Friday, April 6, 2012

PREVIEW for Dan and Rowe Ch. 03

Please remember: PREVIEW means unedited. So I'm sorry if something isn't up to par for you. :) 

Ghost stuck to the shadows, hiding his form from even the slightest hint of light.  His new speed and strength only added to his natural element; that of an invisible man.  Being a professional hit-man might have seemed risky to some, but not to him.  In fact, he thrived on stealth and adrenaline, shining in his death dealing skills.

The Cuban born vampire, moved through the night, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, and landing with barely a whisper under his boots.  Although the S.U.V. carrying Rowen’s precious cargo had escaped his sights, the sleek out of place Mercedes had not.  He smiled, spotting the other decoy vehicle that had sped off down the alley in the other direction, loving this game of cat and mouse.

Eventually the pricey set of wheels would lead him to the SUV. They always slipped up, or at least this time he was counting on it.  His luck came in spades as the Mercedes rolled up to a stop light and what do you know, right next to it was the SUV.  The windows rolled down on both ends, the drivers exchanging words quickly.  The side walk counter ticked down from twenty seconds and Ghost whipped out his phone.

The camera came up quickly with the touch of a button and the vampire zoomed in for a shot of the plates with his phone.  The SUV took off when he texted the plates to Knox, and Ghost sneered. Shit, which direction did the fucking thing go?  The Mercedes took a left, leaving him little choice but to follow it, hoping it led him into the heart of the beast.

He caught up to it again.  This time at a heavy traffic stop with hundreds of downtowners crossing the street and creating chaos.  He grinned and dropped soundlessly from his high perch, landing in a darkened alley. The slowing rev of a smooth engine caught his ear and he turned.  A Chinese delivery guy was just getting off a slick black Italian bike.  Judging by the guy’s attire, he probably was just helping his papá out for the night, but damn that bike had Ghost hard.

“Hey amigo.” Ghost parted from the dark, making himself known to the world once more. 

The delivery guy startled, dropping his helmet to the ground. “Hey man, I don’t have any cash on me, so just back off.” His fearful voice added to his exotic beauty.  Having to make this fast, Ghost wasted no time coming face to face with the golden eyed pretty boy.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” the Guardian’s rich accent filled the air, intoxicating his prey. “I need to use your bike, give me the keys.” He held out his gloved hand, instantly receiving his prize from the younger man.

“Gracias hermoso,” (thank you beautiful) he purred in the guy’s ear. Leaning back and glancing at his phone, he realized he had less than thirty seconds--- if that---until the traffic cleared.

“Véale alrededor.” (See you around) He winked, snatching the helmet from the ground. 

The key was in the ignition and Ghost was zipping down the alley in ten seconds flat, his target just heading through the six way stop and towards the water.


Nina Gerard might be the Blood Queen, but that title did nothing to calm her nerves. What had started as a wonderful night out had quickly slid into a raging inferno of chaos.  Her son’s mate--one of her dear friends-- had been kidnapped and by her ex-mate’s mate?

Not only that, but he had taken Jessica as well, leaving the safety of Frank and the girls in their hands.  If Nigel was the same as she remembered, he wouldn’t stop at Jess and Dan.  No.  He would get his hands on everything that was precious to their close knit circle.  Nina let out a weary breath and closed her eyes in silent prayer.  Lord, please be with our Guardians tonight.  Help them to prevail over the evil that threatens to shed innocent blood. Please let the little ones be safe.  Let them all be safe.

She opened her eyes, sitting up straight, and eyeing the guards that surrounded her in the Escalade.  Upon doing so, she pulled out her phone, dialing the person in the vehicle in front of them.

“Are your men in place?” She asked without a greeting.

“They’re ten minutes out and we’re already pushing it on speed.  I don’t want the humans involved your Highness.” A thick Russian accent greeted her.

“A little late for that old friend, this has become a war for three sides, not two.”

“We will do what we must to ensure their safety my Queen.” She could hear the sincerity in his voice.  Yuri would serve his people and his Queen with all that he was until every star fell from the sky and the earth was mere ashes floating through space.

“Then let’s start with the little ones, one step at a time.” Her voice was deep and calculating.  If anything had happened to those poor girls, no assassin would be safe from the Queen.

“Very good, your Highness.  ETA is twenty minutes,” he replied and the line disconnected.

Nina sat back in her seat and looked at her phone’s background to see Hill’s handsome face.  She had taken it two days prior when he had just woken up and had that innocent yet strong look in his eyes.  A tug at her heart had her pressing buttons and before she knew it her messages were opened to create a new one.

I would never choose. I love you too much. Hitting send, Nina couldn’t seem to calm the fear that something terrible was about to happen.


  1. Oh my, oh my my! Was that a hint??? Got a feeling that was a major hint, lol! Damn, can't wait to read the whole thing!


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