Monday, April 2, 2012

Turning A New Leaf & A Yes Master Flashback


After a lot of thinking it over...I have decided to pull my work from literotica.  First, I do plan to publish the Cade series and all the follow up stories and I can't very well do that if they are taken right out from under me.  With this rash of story theft from literotica for other sites, I'm not okay with leaving my stories for the wolves.  Lit is doing nothing to protect its authors nor are they doing anything about retrieving material stolen from their site.  The admins have even gone as far as not answering emails of conern any longer and frankly that concerns me.

Not only that but the entire dynamic of Lit has changed within the last couple of months from what it used to be. It's not fun and insightful as a FREE author any longer.  You're left wondering what is going to go wrong or who will say what after this latest submission.  It hurts when you work hard on a story and then the voting gets turned off for almost two days and you get almost no views because of it.  That hurts your new reader base and as someone trying to get into writing seriously, a reader base is obviously everything.  What's worse is when you email someone running the site and they could care less about sending you a quick apology or an explanation.

Secondly, I love my readers and I love writing sex scenes but I like to write about creatures of the night, blood and guts, and fighting too.  I feel I've really limited myself because I'm worried if that crowd will think i've gone overboard with sword hacking and blood letting.  But you know what?  It's my story to tell and I'm going to do so on this blog from now on, or at least until I start looking around to publish.

I am so sorry if you feel I am abandoning any of you but I hope that you will stay with me and continue to read about Dan and Rowe and all the Guardians and even Jordan and Vendish....Plus a lot of new characters as well. :)

As a thank you for your continued loyalty, I've included a scene that I cut from the last chapter of Yes, Master.  Just something fun to read!  Thanks again guys!


“Hahaha.” Dan spit his champagne across the hall runner and doubled over with laughter. 
“No. I’m serious!  I saw something move under that fur coat and it wasn’t her body. Something was alive!  No, oh God my jaw hurts,” Cade whined with a smile and smacked Oliver on the arm.  “You still breathing drunk ass?”
Olly cracked a smile. “I’m good.  I think I need more champagne.”
“Oh that’s a great idea!  Where did that hot dude go, the one in the red jacket?” Dan slurred and tried to stand but ended up sliding back to the ground in defeat.  “It’s dizzy up there.  Be careful.”
All three men sat on their asses in the third floor hallway of Jacob Caldwell’s estate.  They were dressed to the nines with their designer tuxedos and high polished shoes but they didn’t really care about that.  They were here to get drunk and have a little fun amidst all the tight collared, fat pocketed bitches downstairs. 
“I would go look for him Daniel but I think that Mrs. Julian is still on the prowl.  She told me earlier that I looked delicious.  Huh uh,” Oliver relayed with an eye roll.
“Ugh,” Cade and Dan chorused.  “That lady is disgusting.  What did she bathe in Red Door?  Gross.  Plus she’s gotta be pushing eighty.  Not enough oil in the world to work that rust.  Give it up already you old hag,” Dan exclaimed to the ceiling as if Mrs. Julian could hear him.
Cade crawled to Dan and sat beside him with a laugh.  “You are so trashed!”
“You are too!  You drank a whole bottle and had some of that nasty ass egg nog.  Bleh.” Dan made a face and Cade put his arm around his best friend.
Oliver watched with a slight tug of loneliness as the two men shared a fun drunken moment.  He sighed and pulled the loosening bow tie from his neck and shoved it in his jacket on the ground next to him.
“Hey Olly,” Dan called him from his thoughts.  Looking up he saw Daniel ushering him over quickly and then he looked to his right and saw none other than Mrs. Julian slinking their way, trying to act as if she didn’t notice them.  Oliver scrambled to the other side of the hallway and tried to get behind the other two men but they had plans of their own.
 Pushing Oliver back against the wall while seated, Dan straddled the bigger man and gave him a wink and a giggle before undoing his collar buttons and going to work at his neck.  Oliver had little time to react to this before Cade laughed and got behind Dan, snaking his arms around the smaller man and starting to pull his shirt from his tuxedo slacks. 
“What the?” Oliver groaned and grabbed Dan’s ass, pulling him closer to his own hardening dick.  Dan’s lips tried to connect with Olly’s but the larger man pushed him back to his neck to avoid that scenario altogether. 
“Dan,” Cade whispered and ran a hand under the white button up shirt and along the smaller man’s smooth bare chest. “She’s watching.  Let’s make sure she gets the hint.”
“Who?” Oliver had almost forgotten until he noticed a shocked but obviously aroused Mrs. Julian peeking from behind the hall corner.  The woman had stopped her ‘casual’ stroll on the third floor of the main house and only her dark beady eyes and tuft of white hair could be seen from around the corner.  It was kind of laughable actually or maybe that was the booze talking, Olly thought closing his eyes for a second to feel Dan roll on top of him.
“Let’s give her a show.” Dan narrowed his drunken eyes and whispered, ending with a laugh.   The smaller man’s uncoordinated fingers tried to work his own dress shirt but Oliver ended up helping him because it seemed to be too much work for the blonde.  Oliver was feeling loopy but he managed to get the garment off and get a good look at the tanned boyish chest of the guy on top of him.  What a piece, Oliver licked his lips.
Were they really doing this or was this for show, Cade thought running his hands over Dan’s nipples.  He and Dan had fooled around in the past and it had never changed anything for them.  Who else were they supposed to learn from growing up?  But they knew boundaries even drunk and never would they go all the way.  Both of them knew there was no coming back from that.  They also knew that they loved each other but weren’t in love with each other, so when a situation like this occurred they just let it happen because they knew where they stood.
Oliver on the other hand was so lost and confused but at the same time the big bastard looked ready to explode.  “Dan, help me out.” Cade reached down in between the two men in front of him and started grasping at the buckle to Olly’s belt. 
“You guys stop,” Oliver attempted but was cut off as Dan helped Cade lower the zipper and pull the slacks down a little. 
“And you thought Beyonce karaoke was the showstopper,” Cade murmured and Dan snorted.  “Loud and trashy?  Or maybe soft and sensual?” Dan giggled and Cade buried his face in Dan’s neck to hide the loud laugh.
“Loud and trashy.  Oh God do it,” Cade pleaded with a huge smile.  “He’s so good at this it’s ridiculous.  Whatever you do, don’t laugh.”
“One audible orgasm coming right up.” Dan moved the shirt around his hips and grabbed the bottle of champagne next to them on the floor, taking a huge swig before slamming the thick bottle back to the ground.  “Oh,” Dan moaned and threw his head back.
Oliver’s eyes widened but Dan just wrapped his arms around the dark haired man’s neck and ground his dick in Olly’s lap.  “Oh yea!  Oh fuck Oliver.”
Cade sucked in a breath and bit his lip with a smile and turned his head away from the voyeur down the hall.  Being super wicked he ran his hand down Dan’s hip and into the blonde’s lap and right over his…
“Holy shit!” Dan croaked and Oliver narrowed his eyes with heat.  Why couldn’t he have friends like this; hot, drunk, best friends?  Grabbing Dan’s ass hard, the little blonde leaned forward and began to rub deeper into Olly’s lap.  Friction started to build.  Everything got really hot and then…
“Oliver James Caldwell!  What in the….” Jacob Caldwell stood there with his mouth hanging open and next to him was Isaac Hightower holding back a laugh with a glass of champagne in his hand.
“Boys…” Isaac scolded lightly.  Cade and Dan hopped off of Oliver so fast you could’ve missed it altogether.  Gripping the fly of his pants in place, Olly quickly got to his feet and turned around to adjust his zipper and belt.
“Father, I uh…” Oliver began.
“Save it.  Get yourself together and be downstairs in five.  Governor Derenger and his wife are here and they would like to be formally introduced to my son,” Jacob Caldwell spat and narrowed his eyes at his son.  He wasn’t ashamed of his son’s homosexuality, although it didn’t fully sit with him.  No, Caldwell Sr. was pissed that his own flesh and blood would make a public spectacle of himself earlier with their drunken singing and then this little episode and in a sexual way no less. 
“Oh Caldwell, boys will be boys.” Isaac flashed a brilliant white smile at his colleague and hoped it was enough to cool the fire in the man’s eyes.  For a man of thirty, Oliver sure was kept on a short leash by his parents; being dragged in two different directions of what they thought to be best.  Isaac knew from watching the both of them though that they loved their son, even if they probably had never said so.
“That’s just it though Hightower.  They are men.  Not boys,” Jacob clipped and watched his son pull his tuxedo jacket back on over those broad shoulders.  He was every bit his father.
Isaac shrugged and pulled a pair of clipped cigars from inside his jacket.  “Come on Jake.  Let’s let the boys finish getting ready while we take a breather.”  Get downstairs. Isaac mouthed to the three males with red cheeks in front of him. 
“Good idea. Five minutes Oliver,” Jacob grit and turned around, letting a grinning Isaac guide him down the hall.
Once the fathers were out of sight Cade, Dan, and Oliver all sighed.  “Wow.  That was interesting,” Cade offered to a stunned Oliver. 
“I have another word for it,” Oliver grumbled and readjusted himself down below.  Yep, still hard, he thought.  Shit.
“Sorry about that,” Dan apologized with a grin and a hiccup. 
“Jesus slick, how much did you have?” Cade shook Daniel’s shoulder and the little blonde laughed.
“Not enough to deal with that.  Hey, Mrs. Julian you still creeping around down there?” Dan laughed.
“Oh my God, D.  Shut up!” Cade clapped a hand over Dan’s mouth and Oliver laughed.
“You two are something else.” Oliver shook his head.
Dan peeled Cade’s hand off his mouth with a childish lick to his palm and a squeal.  “Yeah well that something else got the message sent loud and clear to old skin bag down there.  And that something else knows how to shake his shit to some Beyonce.”
“Oh no.  Here were go,” Cade groaned and put his hands on his hips as Dan started to walk the runner like a cat walk and flip his curls with an over the shoulder stare.  “Shall we ladies?” He covered his mouth with another hiccup.
Cade and Olly looked at each other with a snort and followed behind an extremely drunk Dan. 
“Baby boy you stay on mind, fulfill my fantasies…” Dan belted with a swish of hips and laughed.
“Dan!” Oliver and Cade shouted at the same time and went to fetch their drunk as fuck friend.


  1. OH MY!!! What a riot!!!
    This was a wonderful end to my horribly intense day!!

    Thanks sooooo much! :o

  2. Ah damn, loved it!!! That was absolutely great! ;)


  3. OMG, I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee.

  4. Did you know that chapter 14 both 1 and 2 aren't showing up when the tab up top for Yes master is clicked? I almost missed it.

    1. Thanks Rae! I didn't know that but I went back and checked and *facepalm* I didn't label them yes, master, so they didn't show up. Thanks again for pointing that out. I was wondering why chapter 13 was so popular. Now I know. lol.

      <3 Night

  5. Oh that was a great little trear! Dan is so crazy! I kno things are real intense with him right now in 'Dan and Rowe' with all that drama happenin. But now that the 3 musketeers are back under 1 roof, they could probably provide some much needd relief. Maybe sum 'Crazy Inlove' and 'booty hoppin' Beyonce style? Lol