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PREVIEW My Telija Ch. 05

Alright you little Fae crackheads, here is the next bit from My Telija Ch. 05.  Just a quick note: Read this while listening to the song.  Hot. Hot. Hot. (At least I was totally feeling it LOL)  Here's the link below.  Click play and start reading for a little heat. ;)


Grazing a cool cloth across Jordan’s brow, I wiped up the sweat that had been accumulating there every ten minutes or so.  Seeing no other traces of the salty residue left, I put the cloth in the bowl on the bedside table and layed out next to him. My back cracked and my feet ached in relief as I stretched the line of my body straight and then molded my form to his side tenderly. Since the staff had made it’s self a part of the half-human earlier, Jordan’s skin had glowed with an almost golden sheen and I traced the subtle light along his arm with my fingertips.

He was so beautiful and even more so to me when I knew he was going to be just fine.  At least this part of the day had been the most normal as far as our culture was concerned.  When a staff was passed down to the new king or prince or even master of shadows, the staff always found its way to its owner eventually.  It had started with his unusual ability manifesting, then his shadow master markings had appeared, and then his staff had come.

There were still so many questions and answers hanging in the balance as to why Jordan would be of such standing but they could all wait.  My love was in need of me and the peace I could provide his body.  He had no need for a mess of careless thinking and circular non sense.  When Jordan awoke, we would take him to the elder species and assess him properly.  Until then he would sleep in my arms to heal his mind of the overwhelming days that had passed us by.

“He has yet to wake, I see…” Hazia leaned in the door frame, blocking the cool breeze that had felt wonderful on my legs.

One of my fists tightened away from Jordan’s sleeping body and I sat up using my stomach muscles.  “What right do you have to come in here?” I grit out barely above a whisper. 

Pushing off the entryway, Hazia planted both feet and his body in front of the breeze.  His golden hair fluttered around his shoulders dangerously.  Putting a little heat behind his eyes, Hazia’s irises glowed with his inner calling, setting off old flames that were anything but mutual. 

“I’d thought it obvious.” The Fire Fae didn’t miss a beat.

“Well it isn’t.  After your performance earlier I’d thought you would have understood the boundaries set in place.  Obviously you need to be told in a more informal fashion and far be it from me to deny you that,” my voice raised an octave or two and I shut my mouth with the realization.

“Always one step ahead of yourself aren’t you Unijah?  Always planning and all-knowing but really you are just as blind to this world as any of the rest of us.  You say he is your mate in all things but he does not reach for you as I do.  Even inches from your side and not in this realm of reality, he should seek you out with his hands,” Hazia hissed and I felt an unnatural heat creep onto my skin like a rash of fiery goose flesh.  Before I could rub the all too alluring feeling away, the bed dipped slightly and Hazia’s bare chested body was on its knees before me.

“Get.  Away,” I breathed in fury.  He was messing with me and in the worst way imaginable.  This was punishment to himself and me for what had happened long ago between us.  A punishment to his self for never letting me go and to me for the way my body still reacted to his.  Trust me when I express that my mind and heart we not in these attentions.  But my manhood could not deny the wonder of flesh before me.  It had been so long and his skin was so familiar.

“No.” My voice was rough and my eyes stung from the swell of his heat wrapped around me.  “Stop Hazia.  Stop this now.  It is not right,” I gasped as sweat broke out on my chest and arms. But instead of the heat being unbearable, it seemed rather to seep into my skin like the most erotic touch of another and bring the flesh between my thighs to life. 

“Tell me no now Unijah.  Say you don’t remember what it was like inside of me.  I know you remember the way your flesh stretched me wide,” Hazia whispered and pushed down on my chest with his palms, my body betraying me onto my back.  All the while Jordan laid unawares to the first stages of adultery next to his prone body.  He had yet to lay his claim unto me in his sleep, for not even a finger twitched.  My heart was rapidly sinking into my stomach for in this, Hazia was right.  But Jordan was my Ghea.  He was… He had to be.

Straddling my hips, the Fire Fae lowered his warm junction to my cock and pressed down, binding our linen pants together.  Heat seeped between us and my breath caught in my throat at the pleasure forming there.

“Please stop,” I begged softly.  He was entrapping me now.  His powers had grown since last we had come together.  Hazia’s persuasive heat was making me careless to my surroundings and bold to his body.

“Touch me my prince,” a husky command came and I heard his fangs descend with a sharp slice to his gums. “Rip these linens from me and show me your true power,” he purred and happened. 

Thin fingers smoothed over my chest and Hazia sat back with a look of sickness.  Golden hair slid over my shoulder and Jordan nuzzled his face into my neck while his arm snaked around my torso.  A slight frown crossed my mate’s face as his knee connected with something other than my leg and Hazia climbed off me wordlessly. 

His arousal’s deflation was instantaneous.  Hazia's hormone induced haze of lust peeled off me like a wrapping of some kind and the cool night air bloomed over my sweaty skin.  Jordan half climbed on top of me, bringing his silky knee in between my legs and brushing along my twitching member.  Stretching his toes against my leg momentarily, Jordan stilled once more and Hazia looked stricken.

Pity rose in my heart for the man who used to be one of the closest friends I had in the entire universe.  It had been a mistake to touch him intimately back then and now it seemed almost like relational suicide to even think of it but then again what relations did we have now?  He turned from me and tied his long coppery hair into place with a strap from his wrist.

“Sleep well your highness,” he clipped but it wasn’t in a sarcastic or angry manner.  His body suggested it was a clip your words so as not to cry response.

“Hazia, please,” I reached for him a little.  We didn’t have to be enemies because I was not his.

“No.  I have watched and felt you ignore me all these years because there was something about me that made you turn me out.  Never once did you have a good enough reason or a possible explanation.  You just stopped, like the Great Mother flipped your switch of me.  Do you know what it feels like to fall in love and know with all your heart that he loves you too, or so you thought...  Then one day, out of the blue, you are dumped to the side as if you never were.  But the worst part of it all?  Knowing you never knew why.” His face was like marble in it's stillness but a lone tear trailed down his cheek in the moonlight.

“I will always wonder why I was so terrible and why I would never be the one.  And I wonder to this day why I still cling to the hope that you were wrong.  But this very moment has finally allowed my heart to break and know you no longer.  I cannot afford to care for you a second more, for this alone feels like true death or a loss of limb.”

I had no idea what to say to him.  His feelings were thick in the air as if I could reach out and touch his devastation.  Truthfully I believed he had been the one to move on first with all the men he had taken after we had parted ways.  I never would have thought it was merely to cover up his love for me.  How these many long years must have tortured his soul and wickedly twisted the potential line to his Ghea.  Did he have one among us and not know it because of his infatuation with me? 

“I knew you were not mine to take Hazia,” I found myself saying.  “I loved you as a man loves another man yes.  But we did not exchange hearts or souls.  I knew the Ghea to be a mind-altering bliss between two people and that was something we never carried.  Neither of us did Hazia.  Please, tell me you know this to be true.  Even after all this time, you will think back now and just know.  Do not blame me for feeling it first. For you would only wish me dead if I had doted on you all this time, only to find my true heart after many years at your side.  Has that not an ounce truth to it?” I asked quietly and Jordan shifted a little into my side.

“I wish.  I wish it did not.  For then I could hate you as I have for all these years.  Now…  I have nothing left to offer a mate.  Because I wasted  all my emotion on you.  In secret, in hiding, buried in my heart; it is all ash after you.  May your life be what you dreamt it to be your highness.  I bid you goodnight.” Hazia bowed, tears flowing down his face now.  He ran out of our room in the palace with his bare feet slapping the stone underneath him.

“Forgive me…” I whispered to the darkened room and gathered Jordan in my arms.  His body fit to mine like a glove and it was then that I knew without a doubt that the feeling I had never had with Hazia was because Jordan was that feeling.  He would forever be my everything and that very thought brought my lips to his warm neck and my tongue to lap at his sweaty skin.  The moon washed our room in the palace--- a cut and paste  of blue and onyx. Black shadow or cerulean, things were light or they appeared not to be there at all---wrapped in darkness.  I could see the left side of my Telija's face but only touch to know the right.

It game of mystery and discovery as I laid him out underneath me and pulled the silky sheet off his naked body.  Curling a bit at the ends, his long hair splayed around the pillow and he shivered in his dreams while the breeze coursed over his long leans legs and over his chest.  This creature with the sultry black and ocean blue markings across his upper body writhed under me, his mouth open slightly with want. Another gust of honey soaked air blew through the open windows and mixed with my Telija’s intoxicating scent.  Straddling his lean body, I made no move to hide the thickening cock between my legs and rubbed against him with need. 

It had been so long and I was so hot from my bout with Hazia and Jordan was mine… Wasn’t he?  “Great Mother,” I breathed and ran my hands down my chest and closed my eyes.  Everything became sharper and I felt my body go into a form of heat.  My loins needed Jordan with a vengeance and I was fighting the urge every step of the way but he was too beautiful, too succulent to deny myself of his body.

Telija,” the word came out a growl from between my lips and he gasped but his eyes remained closed.

Like a ravenous animal I fell upon him…..

****Muhahahahaha.  Got you all hot didn't I? Ha. Okay Okay *holds up hands in defense* I'm sorry.  But good things come to those who wait and damn is this shaping up to be a REALLY good thing.  ;)  Who knows...maybe by this weekend the full chapter will be up.  We'll see.....



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