Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Again!!! Yes Master Pt. 5 (It's a long one!)

Fuck me.  He licked his lips and ran his small hands down his chest and over his nipples, “Tate…” I growled. 
“Please Oliver?” He straddled my lap and grabbed my hands, bringing them to his ass.  “Please…” he whispered in my ear and kissed my jaw. 
My hands gripped his ass, kneading his beautiful flesh in my palms.  His head fell back and he moaned, rubbing his little cock up and down my chest, leaving a small trail of moisture behind.  That was it.  No. This was it.  I wanted him and he was mine to take.
I pulled his hair behind his back, bending his chest to my will, and biting his nipple between my teeth.  He cried out sharply, lighting up the room with his shrill voice.  And yet, he continued to rub his dripping shaft against my hairy chest, telling me not to stop.  I rolled the nub in my mouth between my teeth, twisting it to the point of violence, before letting it go.
“Yes…fuck yes,” he moaned when I pulled his head back farther.  I wanted to play with his ass, to taste him and smack him to red once more. 
“Get on the bed.  I want to see that ass,” I growled and pushed him off the window sill.  He flipped his hair forward, breathing raggedly, an excited smile on his face.
“Yes Master,” he purred and jumped onto the bed.  He was on all fours with his legs spread when I pulled off my boxers and stood next to the bed.
“Stay as you are.  If you move, I’ll fuck your mouth until you pass out.  What do you say to me?” I smacked his ass hard.
“Uhhh, yes Master,” he groaned and bit his lip.  Yep, back on track.
I almost ran to my room.  After tonight, I’d have toys all over this fucking house.  Whatever, like I cared.  That just meant I got it good and who complains about that right?  Okay so toys for a virgin… I pondered as I walked to my closet and spotted the smaller dildos lying in wait.  Fuck that, I wanted him stretched while he sucked my dick.  I shivered at the thought, my inner male licking his lips, and grabbed a glass butt plug, lube, and a leather strap with wrist cuffs that would serve to bind his wrists to his waist.  Perfect.
When I got back to the room, he was exactly as I had left him, but this time he was panting.  The guy was aching to touch his hard cock, but he wasn’t going anywhere near it.  Not until I came in his mouth that is.  Wasting no time, I kneeled on the bed next to him, dumping my new finds on the sheets.  I grabbed the leather binder and threaded it under his waist, locking it around his back.
“Put your face on the bed and put your hands behind your back,” I commanded, pushing him down a little and hiding a giddy smile from his eyes.
His hands went to his back without hesitation, allowing me to cuff him in, and run my hands over his ass when I was done.  I wrenched his legs apart from behind and dug into my boy’s ass like it was filet mignon.  Tate moaned and pushed back against my tongue, this time I let him.  He was just so damned tight, that not even my tongue was going to relax his muscles.
I pulled back and stilled his wiggling with my palms, “relax Tate.  Just breathe and relax alright?  I’m going to go slow at first with just a few fingers.”  He shivered; the small trembles could be felt under my hands.
“Okay,” he whimpered.  I lubed up my fingers and spread the liquid over his entrance, letting him feel what I was doing slowly.
Being dominant didn’t mean I had to be an asshole.  This was his first time, and so sue me, I wanted to make it good for him.  No one deserved a rough fuck to take your innocence away.  It was something you would remember forever, it would never be perfect, because nothing is perfect, but it could be nice at least.  So for Tate, I toned it down.  For him, for those big blue greens trying to seek me out, I dug deep to try and scrounge up some warm and fuzzy.  At the same time, I wanted to pound my forehead against a wall for getting this involved with him.
“Oliver…” that young smooth voice beckoned me back to the situation at hand.  It was then that I realized my finger was pushing inside of him already.  He had his face buried in a pillow, but I could hear his careful breathing.  Smoothing along his side with one hand, I bent over and pressed a kiss between his shoulder blades.  Damn it!  I couldn’t stop this.  He was just too tempting not to want to kiss and taste. 
The dark haired beauty groaned softly when I pushed my finger deeper inside of him, feeling his muscles tighten violently, and his entire body stricken with shock, “shhh.  Relax…”
I stroked his hair away from his face, feeling sweat come away on my fingertips, “Tate?”
“Don’t stop…please.  I need to do this,” a shaky reply came and it pained me.  This was hurting him, that much was obvious, but what was worse was the reason he was doing this.  Some asshole that didn’t really love him caused him to lower himself to this?  Who was this guy?
“You don’t need to do anything you don’t want to do.  I told you that from the moment we started this Tate.  Don’t let some guy do this to you.  If you aren’t ready…” I shook my head, slowly pulling my finger out.
He used all of his strength to slam back against me, burying my digit inside of him again, “more!” He cried and flipped his hair back.
Oh fuck!  It was like he was a wild animal.  His hair glinting against his pale skin, those bright eyes narrowed with lust over his shoulder, and the crazed sounds coming from his mouth was the hottest sight I had ever seen.  Even more gorgeous was he in this moment, than when he was stretched on that hook.  With a twinge of fear riding me, I gave in and pushed another finger inside.  Tate bucked and moaned, his back arching towards my chest, and all while my fingers slipped into him.  The cuffs at his back rubbed into my stomach, scraping across my abs, but I didn’t care.
I reveled in the feeling of his submission made flesh and curled my fingers inside of him, eliciting a sharp cry of pleasure from my boy.  His face was ground into the bedding when I added a third finger and started to really give it to him.  Tate turned his head to the side, his mouth open, his eyes wide and glassy. 
The plug was next to me, screaming my name now that he was ready for it.  With a whip like move of my hand, I palmed the toy and greased it up.  Tate was about out of his mind, getting over the initial pain of my invasive fingering, and was now biting the edge of the pillow beneath him to keep from mewling at the loss of my hand.  He was about to get a hell of a lot more than fingers in a minute.
Once the glass was covered in a heavy dose of slippery lube, I put the tip against his twitching entrance, “on three, push out boy.”
“What is that?” he tried to use his stomach muscles to pull himself upright, but was met with my hand pressing him back into the bed and then a hard smack on the ass.
“You will call me Master,” another smack and he moaned.
“Yes…oh yes Master,” he choked when I twisted the cool glass tip over his hole.
“One,” I ran my nails down his spine and jerked on the cuffs behind him.
“Two,” my free hand ran down his crack under the plug, trailing the barest of touches over his balls.  Tate trembled, pushing back to try and get more contact with my hand.
I grinned, “Three.”  Pure silence filled the room as I pushed the hefty weight into his ass in one thrust.   The flat end showed through the clear glass exactly how stretched he was, making me lick my lips.  Knowing that I would be inside him shortly had me almost over the edge, but I squeezed the base of my cock forcefully while gritting my teeth to ebb the ache in my balls. 
“Tate?” I commanded an answer and then thought about what had just happened from his point of view.  Fuck.  Here we go again.  He was going to freak out in a minute, once the adrenaline stopped coursing through him.  Slowly I rolled him over, his arms disappearing from view.  He gave a strangled cry and his legs shook as his ass hit the bed, jostling the glass plug inside of him.
“Keep going?”  I raised a brow, but stroked his stomach waiting for an answer. 
His eyes were closed, his breathing evening out.  To get some sort of response, I pushed on the plug, and his eyes shot open, “Oh my God,” he moaned.
Back in business, I smirked.  His dick was dribbling all over the place, coating his stomach and my hand with his sticky pre-party favor.  Bringing my hand to my mouth, I opened my palm, and licked off his juices from my skin.  Not too salty, but bold.  That was it, he tasted bold.  Rather fitting, I thought. 
“Mmm,” I sucked a finger clean and pulled it from my mouth with a pop.  “Are you going to be a good boy now?  Or do I need a bigger toy?” I sidled up beside him, avoiding his cock, in favor of his mouth.
“I’m…I’ll be good I swear,” he replied breathlessly, his legs scissoring together in need. 
“Tell me how it feels boy?  Hmm? How does it feel to be that full?” I whispered, pinching his nipple between my fingers.  He had to be uncomfortable in this position, with his arms underneath him, and no way to touch himself.  But that was the fun of submitting wasn’t it?  Being at the mercy of someone stronger than you, leaving it to them to give you what you really wanted.
I leaned back against the headboard next to him.  He eyed me intently as I took my own cock in my hand and flicked my thumb over the head, “you didn’t answer me boy.” 
“It feels…so good,” his looked up and licked his bottom lip, then cut his eyes back to my thick member. 
My control over my own expression as I stroked myself was well practiced, even though inside I was dying to cum.  A few years of snubbing out your own need, gave you the edge you needed to command another individual.  Sometimes it was painful, but I didn’t mind, because for the most part I enjoyed it.  With one hand twisting Tate’s perfectly pink nipple and one hand tugging my dick, I was in the driver’s seat. 
I let him moan and gasp, writhe upon the sheets, taking note that his ass was now dancing in slow circles on the bed to stimulate the plug inside of him.   The scene before me was intoxicating, his small body completely at my mercy, and his virgin ass now stretched to fit what I held in my fist.  Out of all the one night subs I’d ever taken home, Tate would be the one I remembered for years to come.  Maybe it those eyes that penetrated all my protective barriers or maybe it was his voice and the soft mewls of pleasure that seared off his lips. 
Dear God almighty, those fucking lips. The more noise he made, the more I looked at them.  The more I wanted them.  No Oliver!  I took in a sharp breath, letting it go through my clamped teeth in a hiss.  Control not kissing, pure control.  That’s what you want buddy, not some after school romance that leads to hell and if you’re lucky…back again.  I grunted, removing my hands from their places and quickly got to my knees.
Swinging a leg over Tate’s slim torso, I brought my balls level with his open mouth, “you ever sucked a cock boy?”
His jewel toned eyes went wide with a quick shake of his head, “what the fuck have you done?  Christ Tate.”
“I…uh…I…” he gulped.
“You…uh…you what boy?” I grabbed his chin in my hand so he couldn’t turn his head away in embarrassment.
“A hand job okay?  That’s all,” his eyes were so innocent and I felt like the anti Christ dangling my jewels in his face, but then again, he wanted this didn’t he?  He said he liked it.
“Open your mouth again,” I sneered, bringing the rough tone back into my command.
Slowly his lips parted.  He knew what was coming and tried to stay still.  I had to give him credit for that, what with his hands already probably going numb underneath him and his ass most likely on fire. Yet, he froze in place like a statue, obeying my simple order.  Well simple to me, but for him everything was complicated.
I lifted my ass off his chest, lowering my furred sack onto his face, holding my cock away from his lips.  He did something then that completely surprised me.  For a virgin to know exactly what I liked threw me off my game.  Tate’s nose nuzzled my balls, scenting me, pushing them towards his now eager mouth.  He wanted this for sure now.  Whatever crazed fantasies he had, this definitely turned him on.  I could see the heat in his eyes when he inhaled deeply as my balls ran over his nose again.  Finally I paused, settling my sack directly over his open mouth. 
“No teeth or I slap you.  Got it?” I pulled his hair a little and he nodded.  Then I lowered my sack into the warm, wet heat of his mouth.  Mere seconds had ticked by before his tongue eagerly tasted the flesh filling his face.  There was barely enough room to move, but he did it like a champ.  On top of his talented little tongue, he managed to suck me deep and hard.  It was heaven and I grabbed the headboard tight, letting my head fall back to just feel everything.
I moved my hips in time with his generous suction, feeding his frenzy with my own gusto.  Knowing that I didn’t want to come just yet, I measured that I had less than a minute left inside of this welcoming heat.  Hot puffs of Tate’s breath tingled along the base of my shaft and I pressed the erect length across his face, rubbing my scent into his skin, marking his body as mine.  I wanted to growl, to scream, to spank him with a vengeance.  It was an overwhelming and unfamiliar feeling to me, but I just went with it.
He would be the best catch I’d ever had and damn if I wasn’t going to give us both exactly what we wanted.  I pulled his hair from underneath, slipping my balls out of his mouth, and tipping his chin up to the ceiling.  He panted, trying to use his mouth to breath again, but didn’t get the chance as I let his hair go some and slipped my slicked up dick right on in.  He moaned when the angry red head of my erection breached his lips, his tongue swirling under the cap like he had done this a million times. 
A slow trail of his kitten like tongue ran up the head and lapped up the pre-cum that already flowed readily for tasting.  I guided my cock further into his mouth, angling my length down, and filling his lips with more.  His eyes were hazy, but he knew what he was doing.  He must have an extensive video collection at home, because he may not have hands on experience, but damn this boy was educated in the art of sucking cock. I pulled back a bit, grunting at the sound of my saliva coated member sliding against his lips.  He moaned, the vibration of the small noise sending an immediate jolt through the head of my dick.  I looked down at him. My eyes narrowed and moved my hips back towards his mouth. 
I licked my lips, “suck it,” I growled.
His eyes were almost slits in his lustful response.   They watered but sparkled in excitement when my dick hit the back of his throat.  Tate choked a little and I pulled back, giving him mere seconds of air, before burying myself in his hot little mouth again.  I could feel the muscles in my ass working in time with my dick slipping in and out of his mouth.  The pressure of his hot suction when I would pull back was ecstasy.  Looking upon him was like a fucking dream.  His messy hair splayed on the crisp white pillow, his teary cheeks glistening against what light gleamed through the window, and his hollowed cheeks working their damndest to please me.
“Yeah, that’s it.  That’s a good boy,” I grabbed a fistful of his hair and bit my lip, picking up the pace, beginning to truly fuck my boy’s face.  His chest heaved underneath my ass, his smaller body shook.  Was he going to come without me touching him?  Could he really be so turned on that solely sucking my dick got him off?
Well I wasn’t going to come just yet.  No.  I wanted a piece of that untouched ass.  I wanted my cock to be the first in this beautiful creature, to hear him scream for his true master, and not some asshole that had not a clue what he had in Tate.  Just a few more seconds of this I convinced my inner male.  I place my hands on the wall and thrust back and forth with speed.   Catching a glimpse of his face, the tears were rushing down, his nose was doing it’s hardest to take in oxygen, but the entire time he watched me. 
His eyes asked if he was doing this right.  They told me he was scared, but he trusted me.  His mouth told me he would keep doing this just to please me, even if he couldn’t breathe.  I kept my right hand on the wall, but with my left I brought it to his face.  Even if I was dominant, there had to be a level of trust and acceptance between us.  I stroked the side of face, slowing my thrusts, and wiping the tears from under his eyes.
He closed his eyes, nuzzling his face into my palm as much as he could.  I couldn’t be inside his mouth anymore.  It was too close, too intimate now.  He was so damn beautiful and I needed to shake the thought before it became a serious problem.  As much I regretted it immediately, I pulled out of his mouth and got off him.  He cleared his throat in an attempt to make the burn go away, his face turned to the side away from me. 
Tate took a series of deep breaths; acclimating his body to its normal method of breathing.  I kneeled between his open legs.  The plug was going to burn coming out.  I knew that.  He probably knew that, but I needed to be inside of him.  I had to know what it was like. 
My fingers wrapped around the flat base, “take a deep breath and relax.  The more you tighten your muscles, the harder it will be.”
“Yes Master,” his voice was like gravel, weak and raspy.
I laid a hand on his stomach gently, hoping that would calm him down.  Once I felt him go completely still, save for his slow breathing, I pulled on the base of the plug.  Tate took in a sharp breath, his legs shook on either side of me, and his eyes were shut tight.  I felt the resistance of the object inside of him, trying to pull its way through the tight ring that held it in, but moments later it pulled through.
Tate made a muffled whimper and I stroked his leg, pulling the plug out completely.  He sighed with relief and I tossed the plug to the floor.  He needed something to keep him going, so I rubbed his now stretched ass with my fingers.  My boy let his head fall back with his mouth open.  His chest rose and fell deeply.  I smiled, knowing that had to feel good, and kneaded the pads of my fingers around the ring of muscle.
“You ready for me boy?” I whispered, pushing on the back of his thighs.
“Yes,” he breathed.
A thought came to me.  I’d never had sex without a condom.  Would I do this with him?  Would I bareback a virgin, tying myself to him and this night forever?  Would this night be a first for both of us?  Tate shifted, the cuffs seeming to be getting painful underneath him.  I shook my head and sucked in a deep breath.  Yes.  I would.  That made up my mind and I brought his hips close to me, guiding my cock to his passage of no return. The raven haired beauty locked eyes with me, both of us holding our breath as I pushed my thick head into him.  His entire body melted.  There was no shaking, no resistance, there were no tears.  He was perfect.
His first moan came as I was halfway inside of him, causing me to push onward.  The spasm of his muscles, the tightening flesh around my member, and molten heat surrounding me were like nothing I had ever known.  The smell of fresh sex engulfed me, the scent of his tangy sweat and light cologne, made me open my mouth in hopes of tasting it on my tongue.
I gripped his hips and thrust powerfully into him.  Tate bucked against the sheets a cry of pleasure rang from his mouth.  His breathing was audible in between the endless the moans and cries while I began to pound into him.  My teeth were locked together, my nostrils flaring, the room growing hotter by the second.  I wanted this to last, fuck it if I weren’t already so close. 
His neglected erection was red, the thick vein that wrapped around it beat like his heart, or maybe it was imagination.  I stared at it while I pushed his knees up, Tate’s toes curling on either side of arms.  One touch and he would go off like a geyser, one touch and I could taste his release in my mouth if I wanted it.  The thought drove me wild and I gave it to him with every muscle in my body.  My ass was working overtime as I beat him from the inside like a machine.
My knuckles were turning white from the bruising grip I held on his legs and my eyes were narrowed like a man made predator.  He glanced up at me as if I were his God.   His lips moved like he was kissing me even though there was more than a foot between our mouths.  He was the devil made flesh to me.  Tate was ultimate temptation and damn it if I wasn’t tempted.  I let his legs fall around my waist, where they locked in place without instruction. 
My cock still tunneled in and out of him while I lowered my dark haired chest over his, placing my hands on either side of his head.  My fingers curled around the ends of his long hair, my mouth inching closer like a magnet to his.  Tate longed to have me kiss him, it was obvious in his eyes and the way his head lifted as much it could from the pillow.  This wasn’t real.  None of this seemed real; the letting my go of my disciplined control, the need to consume him fully, the want of something more from him.
At the last second, I couldn’t do it.  I couldn’t bring myself to kiss him, even as much as I wanted to.  It would break him in the end.  He would go home tomorrow and I would never see him again.  This was the end for us.  I would come, he would come, and then it would be over.  His eyes turned away when I pulled my head back and screamed my pent up release inside of him.  I hadn’t even seen it coming.  Being wrapped up in Tate’s angelic face had washed everything else out. 
I had never come so hard in my entire life, but that was nothing compared to the shock of screaming his name, “TATE!” I threw my head back and howled.
My hand clamped over his dick and he screamed; the sound magnified in my ears like the high pitch of breaking glass, “Oliver!”
Still on my knees, I looked down to see his seed pooling around his stomach all the way to his neck.  Tears ran down his face and his lip trembled.  He had finally done it.  Tate was no longer a virgin and I had been the devil that took it away.  He lost his innocence to someone who refused to so much as kiss him, to show him the affection he so honestly craved.  That’s what this was all about, the submission, the urge to please.  It was something else and the realization of it, hit me like a ton of bricks. 
He would do anything to feel wanted, because he’d never had that feeling.  This guy on the other side of the game wanted his body yes, but apparently I saw more than that.  I saw the way he moved, the way he spoke, the life behind his eyes.  The other man more than likely saw a hole in which to fit his prick.  Tate knew what I saw and thought, no he had been sure that I was more than met the eye.  But sadly, he was mistaken.
I was a born and bred asshole.  The pang of guilt inside of me then was painful.  These unfamiliar feelings, hell any feelings at all were bad news.  Something fierce was brewing in my chest and I pulled out of him, still amazingly half erect.  Tate squirmed over to his side, his arms and hands a blazing red.  He let his release run down his skin and buried his face in the pillow, not even saying a word.
Moving to his back, I made quick work of undoing his bindings.  The strap pulled easily from around his waist, but his arms went slack against the bedding.  They were probably numb and I frowned, wanting to smack myself for starting any of this. FUCK!  Why did I do this to him?  Why? Why? Why?  He needed some circulation back in his arms and I went to rub them back to life, trying my best to make up for what I had done.
“Don’t,” he scooted to the edge of the bed, his arms moving a little behind him, “I’m fine.”
His voice was flat, void of any emotion, “I’d just like to sleep now if that’s okay.”
“Tate, come on,” I sighed and touched his hip.
“I’m tired Oliver.  I’m not a child, I’m fine,” He fumbled with grabbing a sheet behind him.
“You know what?  Screw this.  You’re not fine, you can’t even feel your damned fingers,” I protested.  “Tate you just had sex for the first time ever and you just want to go to sleep with numbs arms, in a bed all by yourself.”
“Uh huh,” he mumbled and I rubbed my eyes.
“Not gonna happen.  This is my house and you’re going to listen to me,” I growled getting irritated and truthfully tired.  I grabbed him around the waist and pulled his sticky stomach to my chest.  I gave him no time to squirm away and locked his legs around my waist, wrenching the door open in my wake.
The trip to my room was a quick one. I threw Tate on the bed, “Stay there.”
Grabbing a warm wet cloth from the bathroom, I returned to clean him up, only to find him sobbing quietly in my bed. His body was all tucked in amongst my thick covers, creating a nest for his shaking form.  My heart, yes I said my heart, felt like it stopped in my chest.  What have I done?


  1. Got caught hook, line and sinker... that's what he's done, lol. Great update for Valentine's Day. :)


  2. EVIL! You are SO evil for leaving us hanging like that! I'm, like, totally addicted to this. I think the ice around Oliver's heart is finally melting. I can't wait to see what happens next.

    ...Did I mention yet that you are evil?

    But seriously, thanks for the update, and I am definitely looking forward to reading more Yes, Master.

  3. Wow and mean, sad and clever I love it and agree am hooked this is great can't wait to read more