Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yes Master Update Pt. 3

We reached the back of the subdivision in under a minute, whipping past the palatial spreads of doctors and lawyers to my own sweeping abode.  The Mercedes rushed down the tree lined drive, halting as I all but slammed it into park.  I didn’t give him time to ogle the gleaming exterior of my house as I pulled my coat off and wrapped it around him.  As much pleasure as it would give me to make him walk slowly to the door butt ass naked, it was freezing outside and I wasn’t the devil.
Tate sensed my urgency to get inside, treading quickly behind my long strides to the door.  I unlocked the door, swiftly moving to disengage the security alarm.  Tate stood there looking small and helpless wrapped in my Burberry trench, his eyes studying the foyer with awe.  Yeah it was a big house, something I didn’t need, but why have money if you don’t spend it properly right? 
I pointed to the right open hallway, “go to the living room and make yourself comfortable while I change.  Do not leave, do not touch anything, and take off the coat,” I extended my hand, waiting for the garment to be given to me.
His big eyes looked up innocently, before he slowly shucked my garment off his shoulders and handed it to me.  He wrapped his arms around himself and headed for the living room with a blank face.  Had he been waiting for something else…oh hell, what if he wanted me to kiss him? No way, I didn’t do that.  Kissing meant feelings, a sense of connection, and that was not part of what I did.
I peeked around the corner of the living room, seeing his body curled up into a corner of the sofa.  Tate was lovely, a tempting little creature, who would fulfill my pent up need for the night.  A ragged breath left me when he stretched out, the line of his back tight, his soft smooth ass sliding against the sofa.  My tongue wet my lips.  Fuck yeah.
Quietly, I left the hall, gliding up the stairs to my room for an outfit change.  He wanted to make my mouth water?  Well, I could certainly return the favor.  I stripped out of my clothes, tossing them into the hamper in the closet, and strode over to my ‘other’ closet. With a grin, I pulled open the hidden door on the other side of my entertainment unit.
The door was usually kept locked, as I didn’t want the housekeeper up and quitting, scared that I would chain her up or some such, but she started her two week vacation three days ago, so there was no need to lock it up for a while.  I groaned as I pulled on some leather pants, the texture rubbing against my hairy legs, and cupping my groin like a second skin.  The laces almost didn’t tie over my aching cock, but I made them work, stretching and bending to my flesh.
My hands smoothed over my ass, which was bare, due to the cut outs in the back, giving Tate something to salivate over.  I had a nice rear, full and tight, tanned and sprinkled with dark hair.  My chest was bare and I needed something to decorate it.  Smiling, I reached for the leather suspenders that clipped to the piercings on my nipples.  Tate was going to explode when he saw these.  The metal clips attached to the loops on my leathers, securing them in front and back.  I brought the back part to my nipple ring and clipped the first part into the metal hoop, securing it around my shoulder.  The front half of the suspenders pulled up and did the same, securing my body to the contraption, and readying me for some serious fun.
My boots went on my feet, completing the look and I surveyed the contents of the closet, trying to decide what to play with first.  I had accumulated quite the collection of ‘toys’ over the years, each designed to bring a different pleasure to my prey, and some designed for pain.  Finally I grabbed a thin cane, about half the thickness of my pinky and about two feet in length.  A ball gag, a blindfold, and a few other ‘surprise’ items went into the pile.  I carried the bundle down the stairs, folded up in a piece of black fabric.  Couldn’t have him squirming his way out of tonight when he laid eyes on what I had planned. 
Tate was still sitting in the same spot when I returned, his eyes flicking to me, then widening as he eyed me up and down.  His breath started to quicken and he plastered his back into the couch.
“You ready?” I boomed, deepening my voice, and making his adorable little cock dance.  He nodded softly and I set the fabric bundle on the glass coffee table.  “I asked you a question boy.”
“Y…Yes Master,” he squeaked as I hauled him to his feet, pulling his back to my hairy chest, sliding my leather clad bulge up and down his crack.
“That’s better,” I soothed a hand over his flat pale stomach, avoiding going any lower than his belly button before running my palm back up to his neck, “I have a surprise for you.” Bending my head forward, my tongue darted out, tracing his earlobe, sucking it into my mouth.
Tate whimpered, rubbing his little ass all over me.  My arm tightened around his waist, holding him still against me and I bit down on the flesh in mouth, making him cry out.  I smiled and pulled back, kissing his ear softly and stepping away from him, “Bend over the table boy.”
He looked back at me and nodded, splayed his palms and connected them with the glass surface, putting his round backside on display, “spread your legs.”
“Yes Master,” he looked over his shoulder, his lip between his teeth, and scooted his soles across the rug until I had access to everything I wanted to see.  His cock was half hard and his perfect hairless balls swayed with his slight movement.  Tate was perfection, everything about him was flawless, and I wanted to make my mark all over him.
“You like pain boy?” I asked, running my hands over his fleshy globes, squeezing and kneading them beneath my fingers.
“I’ve never…Ah!” He yelped, when I squeezed hard enough to leave my finger prints in his backside. “I don’t know.”
“Did you like that boy?” I purred, leaning over his exposed back, brushing the hair on my chest against his skin.
“Yes...Oh God…Yes…” He moaned as I traced a finger over his tight little hole, my thick finger applying only the slightest pressure.
“Yes what?” I grinned and pulled my palm back, bringing it to his cheek with a slap.
“AH! Yes Master,” he squeaked, arching his back for me.
“Good, because there’s more where that came from,” I promised.  “Stay exactly as you are, I’ll be right back.”
I crossed the room and reached behind the cabinet to where I stored the spreader.  My hand connected with the cool metal and I pulled it out, the sounds of the shackles on both ends jingling like music to my ears.  The remote to the hook was on the desk, and I hit the descend button before going back to Tate.  He looked up as the small device started to lower towards him, the chain swaying, and his eyes went wide.
“This is the last time I’ll ask you if you want to continue.  If you say yes, then you’ll have to trust that I won’t hurt you, and that I will know when to stop.  What do you say boy?” I gripped the spreader in one hand, fingering the shackle with the other.  He licked his lips, his hands never moving from the glass, and he made no move to leave.
“Please,” he trembled, that crazy breathing returning.
“Please what?” I grinned and slowly stalked forward.
“Please don’t stop…” He flicked his eyes at me, a devious lust within them, and his voice dropped, “Master.”
Oh fuck me, it was like that huh? I got you boy, I so got you. My throat vibrated as I snarled and crouched behind him, gripping his ankle roughly. “You don’t tease your Master boy.  You may not like the punishment.”


  1. Well, there went writing anything sweet tonight. ;) Now I got chains, whips and spreaders in my head, lol!!

    Damn, can't wait for the next chapter!


  2. This is my second time reading through and I must say I was sooo taken by the story I would immediately go read the next chapter! This time around, I am giving myself time to comment. Tate is so adorable and devious at all the right places! Olly is such a teddy bear at heart...but I love how he truly embraces his dark side! This is a hot hot hot chapter!