Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yes Master Part 4!!!!!!!!!

Oh fuck me, it was like that huh? I got you boy, I so got you. My throat vibrated as I snarled and crouched behind him, gripping his ankle roughly. “You don’t tease your Master boy.  You may not like the punishment.” I pulled the leather cuff through the loop, securing it around his slender limb.
He gasped then moaned while the other cuff was tightened around him.  God, he was so into this.  I admit, I had been waiting for his little innocent act to get in the way and for him to bail on me, but this was so hot and unexpected. He had me rock hard and honestly I think he knew that.  I pulled on the spreader and both of his feet pulled with it.  Perfect.
Making sure he was balanced, I pulled the set of leather restraints out of the fabric bundle, and hauled him to standing with an arm around his stomach, “lean against me while I put these on.”
He did, settling his back against my chest, while I secured the restraints around his wrists.  They were thick leather cuffs, bound in the middle by a silver link chain, and a large ring attached for the hook.  The urge to kiss his shoulder was overwhelming and I gave in, pressing my lips to his soft skin, hearing him sigh next to me.  No.  No sighing.  That meant something else. From here on out, no more kissing of any kind, no matter how sexy he looked in my cuffs.
It was too quiet, that’s what it was.  I needed a distraction, something to get me in the zone, and away from his lips and neck.  Raising his wrists by the loop on the chain, I threaded it through the hook, and went to adjust the chain to his height with the remote.  It whirred up a few inches, until he was perfectly stretched for me.  Hitting another button on the remote, a heavy bass poured out of the surround sound, a fast and twisted beat filling the room.
Tate let his head roll forward, hiding his eyes behind his hanging bangs.  Perfect time to put on his new accessories I concluded, fetching the blindfold and gag from the bundle, and spreading out the fabric, exposing the rest of my treasures to the room.  Tate shivered as I pulled the material over his eyes, securing the ties in the back with a tight knot so he wouldn’t shake it off.  “Open your mouth wide,” I instructed and he did, laying his tongue flat in his mouth as the ball was inserted.
He tensed for a second, probably a little scared of the gag, but he relaxed once I had it secured behind his head.  He was all mine now and dear God did he look exceptional. I decided to tease him a little, stepping quietly around him, the squeak of my boots hidden by the loud music.  Running my palms down his sides, I squatted in front him, coming eye to eye with his hardened cock.
A drop of fluid seeped from his slit and I licked it up, making Tate cast muffled noises behind the gag.  He couldn’t scream, but his throat vibrated as if he was trying.  I licked my way up his belly, swirling my tongue in random places, avoiding his nipples on my voyage over his skin.  The Neanderthal in me wanted to just run my hands over every inch of him, then fuck him roughly, claiming what was so clearly mine, but I bit back the urge, favoring the cane on the table instead.
The smooth wood rolled between my fingers.  It was thin like a pencil, but long enough to reach the right places, and I knew exactly where it would go.  I dropped to my knees behind him this time, smoothing my tongue up the back of his spread thighs, never bothering to use my hands.  Tate squirmed a little under the surprising moisture along his skin, but settled back down when he figured out what was happening. 
He was blind to my movements, with no voice in which to protest, and I was hard as rock because of it.  My tongue delved into the smooth valley behind his right knee, the flesh dipping before rounding out into the curve of his calf.  Tate shivered and jerked against the chains.  Testing a theory, I licked right back into that curve behind his knee, watching his toes curl, and his leg muscles tighten, his ticklish spot obvious to me now.
There would be time for that later though and I backed up, getting to my feet again.  Running a hand down his flawless backside, he pushed against me as much he could.  He wouldn’t be doing that in a minute, I grinned, placing the cane against his inner thigh, running the foreign object down his leg until I reached his ankle and back up the other leg.  His body went rigid, his hair splayed around him, those bangs that hung in his face flying away from his nose with each deep breath. 
Leaning in, I whispered in his ear, “you behave and I’ll give you a reward.  If you understand, nod your head.”
He nodded eagerly and I found myself brushing the hair out of his face.  What the fuck Olly?  Don’t touch him like that.  I backed up, quickly letting my hand fall to its rightful place on his ass, and brought the cane to the inside of his leg in a light yet swift tap.  His body seemed to take a deep breath all at once, everything tightening, his fists clenching above him, and his toes curling into the carpet.  I smiled and stroked the spot that was immediately turning red from the cane. My taps might be light, but with each hit from the cane, he would feel it burn.
Tate didn’t need to be coddled too long though and I mirrored the movement on his other leg, watching a twin mark appear before my eyes. His hands unclenched, going rigid in their silent plea to the ceiling.  The music switched to a faster song and my control felt impenetrable.  I was his Master and it was time he knew that. No more gentle, no more teasing.  He could take it and somewhere deep inside of him he knew that, craved it even.  It was time to truly break him in.  Welcome to my world Tate, I smiled and brought the cane down on his ass none-to gently.
He arched away from the sting, trying his best to get away from the burn, but I brought the cane down again.  “You feel that boy?  That’s what happens when you tease your master!” I growled, switching the angle of my hand, and swatting him twice more.  Perfect X marks appeared on his cheeks, marking him as mine.
He writhed against his bindings, but that just spurred me on, “when you move, I might miss…” I taunted tapping his hip on each side once, hearing a muffled noise from behind the gag.  “Oh I’m sorry, is that sensitive?  How about here?” I pulled his shaft tight against his stomach and lightly swatted his balls.  Tate’s entire body arched like a bow, the line of his back and legs, the most beautiful sight to my eyes. 
I let go of his shaft, to massage his hairless balls in my palm, “do you like pain now boy?” I hissed and his head fell back, causing his hair to fall away from his face, revealing the sweat gleaming on his forehead. 
Oh God.  Is he alright?  He didn’t look so good.  I dropped the cane and pulled off his blindfold quickly, just to see his eyes.  Tate’s head shot up and looked around in confusion.  His blue green’s sparkled and the little fucker winked.  He winked at me!  Oh he was just fine alright.  Now I was mad.  He thought he could play me, his Master of all people.  Hell to the fuck no!
This time, I left the blindfold off, so I could see the pain haze over his eyes, when I used my hand instead of a cane.  “Now you’ve just pissed me off,” I spat, bringing my hand down on his ass so hard it made my hand burn. 
His eyes went wide, glassy and brimming with automatic tears.  He thought this was a game?  No.  He was mine to play with, not the other way around.  I brought my other hand down upon his other cheek and he flinched on impact.  The imprints of my palms melded with the red lines of the cane, creating a work of art on his ass.  I continued to spank him, glancing over to his face, and satisfied with the tears that streamed down his face, but also noticing how hard his cock still was.
The guy loved this shit.  He loved what I was doing to him and if I didn’t know any better, I’d say this wasn’t his first time.  The innocent act had revealed itself as false and this kid was a pain slut, a gorgeous little slut in sheep’s clothing.  Did he know who I was and what I liked?  Was that even his brother or were they just part of his scouting act?  Was he just like me and craved a good fuck and that was it?  Why the fuck did I care what he was?  He was here, we would play and bang, and then he would get the fuck out.  That’s how it worked and that’s how it was still going to work.
Yet, as I watched the tears roll down his face, all I could think of was pulling him down from the hook and laying him out on the couch to kiss away his tears.  It had to be his soft demeanor and his small boyish body that evoked such feelings.  Because God knows, I didn’t feel, so it had to be his look that was throwing me off and turning me into such a mindless little pussy.
I spotted the bundle of goodies that I had brought from downstairs and smiled.  It was time to play him into a mindless pussy.  So he liked spanking?  Well let’s see how he liked spanking while he had something up that tight little ass.  I’d have to pull his arms down for this one and I went to retrieve the remote.  The hook lowered at my command and Tate fell forward under the loss of balance, his arms obviously useless from being strained for so long.
Luckily he fell against a nearby chair and I didn’t have to make a trip to the hospital for a head injury.  I rushed over and checked him out, but he shook his head and I raised my thick brows.  “Fine, I’m going to help you up, and then I want you to bend over the chair.  Don’t move and don’t turn your head.  I want it to be surprise,” I promised darkly in his ear.
After settling him over the plush chair with his ass up the air, I brought over two things from the pile.  This would be the make it or break it point.  Clicking open the lube, I poured a generous amount over the curved metal shaft in my hand.  Seven inches of cold thick steel fit into my grip.  The toy was attached to a holster, that when inserted, was designed to keep it there.  The flat base of the metal cock displayed its vibration settings and all the way up was where we were headed.
I couldn’t resist kneeling behind him and running my tongue over his sensitive cheeks.  The smell of his musk permeated my nose, beckoning my tongue closer to his entrance.  With the metal in my lube coated hand, I gave in and flicked my tongue over the tight bud under my mouth, letting his taste wash over me.  Fuck he was good.  This time I lay my tongue flat against his hole and lapped generously against him.  He pushed back, despite my instructions, and I set the toy on the table, before wrenching his cheeks apart and pushing his face into the chair. 
“You will behave yourself boy,” I dug my fingers into his globes.  My tongue worked at his hole, switching between gentle circling and an aggressive attempt at penetrating the tight ring before me.  He was so tight, that my tongue barely made it in, before I was pushed back out.  Was he a…  There was no way, not after what I had seen..  My hand that was covered in lube, slid up his crack, coating his hole as I watched the muscle twitch.  Well it was about time we found out if he was virginal or not, I grinned.
I pressed my fingertip to his hole and pushed.  Tate’s head shot up from the chair and his back arched while I thrust the finger all the way in.  Oh my God.  Either this kid was extremely horny, or he was a virgin.  The dominant part of me begged to take him, virgin or not.  But that other tiny part of me that sometimes cared, begged to take the gag off and ask him first if this was okay. 
My finger was surrounded by the tightest vice I had ever known, gripping and squeezing my digit of its circulation.  His body flailed before me, his eyes looking at me from over his shoulder with a mixture of pain and excitement.  Something broke inside of me and it was then that I knew for sure. This was his first time…with anyone.  The hard ass that was left over in my brain melted for but a moment and I took a deep breath.
“Do you want me to stop?  It’s your choice Tate…” my voice was not my own.  It was soft and gentle while my free hand rubbed his back.  What the fuck was I doing?
His face turned away, a tear streamed down his cheek.  He knew that I knew.  How could he not?  Up until this point, I had been a domineering asshole, taking and taking, never giving him anything.  And now, here I was petting him like he was this precious little thing, pity in my eyes.  I had embarrassed him.  How could he think I wouldn’t find out eventually?  Was he just going to fake his way through my treatments and take it like a man?  No way.  He was too soft for that.  Was this his fantasy and he just got lucky tonight or was he just tired of being a pitiful virgin in his twenties?
“Tate?”  I sighed and reluctantly pulled my finger out of him slowly.  He whimpered and folded in on himself, the cuffs he still wore tucked underneath him.
He flinched as I removed the gag from his mouth and set it on the side table, reaching underneath him and undoing the cuffs that bound his wrists, “Tate?  Come on man…”
Shit. This was bad.  It was always a possibility he’d bail and hell, I thought he would have by now, but this…  I was completely unprepared for this.  I laid a hand on his shoulder and heard the first sob.  No no no.  Please don’t do this.  I had not even the first clue what to do with a crying virgin who just tried to fake his way through complete and utter submission.
“Just don’t,” he sat up and wiped his face on the back of his arm.  “Where is my stuff?” he wiggled around me, never showing me his eyes. 
“In the car still I think,” I ran a hand through my dark hair.  “But Tate?”
“What?  What the fuck could you possibly want?” he turned around and screamed.  “Isn’t this what you wanted Mr. Tough Guy?  To break me…”
“Hey,” I held my hands up in defense.  “I told you what I was and what I liked before you ever left the parking lot.  Now what I want to know is why?  Why would you try and pull this for your first time Tate?  Why would you do that to yourself?”  Who the fuck was I now, Dr. Phil?  Jesus!  Get me out of here.
“I’m sorry,” he started to cry again.  “It’s not your fault I’m a fuck up.  God, I’m so pathetic.  I thought I would just get it over with.  I was so tired of not giving him what he wanted, but I was scared I wouldn’t be any good, and there you were, and you definitely knew what you were doing…”
Whoa. What? Him who?  “You’ve got a boyfriend and you just tried to get me to fuck you? No not just fuck you…dominate you! Are you crazy?”  Never ever did I get with attached guys….not once…not just because I was drunk…never! 
“He’s not my boyfriend,” Tate murmured as I turned off the music to the angry silence.
“Yeah I bet.  So you were using me then?  Get the rich dumbass to take your virginity so you can run back to who the fuck ever and bang him?  What is wrong with you?  Don’t you have any class whatsoever?” he made so angry.  I felt like the slut suddenly and ill at the same time.  For some reason I thought of my mother.  The bitter, upstate, bitch who hated my Father with every fiber of her being and in this moment, I felt just like her.  This is where her rage came from. This is what it felt like to be the dirty mistress.
Then again, I wasn’t really the mistress, because Tate was never even part mine to begin with was he?  He had some other asshole waiting for him at home probably…his ‘not my boyfriend’ boyfriend.  This was so fucked up.  Why the hell did I care?  Why was I letting him get to me like this?  Send him home Oliver.  Call a fucking cab and get his ass out of this house.
“Just don’t say anything else.  I don’t want to fucking hear it.  The car’s unlocked.  Take my coat and go get your shit while I call you a cab,” I pointed to the hallway, not looking at him at all.
“Please just let me explain.  I don’t even know your name,” Tate begged, out of the corner of my eye he came closer. 
“No.  You don’t need to know my name, now go.  Get your stuff and get dressed.  You can wait in the foyer,” I barked.
“No.” he walked in front of me and put his hands on hips, still completely naked and looking like a petulant child.
“No?” I crossed my arms and narrowed my eyes.
“He’s not my boyfriend,” he trembled.  “I know deep down what he wants and that’s the only reason that he still comes around, and I know I should just…”
“See!  No you shouldn’t just anything Tate!”  I threw my hands up.  “You shouldn’t just go home with a stranger if you’ve never had sex before.  You shouldn’t just give up your fucking virginity to someone like me or someone like this other asshole that you’re pining over.  It should be with…” Fuckity Fuck Fuck.  Well, wasn't I going to get the Sweet Valley High Princess of the year award?  Where did I get off telling this kid not to give it up?  I loved me some sweet cherry.  Yet, here I was preaching about guarding his fucking flowerhood.  Ah shit!
“Someone you love right?  Well hate to break it to you, but I’m twenty six and no one has come knocking on my door telling me that they want to be with me forever.  I’m done being the stupid loser in the corner.  I’m done having him play me like a fool because he wants to break my ass in.  I’m done being pathetic.  That’s it.  If you don’t want to fuck me, then I’ll just call him and get it over with,” he turned around and ran to the foyer and grabbed my coat.
Oh shit, he’s having a breakdown.  I’ve embarrassed him into needing therapy.  It was then that I made up my mind.  Some other asshole was not touching that ass, especially not in his state.  It didn’t matter if I wasn’t getting any tonight. I just had to do this, to take care of him; if I didn’t I was going to hell straight on the spot. 
“Tate!” I yelled after him and took off, my boots hitting the foyer tile heavily.
I found him seconds later sitting in the passenger side of my Mercedes, his tears gone, but a blank ‘I’m fucking gone’ look on his face.  I kneeled next to his side, listening to the chime of open door signal going off, watching his face bathed in the light of the interior. 
“Hey,” I whispered and touched his leg.
“Did you call the cab yet?” he asked lifelessly.
“Nope, I’m not calling you a cab,” I sighed.
“Well you aren’t driving me home in that are you?” He cut his eyes up and down my body before staring back into space again.
“Tate, get out of the car and get back inside.  It’s cold out here and the last thing I need on top of all of this is for you to get sick,” I pulled on his hand.
“Why are you doing this?  You don’t seem to be the caregiver type.  I really should just go home,” his words held no strength as he let me pull him out of the car. 
“Yeah well, I was sure you weren’t a virgin either, but looks can be deceiving,” I gave him a weary look.
“You really thought I had…” he whispered.
“Oh yea,” I pushed him through the front door and locked it behind me.
“Could you finish it?” Tate asked quietly once we stood staring at each other in the foyer.
“Finish what?” I cocked my head.  What the hell was he going on about now?
“It.” He looked up and dropped the coat, revealing his entire body to me again.
I groaned at the sight of his edible skin, but shook my head, “no.  I’m not an experiment for you Tate.  After you get some sleep, then you can go back to whatever you want to do, with whomever, in the morning.”
“I’m not going to sleep tonight,” he sighed.
“Yeah you will.  Let me get you a drink and something to sleep in.  No more bullshit.  Come on,” I started walking up the stairs and stopped to wait for him.  He looked around and then followed me quietly to the second floor.
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph how I wanted to tap that luscious virginal ass, to feel my dick cut off from the rest of the world in the ever-loving tight heat inside of him, but he had just become off limits.  “There,” I pointed to the guest room across from mine.  “Get comfy, I’ll bring you something.”
He nodded as if resigning to his still sexless night and slipped through the open door, flipping on the light, and closing the door behind him.
After changing into some flannel boxers, I grabbed one of my old gym shirts, and a small glass of scotch.  The light in his bedroom was off and I knocked on the door.  No one came to the door, so I nudged it open, and found him curled up at the window, staring out into the night.
“Your drink,” I walked over and set it next to him on the window sill.  “Arms up,” I commanded gently and he raised his limbs, letting me slip the soft knit over his head, the garment falling onto his frame soundlessly.
I sat on the bed watching him, my cock fighting its way out of my boxers, still hard like diamonds.  Finally after an eternity he turned to face me.  His eyes looked older in that moment, his lips parted slightly and taking in the barest of breaths.  He looked at me shyly, “I liked the pain…  I actually really liked it.”
He paused and looked down at his feet, “I’ve never felt anything like it…The way you talked to me, the way you looked at me, the way your hands stung on my skin. I wanted more.  It wasn’t until…  I just wanted to tell you that I liked it, so thanks.” Tate murmured and turned back to the window, taking a sip from his scotch. 
Why did he have to go and say that?  Fuck.  Now I wanted him more.  I wanted to haul his ass back downstairs and make him scream for me, but instead I said, “you would have let me do it wouldn’t you?”
“Yes,” he looked over his shoulder.
“Why Tate?  And don’t say it was to see if you were any good for some other guy.  Why would you let me take you for the first time?” I moved to sit across from him on the window seat.
“Because no one has ever just taken from me like you did.  Everyone just steps around me like I’m made of glass.  Fragile little Tate, beware.  You just did it. You just touched me because you wanted to, no questions asked.  You wanted me, you made me feel wanted, and you showed me with every slap and touch.  I fucking loved it,” he looked right into my eyes when he said the last part, making my cock dance over the top of my boxers.
“I’m Oliver,” I blurted.
“Wow nice comeback…Oliver,” he smiled.
“Don’t get sassy,” I raised a brow and he smiled wider.  Oh fuck, Oh fuck.  That smile, shit.
“And if I do…get sassy I mean?” He rose onto his knees from the seat, baiting me. 
I had two options at this point.  Leave and sit against the door all night so he couldn’t go anywhere and do something stupid.  Or, I could show him why you didn’t get sassy with me.  I wanted more than anything to just get up and leave the fucking room, but I couldn’t move when Tate slipped my dingy white gym shirt off his body.  He was like an angel against the moon lit window, his hair falling all over in razored layers across his shoulders.
Fuck me.  He licked his lips and ran his small hands down his chest and over his nipples, “Tate…” I growled. 
“Please Oliver?” He straddled my lap and grabbed my hands, bringing them to his ass.  “Please…” he whispered in my ear and kissed my jaw. 
My hands gripped his ass, kneading his beautiful flesh in my palms.  His head fell back and he moaned, rubbing his little cock up and down my hairy chest, leaving a small trail of moisture behind.  That was it.  No. This was it.  I wanted him and he was mine to take.

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