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Here's a true QUICKIE with only five pages of pure yummy. Just a little fantasy that almost everyone has had at one time or another.  I will post more dark and twisty QUICKIES later this week after Dan and Rowe.  Look forward to more FANGSPACE tomorrow but until then, I hope you enjoy today's story.


Matt put his gym shirt in his locker and looked from side to side making sure everyone was gone to lunch.  He hated it when they caught him with his pants down and proceeded to torture his skinny frame until he gave up and just cried so they would get the hell away from him—not that it hurt, it was just humiliating.  It had been a few weeks since Mason and his crew had given him one of their signature torture sessions and Matt was beginning to feel another one coming on any day now.  So he breathed a sigh of relief when he found himself truly alone. 

He laughed to himself quietly and shrugged off his paranoia.  It was the last day of his senior year at this pathetic excuse for an educational institution and really? What would a couple of jocks rather do on their last day?  Go hit up their bimbos and get a little at lunch or torture the gay kid that wasn’t a blip on their radar other than when he walked by.  Dumb asses, Matt smiled and pulled his green gym shorts down his hips and over his ass—letting them slide to the floor before he stepped out of them.

“And what do we have here?”  Mason Hilliard drawled from out of nowhere.  Matt stiffened and his hands immediately covered his groin.  Fate had terrible timing, it really did, the scrawny senior concluded.  Taking a step towards Coach Grady’s office, Matt realized that his teacher had already left for lunch and inadvertently had left him helpless.  “Going somewhere Jones?”

With a flip of his light brown hair, Matt looked over his shoulder at Mason. Bare shoulders the size of baseballs rotated slightly as the captain of the baseball team lifted his sleeveless shirt off his chest and over his head.  Shaking out his dark shaggy hair, Mason eyed his naked prey from head to toe—admiring the soft line of Matt’s body.   He’d been wanting Jones alone all year—finally deciding this was the year-- but this had been the first time that his crew had left him alone.  Those dicks had already ditched for the day and were hitting up the beach with some chicks from Hillsborough High.  Fuck the beach, he wanted the ass in front of him and he knew Matt would give in…eventually.

Matt cupped his goodies and sighed with a small shiver.  “Just do it and get it over with Mason.”

“Nah, I think I’ll make this nice and slow,” the jock replied right behind Matt.  The smaller boy gasped and turned around, accidentally letting his hands go to shield his face.  “Ah yeah, there we go.” The brunette pushed a hand against Matt’s chest and slammed him back into the lockers, his other hand going to the skinny boy’s exposed cock.

“Oh!” Matt cried softly.  “Come on Mason!  Just please hit me or something, please don’t do that,” he begged.  The dumb jock had never touched him there, none of them had and he thanked God that they weren’t into that kind of torture.  But this didn’t feel like torture yet.  Was Mason stroking him?  Ah yeah, he was.  A hand pushed his hair out of his blue eyes and Matt looked into Mason’s dark gaze.  “Why are you doing this?  Please just stop.”

“Turn around Jones.” Matt shook his head quickly and Mason squeezed his cock.  “Turn. Around. Now.”

Slowly and with Mason’s warm hands spinning over his body, Matt turned to face the lockers, his own hands finding the cold metal grating.  Looking down, he saw that large hand snake around his now traitorously hard cock again.  Matt panted and moaned as he heard something light fall to the floor and then Mason’s naked front press to his back.  He couldn’t help it, he’d never been so turned on but he couldn’t figure out why.  He’d hated Mason for the past four years and vice versa…or so he thought.  And yet, as the jock’s hot musky scented body pressed into his smaller one, he shivered with the need for more.  He felt the head of Mason’s cock press into the small of his back and Matt unconsciously leaned forward.

“That’s right Jones.  Push that ass out for me.” Matt was so hot he thought he would catch fire and found himself thrusting along with Mason’s tight fist on his dick.  So good, this was just the ultimate fantasy.  That’s where this was coming from.  Scrawny nobody gets fucked by the hottest jock in school.  Who the hell could say no?

Matt surely didn’t and pushed his ass into Mason when the jock bent down and licked up the smaller boy’s spine, ending with his teeth nibbling at the back of Matt’s neck.  “Oh fuck,” Matt cried and Mason bit down harder before licking the pain away. 

“Keep it down Jones.  We get caught and I’ll just find you later.  I’ll fuck that mouth til you can’t talk for a week. Now shut up and spread your legs.” Matt complied and nodded against the grating.

Crouching behind his new fuck toy, Mason spread Matt’s sweaty ass and licked his lips. He inhaled—memorizing the smell of the pretty boy above him—before he brought his tongue to the twitching pink hole between Jones’s tan little cheeks.  Matt’s eyes went wide and he stuffed his knuckles in his mouth to keep from screaming.  Sure he’d fucked around with some of the other boys at school but he’d never had anyone’s mouth on his ass before and holy mother was it exquisite.  Warm, wet, combined with the soft foreign texture of Mason’s tongue against his bundles of nerves was more than he could handle.  His hand went around his dick in Mason’s absence and he slowly stroked himself to the jock’s tongue.

Mason had never done this before. In fact, he’d never been with a guy before. But sure as shit he wasn’t going to tell Jones that.  He wasn’t sure why he’d always fantasized about the scrawny almost blonde for four years now but he couldn’t leave high school without knowing what it was like. His hand had done enough work throughout the years and it was time that Matt Jones gave it up for real.  Mason couldn’t go one more day looking at those pretty blue eyes with their long feminine lashes or that tight ass as it swished by in the hall.  Now he felt like he’d somehow claimed Jones as his and his cock was hard as stone between his legs just thinking about it.

He saw Matt stroking himself and Mason took the hint, grabbing his own dick—touching himself.  Oh if someone walked in here he was so fucked, Mason thought for a second and backed his face away.  Whimpering above, Matt wiggled his ass and leaned his forehead against his locker tag.  Mason didn’t argue with his higher thinking for long and quickly glanced around before wetting his finger in his mouth and shoving his digit into Matt palm up. 

“Oh God! Mason that fucking hurts you asshole!” Matt scowled and threaded his fingers into the locking grating for support.  His ass was on fire.  Didn’t this brute know to go slow? Tears pricked his eyes but he bent over further to relax a little.  “Slower, Mason. Please…”

“Sorry,” the jock muttered and turned his shocked face to the side.  Boy was he nervous now.  Matt couldn’t know he had no idea what he was doing.  So slow it was and was it two fingers or three?  Shit he should have read some more online.  Gah! What was he even talking about?  He was Mason Hilliard and he didn’t have to make this feel good, this little shit had teased him all four years of high school and he deserved to get fucked hard. But then Mase caught the tears Matt tried to hide and something human flickered inside of him.  Yeah, that was rape Mason, that’s a no go you dick. 

“Better?” He grunted.  Matt was getting used to it now and nodded, wiping his pansy tears on his forearm and pushing back against the finger now.  “More?”  Matt nodded again and swallowed.  It was starting to feel good.  He could take another.  God, he couldn’t believe he was doing this. And with Mason Hilliard!

That’s how he’d do this, Mason grinned.  Just ask you dummy, Matt would never know.  After about ten minutes and three fingers later, Mason was just staring at his fingers pushing in and pulling out of Matt like an idiot.  His own dick was basically crying with pre-cum and Matt had both hands against the lockers with his eyes closed—fucking Mason’s hand like he really liked it.  Of course he liked it, Mason rolled his eyes, he’s gay.  But aren’t you kind of gay with your fingers up his ass Mason?  Ah shit.

“Fuck this shit,” Mason stood and pulled his fingers out slowly.  “Get over here and straddle the bench. Put your hands on it and I want your ass in the air.”

In a daze, Matt pushed off the lockers and wiped the hair out of his eyes.  His stare locked onto Mason’s naked body for the first time and the pulsing cock that waited for him. Mason narrowed his eyes in warning and pointed to the long metal bench between the lockers.  Matt nodded shyly and took a few steps—lifting his leg and planting his sneakered foot on the other side of the bench.  Slowly he bent at the waist and looked over his shoulder.  Mason’s jaw almost dropped at the picture of fuck me before him.  Those slender yet strong legs stretched to their full extent and Matt’s sneakered feet were planted wide.  His sweet ass in the air with a heavy layer of sweat that rolled down the slope of his back to his neck and those blue eyes darkened with lust behind Matt’s light hair; his hard cock hanging in between his legs, completely on display.

Mason bent and dug into his shorts pocket and grabbed his cell phone.  “Hey what are you doing?” Matt freaked and started to stand but Mason gave him one look and the skinnier boy gulped and put his hands back on the bench. 

“Look at me Jones,” Mason whispered and Matt looked over his shoulder, hearing an immediate click from the jock’s phone.  “Perfect.”  Putting the phone away, Mason straddled the bench behind his boy and rubbed his leaking cock up and down the guy’s slick crack.  “You ready for this Jones?”

“Yeah,” Matt moaned.  And with that Mason plunged into his boy while covering Matt’s scream with his hand.  There was no sweet and gentle as Mason’s cock was surrounded by the warmest, tightest thing he’d ever known.  No, he pushed his fingers into Matt’s mouth and fucked his boy like he’d been dreaming of for four years straight. Their skin slapped together and Matt felt like his world was spinning.  Yeah it had hurt at first because come on!  The guy was hung and hard as rock.  But who was he kidding, he’d wanted it hard from the big ass jock and now everything had become clear. 

The more he thought about it, the more he realized he’d never walked away from Mason’s ‘sessions’ of slaps and taunting with a bruise or a bump and actually…Mason had never touched him.  It was always the others and it was always over with before he knew it.  That didn’t make it any better but for some reason the fact that Mason had never touched him fueled his libido.  Matt began to meet Mason thrust for thrust and his fingers curled around the edges of the bench. 

The hulking athlete grabbed onto Matt’s hips and leaned over his back to sheath himself further inside.  It was so hot in there, so just…everything and Mason knew no girl would ever feel like this.  No chick was ever gonna do it for him like Matt Jones did it for him.  Four fucking years and this was it. Everything he had wanted and more.   So hard and deep, the two of them all alone—Mason couldn’t get enough.  He thrust again and heard the Locker room door open on the far end.  A few voices laughed and carried on a conversation two rows over and Mason clamped his hand tightly over Matt’s mouth and slowed down his pace.  He took Matt deeper with slow hard strokes now.  The guy practically vibrated with pleasure underneath him.  Ah fuck he was gorgeous with all that hair sweaty and hung over his eyes.

Matt squeezed the bench with both hands and bounced silently against the jock in his ass. Oh God, Oh God, he cried in his head.  So full and hard and they were about to get caught.  Ah fuck, he was gonna cum.  Yeah, he couldn’t hold it in anymore. With one hand still on the bench, he covered the fingers in his mouth with his own hand and came so hard he thought he was going to go blind.  Mason bit down on his shoulder to hide his own moan but continued to go at it inside Matt.  He couldn’t stop.

“Yeah man, I can’t believe that shit either.  Hilliard turning down guaranteed pussy like that? Nah bro, he must have someone of the side.  Someone hot, you feel me?” Eddie Moyer’s voice traveled to the panting couple still going at it two rows away.

“Yeah,” another voice agreed and there was a high five.  “Real fucking hot if he’s passin up on some Hillborough ass.  Speaking of, let’s get the hell out of here and get down to the beach.  I don’t need to learn anything else.” The both laughed and a few lockers slammed shut.

“How the hell you got into state is beyond me man,” Eddie shot back and their voices grew fainter as they left the locker room.

A deep kiss was pressed to Matt’s shoulder and he shuddered.  “I’d pass up Hilborough every fucking day for the rest of my life for a piece of this; because no chick will ever be hotter than you.” The whisper ran all the way down Matt’s spine as Mason came inside of him with a loud moan.  Matt went to grab Mason’s hand but instead he grabbed something soft like fabric and when he looked up the locker room grew dark and the bench and all the lockers disappeared.

“Mason?” Matt gasped and then woke up.  His body was covered in sweat as he sat straight up in his bed with two fistfuls of sheets and a very erect cock between his legs.  Disoriented, Matt looked around the room and took in his Michigan State poster on the wall, the soft glow of his screensaver on his computer, and the bluish moonlight flowing in from the half open shades.  He was home, in his own room and Mason…wasn’t here.

“Damn,” he murmured and flopped back onto the pillow with a groan.  Stretching his neck, he eyed the staff below that would not be ignored and rolled his eyes.  “Fine,” he huffed in the dark and grabbed his erection, rubbing the sensitive head for a minute before traveling down with a slow and easy pace.  He was just getting really into it when his phone vibrated on the night stand.  Matt turned with a frown and glanced at the clock.  Who the hell was calling him at three in the morning?  Upon grabbing his phone though, a smile spread over his lips and he slid the screen to look at the message.  Tomorrow can’t come fast enough.  Batter up hot stuff.  XO JPG On his knees and wearing the bottoms to his baseball uniform was Mason—the pants pulled below his balls to expose his stiff rod and a red cap pulled over his dark hair.

Matt bit his lip and blushed looking at one of Mason’s hands on his chest while the other held the phone out to take the picture.  Yeah fuck baseball camp, Mason was never leaving him again.  With a smile, Matt got to his knees and shucked off the sheets, exposing his body for his phone.  With a look that screamed sex, the skinny boy sent a picture to his boyfriend.

Mason’s phone went off under his pillow and he rolled over to check it quickly.  He’d been waiting for a couple of minutes for a reply but wasn’t sure if he’d get one at this time of night.  Touching his message box, he had to bite his fist not to groan—so he didn’t wake up his bunk mate-- at the picture on the screen.  Matt’s hair had fallen over his eyes in sexy bed headed little pieces with his head tilted back, his back was arched and ass pushed out with a very slick cock between his legs.  Ah fuck he wanted to go home now.  Suddenly he hated baseball.  And when he read the message he knew he was out of here first thing in the morning.  Can’t wait. Guaranteed Homerun. Xoxo Jones


  1. Very hot loved It can't wait for more.

  2. Scorching hot :D

    1. *sings* Can't start a fire, can't start a fire without a spark...or a hot jock. Lol.

  3. That was really good! Thought it was all just a dream, then you threw that curve ball at us. LOL


    1. Haha, clever girl. Curve Ball. :) Glad you liked it.

  4. Aw, I love a happy ending!! Hot as hell doesn't hurt either.

    Thanks!! :o)

    1. I've tried to end a story with something other than a happy ending and then I remember how much I loathe 90% of Nicholas Sparks's books because of that very thing. So you're welcome. Lol.Thanks Pat.

  5. Definitely hot! I gotta admit I have a weakness for boys in the locker room. :) Nice job!

    1. I too love the age old locker room scenerio and thought this would be fun. Thanks for reading! :)

  6. Your shorty's r hot as hell, loved it:)

    1. Well I'm glad to be of service. *bows* More sexy to come.... ;) thanks spendy!

  7. That was amazing! :D I'm a big fan btw