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Few things that we need to go over before we get to the goods:

1. I'm going to be working more here in the real world, so I may not have the same swifty posting schedule as I usually do.  But I will work as hard as I can between work and having a life as humanly possible to get you a few more pages of fairy or vamp page crack every week. 

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3.  As a manga and a yaoi fangirl, I feel it is my civic duty to pass on the hotness and totally amazing free graphic novels from MANGAGO There is some extremely awesome work on here and a lot of it is done by people trying to get there stuff out there, so support everything from sweet male male romance to holy crap that some's hardcore craziness.  Lol.  Yummy.

4. For some reason this week A Warlock's Tale (A Quickie from earlier this week) did not post to the blog feed for my follower's and I recieved a few message's about it.  So thanks to those users who alerted me and if you click on the title above it will take you right there.  Thanks and sorry about that. :D

5. I have been a terrible fan lover lately and haven't been commenting back to guys.  I wanted to say that it isn't because I don't care!  It's that I'm so busy and there are a lot of them coming in.  Which is awesome.  So I'm going to try and do one long comment at the end of the day after posting and address you all at once.  If you have something specific to ask me, you're answer will be included with your comment name.  :)  Hope that's cool with everyone. 

6. Last thing up for discussion.  This is just a taste compared to my usual preview (Gripe gripe hiss...yes yes I know) but that's because this chapter is once again a complete action package and I can't give everyone's mini adventure away all at once.  So again I'll apologize to the little pouty faces you're all making. *evil grin* The full chapter should post sometime around next Sunday or Monday.  Until then, I'll be posting a few teaser lines to my twitter @Night_Tempest and a QUICKIE or two on the blog.  Also I'm trying to get these damn QUICKIES posted to Lit but their bots are being little demons so I'll keep you posted on that. 

Thanks guys and I hope you don't all attempt to stab me with eye daggers through the computer after this little morsel.  Ciao!  XOXOXO NIGHT TEMPEST

Dan and Rowe Ch. 4 PREVIEW

Blood arced in a perfect crescent as the assassin’s head was sliced right off his shoulders.  Ghost turned his evil grin to the trio approaching his corner of the roof---the wailing storm and the ferocious waters of the docks as his backdrop for mayhem.  Bringing his staff full circle, the Guardian pointed a gleaming blade at his new opponents in invitation. This batch seemed a little more confident, the leader of their little group taller, broader---a nasty past in his light eyes. He wasn’t like the others.  This man was a trained killer.

Knowing that he wouldn’t be able to paint their bodies red up close with his staff, Ghost clicked the button on the middle of the stick, the weapon dividing into two and giving him a little more flexibility with both arms.  Smoke billowed over the rooftops and around their feet, occasionally hiding their forms as large clouds rode through the air; the rain not being able to diffuse the fire quick enough to see everything clearly.  Focusing his hazel eyes, the Latin vampire shook his hair out and took a few steps forward towards the group but they chose the next burst of smoke floating by to disperse in different directions. 

Ghost could feel them circling him, closing in--- sure they could take him out.  Forward, it was like a feeling more than a word and the Guardian’s arm shot out blindly with his blade.  The sharp tip stabbed into something solid.  Yanking the blade out, the smoke in front of him cleared a little and the smallest one of the group was hissing and holding his bleeding shoulder on the ground.

Turn around, East, his body moved in a circle sweeping his blades out like they were part of his body. “Ah!” The voice was lighter than the first vamps as his left handed knife took the second vamp right in the gut, followed by Ghost’s boot connecting with the fucker’s knee---the crunch of the cap completely audible.  Even as a vampire and a long term killer, Ghost flinched when the young vamp’s face leaned forward out of the smoke with his mouth open and blood coating his tongue and chin.  The body was somewhere on the other side of the fire’s aftermath, covered in a blackish grey.  A wet choke and a groan later and the face fell back into the smoke.  Ghost heard the body fall and tip off the roof, landing with a smack below.

Turn!  Turn now… He sucked in a deep breath as a blade went through the back of his thigh.  He wasn’t fast enough but now Ghost was pissed and that more than made up for it.  With a growl, he extended his arm up and brought his elbow straight into the warm chest at his back.  The other vamp was knocked back.  Sensing a few feet between them now, Ghost hissed and pulled the blade poking out of the front of his leathers from the back of his leg. 

“Gah!” His mouth let go of the pain verbally and Ghost felt the blood began to leak from his wound.  He wouldn’t have much time on his strength---it was a bad bleed and maybe he’d knicked the artery.  Hell, he was sure of it.  He’d need blood soon but first he’d have to take care of this douche.  Turning, he tried to take a step forward and his bad leg wobbled under his weight. 

“Something wrong Guardian?” The big vamp had the nerve to taunt him.  Ghost searched and inhaled, trying to seek out the figure that had struck him.  Finally those eyes came into view and narrowed at Ghost with a smile.  The assassin’s almost watercolor irises reminded him of the ones that had put a bullet in his mother’s head---the same shark grin and the same surety.  Rage filled the Guardian and his vision went red, his blood pumping too quickly for his wound, and his hand dropped the blade in favor of the gun at his thigh but his arm was going numb.  What, he thought.  He should have healed a little by now. 

“Well I’ll be a son a bitch.  Shit does work,” the vamp commented and strode over to Ghost with a gun in his hand.  Ghost dropped to one knee as the feeling in his side left him and he couldn’t support the weight any longer.  What the fuck was this, he thought frantically and reached for his other gun with his good side just as the same numb feeling began to spread.

Crouching down, the blonde assassin snorted.  “Almost too easy.” He pulled another blade out of his jacket and turned it in study.  “Seems to be working though, you’re still bleeding and the look on your face says your fucked.”  It was the last thing Mr. Blue Eyes said before a bullet went straight into his left ear and his eyes went blank.  Ghost shuddered as the body hit the ground but not from the violence of it.  Instead he felt his own body becoming paralyzed, something on that blade in front of him was important.

Besides Knox, J.J. was the closest thing to a brother that Ghost had but with J.J. it felt like more than that.  The Guardian gave a tortured sigh as his friend lowered the smoking gun and ran to his side. 

“This isn’t possible. Ah man, how?” J.J. knelt in front of Ghost and looked at the blood coating his friend’s leg.  Ghost was starting to breathe irregularly---too relaxed and deep.  His eyes were growing heavy.

“Grab that…knife.  It’s on the knife.  Call Cade…” Ghost slurred.  “Weapons…poison…”  The Latin heard a familiar voice begging for his life from below and saw his friend’s chocolate eyes narrow with understanding before his world went black.


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