.


Five months in Jonesville was enough for Hudson.  Wide open fields, dirt roads, and the house that they were renting made him want to pack his stuff up and leave.  But he didn’t because he loved the man that had dragged him here in the first place.  Ryan was his everything in the world and for that simple reason Hudson would act like he loved this God forsaken small town in the middle of nowhere. 

When they had left Dallas for this ancient Podunk society, Hudson had been the manager of a coffee shop.  Compared to his boyfriend’s wonder executive job it was nothing, but Hudson had insisted he keep working there for some normalcy after he began his relationship with Ryan. Sure it wasn’t much but it was also in the middle of the glitz and the glam of civilization and now that he had no job skills to offer his not so glamorous surroundings, Hudson felt isolated.  The nearest neighbor was over a mile away—not that he would even think about talking to them--and the closest mall was about an hour drive.  Downtown consisted of four shops and an old buzzards nest diner that only served cherry pie from a waitress who couldn’t a hear anything in her right ear and clicked her nails against every surface.  

Even Ryan had been leery about taking this job in the first place because of the small town and the isolation for Hudson but eventually he had given in.  The corporate offices had given Hudson’s boyfriend a year to turn around the plastics manufacturing plant here in Jonesville.  If productivity and profit improved, then Ryan would immediately be taking over the Dallas plant on a permanent basis.  This opportunity wouldn’t come along again and Ryan had worked so hard, that Hudson could only support him by moving here with a loving smile.

As he looked around at the small house they rented together, Hudson wanted to cry.  How many days had it been since he had seen Ryan for more than an hour or two?  How many days had it been since he’d talked to anyone on the phone or seen someone else in person?  How many days had he been wearing these jeans?  And was that damned sink leaking again?  Hudson put his hands on his hips and took a few calming breaths.  He was going to lose it soon if he kept looking at all the flaws in his situation but they were hard to ignore.  This place was a shit hole and Ryan was MIA all the time.

Boxes took up half the small hallway that led to the living room, their bed frame still leaned against the bedroom wall, and a hole was still missing in the ceiling where a light fixture used to be.  They might be small things but they made a difference to Hudson. None of this felt like home and it probably never would.  Ryan was so busy that he never really cared what the place looked like and most nights he’d be so tired that he would throw himself on the mattress in their room after feeding himself a little and pass out.  When was the last time Ryan had even said that he loved me, Hudson looked at the only picture the couple had put out.  Ryan with his light brown hair and dark eyes and charming smile wrapped an arm around Hudson—toying with his dark hair from the other side. 

A perfect moment from a faraway past, Hudson snorted.  He needed to get out of here.  Maybe Ryan would want some dinner brought by the office.   With a little smile, Hudson went into the kitchen to whip up a little office picnic.  Twenty minutes later, Hudson—with a rumbling stomach--pulled his Jeep Cherokee into the small parking lot of Moore Plasworks offices and put it into park.  The windshield wipers beat loudly against the newly developed shower raining from the sky and Hudson pulled his hoodie up before grabbing the canvas dinner bag and opening his door.  He booked it to the lit up awning and opened the glass door with a whoosh. 

The evening secretary Janie looked up with a confused face and pouted.  “Aw sugar he’s out of the office.  I’m sorry, did you want me to leave him a message or did you want to wait.  I’m not sure what time he’ll be back,” The sweet middle aged blonde cooed. 

Hudson kept his smile in place but his stomach dropped and his hands shook.  He had really been looking forward to seeing Ryan.  In fact, he needed him right now but always the strong one, Hudson kept his pity party to himself.  He didn’t want to seem clingy, even though he knew he had every right to want to see his own boyfriend.  But that’s what you got for loving someone in the corporate world; a whole lot of ‘by yourself’. 


“I’m sorry Janie.  Don’t bother writing anything down.  I’ll see him later tonight and uh…why don’t you just not mention I was here.  I don’t want to bother him or anything.  He’ll just make a big deal out of it.” Hudson laughed and Janie nodded.  He didn’t miss the pity in her eyes. 

“Sure thing, Sug.  My lips are sealed.”

“Alright then.  Have a good night Janie.”

“You too Hudson.”  And that was that.  He should have called but Ryan never really answered when he was working unless you called three times in a row.  That let Ryan know that it was an emergency.  Frustrated, the dark haired man walked out the front door and looked at the garbage under the awning.  With a tilt of his bag, Hudson poured the picnic into the bin and stuffed the bag on top.  He didn’t want to look at it and he knew Ryan would just see it in the fridge later and feel guilty.

Not sure what else to do and knowing he couldn’t go home right now, Hudson got back into the Jeep and headed towards downtown.  Beyond the shops and the diner was a small theater and maybe the shows were a few years old but it would keep his mind off being alone right now.  Anything at this point was better than that house.  It smelled like Ryan and that only made him crazier.  Driving by the diner, Hudson happened to spot Ryan’s blue truck out front.  Checking to see if there were any cars behind him, Hudson rolled forward a little to see Ryan and another man sitting together at a booth.  The handsome brunette leaned forward and put his hand on Ryan’s and Hudson gripped the steering wheel in disbelief. 

Ryan laughed and patted the man’s hand with a beautiful smile before looking out the window right at Hudson.  His face fell and he immediately stood up and walked to the door but Hudson couldn’t even breathe let alone look at Ryan.  All these months of being so alone and craving even the smallest hug or…fucking anything was so hard.  He’d done nothing but offer love and support to Ryan and he’d asked for nothing in return.  Maybe that was the problem.  He was a doormat.  Someone that cooked and cleaned and changed the sheets; a nobody to his own boyfriend. 

Hudson slammed on the gas and took off down the road.  Suddenly that little house that he hated so much felt like his only solitude from the real world.  He’d been gone from the public for so long that he almost regretted ever leaving the house in the first place.  Zipping home, he threw the vehicle into park and ran inside.  How could he have done that to me, Hudson shook his head.  In this hell town of all places...

Going into their room, he eyed the lone queen mattress with the blue sheets and the lamp on the floor.  Ryan’s dress shirts and slacks hung on a rolling rack in the corner and Hudson’s clothes were in crates until they could get around to ordering some furniture.  Or that had been the plan.  Now here they were almost half a year later still acting like this was a motel and living out of boxes and suitcases.  Feeling hopeless as he stared at his life around him, Hudson fell to his knees and cried wordlessly.  He cried because Ryan was the only man he had ever loved and he didn’t even know how to react to him with someone else.  The thought was cruel and completely unrecognized by his brain.  Ryan couldn’t hurt him after all of this. His stomach was in knots and his hands were still shaking after all this time.

An engine roared up to the house, loud steps thumped against the front porch, and the front door slammed open.  “Hudson!” Ryan called out and Hudson thought about hiding.  He didn’t want to hear they were over because he didn’t think his heart could take it.  “Baby?” Ryan’s voice cracked with concern.  Hudson got to his feet just as Ryan came into the bedroom.  “Oh thank God.  I was so worried that you…shit.  Come here.”

Finding his sanity again, the dark haired male turned his blue eyes on his boyfriend and held up a hand to stop him.  “Don’t touch me.”

“It’s not what you think Hudson.  I swear it. Let me just…”

“It’s not what I think?  Really?  Because it makes complete sense now and I feel like a complete idiot.  For the past five months, I have done nothing but wait for you.  All day, all night, anytime in between I waited for a chance to see you.  And when you would come home, give me a kiss on the cheek, get fed, and go to bed.  You haven’t said more than ten words a day to me since we’ve been here, you haven’t touched me, or…” Hudson turned his head and wiped his eyes on his sleeve.  He couldn’t say it because it would just make it harder to finish.  “You don’t hold me anymore when you sleep, you don’t send me a text in the middle of the day like you used to, you don’t do anything with me!  It’s like I don’t exist beyond your needs and I can’t take it anymore!  I’ve tried so hard to be there for you and give you everything you needed from me and then you go and…”

Ryan looked devastated and truly he was.  He had no idea that Hudson felt that way or he would’ve tried harder to work at making him happy.  Shit this was so messed up.  Hudson was falling apart and now Ryan could definitely see where his boyfriend would have cracked over the diner incident.  Worse was how shaky Hudson was.  That only meant one thing and it wasn’t good. “Hudson, that man you saw me with was Mr. Klein, a manager from Dallas.  He came in from the city because he wanted to take you and I out tomorrow evening.  Him and his partner—his husband Hudson, who walked out of the restroom about thirty seconds after you took off.  They wanted to meet you tonight but I thought you would want a little warning before we went out on the town.  You just had really bad timing I guess.”

Hudson didn’t know what to say.  He didn’t know what to believe.  Even though he was usually confident and strong, he felt like a fragile mess and he couldn’t even process what Ryan had just said.  Without a word and his gums hurting from clenching his teeth together, Hudson brushed past Ryan—who smelled like heaven--and went into the attached bathroom.  He locked the door and put his shaking hands on the sink with his forehead against the mirror.  “Hud come on.  Please open the door.” 

For what, Hudson lifted his head and looked at his reflection.  So you can say that I’m ridiculous with your eyes and we can go back to avoiding having a relationship?  So you can tell me I overreacted and that this will take time to adjust to?  Hudson shook his head and pulled off his hoodie—putting it in the hamper next to the sink.  His t-shirt came off next and then his sneakers. 

“Hudson, I’m going to go get the key and come in there if you don’t open the door. If that doesn’t work then I’ll resort to breaking it down.  In fact that would be much easier anyway.”

Yeah right, Hudson thought.  Ryan would sit outside the door for a few more minutes before he got fed up that he wasn’t at work and go back.  Hudson was used to that and he smiled a little as he turned on the shower and stopped thinking about anything.  He had said what he’d wanted to say for a long time and he’d gotten his answer in the form of a defense strategy, not a let’s fix this between us or even an I’m sorry you feel that way.  Nope, Ryan had said it all and said nothing all at the same time.

Outside the door, Ryan stared at the wall as he heard the shower turning on.  Hudson wasn’t going to open the door he realized with shock.  His love of four years thought he was cheating for real and the loss of trust between them over nothing made his heart ache.  Frederick Klein and his partner Andy had relayed interest in the only other out couple in the company and it wasn’t so strange that they wanted to have a night out with him and Hudson. Well and Ryan had business with them.  But the look that had struck Hudson’s face outside that diner was horrified.  And then throw on top of that how seriously unhappy Hudson was here and Ryan felt sick to his stomach. 

He worked his ass off to get the plant up and running and that required long hours and this shit house and all the help that Hudson was giving him.  Had he really just ignored his own lover?  When was the last time they had slept in together?  When was the last time they had had a meal at the table?  When was the last time he’d kissed Hudson?  Was it two days ago?  When was the last time he’d said he’d loved Hudson or made love to him?  His head coming out of the business world, Ryan looked back at the wall with regret.  He had been ignoring Hudson.  He’d all but forgotten him…

The water flowed over his pale skin and Hudson turned under the spray with his hands combing his hair back.   Warm water ran over down his body and Hudson tuned out the world to enjoy the next ten minutes of nothing before real life sank back in.  He didn’t know what he was going to say to Ryan or if he had to say anything at all.  Maybe he’d just gone back to work.  Yeah, probably, Hudson shook his hair.  Damn it, he was thinking about it again.  That man with his hand on Hudson’s boyfriend.  That smile that Ryan had given him.  Was he imagining it all? Was there really a partner for Mr. Klein or was Ryan...

Ryan stood naked in front of the bathroom door and pushed the old key into the lock.  He couldn’t wait   here knowing that Hudson was hurting.  Hudson was his world and to think for a second that the love of his life was in pain because of him was painful in itself.  The key—with a minor struggle—turned and Ryan thanked the Lord that he didn’t have to ruin the door.   The door to the steamy bathroom opened and Ryan quietly stepped inside.  The glass door to the shower was partially shut and Ryan could make out Hudson with his palms against the wall and his head hanging down under the water.  His figure was thin—smaller than normal and his hair was longer too.  How had Ryan not noticed any of this?  Feeling his stomach shift around with nerves and a certain need rising, the plastics executive walked to the shower and slid the door open.

Hudson jumped and flipped his hair back.  He hadn’t even sensed anyone else around and turning around he almost burst into tears.  Ryan was completely naked and closing the shower door behind him. 

“What are you doing?  I thought you went back to work.” Hudson wiped his eyes of water and backed into the corner.

“I didn’t touch him like that Hudson.  I’ll never betray you like that.” Ryan stepped into Hudson’s corner and pulled them together.

Hudson quivered, not caring about his wandering hands or the fact that his lips fell directly to Ryan’s shoulder and moved to his lover’s neck.  Ryan pushed Hudson’s head to his neck and moaned as he felt the sharp points pierce his neck.  “Fuck yes,” the dirty blonde put his hand on the shower wall and ground against Hudson.  His skin buzzed with a flowing hot need as his lover finally fed after weeks of not even asking.  “Take from me Hudson...”

Hudson was probably out of his mind with grief as his hunger started to take over, Ryan thought. Depression, isolation, and paranoia were all effects of the need to feed.  Why didn’t he come to me sooner?  Better question, why didn’t I notice, Ryan frowned but was swept away in Hudson’s hardening arousal against him.  Slick and soapy, Hudson rubbed against his boyfriend.  Fuck that, Ryan was his mate and had been since the day he’d been claimed four years ago.  Their families had witnessed the occasion and their names had gone in the family book.  They were mated for eternity.

Hudson fell back against the wall as his mate’s blood strengthened his body and left him hard with need.  Regaining his senses, he felt Ryan’s hands flat against his chest and then lower and lower as his now gold eyes looked up at Hudson.  Now on his knees, Ryan licked his mate’s thigh slowly and pinched a bit of skin between his teeth.  “I am so sorry baby.” Ryan kissed the small pain away.  “I got so wrapped up in what corporate wanted from me that I forgot to work on us.  The work is harder than I thought and the assignment just changed two weeks ago.  I didn’t want to worry you.”

When corporate or rather Ryan’s father decided to change an assignment.  It meant someone had been bad.  Someone would pay for what they had done to Ryan’s family.  “I am your mate Ryan!  This isn’t the first time we’ve experienced a change.  You can tell me anything. Ungh…” Hudson’s arms shot out to support himself along the wall as Ryan sucked the head of his cock inside the warmth of that glorious mouth.  He swirled his tongue around for a few seconds and then let Hudson fall from his mouth. 

“Because I remember how you worried so much after last time and I didn’t want to stress you out.  One more week and then we’re out of here Hud. Gone from this shit hole and back to Dallas, I promise baby.  We can finally buy our own house and you can get that coffee maker you’ve always wanted.  Anything you want.” Ryan licked Hudson’s shaft before kissing the head.  Hudson’s fingers combed through Ryan’s hair and he sighed. 

“I want to know about the assignment.  I want to help. I was good last time remember?  Even your father said so.” Hudson lowered himself to the shower floor and cupped Ryan’s face as the water fell over both of them.  “I want to be a part of your life.  I get lonely when I’m not with you and I miss you so much it drives me crazy.”

Ryan sighed and put his forehead to Hudson’s.  “The reason I didn’t tell you I was meeting with Klein tonight is…because…well he and Andy are the assignment.  They’ve been embezzling money from this plant for years—hence it’s terrible profits--and I was sent here to find out all the dirty insider information and go through the books before reporting back to my father.  We needed proof that they were the ones doing it.  Klein was the first manager of this plant and Andy worked there as an accountant before they were mated.  They were the ones that started siphoning off small amounts from every sale and putting it into a different account.  I now have that proof Hud. And as you know from last time, the human police can’t be involved.  Putting a vampire behind bars would be catastrophic.  So…we deal with them.”

Hudson looked up and his blue eyes turned a brilliant gold.  “Together?”  The idea of letting loose together was so arousing Hudson could barely stand it.  He was always so submissive to his stronger partner and played the good little house mate with respect but sometimes he just wanted to be bad.

“You really want to go out tomorrow night then?  You’d go into the city with me?” Ryan purred and nibbled at his mate’s ear—his hand finding its way down to Hudson’s ass and in between his cheeks.

His body stiffened then relaxed as Ryan’s finger rubbed at his entrance and Hudson pushed back.  “Oh yeah.  I want to play too.” He whined and moaned as Ryan’s digit pushed its way in while at the same time, the older vamp’s fangs pierced Hudson’s neck.

“Fuck Ryan!”


“You look incredible baby.  And you smell…fuck,” Ryan growled inhaling Hudson’s dark scent.  The male was dressed to the nines in his dark Armani gray suit with a black button down and Ryan couldn’t wait to rip it off later. 

“Ryan, they’re here.” Hudson warned with a laugh.  Before the couple approaching could fully see them, the dark haired vamp turned and kissed his mate with promises of later. Sweeping his tongue across Ryan’s lips, Hudson pulled back with a wink.  “You look good too.” Hudson grinned and smoothed out Ryan’s crisp black jacket.  He looked sensational and Hudson couldn’t wait to worship that body later.

Sensing the couple around the corner, Ryan pecked Hudson on the lips and grabbed his hand.  “Ah the Kleins!” Ryan sang and Hudson smiled warmly with well concealed evil behind his eyes. 

“Ryan, good to see you.  And this must be the infamous Hudson we’ve heard all about.  It’s nice to meet you, I’m Frederick and this is Andy.  My mate.” A tall thin man with a beautiful head of dark brown hair smiled with green eyes and gestured to his partner who was small and mousy with creepy eyes and blonde hair.  

“It’s lovely to meet you both.” Hudson extended his hand to both of the men and hid his disgust at the feel of their skin on his hand.  Clammy and cold like the skin of liars.  Hudson beamed at his mate who in turn gave him a cheeky grin.  Yeah they were both on the same page, the dark haired vamp thought.  “Shall we?”

“Of course, of course.” Mr. Klein held open the door to the private club and they walked inside. 

“We had a private room reserved.  Moore.” Ryan replied to the man at the podium.  “I hope everything is ready.”

“Yes, sir.” The host looked between the four vamps and smiled a little.  “Your room is ready. Right this way.”

“A private room, Moore?  I must say that I wasn’t expecting such a lavish event.” Klein wrapped his arm around a smug looking Andy.

“Yes well, the best for the best as my father always says. Not to mention my mate.  This is for him as well.” Ryan ran his hand under Hudson’s jacket slowly and felt the shiver from the other man.  “We’ll have a wonderful time.”

“I can see that.” Klein grinned while he eyed Hudson hungrily.  “I like your style Ryan.”

“Here we are.” The host interrupted them and opened up the door to a windowless room. Inside was a wrap-around black leather couch and a fully stocked table of booze.  Oh and the pole in the middle of the room. A light above the pole trickled colors around the room and Klein’s grin turned into a predatory smile. 

Ten minutes later and everyone was relaxed with a drink. “I didn’t know there were any vamp clubs left on this side of the state.  I thought they had all been banned by…corporate.”

“Oh there’s a few left here and there that corporate doesn’t know about.  What my father doesn’t know won’t kill him.” Ryan winked and Klein laughed.

“You really aren’t like him at all are you?”

“No.  Not really,” Ryan shot back and then slowly turned and kissed his mate.  Music thumped through the speakers at the press of a remote and Hudson let himself fall into Ryan.  Although this was part of the plan, they still could enjoy touching each other.  Tongues slid together and Ryan pulled his mate into his lap.  His hands grabbed Hudson’s ass before pulling off his mate’s jacket.

“No, you’re not.” Klein laughed and growled—throwing back what was in his own drink before taking off his jacket and unzipping his pants. 

Hudson’s eyes met Ryan’s and they grinned at each other, their fangs glinting in the rainbow of colors above them. Ryan nodded and Hudson stood up and pulled his shirt over his head.  Klein growled and Andy’s mouth opened a little as he pushed his hand into his mate’s pants at the sight of Ryan’s mate. 

“I hope you’re…into this…” Ryan snapped his fingers and Hudson let his pants fall to the ground before he stepped up to the pole.

“Yes,” Klein hissed and moaned as Andy’s hand moved faster in his pants.  Hudson didn’t have any experience with a pole but he played along. He was flexible enough and had the strength for it, so without any hesitation he gripped the pole and wrapped a leg around it—one spin and he found himself getting into it. 

Ryan watched his mate in nothing but tight black briefs spin around that damned pole and he became hard as a mother fucker.  Eyeing Klein, Ryan noticed the vampire was enthralled by the dance as well.  Good, Ryan thought and stood.  “Andy? Why don’t you go play with Hudson?”

Andy looked at his mate and Klein nodded.  The two kissed and Andy rose, taking off his own clothes before joining Hudson.  Even as evil as Andy’s eyes were, Ryan had to admit the two males grinding against each other was rather sexy and Klein obviously felt the same.  “Aren’t they gorgeous?” Ryan grinned and straddled Klein who snapped out of his trance and inhaled deeply as another vamp lowered himself into his lap.

“Yes…I didn’t know you played around like this or we would have been friends a long time ago.” Klein brushed his thumb across Ryan’s bottom lip and thrust against him.

“Most people mistake me for my father but…” Ryan leaned down to Klein’s ear.  “I assure you I’m much worse.”

“Worse?” The other manager seemed to stop breathing.

“Hudson baby?  Won’t you show Mr. Klein exactly how much we enjoy playing  around?” Ryan turned and grinned. Showtime, he winked at his mate.  Hudson slid his hands down Andy’s arms from behind and smiled wickedly—his eyes turning gold before he struck viciously at Andy’s neck.

“You!” Klein roared and tried to move but a very sharp knife was placed right over his heart. 

“Just watch Klein…” Hudson took Andy to the ground and overpowered the smaller vamp.  Andy twitched as Hudson pulled at his vein with such suction that it was frightening.  “How does he taste baby?”

Hudson pulled off Andy and licked his red stained lips.  “Like a liar and a thief.”  Andy gurgled and Hudson laughed before moving down and striking his fangs to the inside of the vamp’s thigh.

Ryan clucked his tongue and slowly pushed the knife into Klein’s skin.  “I told you Klein.  I’m much worse than my father and I happen to take my business very seriously.  I know exactly what the two of you did and I won’t have it.  Hope it was worth it Klein.”

“You will…” Klein growled and hissed as the knife went into his chest and the silver blade began to poison his bloodstream. 

“No, I think you will Klein.” Ryan chuckled and pushed the knife the rest of the way in.  Klein began to buck as his blood turned black inside—the poison shutting down all of his organs.  Once Frederick’s movements stopped altogether, Ryan got up and worked off the rest of his clothes before kneeling behind his mate.  “Anything left my love?” He chuckled.

Hudson flipped his head back and shared a kiss with his mate, the taste of Andy flowing between them.  “Mm, you taste simply divine.” Ryan licked Hudson’s lips and pushed him to the floor, next to Andy’s completely drained body.  “I don’t know why I doubted you for this assignment.” His tongue licked a line up the trail of hair on Hudson’s bare chest.

“I told you I could do it,” Hudson moaned.

“Forgive me?” Ryan pouted and slipped off Hudson’s briefs.

“Forgiven,” the dark haired vamp lifted his hips for his mate. 

“Now we can play,” Ryan purred and kissed his mate the way he deserved to be kissed.  The next two hours were a blur of touching and licking, feeding and sucking, and mates reveling in two kills for the family name. 

Walking out of the room and straightening their suits, the host nodded at Ryan.  “Are you finished sir?”

“Yes, thank you.  Bill me for the cleanup?”

“Certainly sir.” The young vampire nodded and went to fetch some help.  It was quite a mess in there, Ryan smiled.  He pulled Hudson’s hand to his lips and kissed his fingers gently. 

“Did you have fun tonight?”

“Yes.” Hudson blushed and kissed Ryan on the cheek. They passed the open lounge area where the place was packed with the city’s vampire population and made for the front entrance.

“Next time we’ll talk about these things.  No more holding back on me alright?  In turn I’ll work more on treating you as I should.  For that I can’t apologize enough.  I’m sorry Hudson.”

“I’m sorry too.  I shouldn’t have let myself get that hungry.  I become paranoid and I just…I can’t believe I thought you would cheat on me with him.” Hudson laughed.  “I was hungrier than I thought.”  He eyed their rental car as Ryan beeped his keys to unlock it.

“Yes, you were. But you won’t do this again will you?” Ryan narrowed his eyes.

“I promise.” Hiding his blush, Hudson turned away.

“Good.  Now get in the car.  I can’t wait to get you home.” Ryan inhaled into his mate’s hair.

“Again? Good God Ryan, two hours wasn’t enough?” Hudson slapped his mate’s wandering hand away from his zipper. “We are in the parking lot in case you haven’t noticed.”

“That’s what you’re worried about?” Ryan laughed.  “We just killed two vampires and had sex afterwards and you’re worried about someone seeing you being fondled in the parking lot?”

“Well yeah,” Hudson squeaked.

“Just for that,” Ryan purred and pushed Hudson flat against the back of his car.  “You better hope no one hears us back here while I do this…”

Hudson looked down at his mate’s golden eyes in the dark and let go.  Feeling that wet heat consume his arousal, Hudson laughed and moaned into the night—feeling his true smile return for the first time in months.



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