Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hey everyone!  Welcome to another dose of QUICKIE.  LOL.  This story had been sitting on my computer for quite some time.  At one point I thought about turning it into my next blog series, but I wanted to push out Taming Fire more.  I tried my best to explain the little details of the world I had imagined for the storyline, but forgive any mishaps or plot holes.  For the most part, it’s about the two main characters coming together and nothing more.  So, go with that when you read this.  These QUICKIES are experiments with writing, tid bits of stories that could have been, and I like to share them with you for the fun of it.  :D

Another thing… a little warning… this story is fiction.  I know I write a lot of sex, mostly paranormal unprotected sex, but that doesn’t mean I condone unsafe encounters.  For those of you out there thinking about having an all-natural escapade, please think twice.  It’s risky.  Vampires and werewolves don’t actually exist, however much we wish they did.  Wrap that shit up please.  Don’t worry me.  Okay, that’s all I’m gonna say on the matter.  :P

Enjoy the read.  Be safe.

~xX Night

Song Inspiration:


A line of men wrapped around the street corner, all of them waiting to get into the brick building they’d flocked to in hopes of satisfying their Friday night desires.  The club goers waited in the stifling heat of the night for as long as it took to get past the bouncer, who stood there, muscled arms crossed over his broad chest guarding the simple black door behind him.  Their faces were barely visible in the shadows of the lone street lamp on the corner, but Miles knew most of them with a simple glance.  He remembered build, stance, hand gestures and voices better than most.  Not that he’d been with all of them; he just had a good memory.  One face he was happy to see was the bouncer’s.

Quinton was a towering man with skin the color of dusk; a deep brown that was almost black in the shadows.  He had a healthy glow to him, contouring all of his features in an edible, dusky blue in what little light the night offered.  Not only did Miles always fight the urge to run a hand over Quinton’s smooth, bald head and thick arms, his breath was in jeopardy of being stolen every time the bouncer uttered a word with his bewitching accent. 

In all the years Quinton had worked at the club, he’d never been forthcoming about his homeland.  Miles supposed everyone had a past they wished to escape and never pushed the issue, but damn if the bouncer’s voice didn’t tease his libido with just a simple hello.  He made for the front door from the street, swiping out of his message screen on his phone, nearly salivating at the last picture he was sent.  Between the bouncer and the steamy photos streaming to his phone, Miles was basically in heat.  The bouncer grinned, revealing his snow white teeth against his dark skin.

“Look what we have here.  It’s been a while since you showed face, Miles.” 

Quinton slid a hand over his shoulder.  The gesture left an open ended invitation in which Miles could accept or reject.  It was also an invitation he was given every time he came to the club.  But one man he’d never been with was Quinton.  Although he was highly aroused at the idea, Miles didn’t like to date the employees, even though he’d broken that rule several times.  But with Quinton, things could end badly, and Miles wasn’t one for drama or mixing business with pleasure where it could cost him.  He had enough on his plate as it was, with work and with keeping himself out of serious trouble.  The last thing he wanted was to create a rift between him and Quinton.  The guy was one of the few staff members he gave a shit about.  And, if the rumors served him correctly, he had a feeling his older brother had a thing for Quinton.

Miles gave the hand on his shoulder a squeeze before sliding it off his body.  “I’ve been working like a dog.”

“I don’t understand why you work at all.  You don’t have to.”  Quinton grinned a little too sharply for public eyes.  He hissed and licked his teeth, whipping his head to left at the first complaint from the line. 

A tall blond waved his skinny fingers at the bouncer.  “We’ve been waiting here all night, man!”

“And you’ll wait until next week if you don’t shut your mouth.”  Quimby got up in the man’s face, watching him cower away.

“Dude.”  The whiner’s friend pulled him back.  “That’s Miles, one of the owners.”

Miles simply chuckled.  “I’ll catch you later, Quinton.  I need to blow off some steam.”  They exchanged a look.  Quinton eyes revealed his disappointment, but he nodded.  Miles pulled open the door and tasted the first hint of sweat and provocation on his tongue.  It had been way too long, he thought.

The thump of the music’s bass vibrated under his hand as he skimmed his palm over the sticky wall.  Shadows shrouded the face of the inner door attendant.  A low red hue bathed the entrance hallway.  The air was thick, hard to breathe through.  Smoke blew past his face, curling from a man’s lips against the wall.  Miles couldn’t wait to get lost in it all.

His phone buzzed again.  Another message from KingLeo blinked on his screen.  A theoretical muscled god awaited him on the dance floor.  With only a picture of the guy’s abs and cock to go on, Miles was used to the anonymity this particular hook-up, phone app provided.  Yeah, it was risky.  No, he didn’t need to use the damn app in the first place, but he was dying for a different kind of action, and this guy seemed just the ticket. 

He was tired of the arranged awkward dates by his friends, and amateur one night hoorahs that left him cringing from how sloppy they were, or even being ignored while some guy texted the entire way through dinner...that he ended up paying for.  He was tired of waiting around for the perfect man to walk into his life, one who could rock his world and leave him breathless.  He was tired of the drama queen pool his circle associated with.  He wanted a real man, a challenge that left him scrambling out of his comfort zone.   No such man existed, he thought.  Welcome to reality, or the dark side, as he called it.

Miles was practically vibrating with excitement.  Quinton had been right.  He didn’t need to work, but he found it kept him in line, with some structure and out of trouble.  But after working two weeks straight, with only his companions saving him from going insane with an occasional drink night after a long day, Miles was ready to get some.  It was nights like this he thought about giving up his job in the fashion industry, and giving in to his true nature.

His true nature was sweaty, hard, and mindless unlike his work persona.  Tonight he didn’t want a name or a relationship, to force a smile for the sake of gaining a connection.  He just wanted to get fucked.  He wanted to lick the sweat off a man’s skin and feel the power in a man’s body against his.  Another buzz brought his attention to his phone.

Almost a hundred screen names scrolled across the app, a plethora of anonymous hook-ups like a buffet waiting for him in the club.  But he was here for one guy only.  He’d been messaging KingLeo for a few weeks now.  He wanted that cock he’d saved to his phone, to trace the thick black tattoo running over KingLeo’s chest with his tongue.   Breaking free of the hall, dancing around the men glued to each other along the walls, Miles stepped onto the top platform of the club and looked out over the railing.  Lights swirled like ribbons of color across the dance floor below, illuminating the grinding pit of bodies dancing the night away.

Already feeling the body heat of a few hundred men, he pulled his tank top over his head, and stuffed it through his belt loop.  Eyes immediately fell on him, like they always did.  Cats to cream, they perused his bare torso with looks of solicitation.  A few couples, a few faces he knew, and some he didn’t, Miles kept walking and purposely ran a hand through his disheveled nutmeg hair.  He wasn’t in the mood to give in, no matter how much he wanted to, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t play with them.  The message on his phone commanded his presence at the downstairs bar.  Obeying his cock, he took the upstairs floor in wide strides, his jeans already filling out below.  The jingle of his designer dog tags made him grin.  His battered boots began to step in time with the beat.  He couldn’t keep the swivel out of his hips even if he tried.  The music was bumping just the way he liked it.

Hands brushed over his naked skin in the dim lighting.  Slivers of color swiped across his eyes, swirling away like lasers across the crowd.  A hand managed to grab his ass as he reached the stairs.  He paused, cutting his mischievous stare to a leather-strapped daddy seated at a table next to the railing.  A young blond twink straddled his lap, both of them gazing back, hungry for another to join their party.  Miles smiled wickedly. The sexual tension of the club washed over him, but he shook his head.  The big man’s eyes slid down his body.  They both knew what he wanted.  And if he didn’t have someone else in mind, he’d take the couple up on the silent offer.

“Another time,” he mouthed, sensually running his hand slowly over the steel railing.  He couldn’t help it.  The need to exert his sexual energy was in his blood.  It was a need he tried to avoid as much as he could.  Acting on his desires thus far had gotten him in immense trouble.  He was the youngest in his group of friends, the bad little boy who just wanted to have fun.

The young blond rolled his hips, immediately disinterested with Miles’s rejection, and went back to sucking on his man’s neck.  Their connection with Miles lost, he continued down the stairs.  Bodies boldly pressed into him, taking their chances, offering themselves if only for a night.  But Miles had a one track mind.  Feet finally planted on the basement-level dance floor, he searched the crowd.  The bar was on the other side of the room, separated by a horde of tangled men, dancing like the music was in their veins.

Getting across the floor would be a challenge.  Though, nothing he wouldn’t enjoy.  As the DJ mixed another soul swiping beat, Miles began his journey across the dance floor.  Platforms acted as checkpoints in the crowd.  Men in nothing but thongs and black boots danced to the beat above.  Almost in sync, they gyrated to the bottom of their little squares, giving the crowd a good look at the treasure between their ass cheeks for a few dollars before circling their hips back to standing. 

While luscious in their rock hard, tanned skin glory, Miles had already seen their little routine many times before.  He’d had a night with the one in the camouflage hat, about five months ago to be precise.  Flattered that the dancer remembered, but how could the guy not, Miles grinned when he got a tip of the guy’s hat in his direction.  Hoping for another round, the dancer went low on his platform, running a hand over his full package, licking his lips a little.  Miles winked back, but shook his head, being shoved by a spritely young thing with a whole lot of ass. 

Getting into the whole dance floor scene, Miles smacked the barely legal boy back, getting a drunken giggle in return.  The boy was so fresh Miles could virtually smell his virginity.  He could remember his first time at one of the clubs in the city, many years ago.  Not that he was old.  Hell, he was only twenty-five, sort of, but that was a lot older than the trashed, little thing bouncing around next to him. 

A few years took away the innocence of it all.  Sex became superior to the youthful fun these kinds of establishments claimed to engage in.  Over time, Miles had developed tastes, in men and in sex.  It wasn’t about being flirty and fabulous for him anymore.  It was about getting a good buzz, finding the biggest predator in the room, and remembering to have him wrap it up before he fucked you like the world was about to die.

Reminded of his mission, he pressed against the boy’s back.  “Go home with your friends.  Be good,” he whispered, adding a little kiss on the cheek.

The boy laughed, reaching for him with a flick of painted black nails, but Miles was already gone.  Halfway through the mess of dancers, Miles saw a former fling of his smack dab in the middle of the dance floor.  Meza was as big as they came, powerful arms covered in tattoos, and an ass that barely fit in his leather pants.  One end of a smoldering sandwich, Meza tightened his hold around the other man across from him, ensuring their prey didn’t escape.  The smaller man in the middle could care less about his lack of oxygen between the two hard bodies trapping him.  His eyes read blitzed.  He put his head back against Meza, enjoying the ride and the cocks pressing into either side of his body.

Meza’s eyes caught Miles’s, partaking in a moment of reminiscence.  The giant grinned before turning back to his latest victim.  Miles had to admit, Meza had been one of the best fucks of his life, but he didn’t make a good boyfriend.  He was possessive, almost an animal, even after the first few nights together.  Miles didn’t like it one bit.  He liked to be equal on the outside and dominated behind closed doors.  Though right now, Meza was looking fine as hell.  Swallowing down his need again, Miles smirked and carried on.  As good as that ass looked…it wasn’t worth another black eye to the UPS guy for simply saying hello.

Finally, he could see the bar.  A red glow emanated behind the glass bottles some fifty dancers away.  He shoved politely past a few older couples, hopeless romantics here to recapture something that had long since died.  The club wasn’t about love.  It was nothing more than a pit of lust and cheap body spray.  It was about leaving a liquid signature in a grimy bathroom stall.  It was about losing your shirt and not giving a shit what his name was.  It was about being free of the life outside these brick walls and giving into the beat that claimed you from head to toe. 

It wasn’t about love.

In the daylight hours, most people would cringe at the dirty concrete floors, stained with sins and boot scuffs.  The booths upstairs were ripped up.  The tables were off kilter and the paint had been peeling since 1989 and the bathroom walls were covered in a layer of filth not even a hazmat team could clean.  There was no heart to the club in the day.  Only at night, when men brought the place’s soul to life; four walls containing their hot energy, filling the place to the brim with passion and mystery, eyeliner and the tightest pair of jeans LA had to offer.

Tonight was one of those nights.  As whispers of fingers caressed his body, hot breath lingering like fire across his skin, and deep rumbles inviting him to sacrifice his body for the sake of pent up want, Miles felt that very energy.  It insisted he continue, to seek out the man who’d teased him the better part of two weeks.  He wondered for a second if Leo’s profile was real.  Did that body exist, or was it just another Google search victory for some nerd with a beer gut?   None of his friends had seen the profile before, or so they claimed.  The screen name surely would have traveled within his inner circle had this Leo guy been a regular in the city.  But Leo remained a mystery, a newbie, and a genetic winner according to his pictures. 

Miles was nearly slavering by the time he reached the bar.  All the dirty things he hoped Leo would use him for, weeks-worth of fantasizing, it all hit him at once.  He was already hard.  He sidled up to the bar, shoulder to shoulder with two men he could give a fuck about, in need of a cold beer.  The bartender gave Miles a look, ignoring everyone else pushing cash at him.  A beer was slid over the counter without a word.  Miles nodded, ignoring the vexed stares of the men who’d been waiting.   His phone buzzed again.  This time Leo claimed he was headed for the backroom.

Miles glanced up at the bartender.  His body went rigid.  He noted the slight quiver of the bartender’s jaw.  Their eyes traveled to the purple curtain at the end of the counter.  The backroom was meant for city royalty only, the cream of the crop most didn’t even know by name, people that owned every square inch of the streets of LA.  Miles only knew them because he was one of them.  They’d been friends and companions for many years.  So what the hell would a newcomer like Leo be doing back there, casually inviting him behind the curtain like he knew a thing or two?  Only one reason came to mind, and that meant… 

No.  The rumors couldn’t be true.  They would have told him!

“Yep,” the bartender confirmed.  “Don’t start shit, Miles.  It’s a busy night.”

Miles pushed away from the bar, following the bartender down the counter, pushing whoever he needed to out of the way.  “Is it?  And don’t call me Miles,” he hissed.

The bartender met him at the end, leaning over the locked gate.  He pulled up his sleeve, showing Miles the tattoo on his forearm.  A crown with four lines underneath decorated his skin.  The fourth line was completely healed, but Miles knew it had been made within the last day or so.  The bartender, being one of them, healed rather quickly.  Miles was tempted to punch him in the face just to see him bleed.  He was that angry.

“Yes it is, my lord,” the bartender whispered, away from the others.  “And don’t be mad at Quinton.  He was told to keep it a secret until it was formally announced.”

Miles took one last look at the crowd.  So innocent, they had no idea what lay behind that curtain, unless they were like him.  And there were a few of his kind, he noted, scanning the dancers.  The others had no idea what violence could be unleashed should someone back there snap their fingers.  Another line on an enforcer’s arm meant a new king was in town; a king he would protect with his life.  The fourth king to be exact, the runaway Miles had heard so many stories about, but had never met.  Four out of four kings completed the entire fucking collection.  Oh goody, he sneered to himself. 

“Leo?”  Miles surmised, gripping his phone like it was someone’s neck.  He’d been royally played.

“Yes,” the bartender aka enforcer grunted.  “He’s…uh…waiting for you.”

“I’ll bet he is.”  Miles tipped back his beer and guzzled it until only a drop remained.  He slid the empty bottle across the counter.  “Wish me luck.”

The bartender grinned.  “You need luck?  Yeah right.  Don’t be too hard on him.  He seems nice.”

“None of us are nice,” Miles growled, fingering the purple velvet curtain.

Two tiny points barely glinted from behind the enforcer’s lips.  “No.  I guess we’re not.”

Miles’s lips curled into a cruel smile.  His dick throbbed, reminding him of what he’d come here for.  Hell with that, he scowled.  Despite the new guy checking up on him through a sex app, he had to hand to Leo, the guy was good.  The king had been discrete, yet not really.  His screen name was enough to give him away, but Miles had been too interested in his body and the sexy texts that he could’ve cared less.  KingLeo, Miles shook his head.  The more he thought about it, the hint of tattoo on Leo’s chest reminded him of three other tattoos he’d seen more than once.  Four ruling males, kings over of his kind, and one that had been missing since, well…forever, each had a family crest inked on their skin.  But Leo had run away to seek a better existence.  Apparently he needed a break before Miles had entered the scene, or been born if he was being technical.  Now Leo was back and it was going to be one hell of a party.

Miles parted the curtain with his hand, slipping between the fabric and into the concrete corridor.  His footfalls echoed as he walked to the door at the end of the hall.  He didn’t need to knock, but he waited a minute on the other side, gathering himself like the little bitch he wasn’t.  Finally, he turned the knob, striding through the door like it was any other night.

Three men sat in large, antique chairs around a fire place in their private gathering room.  Another young man, naked and breathtaking, clung to his master’s calf on the floor.  He shivered at the sight of Miles, inching further into the shadows between the chairs.

“It’s all right,” Andre murmured, gently caressing his slave’s hair.  “Good of you to join us, Miles.”

“I’ll just bet, seeing as how you all lied to my face.  Some friends you are.”  Miles put his hands on hips, waiting for an explanation.

“Relax.”  Kaleb, Miles’s older brother stood, grinning.  “It was a surprise just for you.”

“That the fourth king just showed up in Los Angeles and you felt the need to keep it from as a surprise?  Sure, right.”  Miles took his brother’s chair, rolling his eyes as Andre’s slave skittered away.  Miles bared his fangs for the young vampire to see.  He was feeling vicious.

Andre frowned.  “It was supposed to be fun, watching you in shock when you found out.  But stop harassing Gregor.  I won’t have it.”  He coaxed his lover into his lap, covering his slave with his jacket.

“I don’t see any fun in it.  What’s the point of surprising me with this kind of information?  Why all the secrecy for little old me?  I’m only a prince, not a fucking king. However, I am your friend and your brother,” he spat to Kaleb.  “It would have been nice to know, before I got my libido all excited over nothing.”  He looked at his darkened phone screen, pissed off. 

“About that…” Jon, the third king, drummed his fingers on the arm of his chair.  “You may still get what you’re looking for.  If you agree, that is.”

“I am not fucking Gregor again.”  Miles growled.  “He’s way too squeamish.”

Andre put a hand to his eyes, groaning.  “This isn’t about Gregor, and that was only an experiment.  Don’t even think about it again.  We’ve decided to be monogamous.  Haven’t we?”  Gregor nuzzled his face in Andre’s neck in response.

“You two make me want to vomit.  And Gregor, why do you insist on being naked all the time?  What’s up with that?  You make me want to…fuck.”

Gregor’s eyes glowed, surfacing from his hiding spot in Andre’s neck.  He grinned, fangs sharp and ready.  “So I may please my master at any time he wishes.”

“You’re a little ghoul.  Do you know that?  A tiny, naked sex ghoul,” Miles spat.  “I can’t believe I fucked you.  I must have been drunker than I thought.”

“There’s an obvious explanation as to why you didn’t enjoy sex with Gregor,” a new voice sounded from the darkened corner.  “You’re both bottoms.”

The kings cracked up.  Their laughter angered Miles even more.  “And who the hell are you to make jokes about my sex life?”

“Well, I’m going to assume the p in PMiles is for prince?”  A man stepped out of the dark.  Tall, dark haired, and of a distinct Mediterranean background, the newcomer almost made Miles’s cock almost explode out of his pants.  He nodded silently.  “Then I’m King Leo and it’s very nice to meet you.”

“Likewise,” Miles purred, forgetting his irritation.  Light brown eyes, speckled with green, stared back at him.  If they were amused or aroused, Miles didn’t care.  King Leo,” he added with a lick of his lips.

“I see you’re enjoying your surprise.”  Kaleb snorted. 

Miles blinked, pulled from his little dream.  “So what?  He’s here.  Big deal.”

“I’m hurt.”  Leo put a hand to his chest, pouting.  “May I tell him?”  He looked around at the others.

“Can we leave first?  I’d rather not be here when he starts breathing fire.  On second thought, maybe it would be entertaining,” Jon mused.

Kaleb gave Jon a look.  “Get the hell up.  Come on, Andre, and you too, Gregor.  Cover up.  I don’t want any humans thinking you’re a free snack cake.”

“They wouldn’t dare,” Andre hissed.  He buttoned his jacket around Gregor’s small body, leading him to the door.  “You’re not a snack cake.  They’ll have your cream filling over my very dead body.”

Kaleb barked a laugh, slapping Leo on the shoulder.  “Do you see what I have to put up with?”

“Andre is the same as he always was.”  Leo smiled, shrugging.  “A true comedian.”

“It’s good to have you back.”  Kaleb gave him a small squeeze.  “Be nice to my little brother.  I’m sure he’ll be a bit stubborn at first.”

“That’s it!”  Miles got to his feet.  “What the hell is going on?”

“Nothing you didn’t want,” Jon remarked, linking arms with Kaleb.  “Have fun.”  He wiggled his fingers as the pair left the room.  The door thudded shut, clicking into place.

Miles scoffed.  “Care to explain, Leo?”  He slumped back into his chair, distraught all over again.

“It’s obvious you’re feeling left out, probably a little jealous too?”  Leo took the chair next to him.

Miles scooted away.  “Oh, is that obvious to you?  You’re so smart.”

“Cute.  Seeing as how you don’t like to be jerked around, I’ll tell you my intentions flat out.  I find your attitude arousing, even in our texts.”  Leo narrowed his eyes.  “But I think you like to put up a fight first, don’t you?”

“Before what, exactly?”  Miles raised a brow.  “And that wasn’t straightforward, by the way.”

“And you didn’t say yes or no.”  Leo smirked.  “As a king, it’s within my power to take any subject as my mate, is it not, even a prince?”

“No way.”  Miles jumped out of his seat, fangs sharp in his mouth.  “Is that what this is about?  You happened to find me on the internet and got a hard-on?  Now you want to claim me as yours?  In your fucking dreams, Leo.”

“In my dreams, in pictures of your naked body on my phone, in explicit text messages, and all of the above…I want you.  So yes, that’s what this is about.”  Leo shed his jacket first.  He laid it over the back of his chair before standing.  “Unlike Gregor, I don’t want a slave.  I want a proper partner, which would make you a king as well, an unprecedented event in our history.  A king and a prince, I mean.”

Miles regarded Leo with curiosity.  Ruling power?  “I’m listening.”

“Oh, that got your attention, did it?  Interested in having complete power over the other vampires?  Not behind your brother any longer, with your own title, isn’t that what you want, Miles?  To be dominated, but dominate at the same time?”  Leo pulled his thin t-shirt over his head as if undressing in front of a stranger was the most natural thing in the world.  His flawless chest was bathed in firelight.  A thick tribal tattoo ran up his chest to wrap around his neck.  Studying it further, Miles saw the dragon within the bold ink, Leo’s family crest.  He fought the urge to lick his lips.  “The only difference in the lust you had for me before and the lust you have now is there’s a price attached.  But really, it’s not a bad price.  Not really a price at all if you think about it.  More of a win, win.  I want you.  You want me.  What’s the harm in saying yes, Miles?”

“The harm?”  Miles scoffed, sputtering off as Leo wrapped his belt around his hand.  Miles inhaled the pure masculine scent, warmed by the flames at his back.  “Why me?”
“Because I know you’re not afraid of me.”  Leo let the belt drop, waiting for Miles to flinch, but he didn’t.  “Because you’re what I couldn’t find when I searched the world; a brat that wants it and isn’t afraid to admit it, a high title, power, sex, and beauty, but with brains and want for a life partner as well.  Don’t worry, Miles, I did my research before today.  Your brother almost spoon fed you to me and I’ll admit I hunger for more.  Call it an arranged marriage if you like, but in this case…you’re free to say no.” 

His eyes said otherwise.  Leo took another step.  “I know my needs sound easy to fetch in this day and age, but the others always revealed themselves to be too innocent for my liking, and you are most definitely my style, not innocent in the least.”

“So that’s it?  You want to claim me as yours, let me have what I want, and live happily ever after?”

Leo kicked his boots off then sat down in the chair again.  He spread his legs and unbuttoned his pants before shimmying them down to his ankles.  “Shut up and come get what you came for.  I won’t wait another minute, unless you say no, in which I could just leave you here.”  The air thickened between them.  Leo gripped the arm rests, waiting in his gloriously erotic state.  “Or not.”  He smiled when Miles still didn’t say a thing.  “Come here, Miles.”

Miles hissed through his teeth, fully aroused.  “And then what?”

“Then I fuck you over and over again.”  Leo licked his fangs.  “Done talking now?”

“I’ll be your equal.  You do realize that, right?”  Miles took a step forward.  “If we do this, we’re stuck together.  Nothing will break our ties.”

“That’s kind of the point.  I’m done fucking around with trash.  I want you.  Now, you either take your clothes off or I’ll do it for you.  I can taste how much you want this.”

“All of this over a fap-app and a recommendation from my brother?”  Miles shook his head, not even realizing he was pulling his shirt off until it slipped over his head.  “You’re crazy,” he whispered, letting it drop to the floor.

“No crazier than you.”  Leo crooked a finger.  “The pants too, Miles.”

Miles swallowed.  He loved being told what to do.  But unlike Gregor, he was no slave.  He held a title.  He could say no, sort of.  But he wanted what his brother had, that kind of power.  It was the kind of power that came with control and structure.  He wouldn’t need to work anymore with his hands full of Leo and his subjects.  He wouldn’t get into trouble anymore.  No more running around or partying or near public feedings.   He would have control of himself again.  And… he wanted Leo too if he was honest, a pure stranger that he’d only heard stories about.  But looking at the man in person only made the stories greater.  His dick begged to come out of his pants.  His mouth salivated, hungry for the king’s cock and the offer of a partnership before him.  He’d never get another opportunity like this.  Leo was the challenge he’d been waiting for.  Miles felt the rightness settle in his gut.

“Take them off,” Leo growled, scanning Miles’ body.  “And come here!”

Within his one last moment of freedom, Miles closed his eyes.  Yes.  He wanted this.  He wanted Leo, almost ready to crawl out of his skin in need, whether the guy was a stranger or not.  Win. Win.   He unzipped his pants and turned around, looking over his shoulder as he pulled them down to reveal his bare ass. 

Leo leaned forward, snarling.  “Show me.”

Miles stepped out of his pants.  He turned around, letting his hard cock show as he put his hands down.  “Better?”

“Fuck,” Leo swore.  “Come here.”

“What if I don’t?”  Milo raised a brow.  “What if I’ve changed my mind,” he teased.  His eyes were heavy with lust.

Leo rose from his chair.  His muscles flexed, broad and imposing, even to another high bred vampire.  The dragon tattoo seemed to recoil as he took a few steps forward.  His eyes slanted dangerously beneath his thick brows.  “You never agreed in the first place, yet here you are taking your clothes off.  You never bothered to run after your friends and your brother when they thought to leave you here with me.  And you haven’t taken your eyes off my dick since I stood up.  Don’t tease me, Milo.”

“Does it make you angry?”  Milo licked his lips slowly, palming his cock, seamlessly stroked upwards.

“That you refuse to obey me?  Yes.  But it also arouses me.”


“Hmm, you like to piss men off before they fuck you.  You like to think you have the upper hand and control the situation with your eyes, your words, and your body.  But unlike the humans or vampires you’ve played with in the past, I control everything about you and you don’t even bother to notice.”  Leo stalked forward, pleased when Milo sucked in a quick breath.  His eyes were wide, suddenly innocent.  “I tell you when and where, but the best part is you never ask me why.  You just do.  You’ve waited a long time to give over to someone completely, both in and out of bed.  You’ve never met a man like me before, Miles.”

He folded his fingers around Milo’s hand, slowly leading him back to the chair.  “You’ve always had your pick of the crop.  You’ve always had the freedom to say no to other men, but not me, Milo.  You’ve never wanted anything more than this.  You’ve never begged, even silently, to taste another man’s skin the way you want to taste mine.”  Leo sat in the chair, spreading his legs open.  “Admit it, Miles.  We’re a perfect match in every way.”

“I don’t want to be controlled out there, Leo.  I have my own thoughts, my own life…”  Miles still obeyed, sliding into his Leo’s lap.

“And I will see that you fulfill all of your wants and needs, with me by your side.  I’m not heartless.”  Leo reached up, brushing Mile’s hair out of his face.  “You’re beautiful when you think too hard.”

“I’m not beautiful.  I’m a vampire.  We’re all the same, meant to lure in our prey with our looks.” 

Miles shuddered as a hand wrapped around his cock.  His hips were beckoned forward, bucking over Leo’s lap like a wild animal.  His chin tipped up, hair falling back as he moaned.  Leo tasted his nipple, dragging his slick tongue over the hardened nub sluggishly.

“I beg to differ, for I’ve never met a creature that entices me the way you do, even for a vampire, Miles.  From the moment I saw your picture and heard every little detail of what made you tick, I knew I had to see those doll-like eyes light up from my touch, just as they are now.”  Miles was drawn to Leo’s face.  A satisfied smile crossed the king’s lips.  “Just like that, beautiful.”  Miles bit his lip, hard, drawing blood into his mouth.  “Admit it, Miles.  You want more.  I want to hear you say it.” 

Leo bit down on his nipple, sinking fangs into flesh.  His hands kneaded Mile’s ass.  Choking on his words, Miles clung to Leo’s shoulders, wanting more with every passing second.  He’d been dominated before.  He’d been chained and pinned and restrained beyond reason.  He’d been slapped and screamed at and fucked like he wasn’t a breathing person, but never in his life had he been controlled at this level of intimacy.  Leo enchanted him from head to toe.  There wasn’t a need for cuffs or restraints.  All the king had to do was speak and Mile’s body seemed to obey.  This was the real deal, Miles thought.  This was who he’d been looking for all along, Leo.

He pushed Leo deeper into the chair, dipping his head to lick the blood from the king’s lips and fangs, his blood.  Leo attacked his mouth, fangs clashing together as they snarled their way into a tangle of arms and nails.  He would submit to Leo if the king could one up him.  He liked the challenge; the war that took place before he let his lover have his way.   Leo lived up to his promises.  He grabbed Milo by the back of the hair, bowing his body back until his ass teetered precariously at the edge of Leo’s lap.

“Admit it, Miles.  Until you do, you’ll just have to watch.”

The vampire king’s eyes blazed gold with warning.  Miles had no choice but to cling to Leo’s thighs with his feet digging under Leo’s ass, letting his back rest on the king’s knees.  Leo’s smooth fingertips caught him by surprise, trailing a feathery touch over his sac until he shuddered for more.  Miles felt the first drop of fluid slide against his cock and watched Leo’s engorged member leak.  Vampires were made to breed, to drown in sex, and please their mates.  The overflow of secretion from Leo’s cock was meant to lubricate his mate’s passage to sexual victory.  Unlike a human, the clear fluid flowed heavier, thicker, and let off a pheromone that no mate could resist.

The second a bead of liquid touched his skin, Miles felt a slow warming sensation spread through his loins.  With every panting breath, he was forced to watch Leo’s hand slid up and down his cock, bringing him closer to explosion.

“I’ll give you what you want if you just say yes.”  Leo’s eyes softened for a split second before they burned with fire again.

“Yes,” Miles moaned, stretching his back further.  “Please.” 

The smell of Leo drove him mad.  It was a scent he’d wanted to know his entire life.  Miles inhaled, opening his mouth, fangs pointing to the ceiling as he let his head fall back once more.  Leo’s hand possessively ran down his chest, over his abs and finally to his cock.

“Are you sure, pretty one?  Am I what you really want?”

“Yes!” Miles grabbed onto the arms of the chair to keep himself from falling, pumping his hips in rhythm with the king’s hand

Leo pulled Miles’s hips further into his lap, letting the fluid coat Miles’s backside. “Then I am yours.”

“I think I’m dying.”  Miles’s squirmed. 

The needy build-up had begun in his chest.  He’d heard what a mated male’s scent could do, even to a vampire, but he had no idea it would be this intense.  Leo’s bonding scent had been released, capturing Mile’s nerves in its clutches.  This was different from sex with humans or any other casual bedmate.  The bonding scent could only be released in preparation for mating.  It meant Leo truly wanted him…forever.

“You’re not dying,” Leo whispered.  “I plan on keeping you for a very long time, my sweet one.”

“I’m not sweet.”

A fingertip swiped over the head of his cock.  Miles trembled, teeth clacking together uncontrollably.  Leo smacked his lips, tasting Miles on the tip of his finger.  “Oh yes you are.”

Leo’s hands readjusted, cradling Mile’s body before he leaned down and slid them to the floor with the grace of a powerful cat.  He kicked the remainder of his pants off and spread Mile’s legs wide open.  “You are the prettiest man I have ever seen.  To know that you are mine is an honor.”

Miles could barely breathe.  Leo moved into position, pushing the prince’s legs up with his shoulders.  His hands twined with Miles’s, offering him comfort through his desperation.  “After tonight, I will never let you go.  I will never need to run and look for another.  You will have put an end to the void in my heart and brought me home in a way I could have never thought possible.  You are it for me, Miles, as crazy as I know you’ll drive me.”  The head of his cock generously spread mating fluid over Mile’s entrance.

Miles felt home, even though he thought he’d been home already.  How was it possible to be possessed like this, by one man he’d never met before tonight?  It was as if he’d been waiting for Leo all his life.  His past, his partying and troublesome behavior had been some sort of way to act out his need for the man on top of him.  He’d been calling for Leo this entire time, trying to be noticed.  And here he was.  He did want Leo.  He wanted the king like no other man before.

“Mate me.” The words left his tongue like a breath of air.

Leo stilled, locking eyes with him.  The fire behind his golden eyes raged to a blazing inferno.  “My sweet,” he hissed and leaned down.  His lips sealed over Miles’s mouth, stealing a greedy kiss.  He pushed the head of his cock against Miles’s entrance, creating pressure against the tight bud.

Miles gasped.  His vision blurred momentarily.  There was no pain, only pleasure that increased with every second.  His head swam as if he was drunk on Leo.  His back arched, welcoming the king’s cock inside of him.  He bared his neck to his soon to be mate, molding his stomach to Leo’s naked chest.

“That’s it, my sweet,” Leo growled.  “Submit to me, to your mate.”

Miles purred, drifting into another state of mind.  His body accepted not only Leo’s shaft, but his bond too.  His arms and legs felt like warm butter, leaving him floating, but only in his head.  “Leo.”

Miles expected his hands to be pinned, to be taken roughly by such a large man.  However, Leo made only gentle thrusts…at first.  The king allowed him to acclimate to his dream-like state, increasing the growl from the back of Miles’s throat.  He hadn’t even realized he was making the sound or that his body was being repositioned.  His leg was drawn straight up into the air, pressed to Leo’s chest.  The king bathed his ankle with his tongue, cutting him a wicked look.  Leo straddled his other thigh, shifting Miles towards his side but not quite.  The angle deepened his thrust, buried him all the way inside to places Miles had never been touched.

The prince moaned a ragged cry of pleasure, gripping the carpet with clenched fingers and nails.  Leo hugged his thigh tighter, pummeling his backside like the king he was.  The king’s chiseled physique rippled under a sheen of dripping sweat. Miles watched, wide eyed and breathless, as Leo’s body moved.  Every muscle played its part, from the twitch of Leo’s pecs to the twist and flex of his lower abs.  The man, the vampire, and the king was a creature to behold.

Miles’s body was treated to a deeper kind of intimacy than the fooling around he’d had prior to this. His body connected to Leo’s, fitting together seamlessly with every movement.  They craved each other.  They touched each other.  They couldn’t get enough.  And when Miles’s thighs were spread apart once more and he was flattened on his back, Leo leaned down for another kiss.  The time grew near.  The hunger swelling to a level Miles couldn’t ignore, and from the looks of it, neither could Leo.  Once they fed from each other at the exact same time, there was no going back.

For a confident, arrogant, and sexy man like Leo, Miles noted the doubt in his eyes.  The king was suddenly afraid he’d found his other half and would be rejected at the last moment.  But Miles had no plans of moving, of running away, or anything of the sort.  Years and years of looking had taught him that when he found something worthy of clinging to, never let it go.  And now presented with something worthy, he couldn’t bear to see Leo upset, even after a whole hour together.  Miles wanted this for real.

Leo’s eyes flickered, reading Miles’s decision plain as day.  He bent down, exhaling loudly before he drove his tongue into Miles’s mouth.  “Want to taste you,” he growled between kisses.

Miles wrapped his hands in Leo’s messy hair, holding on for dear life.  Fangs nicked his bottom lip.  Knees drove his legs open wider.  The heavy cock inside of him plunged deeper until he cried out, once again offering his neck to the king.

“I will keep you safe for all of my days, until eternity, my sweet one.  No other will shine brighter than you.  No other will have my love the way you will.”  Leo kissed his neck.  “I take from you, my mate, as you will take from me, binding us together for life.”

Miles shut his eyes, letting Leo’s words sink in.  He hugged his new mate closer, wrapping his legs around Leo’s hips.  Fangs pierced his neck and his nails bit deep into Leo’s back.   Body thrumming with Leo’s bite, Miles smelled the bonding scent as if it was crawling out of his own pores.  When he realized it was coming from him, he smiled.  Leo pulled another swallow of blood from his neck and Miles carefully nuzzled his face into Leo’s skin.

Leo pressed his body into Miles, rocking inside of him, trapping his cock between them.  Mile’s teeth itched for the blood rushing under Leo’s skin.  Hands cradled his head and Miles made his move.  He sank his fangs into his new mate and tasted his future for the very first time.  Leo shuddered above him, releasing his seed inside of Miles as their blood came full circle.  Miles followed quickly, taking a few more pulls at Leo’s neck before his body went off like a firework.  He screamed Leo’s name, feeling the tether to Leo grow inside of him.  It burned.  It felt incredible.  It was a feeling he would never be able to describe.  He was drifting away, secured in Leo’s arms.  He never wanted the king to let go.

Leo kissed his neck, his chest, his closed eyelids, and held Miles close.

“Sleep now, my sweet one.”

Miles reached up, feeling out the king’s face.  “Leo.”

His palm was kissed.  Miles sighed and passed out, Leo’s blood working its way through his body, cementing their bond which couldn’t be broken.  Miles was now a king.

**One Year Later**

The last model walked down the runway.  He put his hand on his hip, waited a second, and turned around at the end of the stage.  He hid his grin in front of the crowd, loving the outfit he was wearing; soon to be his payment for a job well done.  The cockeyed crown on his head gleamed under the lights and he expertly worked his combat boots in step with the music, eventually disappearing behind one of two white partitions.  The crown emblem was cast over the partition screens via a hidden projector, proudly displaying the Royal 5 insignia for the crowd.

Miles took a deep breath backstage, hooked his arm around the last model’s elbow, and walked out onto the runway.  He lifted his head, wearing a cheek burning smile as everyone stood from their seats, clapping for him.  He’d actually done it.  He’d successfully ran his first official fashion show for the Royal 5 collection, designed solely by him.  After a few months of not working, thinking that was what Leo wanted, he found he’d actually missed the design world.  He missed staying up late, covered in bits of fiber from mismatched bolts of fabric, scribbling notes and pinning things together.  It wasn’t until Leo had urged him back into the glamorous world of style, claiming he needed to follow his passion that Miles realized why he’d wanted to work in the first place.

It wasn’t about staying out of trouble or structure.  Fashion had always been his creative outlet, his drive, and something that lasted forever, just like him.  Leo had been the catalyst to his realization and the muse that struck up the idea for the Royal 5 brand in the first place.  Leo was passionate, saw him as an equal, but always kicked his butt back into line if need be.  He was the perfect blend of what Miles wanted to embody in his line—strength, power, and something that made him smile.  Miles didn’t know where he’d be now if he hadn’t been arranged with his mate, but he didn’t even want to imagine a place other than at Leo’s side now.

Seeing his mate waiting for him at the end of the runway was like one of those Hollywood moments where boy met boy in slow motion.  He kept his fangs hidden and his eyes their normal blue, but inside, Miles knew Leo could feel just how badly he wanted him.  Instead of the normal walk around the runway with his model, letting the cameras and reporters get a good end shot of the show, Miles let go of the model’s arm and jumped down from the stage.

Surrounded by his companions and their closest friends, the media, and half of fashion week’s hottest celebrities, Miles pushed on his toes and planted a kiss on Leo’s lips.  “That’s for letting me be me.”

Miles caught a hint of fang from Leo’s mouth.  The king wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close. 

“I wouldn’t want you any other way.”  Leo flicked his eyes around, sighting all the media attention aimed at them and grinned.  “Want to make page six tomorrow?”

Miles narrowed his eyes, licking his lips.  “Fuck that.  I want the cover.”

“Now that’s my boy.”  Leo growled and kissed Miles like it was going out of style.



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