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My Telija Chapter 4 Teaser

Just wanted to give you something to look forward to.  So excited to introduce new characters and adventure into this story.  I do believe this novella is going to be a bit longer than any of my other stories, because it's more of an intricate romantic fairytale.   If you haven't noticed I like a story with battle, drama, hot sex, a decent plot, and Loooooovvveeeee.....  I'm going to focus a lot more on the details and plot twists in this story, so look out for more character POV's than the average one or two.  P.S. yes Ven and Jordan are still the stars of the show, I just find it way more interesting to visit other characters and their lives as well.

An Unedited Preview of My Telija Chapter 4


I could smell the smoke wafting through the trees from the fire and feel the power radiating from the ashes that served to return our lost souls to the Mother.  As much as I wanted to attend the Rahn Ji, other orders kept me away, and as far as I was concerned, they were more important.  A war had begun between the Fae and the hunters, a war that served to end everything we knew and had worked for.  Being the second in command to Vendish put me at the top in his absence, and I would not fail my people now.

My friend’s mate needed him and I was more than happy to investigate the appearance of Jameen and the hunters.  The old prince had finally returned, with---from what I heard--- a show stopping entrance.  The rumors had to be false though.  The Jameen I knew and loved as a brother; would never put his family in harms way.  All of the Fae army had different views on the matter, some keeping their opinions hidden, and other’s shouting their views from the rooftops.  As of late, the ratio of good votes to bad seemed to be on equal footing, but ever since the rumors began to circulate yesterday, the bad started to outweigh the good.

Pushing on through the black oaks of the Yukah woods, my men fanned out behind me, sticking close, but forming a protective line from unwanted sources.  The Yukah---while being on quiet terms with the rest of Fae---were still formidable opponents, and viewed as the black sheep amongst every species.  Jameen in his time as prince was the only Fae to ever reach out to the scaled beasts, bringing them dwarf made potions to heal their sick or fresh fruit from the markets in the summer.  He even went so far as to save the life of their leader Sena from execution by the royal court.

They had become friends and allies, which was completely misunderstood by the other species in their prejudice.  I almost wished Sena would agree to help us in our quest to find Jameen, but I believed the leader thought we wished him harm and would never aid us on a death mission.  Of course he wouldn’t believe me, when I told him his accusations were unjust; that we just wished to locate him and find out the truth.  I grunted and rolled my eyes, Lizards…

My dark feet hit muck, telling me we had reached the bog where the Yukah claimed to have sensed a strange presence.  Holding up a hand, I heard the soft halt of the others behind me, and crouched down.  This place was a spot of avoidance amongst us all. Even the creatures that lived in the darkest of the dark did not come here. 

“Cellan, I do not like this,” Quimm whispered behind me, “you know what dwells here and yet you wish to travel onward?  You are mad.  Even Vendish would not be so bold.”

I turned to the red eyed Anifae, his pupils glowing bright, even in the cover of the fog that surrounded us, “are you afraid Quimm?  The son of the great Brutus is a scared weakling?” My fangs descended with a grin and the stars on my skin shot across my limbs.

Quimm growled, “I would be a fool not to admit my fears here.  You saw what those things did to the King!” He hissed, “do you wish the same fate my brother?  Do you wish for the darkness to crawl inside of you?”

“I have no fear of the darkness Quimm, for I am made of it,” My tone was calm and deadly, labeling me the warrior I was, “next time the prince calls for a quest, I will remember to take a few braver souls with me.  For it seems I made the mistake of bringing a pack of pups that wet themselves at the first sign of danger.”

Quimm growled and Jambi ducked down into our huddle under the fog, “Quit flapping your tongue Cell and tell your men what you want to do.  The newlings are getting under my skin.  Shaking like little leafs and hiding behind the trees they is.” The muscled black warrior rolled his glacial blue eyes.  “You know this would be a lot easier is the lizard beast had come along.  He knows this area better than most.”

“Would you come on a quest to capture your friend with a bunch of Fae that you thought hated you and called you lizard beast?” I shook my head.

“Well that’s what he is, ain’t he?  Good Mother, didn’t take him to be such little girly.”  Jambi chuckled and palmed his jeweled dagger.  “Did you hear that?” His thin pointed ears twitched and fanned out, searching for a noise I could not hear.

Our last three warriors crawled up next to us, weapons at hand.  The youngest of just nineteen years pointed his blade silently across the bog, making us all turn our heads slowly.  My eyes widened and my breath rolled out of my mouth in a shocked wisp.  The tree in the middle of the bog started to lean forwards slowly, it’s great black leaves and dark blue vines reaching out to the small patch of land we huddled upon. 

“Mother be with us,” Jambi breathed, kissing his fingers and touching the ground in a show of faith as the tree’s foliage docked onto land. 

The great black oak was now bent into a crescent moon over the muddy waters, forming a bridge to something glowing at the other end.  I looked at the other members of my party, finding many similar expressions to mine.  Knowing what was under the bog, was enough to make me leery of what I was about to do.  But on the other hand, the curiosity was eating me alive.  I stood, making myself known to the outside world above the fog.

“You are crazy Cellan!” Quimm rose behind me and grabbed my arm, “surely you know that if you cross that tree, those things will eat you alive!” He whispered fiercely, his nails biting into my celestial skin. 

“Then stay here,” I replied matter-of-factly, wrenching my arm out of his large hand.

“Oh no you don’t, you aren’t going over there by yourself.  A few shadow creatures eating my body will be better than what Vendish does to me if you die alone.  If you go, we all go,” Quimm nodded and I turned to see the rest of my warriors nod or grunt.

“Oh come on, have a sense of adventure will you?” I grinned and unsheathed my white metal blade from my belt.  Tiptoeing over the leaves of the oak, I set one foot on the trunk, feeling the slippery Kulong moss and bog mud on the soles of my feet.  “Be careful,” I commanded behind me and began a strategic walk across the wide tree.

The contents of the bog gurgled and steamed underneath us, sending the fog rolling upwards at our feet, with every small shift in the water.  I concentrated on my task, settling my eyes on the prize only two yards away.  The glow was dissipating, making the object of the light, darken once more.  Squinting in the night, I finally ended my journey, settling both feet on the flat base of the tree. 

“A little light Cell?” Jambi came to stand next to me. 

“Of course,” I muttered and stuck out my arm, watching a tiny star flit from my chest, down my arm, and into my palm.  The star grew until it was the size of an apple, glowing enough to see in the dark, but enough to attract attention.

“By the Great Mother,” someone gasped, when the object was revealed.

“That is the…But she is dead, how is this possible?” Quimm leaned forward with a finger to poke the object, but Jambi grabbed his arm.

“Do not touch it.  You are not it’s master,” The black warrior pulled Quimm away.

“Is that really what I think it is?” The youngest warrior looked at me, hesitation in his eyes.

“Yes newling.  This,” I held my hand up to showcase the object with light, “is the Staff of Shadows.”

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  1. Totally awesome taste!1 Thanks, can't wait for the rest. This story is really exciting and differnt for me. Love it!!