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Blogs of Note: Stuff You Should Read...Or Else...

Hello faithful readers and welcome to Blogs of Note.  (Picture me wearing a red robe with black lapels and smoking a cigar in front of a fireplace. Are you with me? Good.)

I thought it would be nice to showcase a few of my fellow bloggers and their work, along with a few of my own picks for your viewing pleasure. I have included all the links to these fine sites and a few of these blogging beauties have included a bit about themselves as well. Make sure you all have a look see and leave them all a comment!  If you like what you see, be sure to follow them by email for instant updates or add them to your list of blogs to follow!  Alright, now on with the blogs...

Brilliant Disguise

A few words about me... Though I'm terribly shy, life keeps finding ways to force me to meet people. I spend most of my time creating and exploring fantasy worlds because writing is the perfect profession for a control freak, particularly one who likes to control hot, sexy men. I believe setting serves as a main character in any story and that's part of the reason I travel a lot, to give my muse more to work with. I based one of my characters on my husband and it's driving him crazy because he can't figure out which one and I won't tell him.  :D

Something Night likes about this blog: Talismania thinks completely opposite of myself and I find it refreshing to take a minute and read something from her perspective.  Whether it's about books and writing or something small from her daily life, it's always unique and memorable. Also I love the series Talismania is writing for her Wednesday Briefs prompt group.  Fantasy and (laughs) that damned unicorn horn.  Too funny.  Check it out and become addicted!

Decadent Delights-Where Romance Begins   

Hey! My published name is MA Church, but I also write as nomoretears00. I write m/m romance stories that tend to have nonhuman characters. But, I've been known to do just regular guys, also. I believe in HEA and my stories have that; but there may be a few bumps in the road before they get there, lol. Hey! Bumps can interesting. *wink*

I'm married to my high school sweetheart and live in the South. My writing buddy, Kitty-Kitty, keeps me on track. LOL, which means he sits next to me, sleeping, while I work.

Something Night likes about this blog: What I like about MA Church's blog is how simply she crafts a story and makes it into something realistic and understandable (even if it is non-human or other worldly :) ).  You always find yourself charmed with that warm and fuzzy feeling after reading her work.  Make sure to check her series for the Wednesday Briefs prompt group as well.  We don't even know what's going on yet and I'm already all up in this story.  *bites nails until next Wednesday*

The Online Stalker Diaries
Even stalkers should be stalked.  Stalker Diaries is a look inside my life.  It comes with fun facts and interesting stories that are written from the heart.  I have recently been revamping my blog to be more user friendly and up to date.  And each month at the top of my blog I will also showcase 4 blogs that I stalk on a daily basis.  And to end your week on a nice note, every Saturday will be my Short Story Saturday, giving you chapters of the current story I am working on.  So far I have a wonderful group of people who have taken interest in what I have to say.  And I hope you'll want to as well.  So with that being said...ignore that noise behind's just the wind.  You don't see the little woman outside your window.  ;-)

Something Night likes about this blog: First off, I love the layout!  I know Stalker mentioned she had made the site more user friendly and boy did she ever. Second, I enjoyed reading the Thursday Vent portion of her blog because the scenerios are real as well as the frustrations that a lot of us face on a daily basis.  And the wait for her Saturday features is killing me.  Ahh, the suspense!!!! Can't wait!

Nightthoughts and Daydreams (LillyBleu)

I 'm an avid reader that wanted to try my hand at writing. Fragments of stories and poems are always floating in my head and I wanted a place for them to live. That said, I figured a blog was the best way to share my love with the world.  And that's my real goal--to share and to get better at my new found craft.  Because the only way to get better at writing is to keep on writing!  Right? Laugh. I am a lover of turtle cheesecake and Florence and the Machine.  I'm inspired by beautiful places like the Wisteria gazebo at Duke Gardens NC and even Mt. Rainer. If I I could marry anyone? I would marry a guy who could dance, had pretty eyes, and was handsome. He'd have to be nice but not a doormat, funny because I love to laugh. Tall but not too tall, intelligent, could cook, wasn't afraid to look silly, liked to go to the theatre *and* the ballet, wasn't gay, and still wanted to marry me.  Unfortunately I have not yet found this man. But I can write about him....

Something Night likes about this blog: Like myself, Lilly writes a series on her blog and hers is entitled Charcoal. I am totally into the character Soul.  He is so multi faceted and intense that you're always wondering what the hell he's going to do next.  Now add Scott into the mix and talk about some tension. Uhhh, I'm dying for them to just duke it out and admit their feelings--no matter how backwards they might be.  I also just read her newest piece and got all hot in my seat. *wipes brow* Smoother than Silk? Uh yeah, I think the title is pretty self explanatory.  Well not really. *laughs* Just take a peek and you'll get a few surprises. 

~~~Blogs That NightTempest Recommends~~~

The Bloggess

Jenny Lawson, the author of Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir gives you a run down of her daily life on this side splitting blog.  Everything from her husband Victor and their insanely funny conversations with each other to Jenny's obsession with tiny taxidermy creatures will have you spitting your morning coffee all over the desk.  Comedy genius, quirky personality, and all around awesome female--Jenny Lawson is good for the soul.  Check her out at the Bloggess and I promise that none of you will leave without a smile.

White Girl Problems

Babe Walker, the author of New York Time's Bestselling Book, White Girl Problems gives you a smack in the head with her in-your-face truths on her blog,  With her scandalous views on just about anything you can think of, Babe uses her raunchy writing talent and gives you something to giggle about as well as leaves you with the feeling of 'that's what I was thinking but I refused to actually say it'.  Trippy as she may come across, I find her insights to the liking of my inner bad girl and can't wait until a new post rolls around from Babe.  Hot man pics, fanny pack slashing, and Japanaese slasher films reviews make Babe Walker my kind of girl. XO

Thank you to all the bloggers who contributed to this post and if you wish to have your blog featured, leave me a comment or drop by twitter @night_tempest and I'll hook you up in an upcoming post.  Thanks to my readers and I hope you all take the time to explore the blogs mentioned above.  Stop by, leave a comment or two (lol), and be sure to follow them for a steady stream of amazing.  Have a good day everyone!!  XOXOXO NightTempest

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