Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Dose of Yes Master :) Pt 2

Here's the little  (ok more of a longish) bit of Yes Master...hope you enjoy!!!


My stride was quick and clipped as I rounded the hall to coat check, pulling out my phone and calling the valet to bring my car around.  The nervous little blonde---I forget her name---jumped from her perch to grab my coat the minute she saw my face.
I smiled darkly, loving the rush my status gave me, and fanaticizing about my new boy’s lips wrapped around my thick cock.  Waiting there at the window as blondie fetched my coat, I fantasized some more.  What would his body look like without all those clothes?  Probably smooth as silk, fresh and unmarred by his age, maybe he had tattoos?  I loved tattoos, the way they branded someone to an idea or a memory.  The thought turned me on and I bit my lip as my cock twitched under my slacks. 
I began to tap my foot with impatience. How long was this little bitch going to take to get my coat? She appeared in the window with a quick apology, thrusting my belongings through the open window, fear in her eyes.  I loved being dominant, the control and the look of fear in someone’s eyes, the way it left me satisfied.  I couldn’t wait to dominate that young thing in my bed, to show him what it meant to obey me.
Glancing at my cell, I noted Tate had sixty seconds before I started thinking of suitable punishments for when we got back to my place.  I groaned as his tight little body rounded the corner.  He was shaking, but still complying as he wordlessly pushed his coat slip over the counter.  He didn’t look at me, but he didn’t have to, I knew how he was feeling.  The guy was scared, but turned on, and obviously he had never done this.  Maybe he was a virgin?  Oh God, I could cum right here with that kind of information.
Finally he cut his eyes up at me and for the first time, I got a good look at his blue greens.  He was exquisite and I couldn’t believe how perfect he was, it was like Christmas and my birthday all wrapped into one.  Tate slid his coat on and buttoned it up, before staring at me as if he didn’t know what to say.
“You tell them where you’re going?” I looked at him seriously, “I want to make sure.”
“Yea,” he murmured, “but I don’t think they really cared.” He looked slightly depressed, as if those guys’ approval meant something to him.  I felt a twinge of guilt, but quickly knocked it out of the park when my lust took over once more.
“Good, let’s go. My car’s waiting,” I clipped and wrapped a possessive arm around his little shoulders, leading him out the door that was opened by the bouncer.
“Good night Mr. Coleman,” Louis, the big ass security guard nodded.  I nodded back, but kept quiet as I led my little prize to the awaiting Mercedes.
“Wow,” Tate whispered in awe and I grinned.  I too got a rush from looking at the high priced ride.  Sleek, silver, darkened windows, and looked like sex on wheels.
“You like?” I purred in his ear, running my hand down his arm.
Tate nodded eagerly and a smile lit up his face.  He was so beautiful and I almost felt guilty that it was just one night.  The valet opened our doors and we got in, shutting us off from the rest of the city.
Clenching the steering wheel while Tate buckled in, I took a deep breath, “before we go anywhere I need to tell you what’s going to happen.”
Tate looked at me with uncertainty, a little fear laced in his gaze, “Okay…”
“Let’s be blunt for time’s sake.  I am a dom and I don’t do requests, tonight you are completely mine.  You will obey what I say and never initiate other then when I tell you to,” I glanced back at him and he gulped, “I will never put you in danger, hurt you, or do something you don’t want to do, but I do promise you the best night of your life.  Do you want to you go home with me Tate?”
He was quiet for a few moments, gripping his knees tightly But eventually he looked at me and nodded, “Good. From here on out you call me Master and don’t you dare slip up or you will be punished, do you understand?”
“Yes,” he answered, short of breath, lust filling his eyes.
“Yes what?” I turned and growled.
“Yes Master,” he breathed and I groaned. Fuck, he was sexy.
“Good boy,” I rewarded him by sliding my hand over his package quickly.  I could tell he was on the small side, but never the less, he was hard as rock. My hand left his lap and he whimpered.  Not acknowledging his need, I put the car in drive and sped out onto the main road.
He was breathing loudly, panting was more like it, and I spared a glance at him.  His head fell back against the seat, his legs parted, and his hands slowly ran up and down his legs.  He was aching and it was all my doing.  I wondered how many times I could make him cum in one night while my lips curved into a wicked smile.
“Unbutton your pants, zip them down, and pull them to your knees,” I commanded and he looked at me wide eyed.
“Now,” I growled.  I wanted a preview of his little twitching cock and I couldn’t wait until we got to my place.
“Yes Master,” he replied in a whisper.  He was taking really well to my title and I loved it.
Cars zipped past us as I turned towards the exit leading out of the city.  The distinct sound of metal teeth unzipping apart made me bite my lip and Tate gasped with relief as he slid his jeans down to his knees. Tight red briefs encased his small boner and his thin alabaster legs were exposed to his knees, making me swallow harshly at the sight.
I turned up the heat control then touched his soft skin, causing him to jump in surprise. My hand smoothed up his inner thigh, loving how small his legs were in my grasp, the rounded thigh fitting perfectly against my palm.  Removing my hand to make a turn, Tate groaned and I grinned.
“Are you hard boy?” I asked and he moaned.
“Yes Master.”
“Show me,” I licked my lips as we turned onto a quieter road, leading us outside the city limits, only minutes from my house.
“Do you want me to pull these off Master?” he indicated to the jeans that were constricting his movements.
“Yes Master,” he sighed in relief as he slid them to the floorboard.  I loved the way he said Master so naturally, he was going to get a reward when we got home, a big one.
My impatience got the best of me as he was taking too long to get to the goods and I snapped the elastic of his briefs down, settling the band under his balls.  Tate moaned, clenching the handle on the door.
“Off,” I commanded and he quickly shimmied out of the scrap of fabric, “spread your legs and do not touch yourself.”
“Yes Master,” he whined a little, putting his hands behind his head.  Had he done this before?  He was so compliant it was driving me crazy.  I wanted him to fuck up now, I wanted to punish him.
I eyed his four or five inches of cut flesh.  The head was a red swollen bell of lust, leaking the fluid I longed to taste.  Reaching out, I palmed his smooth testicles, feeling the twin weights in my hand, and rolling them around gently.
“Oh God,” Tate gasped, arching away from the seat, as my touch set him on fire.  Oh yeah, he was mine alright.
“Did I tell you to speak boy?” I growled with a smile that he couldn’t see.
“N…No…Master,” he cried as I squeezed his balls with a slight pressure, not painful yet.
With a chuckle, I let him go completely.  Tate was still reeling from the touch and I pulled onto the road that led to the gated community I lived in.
“Take off the rest, I want to see your chest,” I ordered and he all but pulled the garment from his body.  Once he was completely naked in the passenger seat, I ran a hand down his lean chest, avoiding his nipples, and searching for any hair on his torso.  He was as smooth as a baby and I liked it.  His boyish body and soft skin reaffirming that he was my submissive, not a real man like me.  I had plenty of hair and muscles for the both of us.
I buzzed my window down as we came to a stop at the security booth, giant gates blocking our passage.  The guard at the front gate nodded at me, then his eyes widened as caught a good look at my naked boy. He sat there speechless and Tate turned away in embarrassment.   This was going to get interesting.  I eyed the guard, seeing a familiar look in his eyes, one of complete lust.  The thoughts running through my head were downright legendary as far as my cock was concerned. It’s time to put my little sheep to the test.
“Stroke yourself for him,” I leaned over and whispered.  Tate looked at me in shock and I narrowed my eyes, making no move to drive away and crossing my arms.
“Yes Master,” he gulped, then licked his hand and palmed his little erection, slowly tugging up and then stroking down.  He moaned and I glanced up to the guard, who had folded his arms on the counter and leaned forward.
“He’s sexy isn’t he?” I remarked casually and the Guard licked his lips with a nod.  See? I owned this.
“Would you like to see him cum?” I raised a brow at the muscled mocha skinned man in the window, who nodded once, apparently speech was beyond his capabilities at the moment.  This was a perfect way to break Tate in.  A little humiliation to wet the palette, but it was only one person, so it wasn’t traumatizing for the half pint stud.  I looked around to make sure no one else was coming and was relieved to see not a soul but us around at two in the morning.
“Stroke yourself faster, there that’s a good boy,” I ran my fingers through his long hair as he moaned and jerked himself rapidly, wanting to please me. “Mmm, I love how you touch yourself. Are you going to come for me boy?”
“Yes Master,” he cried, arching his hips off the seat, his balls lifting, and his cock going rigid with his impending release.  A few seconds later thick ropes of delicious cum burst from his cock, shooting all over the dash and some on his chest. Tate collapsed against the seat, small spasms wracking his body, and his eyes glazed over.
I turned back to the Guard whose mouth was hanging open.  My eyes cut to the small camera placed to record all incoming traffic and I smiled, digging in my pocket for my wallet.  Pulling out five hundred dollar bills, I extended my arm with the cash, “give me the tape and this is yours.”
“Uh yeah, sure Mr. Coleman,” the Guard kept his bottom half hidden, probably do to his straining erection, and pulled the tape out of the recording equipment.  He handed it over and took the cash, tipping his hat, “that is a fine piece of ass you got there.” He whistled low then chuckled as the gates opened.
“I know,” I replied and put the car in drive, pulling down the street, and leaving the stunned Guard behind.
“Are you alright Tate?” I eyed him, hoping to God I hadn’t pushed him too far.  He slowly sat up and shivered, making me realize I had left the window down.  After closing it, he looked at me, “I’m okay Master, really…”
“Did you enjoy that?”
“Yes Master, I did.” He sighed, huddling into the leather for warmth. I wanted to touch him, stroke his shoulder, but I needed to keep the affection to a minimum.  He was a one night only special and that was it.  No need to make him feel something that wasn’t there.


  1. OMG, that was HOT. I wonder if he *is* going to end up a one night stand.


  2. just started re-reading this, and it's amazing how much you see Oliver's mindset towards Tate change, because here, as hot as it is, he is such a douche! But love this story!
    C x