Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Knox and Isaac Chapter 4: PREVIEW

City buildings flew past Isaac’s eyes. Their car breaking record speeds in city traffic as Hannah navigated around vehicles without caution. He was going to throw up. He just knew it somehow. That was a lie, he knew the how, the why—had felt the building sickness for the past few hours. His secret debut grew closer with every passing second. It wasn’t so much the fact that he was going to dance, take his clothes off down to the leather thong he had on underneath. The nerves were due to Knox, the reaction or possible rejection he would receive from the vampire he had grown to love.

Yes, despite the way Knox treated him, the things he said. Isaac always knew deep in his heart Knox was his and he was Knox’s. It was in the way Knox watched him when he was supposed to be angry. It was in the way Knox was always near. It came down to the smallest things like Knox switching strictly to orange popcicles after their kitchen encounter, in secret, listening to the same music as him. That made Isaac smile even though he still felt like he was going to be sick.

Rolling down the window for some fresh air, he inhaled the scent of the city. Garbage, urine, take-out and some heavy perfume as they passed a group of teenage girls—God, he loved this place. The lights, way above were always his favorite. Like the stars before the stars, Isaac stared at the sky. He jumped when Nan put a hand on his shoulder, the vehicle pulling down the alley behind Sated.

“We’re here, Iz,” she murmured. Nan saw his eyes flicker, widen before panic set in.

One look at the back door with the spray painted club logo and Isaac forgot how to breathe correctly. One sharp gasp led to many smaller ones—his hands finding Emma’s head rest to ground him to the world.  Great time to have a panic attack, Isaac, he chastised himself.

“Huh uh.” Hannah cut the engine, turning in her seat. “You are not going to chicken out. This is the first time you’ve really set your mind to something. No turning back, Izzy baby. If you need to hurl do it outside. I’ve got some tic tacs around here someplace.”

“Hannah.” Emma groaned. “A little encouragement maybe? You sound like a football coach or some shit.”

“That was encouraging.” Hannah shrugged. “Come on, Iz. Let’s get out and get you some air.”

His eyes were still locked on the back door. A half dressed man eyed the vehicle suspiciously, popping open the back door and slipping inside. Isaac caught a quick flicker of a line in the back hall before the door closed.

“You can do this,” Nan whispered in his ear, stroking his hair slowly. “You love to dance, Iz. Go show him. Fight back for once.”

His phone buzzed in his lap, the feeling triggered a lull in his throbbing head. It was a message from Joseph.

Waiting for you guys in the back. Better get here quick if you want a spot. The line is filling up. J

“Tell me I can do this,” he said unsure.

“You can do this,” the three girls returned. The confidence in their eyes, the three women that had his back until the end, were all sure he was ready.

“Okay, let’s do this.” He wrapped his coat tighter around his body.

Emma opened his door, allowing him to plant one long lean leg on the ground. Leather met the asphalt. Tight thigh high boots secured with ties ran the length of his legs. He felt like he was in a movie. All he was missing was a red carpet. Only in this movie, when he breached that door, no one would know who he was. Except for two people he would have to avoid until he went on stage. Frank and Knox, there was the tricky part.

Watching Isaac intently, Nan checked both sides of the alley before opening the back door for him. Emma and Hannah stood to either side with their arms crossed. Isaac took a deep breath and shed his coat, holding onto it for dear life.

“Showtime.” He walked through the door to the back of a line. 


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  16. I do love a good tease Night, thanks for rewarding us a little for our patience. I am anxiously awaiting the next chapter.

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