Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Quickish: A Full Moon Cliché: Part 2


Hey guys! Here's the second half of the story. I've also included a few Halloween goodies. :) I'm glad everyone is liking this story. And just an FYI, I will be using these characters again in a future story. So if your wondering what happens after the end, there will be more during the holidays. :) Thanks for all the love.



The Life and Death of a Pumpkin. This is SO funny and dramatic. Love it!
A Full Moon Cliché: Part Two
Hugh’s eyes were drawn to the sky above. Rain greeted his face and he kept his lashes low, slitting his eyes to get a decent view. The moon was high. A mix of buttery yellow swirled with ivory. The sphere of light sat perched amidst a pillow of clouds. Gray, wispy masses that contrasted the orb they were protecting.
Never before had Hugh felt such emotion for the moon or felt the need to detail the sky for what it was—magnificent, chilling him to the core with the vast space of it all and the never ending possibilities it held when dark. He shivered, pulled his damp jacket closer to his body. He wiped his face of droplets and picked up his step. The further he drifted away from the club, the more unrecognizable his surroundings became.
Yes, he concluded walking past the street sign, this was the same Cherry Lane he’d driven or walked down a million times. But why did it look so different? The loose door to a mailbox hung down, creaking in the wind.  A lamp post—twisted high with wrought iron tendrils—blinked with a loud fizz before burning out. A raven sat in the middle of the road, bathed in moonlight. It cocked its head at Hugh with a mighty squawk before flying off into the night, leaving Hugh’s heart racing.
The little shops and old homes tucked away from the street seemed foreboding tonight. It was almost as if the owners were just on the other side of those darkened windows, watching him journey into the great unknown.  Only the few pumpkins that had survived the rain, flickered hope from their tiny tea light candles. Where there was light, Hugh felt safe enough to breathe.
The feeling of being watched was constant now. Every little dark patch of woods or shadow was only another place for someone to hide, Hugh cringed. Why was he doing this to himself? It was all in his head, wasn’t it? He was a grown man. He had two degrees and a mortgage. Why was he letting his inner child out to play, scaring him shitless where there was nothing to be afraid of?
The universe laughed at him, a loud howl ripped through the night. Impossible but it felt as such, his spine twisted with fear. Hugh gasped, stilled for only a second before he took off at a dead run. He passed the post office, looming above him in its 1800’s glory. He suddenly didn’t care for the historical beauty of the place. It was old, dark and terrifying.
He passed the empty farmer’s market lot, wooden stalls with darkened corners. As he ran, the image of people popping up from behind the counters brought a noise from his throat—not a scream or a decipherable word, just the sound of fear. He skidded to a stop when he happened upon the Cherry Lane Crossing—a small bridge that had been renovated from its hundreds of years of wear and tear. Still an old cobblestone structure though and still very troll under the bridge looking if you asked Hugh. Already running wild with thoughts of serial killers and creatures of the night, Hugh looked both ways to find a better way to g. But he knew as well any other that the creek ran all the way through downtown. The only way around it was another twenty minute walk. No way, Hugh shivered. Checking behind himself, because he was truly going mad, he found not a soul in sight.
Then why oh why did he know he was being watched! Whipping forward again, Hugh took a deep breath and gunned it across the cobblestone. Another howl made him scream in terror. His eyes flicked over his shoulder as his shoe slipped across the wet stone. His feet were airborne as he twisted mid-fall. Yellow eyes wavered in his vision when his body connected with the bridge. Hugh tried to move but everything was in shock. His last conscious thought was—is that a dog? Eyes closed, his body shut down after being on overload for the past few hours.
Heat licked at his body or was this only a dream? Hugh snuggled closer to the heat anyway—dreaming or not. His skin rubbed along damp grass, but it too was warm, almost dry and soft to the touch. He stretched his arms and legs. The joints cracked and he sighed. So content with his dream, Hugh wiggled onto his back and stretched out further—spreading his legs along the ground with a smile.
A growl jolted his conscious train of thought. A wet nose prodded the sensitive treasures between his legs. A slow lick to his cock caused Hugh to shudder uncontrollably. His eyes opened to a canopy of trees. He turned his head to see a roaring bonfire. Scared of what lay between his legs, but too pleasured by the moist tongue bathing his member, Hugh had to look. Still half awake, he didn’t even bother to question why he was nude in the first place.
Hesitantly, Hugh turned his attention away from the fire. A moan swam up his throat as the scratchy tongue flattened out over the bottom of his shaft. Yellow eyes met his stare. A dark nose surrounded by even darker fur made him leap back. His hands sought escape—crab walking back until he was crouched on the ground. His heart thudded in his chest.
The wolf, not a dog, laid his head on the ground. His paws dug forward, but didn’t move to touch Hugh. Those paws started to shimmer, a strange golden mist that enveloped the large beast until paws became hands and the dark nose was colored a deep tan. Hugh choked down his scream. Across from him now, on his hands and knees, was Shepard Hanes.
Hugh became of aware of his own naked state then. His hands flew to his groin, covering himself in the presence of the large, naked man staring at him with hunger. His eyes focused past Shepard. It was then that he noticed the others forming a circle around the clearing. All of them were either naked or half so, wearing a pair of jeans or a ripped tank top here and there.
Hugh folded in on himself. Completely exposed and his cock fully erect, he wanted to cry like a baby he was so terrified. Eyeing Shepard again, he found the hungry look replaced by something softer. The man crawled across the ground, his thick erection bobbing between his legs.
“Hugh,” he began.
“No!” Hugh scrambled away, realizing he truly had no escape.
When Shepard stopped, Hugh looked around. There was the bouncer from the club—big, muscled and very… big. There was Alex, the girl’s friend, in the embrace of the blonde man from the dance floor. There was the bartender, his tattoos running down the entire length of his naked body. Hugh gasped when he saw who else was standing around him.
Mrs. Gerald, her blessed presence was naked as the day she was born but her body didn’t match her age. Knowing deep down what she was, what they all were, Hugh trembled. He refused to believe his eyes, yet as her children and their families gathered around her, Hugh felt the need to reach for the older woman. But he didn’t. He was too frightened by the last eyes he connected with. Marshall stared back at him—an apology in his gaze. His arm slid around the brunette woman’s shoulders—the woman from the club! He nuzzled her neck then sneezed, rubbing his nose but a soft grin played on his lips.
Betrayed, thrown to the wolves—no pun intended—Hugh didn’t know what to call the feeling in his chest. Lust, fear, heartbroken—he shed the shell of his lifelike repression. His eyes were now opened to the things that lay beneath his former reality. Unfortunately for Hugh, he couldn’t close his eyes no matter how he tried. He could not make this illogical nightmare go away. Shepard seemed to sense Hugh losing the battle in his mind. He crawled forward before Hugh came back to himself.
Pinning Hugh to the ground, Shepard nuzzled his nose in the man’s neck. He rumbled, pressed his groin close to Hugh’s, rocking back and forth in an attempt to calm the terrified human with his body. Shepard felt Hugh press closer but his eyes were still wide with fear.
“What’s happening?” Hugh shuddered.
They were all watching Shepard rub against his naked body. No, not Shepard, a wolf-man he reminded himself. Trying to keep still so he wasn’t attacked, Hugh couldn’t help but react to the slow slid of Shep’s cock against his. Warm hands wrapped around his hips. His legs spread to either side of Shep’s thighs. A few howls rose into the night from the circle watching them.
Hugh startled, coming out of the spell that was Shep’s body to look around. Shepard growled, baring his elongated fangs at the crowd. They whimpered away from the couple in apology. He was trying to work the human into a comfortable submission and that wouldn’t happen if he was still terrified.
“Hugh,” he said. “Relax.”
“Relax?” He squeaked. “You’re a… and they are… and my friend is with…”
“Yes,” Shepard answered, pushing Hugh back onto the ground.
“That’s it?” Hugh tried to close his legs now that he was aware again. “That’s your explanation!”
Shepard growled, his eyes flashing yellow. “Don’t hide from me.” His strong hands pried Hugh’s legs back open. His head dipped, grazing his fangs over the soft flesh inside Hugh’s thigh.
Hugh let out a sharp scream of pleasure. Shepard’s hand moved from his thigh to his cock, wrapping fingers firmly around with a squeeze.  “Rule number, Mr. Northam, don’t ever run from a wolf. We like the chase,” he growled.
Boggled out of his mind, Hugh was forced to shut his eyes away from the others and give into his sexual need—a long overdue touch that Shepard most willingly provided. He couldn’t believe he was naked in front of a group of strangers, letting this beast man fondle him. Furthermore, he couldn’t believe he was giving in. He needed time! He needed to understand all of this. Yet with every pull of his cock, he drew his hips further to Shep. Every breath across his chest made his heart rate quicken.
Yellow eyes narrowed down at him. “You weren’t supposed to leave. You weren’t supposed to say no to me. No one says no to me. But if this is what it takes to bring you out of that stuffy world you live in, then so be it. Just know that you only get the one time. After tonight, you’ll never refuse me again.”
Shepard raked his nails down Hugh’s chest. The fire seemed to burn brighter. Hugh could feel everyone’s eyes glued to their coupling but he couldn’t deny the way Shep’s body spoke to his. What was happening to him? Staring at the dark hair covering a set of chiseled abs, Hugh knew damn well what was going on. But still, his mind refused to believe he wasn’t dreaming.
“I knew you were mine since that damned meeting at the school. If we weren’t in such a public place, I would have taken you then. Tonight, I won’t deny myself any longer. I can’t.” Shep looked up at the moon with a snarl. His muscles flexed, rippling down his chest before Hugh’s very eyes.
“Oh my God.” Hugh gasped. He heard the others moving, saw them get on their hands and knees.
“No, I’m not God.” Shepard’s eyes cut down to him. “I’m the Alpha.”
“Holy shit,” Hugh whispered.
He knew enough folklore to get him by in this moment. If Shepard Hanes was their Alpha, the leader, then the others must be his pack. They really were wolves. And one by one they proved to Hugh’s mind that werewolves did exist—shifting into their furry counterparts before their leader. The question still remained for Hugh. What did he have to do with all this? Was he going to be some kind of appetizer because he’d refused Shep earlier, even though he had wanted it? Was Shep that angry?
Fuck! What was he thinking? He was more worried about Shep being angry than finding out supernatural creatures existed? No, no way. Hugh caught sight of the full moon through the tops of the trees. A full moon meant bad things for werewolves, right?
The wind sang in the air, the fire flickered at his side and Shepard Hanes gripped Hugh’s body—bending down face to face. “And you? You are my mate.”
Hugh tried to speak but his mouth was filled with Shepard’s hot tongue. Howls and cries lit up the clearing from the others. This time Shepard made no argument about it. Something was going to happen and Hugh was about to worry what it was when his legs were pushed up. Shepard continued to invade his mouth, desperate to suck the very air from his lungs. Hugh fought with his logical side of thinking. It was as if Shep knew and was attempting to scrape the layers of protection off his personality, down to his carnal wants and basic needs.
When Shep laid his body completely on top of Hugh, the teacher pulled back to moan. His eyes shut, lost in the feeling of all that hair and muscle rubbing against him. Shep’s weight settled between his legs, gyrating firmly against his cock. The Alpha bent his head, licking at Hugh’s skin then nipping with his teeth.
Hugh’s hands, of their accord, reached up and smoothed over Shep’s back and down to his flexing ass. His logical need to pull apart the situation shattered. He was so aroused, so hard and surprisingly more comfortable with his public nudity than he was willing to admit. Hugh abandoned himself to Shep, gave over and into the passion covering him. His nails sank into Shep’s ass as the Alpha’s cock smashed against his pelvis.
Shep bared his teeth, wrenching Hugh’s head to the side. He ground harder into Hugh, teeth nearing the exposed neck. “I claim this man as my own. Does anyone dare challenge me?” Heads dropped to the ground. No one dared to challenge their Alpha. “Then bear witness to this mating. You’re Alpha has chosen.” He growled around the circle—making sure not one eye made contact with him.
They submissively watched as Hugh pulled Shepard back to him, lips down to his mouth. As if all the years of pent up sexual aggression tucked away in the back of his mind came leaping out, Hugh gasped against Shep’s lips, fumbled to grab a hold of the other man’s body anywhere he could. He wanted Shepard so bad and he suddenly didn’t care who was watching. A dominant male laying claim to his body was the most erotic thing he could imagine. His cock hardened further with every rumble across his neck.
Shep grinned around his fangs. He gave Hugh what he wanted and more. The Alpha wrapped Hugh’s legs around his hips. His lips devoured the human to distract him from where he was headed. He rubbed his slick erection over the exposed hole underneath. Satisfied that his soon to be mate was in the throes of passion, mindless to anything but his touch, Shepard continued to kiss Hugh and pushed inside of him.
Hugh tensed at the sudden pain, the cock entering him. He heard the howls, the blaring crackle of the fire but he couldn’t stop from pulling Shep closer, deeper. The smell of dirt and sweat captivated him. The feeling of Shep’s hands and nails moving along his skin was incredible. And being so free in the open night as the man above pulled back and thrust inside was unlike any feeling he’d known in his life.
Between a gasp at the burn below and another moan, Hugh smiled. Gone was the fear of the unknown. Gone were his stuffy inhibitions, road blocks for any sort of happiness he might encounter. No, Hugh had broken free of his self-imposed confines and let loose for once in his life. Granted it was not at all how he’d imagined it would happen but who didn’t want a man like Shepard Hanes pleasuring them under the night sky? Not him. That’s who. Hugh felt like an animal in heat—an ironic analogy, for that was exactly what was happening.
He felt drawn to Shep, mystified by the sudden need for this stranger. But his body was no stranger to Shep’s. They moved as one, pumping and pushing back onto the other to stroke the fire inside. Shep’s eyes met his. Hugh couldn’t look away this time. He cowered in the face of pure power—half man, half animal that embraced him wholly. Nails lengthened into his hips. Shep moved faster as the wind picked up. Rain showered through the tree tops, and yet, the fire still didn’t wane.
Hugh arched his back—a perfect silhouette of their mating against the backdrop of the flames. Hair tickled his skin. Dark patches of fur bloomed over Shep’s torso and arms. His face fought to stay human but the angles and muscles of an animal moved underneath the skin. Wanting more of the delicious pleasure, the rich passion Shep had invoked within him, Hugh combed his fingers through the patch of hair along Shep’s abs.
“More,” he whispered in a trance.
“Yes,” Shep roared. “My mate!”
His hips pounded into Hugh, causing the human to scream his pleasure to the world. A muzzle protruded from Shep’s mouth and nose, lengthening until a ferocious set of teeth growled down at him. He knew he should be terrified, but Hugh was experiencing a state of euphoria close to nirvana. At one with the beast that demanded his body, he slowly turned his head and bared his neck.
How he knew to do this, he would later blame on instinct but the supernatural would forever hold its many secrets. One secret being, how a human could give himself over to a beast just by touching—a trust that most couples would never know in this lifetime or the next. Yes, Hugh moaned, he trusted the wolf barely contained above him. He wanted what came next. Fuck history. Fuck Halloween and its spooky and childish traditions. Fuck being neurotic, Hugh smiled inside.
This was the moment he had been waiting for his entire life. This was why he had held back for so long. Because he wasn’t meant for that world, he was meant for Shep’s.
With a mighty roar, Shepard thanked the moon and all its nightly magic. His jaws opened wide. His eyes zeroed in on his mate about to climax. Then he struck. Where the neck met the shoulder, the Alpha claimed his mate with his bite. Fangs sunk deep into tender flesh. The taste of Hugh coated his tongue and the sounds of his mate’s screaming release sealed the bond forever between them.
It would take time to mend the aftermath, but Shepard Hanes, Alpha of the pack, was now mated. Joyous howls lit up the night. Birds scattered against the moon, scared of the predators below. One last pull at his mate’s neck and Shepard came undone inside of Hugh. The human’s eyes grew heavy with exhaustion, stress and pleasurable pain. A brush of lips painted his mouth with his own blood.
He began to into sleep as the same soothing tongue that had woken him, licked at his wound. Trembling with every lick, Hugh once again passed out.
A familiar whooshing noise woke Hugh. His lashes fluttered open just as the air vent kicked off a second time. He knew the smell filling his nostrils. It was the smell of home—old paint, old house with a hint of stale air. What wasn’t familiar, was the mounds of downy fluff under his head and wrapped around his side. Hugh rolled slowly onto a very warm spot of mattress, inhaling the manly scent lingering on the sheets. Wait, he stilled. What manly scent?
He pushed up onto his hands and looked around. Laid out exactly like his own room but not the same room at all, Hugh slid off the bed. He winced, stretching his neck. His hand moved up to rub away the pain but he hissed as he made contact with his skin. A shiver ran down his spine, all the way to his core. He bit his lip to suppress the ache it left behind.
A mirrored dresser was along the other wall. Slowly, he approached it and stared at the angry red bite marks embedded in his skin. He forgot to breathe. The night before came back to him in a rush. The club, the fear and Shepard Hanes flooded his mind like a replay. The mind blowing sex under the stars made him warm—rub his arms to touch the feeling somehow. Oh God, Hugh gasped. It had really happened. Grabbing the top sheet from the bed and wrapping it around himself, Hugh raced from the room. He stopped in the living room. The windows were dusty but he could see outside. That was… his front yard!
His heart raced. Where was Shepard? What had happened to Marshall? Why could he see his front yard but this wasn’t his apartment? In only a sheet, he threw open the front door. The air was cold and the sky hinted at yet another rainy day. And of course, a slew of mutilated jack o’ lanterns covered the road. Hugh’s attention focused on the more important things, drifting away from anything Halloween related in least. A moving van took up the driveway. Total strangers were carrying his belongings and putting them into the open back.
“Hey!” He ran to the edge of the porch in disbelief. “That’s my stuff!”
“We know,” a man countered. He flicked his gaze around and Hugh gasped. Alex stared back with irritation. “You might want to put some clothes on unless you wish to be taken right there. He’s upstairs at your place.”
Without another word, Alex turned back around and helped the blonde man from last night load a few boxes into the van. Hugh’s early morning train of thought was hazy at best. But he knew who Alex was referring to. Still a little frightened from last night, yet pulled by an invisible string, Hugh glanced one last time at the new neighbor’s door in shock. Shepard was the new neighbor? He whisked open his own front door, careful to avoid a man coming down the stairs with his favorite rug. The man hurried past him and shut the door on his way out.
“Hello?” Hugh called climbing the last step, peaking around the door. “Shep?” He whispered.
“Hey.” Marshall smiled weakly from the kitchen. “Want some coffee? He’s on the phone in your room. Might be a minute.”
“Do I want some coffee?” Hugh huffed. “Or do I want to act like this is all so casual and that nothing life altering happened last night? Is that what you meant?”
“Sit down, Hugh.” Marshall sighed and rubbed his nose. “I’m not exactly having a great morning myself. My nose is itching and running like crazy. I think I sneezed at least a hundred times. Small consolation is my eyes don’t swell shut around them, only dogs it seems.”
“Oh, so you’re not allergic to werewolves?” Hugh hissed. “Only to dogs, fancy that.”
Marshall put down a mug of black coffee like an offering. “For you.” He bowed his head, trying not to show it.
“Did you just bow to me?” Hugh slid into the seat.
“No,” Marshall lied.
“You did, didn’t you?”
“Ugh! Okay. Yes, I might have. I kind of have to now that you belong to…” Marshall shook his head. “Never mind, he’ll explain everything.”
“No. You are my best friend, or were, until you started keeping the paranormal from me. It is your duty to warn me of these things! You’ve been lying to me, Marshall.”
“Keep your voice down. If he thinks you’re upset, he’ll flip out.”
“He doesn’t own me. I am a grown man and can fend for myself.”
“Just like you did last night? You seemed to fend him off really well.” Marshall rolled his eyes.
Hugh scoffed, still mildly terrified while adding sugar to his coffee. “I have no comment on that part of last night. I’m trying to tell myself that under no circumstances did you watch me fornicate with a wolf.”
Marshall bit back a laugh but he met Hugh’s sparkling eyes. They both started to chuckle. The science teacher scratched his head. “I’m sorry for not telling you. You of all people should know how crazy it would have sounded. I’ve known for almost a month and it still gets away from me sometimes. I just want you to know that I would never intentionally lie to you if I was being made to do so.”
Leaning forward, Marshall looked around to make sure they were alone. “All I know is that three weeks ago, I met Dorothy.”
“The brunette is your Dorothy? The one who ditched you?”
“Yeah, it’s her real name and no, she didn’t quite ditch me last night. We hit it off when I hit up Nocturne a few weeks back. She’s the one who gave me the VIP card. I was there to, you know, pick up a girl and she was there looking for. Well, me. Not me exactly but she found me anyways. Her wolf recognized me as her mate and we’ve been together ever since.
I kind of, um, made up the stuff about the date thing. There wasn’t really a Tin Man costume. I needed an alibi for when I was hanging out with her. And—” He checked the living room again. “And Shepard had just met you at the school. He wanted to know everything about you, said you were his. Between me and his sister Louisa, he had enough information to fill a book. I’m sorry if you hate me. I understand, but you have no idea how pushy he can be.
I mean, he’s a great guy. But I can’t handle him like you’ll be able to, always with the damned questions.” Marshall groaned. “Anyway, he’s been planning last night for weeks. Had me pick you up and bring you out to the club, the whole thing with Dorothy to get you alone. It was so weird how you just went right back to the booths. I was supposed to get a drink and act like I spotted her or something.
I swear I had no idea about the marking your territory thing either. Dorothy thought it was hilarious. She said she didn’t need to pee on me to claim me as hers. She’d just cut a bitch if they got to close. That’s her though, Dorothy.” He got this funny look in his eye. “Shepard? He’s a little different.”
“He did pee on me. It was him.”
Hugh sat there open mouthed, absorbing Marshall’s casual banter about the werewolf world. A million questions unanswered, he remembered the one that had brought him upstairs in the first place.
“Why are they taking my things?” He looked around at his almost empty apartment.
“You’re the Alpha’s mate now, Hugh. He wants you near him.” Marshall half smiled. “They rented the downstairs apartment so the betas could watch over you until Halloween, the mating ceremony. He’s been watching you for more than three days though.” Marshall shook his head. “One of the betas dropped a glass the other day and freaked out. Thought Shep would have his hide if you heard the noise and had a heart attack because no one was supposed to be there. So they put the boxes out and the new tenant notice in your mailbox a few days ago, so if you heard someone, you wouldn’t be scared.”
Hugh nodded because he couldn’t do anything else. Everything clicked into place. He was moving in with a man he’d just met. He was mated? What did that even mean in reality? Was he going to be some man’s slave wife for the rest of his days? Could he handle keeping a secret like this from the rest of the world? Werewolves existed and they’re clever with intricate plans?
Marshall’s chatter had migrated elsewhere during Hugh’s internal monologue. “And holy shit, you missed one heck of an after party last night. Those wolves can drink. Let me tell you. They were all going crazy, celebrating your mating like it was 1999. Shepard of course wouldn’t leave your side while you slept, but Dorothy? Man, can she party. Hugh?”
“Is my life over?” Hugh whispered out loud.
“What? No.” Marshall frowned. “Dude, Shepard is so happy to have found you. I know it was pretty sudden and what not, but he couldn’t wait until the next full moon to be mated. It’s tradition with them. Good luck comes to those mated under the full moon. A Halloween full moon is even better apparently. Something about the magic of the sky Dorothy said.”
“Where am I going then? Isn’t he going to keep me under lock and key? Wolves are territorial from what I’ve read.” Hugh folded the sheet around him like a child under their safety blanket. He drew his knees up to his chin and stared at his coffee.
“Do you think a man that would have his pack witness his mating would keep you under lock and key, Hugh? You’re only moving a mile away. It’s right on the other side of the high school in a subdivision of all places. You’re life isn’t over. Dorothy said it’s just beginning. You should be happy.” When Hugh said nothing, Marshall smiled.
“Will you stop picking things apart and let yourself believe for once? I know that’s your thing, beating the bush until it’s dead, but, can’t you feel him inside of you right now? Didn’t you feel how powerful the connection was when he claimed you? I for one thought I was going crazy when I met Dorothy, but after we came together, I didn’t need to question it anymore. It just was and with a little time, I came to depend on her and her me. I love her, Hugh. I know you can’t come to that conclusion yet because you just met him, but tell me you didn’t feel him last night. Tell me if you think on it long enough, that you can’t feel him now.”
Hugh rested his chin on his knees and shut his eyes. Shepard, he thought experimentally. A tingle raised the hairs on his arms and neck. He could feel him. Just in the other room, the Alpha stilled and shut his eyes too. That invisible line sent waves of warmth through Hugh, enough to make him gasp and open his eyes to the kitchen again. The bite mark on his neck burned, in a way that Hugh felt the need to run to Shepard and melt into his open arms.
“See?” Marshall grinned. “You’ll be just fine. It’s not every day that a man finds himself living a fantasy happily ever after.” He took a swig of his coffee and stood. “Enjoy the honeymoon. I’ll see you at work on Monday.”
“Wait. Work?” Hugh swirled around as Marshall passed.
“Like I said, you’re life isn’t over. Those teenagers still need a history teacher.” Marshall winked. “Go be happy, Hugh.” With those parting words, his best friend shut the door to the top of the stairs.
“I’m tied to a werewolf for life,” Hugh whispered to the empty kitchen. “A hot werewolf.”
“I think you’re hot too.” A voice startled him. He looked up to see Shepard with a cheesy grin in the doorway. His jeans slung low on his hips. “For what it’s worth to that crazy brain of yours, I think you are the sexiest thing I have ever seen.”
Hugh’s hand slid over his bite mark instantly. “It wasn’t a dream then.”
“If it was, we had the same one, and damn. Did you do it justice or what?” Shep pushed off the door frame and approached his mate. He smirked at the sheepish look on Hugh’s face. “I bet you’re a little scared right now. That’s okay and I understand. But how about we start with a little breakfast before you break into me with a million questions? It just might help you relax.”
Hugh nodded, unable to take his eyes off of Shepard Hanes. He took the hand offered to him, forgetting the sheet around his body. It pooled on the ground as he stood, baring his skin to the cooler kitchen air.
He allowed Shep to pull him close, naked and all like it was the most normal thing in the world.
His mouth was pulled up for a light, teasing kiss and sure enough, Hugh melted into Shepard’s body. “Hugh?”
“Hmm?” Hugh sighed with a smile, spelled by the Alpha’s embrace.
“You know I didn’t mean eggs and bacon right?” Shep broke the spell by hauling Hugh over his shoulder with a laugh. His foot nudged open the bedroom door and his other closed it. Letting Hugh slip to the bed, Shep waggled his brows. “I’m hungry for another kind of breakfast.”
Hugh’s eyes widened. He tugged at the bedding to cover himself from Shep’s yellowing gaze. “Oh, no you don’t! You got me last night and possibly a few minutes ago. You’re like man crack! Stay away! I think it’s time you answered some questions mister!”
Shep laughed. “Man crack? I like the sound of that. You want to play with me, mate? I love a good game of chase.” He crawled onto the bed with that sinful grin.
Hugh squeaked, jumped off the bed and ran around. He made it a few feet away from the bathroom door before he was pulled off his feet. He back flat on the floor, Shep straddled him.
“What did I tell you was rule number one, Mr. Northam?” Shep wet his bottom lip with his tongue.
“Don’t run away from a wolf.” Hugh felt his body temp spike to sky high as Shep ground against him in victory.
“That’s right. We like to chase.” Shep leaned down, licking the bite mark with satisfaction. “How do you feel?”
“Like I’m going to be raped.” Hugh gasped—the sensitive skin sucked between Shep’s teeth, swelling his cock to attention below.
“You can’t rape the willing,” Shep husked, palming the proof of Hugh’s arousal in his hand.
Giving over to Shepard’s heated touch was easy. Giving in mentally, now that the others weren’t watching, was another matter entirely. “I’m not your sex slave. You can’t just touch me and expect me to… oh yes.”
Grinning ear to ear, the Alpha rubbed his thumb over the head of Hugh’s cock. “You’re not my slave. I only love how you react to me and can’t help but reciprocate all over this sexy little body. This is all new to me too, you know?” Shepard lifted to unbutton his jeans. “And I can’t get enough of you.”
“I think you had plenty last night.” Hugh bit his lip with a moan. Shep’s cock freed along his skin was like being dipped in warm honey.
“No way, it’ll never be enough.” Shep kicked off his jeans, finally naked the way he liked to be. His wolf was right behind his yellow eyes. His thighs trapped Hugh once more, settling their erections together.
Hugh noticed how Shep stared at him with wonder instead of lust this time. Self-consciously, he ran a hand over his face. “Do I have something on me? Why are you looking at me like that?”
“I don’t want to tell you. You’ll only over analyze it and I want breakfast first.” Shep growled, grinding them together.
“No!” Hugh swatted Shep away. No matter how good the man felt against him. Or, how playful their banter was, disguised as a mix of his usual ruthless tone and Shep’s dominance, Hugh would get a real answer out of this man yet. He squirmed and batted until Shep eased off with a groan.
“You’re going to be mad but you shouldn’t be. It means you can’t dream away last night, Hugh. No matter how much debunking you do. It was part of the ritual and you can’t undo it. Not that you’d want to after you know how amazing it is,” Shep rushed.
“What is it exactly?” Hugh rose to his feet. Shep allowed him to tiptoe past to the adjoining bathroom.
“Guess you’ll find out.”
The Alpha got to his feet. He wanted to see the look on his mate’s face when he saw his reflection. Leaning in the door way, he watched Hugh take a deep breath and face the mirror. Mouth wide in shock, Hugh fingered his face slowly.
“I… I’m… Oh,” he whispered, trying to find the words. Beautiful yellow eyes looked back at Hugh. His hair was a little longer and extra patches had grown over his neck and chest in a matter of minutes. “I’m a…”
“Going to be a werewolf,” Shep corrected. He turned his mate to him with a smile. “And a gorgeous one at that.”
Hugh huffed through his teeth. “You despicable, good for nothing man! I am a werewolf. That is a problem, seeing as how I wasn’t one yesterday!”
“God, you’re so cute when you get angry.” Shepard made a whimsical expression.
“Oh, no you don’t! I am not cute. I am a wolf or… whatever!” Hugh stomped past. He suddenly stopped in the middle of the room. “Why am I not turning into a dog yet?”
“You’ll never turn into a dog. You’ll turn into a wolf on the next full moon. After your first time, you can shift whenever you like.” Shep took advantage of his mate’s pause to attack him. They landed on the bed with a bounce. “Are you to angry for, say goodbye to your bed sex, or any kind of sex at all? I could just eat you up.”
“I bet you could, seeing as how you’re a wolf!” Hugh slapped Shep’s back—not hard but he tried.
“And you’re on your way to being one. I don’t see a problem here.” Shepard maneuvered Hugh onto his stomach. “Let go for me, Hugh.” One nip to his mating bite and Hugh’s ass slid into Shep’s pelvis like a lock and key.
“What are you doing to me?” He groaned.
“Loosening your screws as Marshall says. I find the imagery kind of perfect. Oil you up a little, get you working properly. Pull it out, put it back in. Maybe test it a little. How does that sound?”
“Shut and fuck me, wolf.” Hugh lowered himself to begging. The words weren’t exactly there but the pleading tone was.
“Does that mean you’ll come with me later? I don’t have to drag you away from this tiny little place that smells like a library full of lonely nights?”
“It does not—oh whatever. Yes, fine! Just—”
“As you wish.” Shepard’s tongue slid down Hugh’s spine. Down the swell of his ass until he pulled the soft globes apart. When his tongue slid over Hugh’s entrance, the former human threw his head back and opened his mouth.
And like a slap in the face from the universe herself, Hugh let out a glorious howl of a pleasure. He might be straight laced until poked and prodded, but he was in for a rude awakening. For his emerging wolf… was not.
Covering his mouth immediately, he rolled over to the sounds of Shepard’s laughing. The Alpha laughed right off the bed, bumping his ass onto the floor. “How’s that for proof, wolf?”
Hugh groaned. “Are you going to make fun of me for everything?”
“No. I’m not making fun. I just find you adorable and yes, you make me laugh.” Shepard reached up and pulled Hugh down to him. His embarrassed mate in his lap, Shep kissed Hugh’s soft brown waves. “Are you done pouting? If not, I know a way to turn that frown upside down.”
“Oh, and what’s that?” Hugh wiped his eyes and looked up into an irresistible smile that made him warm inside.
Shepard grinned and raised his brows. “Breakfast.”
The End


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