Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day and an Itty Bitty Giveaway

Photo credit: Dave Valeza

Happy Valentine's Day boys and girls!  Whether you have someone that holds your heart, you're single and hoping, or even believe this day is nothing more than a Hallmark holiday, I'm still going to tell you I love you all and hope you make the best of today.  Spread the love a little.  Buy that person's coffee behind you at the drive-thru.  Leave a little candy on someone's desk to make them smile.  Buy a box of ridiculous Valentine's and give them to family and friends.  Ask that person you like to coffee or a movie.  You never know what will happen.  You could very well bring a little joy to someone's life when they need it the most.

I'm a romantic to the core and this will be my first Valentine's Day with my boyfriend...officially.  I've told myself I won't leave him hints or even bring it up in conversation because I don't want to pressure him in the least.  I don't need a bunch of dramatic declarations or even a fancy dinner.  A flower would be nice, though.  I love getting flowers.  lol  But in case he doesn't plan anything, I bought groceries and will make dinner for us.  Nothing big, but I do want to show him I care, even if it's food.  Haha!  I guess my love for the day comes from the fact that my parents eloped on Valentine's day thirty years ago and have been together ever since.  To me, that's the most romantic thing ever.  Although, if I pulled something like that my mother would skin me alive. :D

Not that I want to elope, or get married at the moment, but it's still a nice story and totally cemented my love for this day.  And it's just one glorified day among many to celebrate romance.

With that in mind, and as we all love to read about romance and finding true love, I'm doing an itty bitty giveaway in honor of Valentine's Day.

2 of you will win 1 of 2 $10 gift cards to purchase whatever sweet little read you want.


Leave your name, your email, and a comment for me in the comments section below.

The giveaway will end Saturday February 16 at midnight (Eastern) and I'll announce the winners before HEART FOR TRADE on Sunday February 17.  Both winners will receive an email with their prize.

To all my little Valentines out there, stay sweet, big hugs, and I love you all!

XoXo ~Night

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  1. Better to not drop hints, since it would inevitably make him stress more and then it might turn into something like a couple's trip to IKEA. xD
    Side note: I ADORE your blog and have a habit, that some would consider bad, of checking your blog constantly, even though I know when most things will be post. Haha.

    Forever in love with your writing,
    Meghan B.

  2. I'll make a shameless plug in that the 15th is my 22nd wedding anniversary! We tend to roll the two into one massive holiday that we then ignore other than possibly going out to dinner. We might get crazy this year. He may take a vacation day so we can sleep in! Woot! Madness at Mazuri's house XD

    Have fun and you know how I love your stuff!
    Mazuri (ok, real name is Elaine S.)
    mazurrii AT gmail DOT com (even though this is the holiday of love, I do not love spam bots!)

  3. Happy Valentines Day
    We don't make a big deal about v-day, bc he is really great all year long. But I rcvd a card and that made me smile.

    Keep up your great writing


  4. Count me in!!!

  5. I really don't care about VDay. It's my anniversary in August that means the most to me. It's the day I lost my heart forever to the one man who could destroy it. :) Been together 7 years this year.

    Amy S.

  6. I hope your dinner goes great :)I haven't had a valentine yet but that still doesn't stop me from enjoying my favorite chocolate of all time..... Godiva of course! and my favorite romance movies under my warm blankets. It may not seem ideal but hey it works for me :p

    Jasmine A

  7. I always have the luck of starting to date somebody right before a holiday that requires then I never know what to get them. Such was the case this year with Valentine's Day. But what are you going to do right?

    Anywhos, I love your stories and read them religiously.


    Sam L.

  8. I love Love day as I call it please count me in.

  9. Even though Ive never had a real valentine i love this holiday because no matter how old i get
    i cant always exspect something from my father he gives all us girls a rose,teddy bear and candy
    every year since my oldest sister was 2 and she's 38 now.Happy Valentine's Day to All.

  10. Your stories have brought out the sappy romantic I've been trying to hide for years now. I think I will do something nice for a stranger today. Why not spread some love :)
    Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

  11. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! :) Not so fun for me this year, but I'm determined to be happy anyway and since I've got the day off work it's gonna be a movie marathon and a day with friends, yay!

    Lauren L

  12. I love Valentines day because its also my anniversary wit my husband we will be making 2 years and 11 months so I will also just be making dinner what with two small children its hard to get out lol:.. side note I'm also so in love with your blog and ur stories that I check everyday for little updates and when there is none I reread your stories lol.... I hope you truly enjoy your Valentine's day wit your man kisses and hugs....

  13. Happy valentine's! I'll be alone this year, but I'm alright with that. Looking forward to more stories, love your writing!

    nuala.faolin AT

  14. I don't have any plans this year for Valentine's Day. I'll probably just stay home and read and then take myself out for something to eat.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  15. I havent had someone to keep my heart yet and still waiting, almost on the verge of giving up, but not yet:)

    Love your blog, your stories, love that I can eat chocolates and read HEAs on Love Day.

    Everyone, enjoy it while its here!


  16. Just wanted to say thank you for all the stories you've shared and all the encouragement you've given. I will probably follow this blog as long as you keep it and be on the lookout for your eventual published works. (Fingers crossed!!)

    Hope your VD is a happy VD.

  17. sadly i broke up with my bf five days ago and i couldnt ask for a better timing i knoww but it wasnt working , but anyway i love v day even if its not a happy day all the time

  18. Congrats on your first official Valentine's Day. Showing that you care by making a special dinner is a great way to spend V Day with your special someone. Thanks for the contest!

    strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

  19. Congrats on your 1st V Day with the BF Night.
    Hope you have a great time. :)


  20. I haven't had one for almost a decade and never someone to love me like the stories, but i hope and wish for others to appreciate finding a good thing. Love all year round and cherish each other like each moment is precious..

    Always.The champion of the underdog

  21. I hate the over the top valentine's day stuff but I do appriciate the idea of having a day where everyone takes the time out to let their loved ones know they care. Thanks for the giveaway chance

    fencingromein at hotmail dot com

  22. Happy Valentine's Day.
    I suffer from SingleGalItis.
    Roaming the jungle like I've been for 20 years, looking for a "match", the hunt can get exhausting.
    Still I roam.
    Still I hope. :)


  23. Hi Night! I hear you, I'm not really a whole "get me a massive teddy bear that's the size of my fridge" type of girl...but flowers would be nice...This is my first Vday with my boyfriend too :) We've been together almost a year, and we have no idea what to do for today, because I have rehearsal and research assistant crap to do, and he has a birthday next thursday...and I'm poor lol so I can't afford both holidays so close to each other! I need amazon lol

    I love your stories, I have to admit, Knox and Issac was my absolute favorite, but I love the Shermin Heights boys, and I never get tired of Awni and Fallon! I can't wait for Cade to be published, and for J.R. Ward's Lover at Last to come out next month!


    PS. I know it says google account, but my computer is stupid.

  24. Love your blog, I've been following it since i found it and i've been following you on Lit even before that! :)

  25. Happy Valentines Day!

  26. I love reading your blog after a hard day because it always brings a smile to my face. I'm in love with your stories and i hope you never stop writing!

    PS Happy Valentines Day

  27. Hello. First time commenting.

    I read and reread the stories you craft because they are amazing and i can't help but read them over and over because they help me through hard, dark times and for that i thank you for all of the time and effect you put into these outstanding works.

    Jessica K.

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  29. I got eggs and bacon before work and a Chic Fil A movie date. Better than our 1st ♥Day where I recieved a half eaten bag of milk chocolate kisses.... I asked for dark chocolate :-( ! Love all of your stuff, can't wait for "Heart for Trade". Your near death by chiuahua was hilarious, little dogs are trouble!!

    kat63lyn @ yahoo .com

  30. I got eggs and bacon before work and a Chic Fil A movie date. Better than our 1st ♥Day where I recieved a half eaten bag of milk chocolate kisses.... I asked for dark chocolate :-( ! Love all of your stuff, can't wait for "Heart for Trade". Your near death by chiuahua was hilarious, little dogs are trouble!!

    kat63lyn @ yahoo .com