Monday, April 16, 2012

QUICKIES: The Delivery

I hope your Monday didn't suck too badly.  I wrote, played a video game with a chainsawing cheerleader hacking away at zombies, and had a smore cupcake.  *shrug* It wasn't so bad.  Lol.  Anyway, thank you guys for all the comments on the first QUICKIES installment and I hope you all enjoy this one.  This story was supposed to be something much longer but like I was telling a few people earlier, you can always come back and expand later. 

I have to say, I think I managed to get the gist of things down in eleven pages.  Which is hard.  Like, really, really hard. So I hope it all makes sense. ROFL. it is.  (Masterpiece theater voice) I give you today's QUICKIE. 



Paul Garmin cursed under his breath and squinted from the onslaught of rain dripping into his eyes.  This day had gone from bad to worse in under an hour.  He had to be somewhere aka yesterday and had been lost on this highway in the dark for what seemed like eons, but the time in the car had yet to be reliable, so who knew for sure.  Changing a flat tire?  Yeah, Paul wasn’t quite Mr. Fix-it and he’d most likely just bust the new tire trying to install it---not to mention the hassle of moving around the delivery in the back to get to the stupid thing in the first place.
This was what he got for not investing in the times and purchasing a cell phone, so he could call for help.  But the thought of owning one of those damn things made him cringe.  Man his boss was going to be so pissed.  He had a delivery in the trunk that was supposed to have been in Illinois, for clean up three hours ago but once again, Paul had fucked it up.  This was his second time and he wasn’t so sure that his boss was going to be lenient a third time.  He needed this job to get by in life and Paul would wait in this fucking thunderstorm for a passing car, so he could try and call in to plead a flat tire.
He lucked out that this had at least happened during the summer and that the rain was warm instead of freezing.  Not having the gas in his tank to keep the heat running, he was relieved on that front.  But he still had to stand outside the car because the Honda’s exterior was black and it was dark out and he needed to wave down a car as soon as possible.
For the next sixty minutes, Paul clicked his Maglite on and off around him, hummed a few bars that he knew from a Gun’s and Roses song, and started counting how many heel to toe steps it was from the green mileage sign behind his car to the Interstate sign up ahead.  Somewhere around thirty six steps, the muscled delivery man looked up at approaching headlights with an eye roll. Finally, he sighed.
He removed his black leather jacket so that his white t-shirt would show up better and stepped into the lane, waving his arms above him but he knew the vehicle saw him.  The rain started pelting down, the sound deafening even the engine of the cherry red truck slowing down next to Paul.  Tinted windows made Paul squint and put a hand over his eyes to try and see into the cab.  With a waft of smoke greeting the delivery man, the window buzzed down partially but still Paul saw nothing.
“Hey man!” He shouted and hugged himself as he became drenched without his coat.  “Do you have a phone I can use? Got a flat and I need to call a tow.”
“Get in,” a man’s voice shouted back and Paul shook his head.
“Sorry man I don’t mean to be a bother but I can’t leave the car.  Could I just use a phone?” A crack of lightning illuminated the sky and the truck seemed to glow with power.  Paul snorted even in the rain and knew for a fact he needed to get the fuck out of this storm and get some sleep.  How long had it been since he’d had a full night’s rest?
“I have chains in the back.  I can tow it up to the house and you can call them there,” the voice returned with another thick coil of smoke. 
“Yeah, ok!” Paul nodded.  Not seeing a problem with it, the delivery guy ran back to his Honda and fetched his coat and keys---making sure the trunk was good and locked.
“Good?” The deep voice came from right behind him and Paul shivered, turning around to look up at the massive male before him.  Paul had always been a strong man but this hooded stranger was built.  Already sopping wet, the owner of the truck kept his dark hood up and crouched in front of the flat.  “I have a donut in the back.  It’ll pull fine down the road until we get to the house.”
“Yeah, sure.  Thanks man.  You’re a lifesaver,” Paul praised but kept his distance from the male.  He wasn’t stupid as to the power that the guy was packing and riding in that cab was going to be hard enough without cramping in on the stranger’s space---no need to start a fight.
“Get in the cab, there’s a towel behind the seat.  I’ll put the donut on and then we can get this show on the road,” the man’s deep voice penetrated the storm and Paul shivered…again.  Probably because it was dark and he wasn’t familiar with the area or who lived here.  But his gut told him the guy was good people and his gut had never been wrong.
“Cool.  Thanks again.” The delivery man waved and made a dash for the dry truck cab.
Twenty minutes later, the real Mr. Fix-it got into the truck and Paul noticed the cab lights hadn’t gone on at all.  Not when he got in and not when the stranger got in either. Hiding something Stranger Danger? Paul thought with a smile.
“So…no cell phones for you either?”
“No.  Not tonight that is.  Storm has my reception on the fritz and the land line is steady at the house. That alright with you?” The hooded male turned slightly and the glow from the dash caressed a pair of full lips and sexy scruff along the stranger’s chin.
“I’m getting a little chilly.  Would you mind turning on the heat?” Paul asked smoothly. That could be telling.
“Not a chance.  Would you mind putting your piece on the dashboard?” The large male started the ignition and retorted.
“Not gonna happen,” the delivery man countered and sat back against the door to watch the driver.
“Is that what I think it is in your trunk?” The Hood asked, pulling the car slowly onto the road again, towing the car on a chain behind them.
“Just a delivery.” Paul smiled with a shrug.
“Yeah. Right.”
“Well you’re not exactly run of the mill yourself.” The smaller man snorted and tapped his knee.
“So you try and turn up the heat and crank up my scent?  Pathetic.” Stanger Danger drummed his fingers on the steering wheel, his jaw twitching with irritation.  “How old are you anyway?  Seem kind of young for that line of work.”
“Why, you some kind of cougar?” Paul snapped back and smugly grinned out the window.
“You lookin to find out?” The Hood’s voice dropped and the husky question went straight to Paul’s dick.
Still looking out the window, Paul held up a finger for the driver to see and listened to a sexy chuckle in response.  “That’s not what your body says.”
“Look, I just need a phone and then I can get out of here.  I know that’s why you stopped, to check things out but I wasn’t sent here.  You have my word.” Paul finally turned around and burned his eyes into the stranger’s profile.  “The delivery was for Illinois and I…picked it up hours from here.”
“Touchy,” the large male purred.  “And I believe you.  Had you been here for anything else, I’d have known about it, especially about a pick up.  And I knew you were here before you did.”
Paul stiffened.  “So you’re the…”
“Oh yea,” Hood replied with satisfaction.
“Of course you are.  Why wouldn’t this day get any more fucked up?” The delivery man clapped his hands to his thighs in exasperation.  He was so tired but he couldn’t sleep until the delivery was made.  That was part of the job.  He couldn’t fuck this up, he had no place else to turn if he lost this job.  Every other place that he had stayed at had ended up kicking him to the curb because he was…different. 
“Almost there and then you can get some sleep. I’ll have a few of the guys put your car into the garage until we can get that tire fixed.”
“You know that’s against the rules.  If you are the…then you know,” Paul grit.  He took his job very seriously and just because he didn’t have a cell phone, didn’t mean he wasn’t saavy where it counted.  His body was a weapon and his gun just a mere play thing to the destruction he could toss out.  He was a delivery agent after all.  That kind of job wasn’t given easily.
“You can sleep in the back fucking seat of that janky ass Honda for all I care but I can feel your exhaustion from over here.  When’s the last time you slept?” The hooded man quickly darted a glance at Paul who was fighting to keep his eyes open---a peek of sexy, glowing amber eyes sought out the smaller man.
“Wednesday I think. Business has been…booming lately,” Paul replied carefully.  You didn’t talk about the job in detail…ever. It upset people.
“That’s four days.  That’s not good for males like us, you know how we get.  You should eat then sleep.” Stranger Danger kept at it. 
“Look, I’ve had a rough couple of days.  First, they lost my luggage at the airport and I had to wear this,” Paul gestured at his tight black jeans and soaking wet t-shirt---his leather jacket slung over his knee.  “Then, all the rental place had---even after I made arrangements for transport---was that piece of shit back there.  And then I had to go and rig the tiny-mobile with transfer equipment.  All for that mother fu… uh anyway, I know it’s in your…nature to try and help or protect or whatever but I’ve never had that and I know it’s not in my future, so I’d just appreciate it if you stopped.”
“You’ve never had an…”
“No, never.” Paul’s eyes went hard as he stared blindly out the window.
“How is that possible?”
“They found me after my parents went…you know and everyone kept passing me along because I might have cooties.  I never formed a…whatever.  It is what is and that’s why I do what I do.  So no one has to go through that.”
“You have my deepest sympathies and my respect deliverer.” Hood gripped the wheel tightly as if he was angry but Paul knew what he was thinking about.  A baby losing their parents and never growing up with love or support and on top of that being branded…different.  Actually, Paul was moved at the words from the driver.  No one had ever respected him before. He fought not to look at the driver, even though he wanted to so badly.
“Thanks,” Paul murmured and relaxed against the seat.
“Don’t be alarmed, we’re here. And yes, they know.”
“Wow.  That’s a lot of…” Paul breathed and searched out the window for something he knew he wouldn’t see.  They were though, he could feel it.
Hood smiled. “Yeah, we run a big show around here.”
“Feels that way.” Paul smiled back.  “That’s good though, to have all that around you every day.  Must be nice.” And the delivery agent wasn’t joking.  To have that much support to wake up to was a dream that he could never even begin to fathom.
“Not once?” Hood stopped the truck and Paul immediately put his hand on the gun at his back.  “No one claimed you at all?” His question was full of astonishment.  Like he just wouldn’t accept Paul’s answer of No.
“No.  I was a hazard to the normals and they sent me to the training center to learn what I do now, after the first hundred years of my level one status.  They didn’t want me touching their females,” Paul snorted. “Not like I wanted their females in the first place.  I guess if you gotta be different, why not give them the whole sha-bang ya know?” His hand loosened around his gun and a gentle smile crossed the Hood’s lips. 
“I know all about that sha-bang,” Stranger Danger whispered and again the sound made Paul quiver intensely.  The driver’s voice made him want to puddle into a pool of warm and sexy and just stay there for all eternity. And the Hood was into the sha-bang too?  Even better…
“We should get going.  The sooner I get to that phone…”
“The sooner you leave…” Hood finished for Paul.  That playful smile disappeared as he put the truck into drive and finished the rest of the muddy road ahead.  They pulled off in front of a large brick home that Paul knew was the main house around here.  The others would live close by but not with the head of their group.
“Pretty big place you got here,” Paul remarked and got out of the truck, admiring the grand yet simplistic exterior in the rain.  His already tight pants clung to him even tighter as the water still soaked him to the bone.  And speaking of bones, the front of his jeans sported a nice hard on for all to see---the water again hiding nothing.  He tried to act cool about it but as Hood passed him by, Paul saw Stranger Danger’s head linger towards something in the area of his crotch.  But the stranger said nothing and went to the front door.  Paul shrugged and was about to follow when he felt the others come close to the house.
Four men came out of the darkness and went to the Honda without a word.  They wore waders and jackets and were well prepared to meet their leader’s needs this late in the evening.  Paul noticed that not one of them looked his way, which was strange because normally they always did...because of his status.  These four acted like looking at him was a sin; one that they seemed terrified to commit. 
“Come on.  They got this,” Hood called to Paul and the smaller man turned and darted up the steps and out of the rain.  The minute he set foot under the awning, Paul knew who was inside the house.  His own eyes narrowed at Hood and he couldn’t shake the feeling that this was going to be bad.
“He’s been here for a while.  I had no part in this but I can’t refuse him on my land.  You know that,” the stranger said with his back to Paul.  The delivery man could feel the anger rolling off his driver and felt the need to reach out and calm him.  Even though he’d never had a family like this, he knew how hard it could be when the bosses came a calling.  Paranoia and fear would set in at the sight of Paul and his employers…because there was only one reason they would be here.
“I didn’t call him here,” Paul grit out.  “I’m sorry.”
“He didn’t come for us.  He came for you,” Hood stated gravely and looked over his shoulder.  For the first time Paul got a good look at the stranger’s brilliant amber eyes that glowed in the dim light.  Sexy stubble lined his jaw, around his full mouth and thick dark brows sat underneath the hood.
Paul was dumbstruck.  Those eyes called to him and his dick twitched in his wet jeans.  His knees felt heavy with the need to drop to the porch and bare his neck but he seemed stuck. After all this time, this was where he was supposed to have been all along?  Between his boss sitting inside the house and the male before him, Paul wasn’t sure he hadn’t fallen asleep back in that truck cab and that this was some kind of dream.
“I…I do not know what to say,” Hood whispered.  He felt it too.  How could he not?  Had he known the whole time?
Paul swallowed and glanced at the men who were standing around his car with staring eyes.  Every single mouth opened a little in shock.
“Get that thing in the garage!  Now!” Hood barked a little and cleared his throat, rubbing his hands together. 
“Let me talk to him and the both of us will get out here.  The sooner the better and then you don’t even have to come up with some apology or excuse.  Good?” Paul stared at the beautiful wet wood under his feet then startled as Hood stepped into his personal bubble.
“No.  Not good.  You’ll talk to him and then he can leave. You will stay and that’s an order,” Hood growled while backing Paul into the brick of the house---both of his large hands palming the wall to trap the delivery man within his arms.  “Do you understand deliverer?”
“Yes,” Paul whispered.  The deliverer’s yellow eyes darted back and forth within the leader’s gaze, fully submitting to those intense amber irises.  His tight body shivered and Hood leaned closer to Paul’s ear.
“Good.  I like to be obeyed,” the stranger’s breath raised goose bumps over Paul’s neck and the delivery man fought the urge to once again drop to his knees and please the leader before him.  His whole body was raging with need for a brand of heat and lust that only the Hood could ironically…deliver.
“Boss first,” the stranger’s hands drifted to Paul’s shoulders and then down his wet arms only to wrap around the deliverer’s hips and pull the two of them flush together.  “And then we discuss our…situation.”
“Fuck.” Paul groaned and his head fell forward to greet the Hood’s thick shoulder.  The smell that engaged his nose was like cocaine of the highest quality to his body---citrus, musk, and rich tobacco.  He swept his face over the leather coat of the large man in front of him and inhaled deeply, his glowing eyes reflecting off the material in front of him.  So that’s why he didn’t want to turn up the heat.  Because he smelled like fucking sex on a stick, Paul growled.
“I said later,” the Hood growled and grabbed Paul’s pulsing groin roughly.  “Later,” he repeated with less aggression and Paul knew he was trying to get the oncoming urge to go away.  The leader wasn’t angry with him in the least.  In fact, judging by the hard meat against his own leg, Paul knew he felt the same.
“Sorry,” Paul sighed and let his head rest back against the brick wall, letting his neck stretch a bit.
“Damn it.  Don’t do that!” The stranger hissed, his eyes narrowing at the sight of Paul’s exposed skin.
Realizing his mistake, Paul lowered his head and hid his neck.  “Let’s get this over with.”
Walking through the Spartan flavored house was kind of depressing. Then again half the lights were turned off and you couldn’t see much.  Breathing through his sexual prowess, Paul followed the hulking male---with his hood still up---down the hall and into a large rectangular room with timber beams running the length of the ceiling.  Glass doors to either side of a rather impressive fireplace were open to the sounds of the rain---an awning preventing the pouring storm from coming inside.
Against the glow of a small fire was the silhouette of a man turned away from them.  He raised his glass of something dark in greeting, the ice clinking against the side to signal it was almost empty. Out of nowhere a female swiftly floated into the room and plucked the glass from the guest’s hand in silence. 
“Thank you Kaya,” Hood murmured and bowed a little.  The tall brunette shot a look to her leader that was full of malice but said nothing and continued pouring the liquor for their guest.
“Edgar,” Paul walked deeper into the room, coming face to face with his boss and former mentor. “I apologize for my delay.  I take full responsibility for the incident and will take the consequences you deem appropriate.”
The dark skinned man flicked his yellow eyes to the young deliverer and unfolded his fingers to receive his drink from the stunning female.  “Sit.” One word but the threat was there.
“Alpha, join us won’t you?” Edgar took a sip and inhaled through his teeth with approval.  Hood walked towards the three sofas arranged around the fire and slipped his coat off.  The female brought a stack of towels to the table and set them down to leave the room.
“This makes twice now Paul.  Twice, you have made us look foolish to the human government. Yes, yes I know all about the first Feral.  You had to chase him across the entire state of New Mexico---almost breaking the alliance and exposing us to the public eye---and blow up a federal building to take him out before he infected the local pack.  Such…a spectacle,” Edgar’s voice sent chills up Paul’s spine and without realizing it, he backed into Hood.  A different smell collided with the Alpha’s and Paul cocked his head to decipher the two scents.
“Now, you carry the body of one of the most wanted Ferals in the trunk of a worthless sedan and without proper transport equipment?” Edgar slammed his glass down and it shattered across the side table and onto the floor.  “Do you know…how many,” Edgar growled---his entire body shaking.  “How many shifters could have been infected!  Now that he is dead, the disease is airborne.  You are lucky that I have a team on the way to clean this mess up, Paul.” 
Paul’s head dropped with shame.  He had been so proud.  He’d captured the beast that had bit and infected over a dozen young shifters, causing them to go mad and strike out on their own with murderous appetites.  The body perfectly contained in his trunk and was supposed to be handed over to the government for decontamination.  Win, win for everyone.
“I would have thought the child of two Ferals would have been wise to the threat a mistake like this would pose to our species but once again you seek to be a hero to try and capture my affection through violence instead of brains.  Not once did it occur to you to call this kill in.  Oh wait!  You don’t believe in cell phones!”
They reminded Paul of the machines that were used on him when he was young; all the computers and beeps that they had hooked him to---making sure he wasn’t a ravenous murdering infant.  Even at 234 years old and having seen the many wonders of the world, he still couldn’t stand the ways of modern technology. Cell phones included.
Arms slipped around Paul’s waist and pulled him into a warm but wet chest and automatically his head rested back against the Hood.
Then there’s this,” Edgar sneered, gesturing to the Alpha and Paul.  “Pack after pack, we have tried to acclimate you but no one would bond with you for fear their females would give birth to a Feral.  No Alpha would even touch you.  Is he the reason you chose to ignore your duties so blatantly?” The dark skinned man rolled his head to relieve the twitch in his neck.  “Is he the reason I had to spend hours of my valuable time tracking you here to make sure you weren’t mauled to death like some idiot?”
“Director Jarva, I assure you that Paul and I just met.  He was very adamant about fulfilling his duties all night and it was only a flat tire that caused this mess in the first place.” The hooded Alpha snipped back.
“Oh is that so Alpha Remloise?  I’m very sure…” Director Jarva rolled his canary diamond eyes and shook his head.
“I. Am very. Sure,” the Alpha clipped and growled.  He let go of Paul and gently pushed the deliverer behind him.
Edgar’s scowl dropped into an expression of disbelief.  “You mean he is also your…but that cannot be!  He is Feral!  He will only ever be good to the Agency, not to a pack and certainly not as the mate of an Alpha!” Edgar growled baring his teeth.
“He is perfectly healthy.  You know this, I know this, and yes Director, he is my mate.  The only reason you’re pissed is because you know he is the best deliverer you have!  You bitch, you moan, and say he is a mistake but really he is just the vessel in which you do all your business through.  The minute I saw him, I knew who he was.  What other agent do you have that would rig a Honda for transport and be confident that he wouldn’t release infection?  No one, that’s who. 
I heard of him before I ever met him.  The Darkest Deliverer they call him.  His back is marked with the scars of the Feral and covered with skulls that symbolize their deaths.  He is the greatest and the most lethal of them all and you are only jealous.” The Alpha’s teeth began to elongate in his mouth and his nails lengthened from his fingers. Fur in a silky black began to grow over his arms and face, trailing down under his shirt.
Edgar roared his anger.  He too began to shift---his fur a mix of black and gold. Mid shift he ripped his blazer from his back and threw the pieces to the floor.  As Edgar jumped onto the coffee table, preparing the challenge the Alpha who had shifted fully, Paul pushed his newly discovered mate out of the way and pointed the business end of his Glock in the Director’s mug.  He knew what the smell was now that the fire was directly heating it up.
Stopping himself, Edgar perched on the coffee table with his six inch claws extended at the ready.  His teeth were bared and his eyes…that explained everything.  The sudden hatred for Paul, the jealousy…it was all so out of character. Even for a man as important as the Director.
“I’ll take care of everything from here. Your mate will never know, Edgar…I promise you Janie will never know how you…  You must forgive me but this will only get worse if I don’t take care of you now.  If you run old friend…I will hunt you down,” Paul’s voice wavered.  This man had been like a father to him---the only male to ever take care of Paul and guide him like an Alpha should have.  The younger male had thought something was wrong ever since Edgar had come back from that hunt in Nova Scotia recently.  The Director had been short tempered and always missing when he was needed.
“I know you were trying to help tonight.  I can feel that part of you reaching out to me, Edgar.  But now…it’s time to let me help you old friend,” Paul whispered and gripped his weapon.
A flash of headlights and the screech of breaks sounded in the front yard.  Slamming doors, yelling voices and the pounding of boots running down the hall vibrated the floors.  The click of a dozen silver loaded assault rifles surrounded Paul and the Director. The Red Team really had been called---Edgar’s last good deed would be ingrained into Paul’s memory forever.
“Doo…it,” Edgar growled in pain, his now Feral red eyes tearing up.  He was ready to die.  He didn’t want to live this way.  He didn’t want to be a murderer.
“They will know how incredible you were.  I will tell them all,” Paul vowed, a tear escaping his eye.  “Good bye old friend.”
“Prepare for Evacuation! Alpha Remloise! Get out of here!”  The men in bio-hazard gear screamed and pushed Paul’s Alpha through the open glass door. 
“Paul!” Hood roared but the deliverer wasn’t in any danger.  The only gift of being born to Feral’s…immunity.
With a readied exhale from Edgar, Paul smiled warmly and unloaded his weapon into Edgar’s head.

~~~~~~Six weeks later~~~~~~
“Director?” Kaya joked and stuck her head into Paul’s office. 
“Kaya come on.  Lay off will ya?” He replied, standing up.  “What’s up?”
“Your lover boy wants you,” Kaya snorted and rolled her light amber eyes.  Her dark brown hair fell off her shoulder as she moved back towards the door.  “And I’m not re-heating dinner for you guys tonight.  If you miss it, you can eat it cold or order pizza.”
With that Paul’s sister in law shut the door behind her and left him alone in his new office.  After Edgar’s passing, the Agency with the backing of over seventy percent of the registered Alpha’s Union, declared Paul the new Director of the Agency.  Paul fingered the frame in which he stood with Kaleb---there arms around each other and his Alpha’s eyes shining with pride.
Sighing, Paul stacked all the new pick-up and delivery requests in his assistant’s box and shut down his computer.  Loosening his tie he pulled it off and unbuttoned his shirt with one hand as he left his office and walked up the back stairs to their bedroom.  Before he even arrived he could feel Kaleb’s desire rolling through the walls and Paul growled in response---his own desire plumping in his slacks.
He let the tie fall to the floor and flung open the double doors to their private suite.  Kaleb was naked and covered in oil, kneeling on the bed.  His chest heaved as he sucked in deep breaths staring at his mate.  Long dark hair fell down Kaleb’s naked back---his Alpha tattoos covering his neck like a collar. 
Paul remembered the night he had finally pulled Kaleb’s hood down and got a glimpse of those thick ropes of black labeling the Alpha the strongest wolf of the pack.  He’d spent all night worshipping Kaleb’s body and licking every inch of those beautiful designs.  And right now?  He was about to do it again.
Kaleb scooted to the edge of the bed and gripped his erection, pumping it slowly while watching his mate get undressed.  Paul stumbled out of his clothes with need, trying not to rip off yet another pair of perfectly good slacks.  He’d already ruined three pairs this week and Kaya was getting pissed that she had to go out and replace them.
He snapped himself on accident trying to get his red briefs off and winced at the sting.  Unbalanced and with the scrap of red now at his ankles, Paul got twisted up and fell on his ass.  Kaleb growled, loving how his mate was tangled and on his back.  Grabbing the oil from the bed side table, he popped the top and slipped off the bed to the floor.  He crawled to his lover and straddled his thick thighs to either side of Paul’s tapered waist. 
“Kaleb,” Paul moaned feeling his mate’s erection on his belly.  Slippery oil landed on his chest and dripped down his body, making his skin appear glassy.  Kaleb began to rub against his mate and spread the oil over his lover’s body---getting into every spot he could.  He loved the feeling of the two of them slipping and sliding together, the way the oil heated up and made Paul scream his name, and truthfully he liked how shiny his mate looked…it was hot.
“Mmm, you look good enough to eat,” Kaleb hissed and spread the oil down the line of Paul’s chest hair and slipped his large oiled hand around Paul’s seven inches.  His fingers immediately enclosed around Paul’s shaft and tugged him a few times to oil him up.
“Don’t tease me,” Paul growled and grabbed his own dick from his mate.  The new Director wanted Kaleb and he wanted him hard.
“What no foreplay?” Kaleb grinned, his canines already long and pointed---ready for his mate.
“No, you asshole,” Paul grit and stroked himself slowly.  He bucked as Kaleb poured oil over his cock and let it rain down his balls and right to his sweet spot. 
“Speaking of asshole,” Kaleb licked his lips and roughly pushed Paul’s hairy legs wider.  He took a deep breath to control his claws and cupped Paul’s balls, rolling them in his hand and coating them with oil before trailing two fingers down to his lover’s entrance.
“Come on, come on already,” Paul whined in frustration. “Fuck!” He roared as Kaleb gave him what he wanted and without warning pushed two fingers in.
Paul raised his knees , giving Kaleb more access and holy shit did he use it.  The long haired Alpha rammed his fingers into Paul’s ass until he saw stars, his dick so hard the head was turning purple.
“Not yet!” Kaleb commanded to Paul and the Director squeezed his balls roughly to calm his impending explosion.  “Well fuck it. On your knees,” the Alpha growled.
In a flash, Paul was on his hands and knees for his mate.  With a loud gasp and a moan, Kaleb forced his way into Paul---all the way in.  Fisting his hand in the back of Paul’s hair and pulling his head back in submission, Kaleb pounded his mate hard. 
Paul’s yellow eyes rolled back into his head and auburn fur sprouted a little over his chest, his wolf demanding release but they didn’t want to piss off their Alpha.  Reaching underneath, he made a fist and let Kaleb’s pounding create a rhythm for his hand on his dick.  The dying sun reflected off their glistening skin in vibrant shades of orange and pink as Kaleb began to change.
Black fur erupted from his chest and a vicious growl burst from his throat---making Paul tremble with excitement.  Even as powerful as he was, Paul would forever be in awe of his mate’s wolf.  He felt the fur tickle his skin and the cock inside of him grow in size.  Claws bit into his hips and one traveled underneath to Paul’s chest and pulled him close to his Alpha’s chest.
“Yes, please!” Paul cried and Kaleb opened his jaws wide.  A violent snap clamped the Alpha’s mouth to Paul’s neck.
“Kaleb!” Paul screamed and the change erupted.  Kaleb still pounding away as Paul came against the floor.
“Mine!” Kaleb threw his head back and roared.  And Paul knew in his heart that he was finally home.


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  6. Real good. Really deserving of more or more quickies about the same world.

  7. Can't read it all white

    1. Just use "select all" and it should highlight the words for easier reading.