Thursday, February 16, 2012

Leather, Hairy Chests, and Bears..Oh My!!!

I thought it would be a nice midweek gesture to have a blog picture parade.  Now, I know I normally post pictures of young smooth, buff little thangs on my twitter, but tonight I'm feeling something different.  Maybe it has to do with a story I've been thinking of for a while now or maybe it's just my imagination run wild, but this evening will be devoted to bears.   Yeah, I said bears...oh and and a few leather bears *wink*, because what makes a big muscled male hotter?  Oh that would be leather. Exactly.  

So while we take a day's break from Yes, Master....  I give you big hungry bears... :)

...and this next picture was just for fun, because it cracked me up...


  1. *grin* that last one killed me!


  2. Is that Kurt Hummel from Glee? It looks like they're gonna have their wicked way with him. o_O


    *...Loves Glee*