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Yes, Master Pt. 14 FIRST HALF/PART ONE

Happy Hump Day!!!  Just a few things today that I should tell you.  One: I found a picture that screamed Tate to me.  I think it's the little look in his eye but whatever that's him!  I write him with longer hair but...he's pretty and almost perfect to be Tate. 

Two: this is half of pt. 14.  The scene got really long but REALLY HOT and I couldn't stop.  So this a warning not to try to read this around others or in public because you will have wide eyes and you might squirm in your seat a little. :) 

Three: Part 2 will be out sometime this weekend. So you won't have to wait long.


That's about it.  Have a good night everyone!


PART 14.1 of Yes, Master

“Talk to me here, Oliver,” Tate pleaded.  His small hands pushing through my fists so I had to make room to accommodate his fingers.  Once we were linked, he looked into my eyes and breathed out his determination.

“We can do this Olly.  Just one night and then it’s all done,” Tate stated but looked down because he was thinking the same thing I was.

“We’re going to kill him Tate.  Someone is going to put a bullet in Alex’s head because we said so.  I’m not the most morally infatuated individual but that seems like something that would stick with a person.  How about you?” I gripped his hands so he would look at me.

“Yeah, I’m not some hard ass.  Of course I’ll think about it from time to time and wonder what else we could’ve done.  But Oliver?  He doesn’t think like that. Alex is going to have you killed.  We’re just beating him at his own game now---all morals aside we have to do this,” Tate argued.

I thought about what he just said and really looked at him.  He was tired, defeated, overwhelmed.  Alex was trying to run us into the ground with all this little shit so he could distract us from the real game at hand.  He was trying to kill not just me…but Tate too.  No one and I mean no one would touch my Tate.

“He’s dead then.  Actually he’s already dead, he just doesn’t know it yet,” I whispered and pulled Tate into my lap. He straddled my legs and ran his nails through my hair. 

“Dead,” Tate whispered and narrowed his eyes.  His lips met mine and I grabbed his ass roughly within my large palms.


Richard looked from side to side as he entered the unfamiliar office and sighed in relief when he spotted us.  Quickly the tall man came and set the box of things we’d asked for on the small table we sat around.  Or rather I sat and Tate leaned against me, fast asleep.

“There are men with guns out there,” Richard whispered in fear while leaning forward.  The country blonde turned around again nervously and it was like watching a mouse sniff out cheese. Yuri stared at Richard and the blonde swallowed before turning around with wide eyes.

“Did they inform you of what you’re doing here?  Besides bringing us clothes?” I yawned and Tate shivered against my shoulder.

“If by informing you mean breaking into my apartment and dragging me out into the middle of the night like I was going to be sold into slavery, then yes they informed me.” Richard gripped the side of the table and I saw for the first time how truly scared he was.  He had no idea what was going on and what he just told me made me groan.  Poor guy.

“Richard, listen to me. I’m sorry that you’ve dragged into this but Rutovsky stepped up the game.”

“What do you mean?” Richard took his glasses off and rubbed the bridge of nose.

“He’s offered money to have me killed and the offer has been taken,” I replied flatly and I heard his sharp gasp.

“Oh my God.  Sir, are you and Tate alright?  Has someone tried already?”  His mouth hung open and his light eyes were horrified. 

“Yes, we’re fine. And they’ve been following us but thankfully with help from these gentlemen…” I gestured to Yuri and he nodded a little.  “…they haven’t had the chance.”

Richard sighed in relief and began pulling his messenger bag off his shoulder.  “Are you hungry at all?  I can have something sent downstairs.”

“No outside calls unless it’s through us,” Yuri interrupted.  “We can’t risk the exposing their location to anyone right now.  It was hard enough to sneak you in here.  Now imagine me wanting a supposed delivery employee bringing ‘food’ here.  No.”

That was the end of that conversation.  Richard closed his mouth and sat back with a small frown before putting his finger up and opening his mouth again.

“No,” Yuri repeated and Richard finally resigned to putting his elbows on the table with defeat.  “Besides why would you want delivery when the females are preparing dinner as we speak?” He raised a brow as if Richard was a moron.

“You never said that…” Richard protested but was met with an irritated eye squint from the larger man. 

And who calls women females?  That was kind of sexist a little wasn’t it?  But judging from what I’d already seen of Yuri, he took dominating to a whole new level.  I shook my head and rubbed Tate’s back.  He had to be exhausted to sleep through all this.

“Is there anywhere where he can lie down?  It’s been a long day and I don’t think a chair is going to do.”

Yuri gave another one of his ‘you are the world’s biggest dumbass’ looks and went to the double doors next to us.  With an exaggerated turn of a knob he opened it and gave his best Vana White impersonation.  I rolled my eyes as I saw the bedroom suite.  We had been in a sitting room this entire time. But we had been blindfolded on our way here, so we had no idea where we were.  The curtains were all drawn and there weren’t any cell phones or tablets around, so we had no idea what the hell was going on.

“Thanks,” I clipped and slowly picked up Tate like he weighed nothing.  Truthfully he didn’t and I worried that he didn’t eat enough. I snorted, since when did I become a mother hen?  I guess…since he came into my life.  He made me worry about the stupidest things like his weight and his sleeping patterns and if he was warm enough.  He was my lover but also---I smiled---my man child. 

Turning with Tate in my arms, his face buried in my neck, I face Yuri. “Don’t disturb us, please.  If someone could just leave food on the table and find Richard somewhere to sleep that doesn’t have big men with guns…that’d be great.”

Yuri grinned and rolled his eyes. “Got it. Good night Oliver.” With that the now bald body guard pulled the doors shut and I exhaled loudly at the sound of the click.

I laid Tate out on the bed and he stirred, stretching out like a cat and then folding in on himself to make a little ball on top of the thick bedding. He made his version of a satisfied huff which was more like a girlish sigh---lying still again.  I shook my head because I needed to get his clothes off.  He wasn’t sleeping in slacks.  Those damn things were uncomfortable for eight hours at work as it was. 

“Tate,” I whispered and stroked his thigh but he frowned and tucked in tighter.  He was a tiny bear when it came to being woken up I was realizing.  After several more attempts of being gentle about it, I slipped my hand into his crotch and squeezed a little.  His mouth opened and he breathed a groan, so I pushed my hand harder against his groin and squeezed tighter. 

His eyes fluttered open and the sleepy look in them did it for me.  I climbed on top of him and threaded my fingers through his unclenching ones---pushing him all the way onto his back.  Those blue greens recognized what was happening causing him to squirm as I pressed myself against him.  Automatically like a cat in heat he rubbed back against me, our pants already driving me crazy.  We never seemed to be able to resist each other, even in a state of complete exhaustion we wanted to get naked.

I bent down to his ear and he moaned, trying his hardest to press his body flush with mine.  “How do you want it baby?”

“I…I don’t…Olly,” he breathed.

“Tell me and I’ll give it to you,” I promised and his hands fought mine to break our twined fingers so he could touch me but I pressed them back into the mattress.  “All you have to do is ask.”

“Please,” he begged. “I’ll show you. Oh God please…” he moaned as I began to thrust against him.

“You’ll show me huh?” I bit his neck playfully and his hands tightened around mine.

“Yes! Please, Master,” he panted. Whoa. What?  I thought he…  “Oh please Master.”

I pulled back and his eyes were so ready for it.  He was feeling it.  I was feeling it too.

“Show me boy.  Show me how you want it,” I growled in his ear and licked his soft skin.  Letting go of his hands, Tate slithered out from under me and pulled his dress shirt off---struggling with the cuffs at his wrists.  I helped him tug them off trying not to smile.

Undressing myself while he struggled in his passionate panic to get his own clothes off, I watched as his eyes kept trying to watch me---like he couldn’t get enough.  His little looks got me hard and my erection was already throbbing by the time it made its big reveal. 

His lithe naked body belonged to me and he knew it.  Pale skin glowed under the dim light, my fingers reached out and caressed his petal soft shoulders, and he stretched out on his knees amidst the nest of golden blankets around him.  He was ethereal in his lust and love for me.  He was my pretty boy, everything I wasn’t, and damn if I wasn’t hungry for him.

My chest met his back and he nodded, reaching behind himself and pulling his cheeks apart to encompass my erection.

“Get it wet for me boy,” I grunted and he spit in his hand.  “Sopping wet.”

“More,” he whispered and brought his saliva covered palm to my cock, spreading his spit down my length.

“More what?”  I encouraged.  I knew what he wanted but he would tell me if he was going to get it.

“I like it when you talk to me like that, Master,” he whispered and I grabbed his throat delicately---sliding my now wet cock up and down his luscious little ass.

“Ah. You wanna know how much you please me?  Is that it boy?” I tightened my fingers and he gasped but worked his ass slowly up and down.  “How good your pretty little ass cheeks feel around my big fat cock.  How delicate your neck feels in my hand.  How much stronger I am than you.  Tell me what you want to hear boy.”

“Everything.  Your voice makes me wanna cum, Master,” he moaned and I kept one hand on his hip, moving the other down his neck and to his stomach.

“You make me cum,” I replied and bit his ear.  He cried out and flung his head back to my shoulder.  “I bet your cock is so hard if I touched it you’d cum all over this nice clean bed.  But you’re not going to do that are you boy?”

“No, Master,” he panted and I rubbed his flat stomach.

“Good, because if you do, I’m gonna bend you over and make you take all five fingers.  You hear me boy?” I growled---my fingers now making circles less than an inch from his dripping dick.

“Ye…yes, Master.” He shuddered but the way his ass worked harder, it was almost like he wanted to fuck up.  Hmm. Maybe he thought he was ready for that but we’d have to work up to it.  This was good for now.  This was getting us somewhere.  We were compromising and it was wonderful.

“Are you gonna be a good boy and spread your legs wide for me?” I reached down and brushed a shivering touch to the inside of his thigh.  Immediately Tate moved his legs out so that the head of my cock brushed his entrance. He shivered and our calves molded together---his outside of mine and the difference in hair and color was beautiful. Toes curled around my ankles and I grabbed his hips.

“Is that good Master?” He moaned with his head still on my shoulder.

“Very good.  In fact, because you obeyed me so well, I’m gonna put my cock deep inside of you.  I’m gonna make you feel it here,” I murmured and rubbed his stomach.  The response was a strangled cry and his arms reached up---his hands locking around the back of my neck. 

“Oh yea, please.  Please, Master.”

“Slow and deep…so fucking hot boy.  You gonna take it boy?  Huh?” I licked the back of his neck and nipped at the skin with my teeth.  “Say it.”

“Yes, Master.  I’ll take it like a good boy.” Oh shit no he didn’t.  And in that soft little voice? Fuck.

Reaching between us, I felt the heat between his cheeks and his muscles twitch.  I could smell the sex before it even happened.  He was ready and I wanted to test how far he could go without any prep work. 

“You ready?” His fingers bit into my neck in response and he took a deep breath against my body.  “Nice deep breaths boy, just relax for me.”

Coating the head of my cock a little, I pressed against his hole and heard him hiss softly.  “Just relax a little more.”  Without any stretching, he was so damn tight and I knew the head was painful.  I’m not exactly average.

Half the head was inside of him and he had his eyes closed and was biting his lip.  “You’re doing so good boy.  I can already feel how hot you are inside. So soft and tight for me.  A little bit more and I’m going make you so full.” That stirred him on and he gasped as my cock head popped inside of him.

“Keep breathing, If you can handle this, I’m gonna keep going.  All the way in boy.  That’s it, help me baby, feel the burn in your thighs,” I whispered smut into his ears and his legs spread wider apart as he lowered himself onto my length.

“It burns,” he managed.  His entire body was shaking but he didn’t stop. 

“Do you like the burn?”

“Yes, Master.  So big,” he replied and met me skin to skin.

“You like how big I am inside of you?” I pulled his hips up and he groaned---his back pressed against the fur and muscle of my chest.

“Oh yea, more.  Fuckin dirty…oh God,” he cried as I pulled his hips back down and slowly worked my pelvis against him---slow and deep.

“Take your hands and touch your nipples boy.  Pinch them for me.  Get your nails in there,” I growled and he released me from his headlock and smoothed his hands down his neck to his nipples.  “Yeah that’s it boy.  Get em good, make em red.”

Pulling his skin away from his body, Tate twisted and pinched his flesh between his fingers.  With a cry from his mouth, I pulled him back down on my length with a slap.  I couldn’t help it, seeing his chest grow red from his own torture was hot.

“Come on boy.  You gotta work to cum.  Up and down baby, come on.  When I flood your ass then I’ll let you release.  But don’t you dare let go of your nipples. That’s it.” My voice was low and scratchy but Tate’s kept getting higher and higher and the sound of those angelic little whimpers was bringing me closer and closer.

Sitting back on my heels, I made him work himself up and down on my cock---this angle allowing me to watch my thick rod disappear and appear from his tight ass like magic.  He arched back, seemingly suspending himself over my chest with nothing more than his stomach muscles.  The scene before me unearthly in beauty as he let loose one pure cry.  My hands pulled his back to me and I fell into the bed---our legs strained under the pressure and bent together.  My hips pumped into him from underneath and one of my hands gripped his red erection, squeezing and tugging---slipping up and down with the well of juices that pooled around his cock.

“Cum for me boy.  Everywhere, cum hard,” I bit his shoulder that was next to my mouth and he cried so loud that everyone had to have heard him.

My shaft was like molten hot steel inside of him and his muscles wrapped around me like a snake trying to choke its dinner.  I felt my balls tighten and lift.  And that was that, I flooded him with my blazing hot release---with every spurt into him my body jerked up against his back.

He screamed and came, a few jets spraying from him so hard that they hit his shoulder and face.  Shaking and gripping my arms tightly, he rode the wave out while I filled him from the inside. Just as I was catching my breath and my cock was softening a little, almost painfully sensitive as his body jerked a little above---he sat up on my lap.  What the fuck?  Was he serious?

With a groan, he leaned forward and let me slide out---spreading his cheeks with his shaking hands.  Oh my God, he was the devil.  He looked over his shoulder at me and let me watch as my release slowly leaked out of him.  Silently, Tate tried to hide his eyes as if he was unsure that I liked this.

“No, you look at me.  I wanna see you squeeze that ass a bit for me.  Hold it in a minute, then let it go,” I instructed and massaged my aching dick.  Man that had hurt---like I hadn’t came in over a month or some shit.  But then I looked at Tate’s little ass, watching his creamy globes quiver as he fought to keep my release inside of him and knew he was the reason my dick hurt.  And the pain was so worth it.

“Back up a little and let it go on my chest,” I murmured and he scooted his legs back to either side of my chest---his ass directly above my belly button where I could watch. “There you go.  Come on now, show me that pretty little ass.”

Fuck he was sexy.  His little hands grabbed his perfectly round cheeks in both palms and spread them apart tight.  I caressed his right leg and reached up to play with his ass with my other hand.  I circled my release around his hole and he whimpered.

“Sore?”  I chuckled and he nodded.  “Does this hurt?” I easily slipped my finger inside of him and he shook with a groan.

“Feels…feels…good,” he moaned.

“I bet it does.  You know what will feel even better?”  I asked with a grin, pulling my finger out and watching another trail of cum leak from him.

“What?” He turned around with those big eyes and I smiled, grabbing his hips and pulling his ass to my face.  “Oh.  Olly!”

“Get to work baby,” I chuckled and pushed his sweet lips close to my slick cock.  He moaned and licked my groin with that kitten tongue that I loved so much.  The slow little sweeps of his lips brushing my tingling dick were torture. “Take me in your mouth.  Clean me up good,” I stroked his back and tasted the first drop of release leak from his ass onto my lips. My tongue swept my bottom lip and shivered as the taste of salt and musk spread over my palette. 

His fingers smoothed over my balls and slid a finger between them, spreading them to either side of my sac.  That same finger was then sucked into his mouth and trailed back down to my ass.  Was he going to…oh hold up.  Then that small finger was stroking under my balls and down to the space above…Oh God!  I bucked up against his mouth and his finger went lower, slipping inside me up to the first knuckle.

It felt…it was…fucking…shit.  Licking down my impossibly half hard cock, he pulled a hands free and opened wide---sucking me in with his hollowed cheeks like his mouth was a perfect mold of my shaft.  I grew inside of him and he moaned, rocking his ass above me----sucking me turned him on.  Tate was wild and I loved how new he was to everything, because that allowed him to go all the way without a care.  He didn’t know what hardcore was but he sure was pulling it off just fine, even if he didn’t know he was.  To him, he was just pleasing me and pleasing me got him off.  I liked that.

Pressing a hand to the small of his back, I lowered his ass to my mouth and took a nice slow lick over his anus, feeling a dribble of my own seed rush down my tongue. I pulled his ass apart so he couldn’t hold it in any longer and fixed my mouth over his entrance, pushing my tongue inside of him. His response was to push his finger deeper inside of me and I fucked against his hand.  I wanted more and this was Tate.  Another first, another last, with him I could do this.

My own seed flooded my mouth as his channel relaxed and I drank of him and myself together.  Never would I know what erotic was after this.  This was the flavor of me and my lover on my tongue and I swallowed thickly, again and again---his cock rubbing up and down my chin and neck with more sticky seed.  It was so hot, I couldn’t stand it. 

He sucked me up and down, my full length hard again.  He gargled and gagged around me but never stopped his rhythm.  I lapped at his ass now that the heavy flow had decreased to a mild trickle---letting not one drop escape my tongue.  My head fell away with my mouth still open as he added another finger.  A burn in my muscle began but I rolled my hips anyway.  I wanted to see how many I could take inside of me.  I’d take them all to show him I wasn’t afraid.  Hell, I liked pain and if he needed to see that, then I’d let him.  I loved him that much.

I moaned.  I…the dom…moaned.  Loudly.  My mouth open still, I caught the last drops of cum from his ass and licked his valley nice and clean before pulling his plumping erection into my mouth.  He shimmied down me a few inches and I stroked the sides of his rib cage while he slowly fucked my face. His cock tasted sweeter or maybe it was the smell.  Whatever body wash he had used lingered and the scent of fruit was messing with my taste buds. He tasted like a mild mixed drink and I swirled my mouth the best I could around him to get more of that taste from underneath.  Vigorously now, his cock slid in and out of my lips and I took him to the root while he played with my ass and sucked me off. 

Lifting up a bit from my lower half, Tate pushed up on his arms and pushed his cock all the way into my throat---his balls smashing into my face and the smell was so fucking good.  “Yeah, Olly.  Oh that’s it.  Suck me,” Tate cried.  Like I said, so fucking hot it’s sick.  His little hips moved quickly and I knew he wanted to come in my mouth but selfishly I wanted him to play with my ass some more.  I found that I was really liking his finger in me.  Not that he could like…fuck me with his...or anything but his hand was good.

Using both hands, I pushed him back to my dick and forcefully lifted my hips.  He took the hint and spit all over his hand a few times and thoroughly wet my entrance---giving me the attention I wanted.  Soon enough a third finger was introduced and the pain was sensational.  I had no idea I was that tight but as his fingers slipped in and out of my furry ring, it really fucking hurt.  And that got me ever harder.  I really wondered when he was going to stop and if another finger would make an appearance.

I raked my teeth carefully over his sensitive skin and he cried around my cock in his mouth---his free hand pulling on the coarse hair around my cock in warning.  I chuckled and the vibrations sent him overboard---the head of his penis right at the back of my throat.  I managed to take a deep breath before he tickled the shit out of my esophagus with another hot load.  Damn he tasted like man but delicate in his own way, not as salty as me.  I loved his taste.

He was frantically pushing his cock down my throat and during his release he jabbed a fourth small finger into my ass---making my hips fly off the bed as something was brushed inside of me.  With a gasp, I turned my head and sputtered---cum running down my chin and face.  I sucked in a few deep breaths as he cried out and pushed his fingers deeper.  How much deeper could they go?  His hand was small, so that meant…oh God!

“Tate, fuck. Take my cock damn it, ah fuck!” I barked and like the good little boy that he was, Tate sucked my thick rod into his mouth and that was when fire erupted in my ass and something hard slipped past that ring that felt like it was breaking.

I came and I came hard.  Again.  He took it, all of it---only staving off the flow with his tongue to take a breath.  The head of my cock felt like it would explode as he played with the slit of my cockhead---licking the remnants that he milked from my shaft drop by drop.  Then his hand moved and it was then that I realized…it was his hand…inside of me. The burn remained but not as bad as when the bone of his thumb had pushed through.  Now he spit a mouthful of release onto my crack and proceeded to lube me back up enough to move his limb in and out.

I laid back and closed my eyes to focus on breathing.  I knew I couldn’t cum again to save my life but this was breaking barriers and I couldn’t stop him.

“Olly?  I…” I opened my eyes to Tate staring at me with concern.

“I’m good.  Keep going baby,” I murmured and closed my eyes again.  The pain was flaring up again now that he moved his hand but I would forget about it when he would brush against my prostate---the magic place that I had forgotten even existed.

An loud urgent knock at the door made Tate jump and like most kids with their hands in the cookie jar, Tate yanked his from my ass.  “Fuck!” I screamed.


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