Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let's Keep The Late Night Music Rolling Shall We?

So today I was searching through a few other blogs and came across a neat little idea that I thought I would share with you.  If you write or maybe just read....do you ever listen to music while you do so? Well I do.  In fact, if I'm not at work, or somewhere that requires silence, then my Ipod is going.  With that said, I'm going to start sharing what's randomnly playing, while I write.  Maybe give you sense of how strange I am, or creative, or whatever you want to call it. 

Hey, maybe I'll give you a few choice songs to download later!  Who knows? Like I said though, this is all random, but this playlist was shuffling while I was writing the next two chapters of Dan and Rowe.  Enjoy!

1.Avicii-Levels (which Im very into right now)

2.Childish Gambino (interesting take on rap lol) songs I like by him: Freaks and Geeks and Heartbeat

3.A lil bit of Foster the People-Pumped Up Kicks (when I want something mellow)

4.Adele-Someone Like You (of course I have all her cds...thats like stock on my Ipod because she's incredible)

5.Fever Ray ( if you ever want strange intense music that builds tension...this is your band) a few of my favorites by them are Triangle Walks, If I had a heart (the Fuck Buttons remix is haunting, seriously), and The Wolf (which is primal almost...but i like it because it's wierd)

6.Fedde Le Grand-So Much Love (Can't explain this one *shrugs* I just love it!)

7.Drake - Make Me Proud (Because his voice does things to my body)

8. Here's a interesting one.  Download this: 3D Friends - Lina Magic...it always me make me feel like I should be walking really quickly somewhere or making out...rofl if you listen to it, you'll undestand.  Or if you watch skins, then I'm sure you've heard it.  For some reason...it fits perfect with Dan and Rowe...it's the lyrics I think...good one.
9.Crystal Fighters - Xtactic Truth (Last Japan Remix) Swear to God, I dance everytime.  Cannot help it. Turn it up and make your neighbors feel like they're at a rave.

10. If you want a song that makes you feel the need to crawl across the floor and land in someones lap naked then by all means download: The Ettes - Red in Tooth and Claw (Its my official dance in my bedroom like a dirty slut in a biker bar song)

11. Empire of the Sun-Standing on the Shore (Just a catchy one that happens to load on shuffle every time)

12. Want to feel like the Queen of the Damned?  LOL.  Do you like Santogold?  I love her!  I guess its because I'm writing about dark and twisty things that influenced her being put on my Ipod, but this song: Santogold-You'll Find a Way(Switch Graeme Sinden Remix)....very dark.

13. Sleigh Bells (the whole album is crazy fun and sounds like a mix tape with its string being pulled out, but in a good way?) Suggested Songs off said playlist: Infinity Guitars and Riot Rhythm

14. Or if you like grungy garage band sexy songs...I recommend Japandroids - Heart Sweats or Young Hearts Spark Fire.  I have been listening to Heart Sweats a lot when writing as well.

15. Lil Wayne & Eminem - The World (2011 Dubstep Remix)....Etheral almost...if you can find the version with the chanting in the background...makes for a wonderful death scene or revelation scene :)

16. The Rural Alberta Advantage - Drain the Blood  thats got a catchy beat once it gets going. 

17. Lil Wayne - I feel like Dying For some reason I think this song is pretty...Is that wierd?  Its the same thing over and over, but theres something about it thats hypnotizing.

18.Cosmic Love-Florence and the Machine (or anything by her is amazing)  I just love this song...very powerful.

19.Rusko - Hold on (SubFocus Remix) If you like House music, which you might :) I like this one.  DANCEY DANCEY!!!

20.This is another pretty one to me.  Need something soft for an endearing moment? Au Revoir Simone-Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix)

21. Metric  (love love love love METRIC) anything by them is amazing!!!!  Song: Gold Gun Girls is one of my favorites.

22. Natalie Merchant - My Skin (Okay this was the song that I was listening to when I wrote the beginning of D/R chapter 1....can we talk about some tissues? Blah such a mess.)

23. A Fine Frenzy-Almost Lover (Itunes must have felt it necessary to give me a full ten minutes of emo.  Well it worked.  This is still a pretty song.)

24. Coldplay ft. Rihanna - Princess of China (Well hell how does it get better than this?  Maybe throw in some Tiesto and it would officially blow my mind.)

That's it for now, but expect more on a regular basis!  Have a good night everyone....


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