Monday, March 5, 2012

Yes, Master Part 9

So I just smiled back, "then we'll just have to make a mess for him won't we?" I hung up to a smug chuckle from Richard.

"Everything okay?" Tate stood up and pulled his jacket on, doing up the middle button.

"It will be." I closed the small space between us and brought his chin up.

He sighed against my hand. His warm breath whispered over my skin. My lips inched closer to his and sealed us together. Our eyes were locked on each other when I tilted my head and he opened his mouth to let me in. I would never get over this new feeling. This sense of euphoria that came from our slick, soft tongues sliding against each other. The feeling of exchanging air with one another and tasting each other was so intimate I almost couldn't stand it.

I broke away first, leaving the barest of kisses on his bottom lip. "Thank you."

"Huh?" he murmured lazily. His eyes finally drifting back to mine.

"I said thank you."

"For what?" He whispered even though we were the only two in the room.

"For taming my beast," I laughed, sweeping my thumb across his bottom lip.

He regarded me with confusion and I shook my head. "Never mind. Let's go, they've waited long enough I think."

"Right." He bit his lip and turned away in thought. Tate slung his leather messenger bag around his body and walked past me with a grin. He didn't look up at me but I knew he was happy. That small show of bliss made my heart swell.


"How the fuck is this possible Kevin!" I snarled and slapped the inspector's report down on the stainless steel counter. I stared at my club manager with narrowed eyes.

He ran a hand through his short red hair then placed both palms flat on the counter. "I have no clue Oliver. I really don't. I came in early this morning to unload the delivery with Martin and the inspector was waiting for us."

"But this," I snatched the report up and shoved it at him. "Room temperature refrigerated storage? Un-fit food preparation surfaces? Opened containers of alcohol at the bar for service? Visible alcohol residue on the floors? Contaminated food in the kitchen? Evidence of rodents? What the fuck happened here last night Kevin?" I threw the papers across the room. Tate and Richard flinched in the doorway.

Martin slammed a hand on the counter, "Olly for God's sake this isn't his fault and you know it! He knows how to close the damned place down. Hell, we all do! Never in a thousand years would we leave the place looking like this!" He threw his hands up and gestured at the mess currently surrounding us. I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples.

"Sir?" Richard stepped forward slowly.

"What?" I snapped and he backed up. "Sorry," I grumbled.

"Have you had any new hires recently? Someone who might not be so familiar with everyone?" He clutched his tablet to his chest for dear life.

"Kevin?" I looked at him. He handled that, not me.

"No. The last person we brought on was Seph and he only works every other weekend in the upstairs bar. That was what? Maybe five months ago," Kevin asked Martin.

"Yeah, sounds about right. He's a good kid though. Fits in with everyone and makes mistakes just like everybody else. If he was planted by that Alex guy, he would've been a little more arrogant, too sure of himself." Martin leaned against the counter. "Whoever did this was good. None of the camera's show anything on the floor or the front entrance. They knew we didn't have a camera in the kitchen. But why the hell would we? It's just a fucking kitchen."

"Didn't you check the back entry camera?" I turned and stared at him in shock.

"What back entry cam?" Martin raised a brow and snorted.

"Ah shit. I'm so sorry Oliver. I totally forgot about that install last month. James normally works it from the back office when we do deliveries, otherwise I never see it," Kevin looked like he was about to fall over on his feet.

"Well..." I drew out and walked towards the kitchen exit. "Shall we ladies?" I pushed past my assistants and onto the main floor.

Minutes later we sat around a lone monitor next to James's desk. Kevin fiddled with the system until we got to the time of closing last night. Watching an empty alley way on fast forward just agitated me further. I gripped the sides of the chair to keep from trembling in rage. Alexander Rutovsky was going to eat my shit before I closed my club. This was the one place that I let loose. It was my hideaway in the city and hell would freeze over before I let him take it from me. I promised myself then and there that those condos of his would be mine. He wanted to play chess with me? Good. Because nothing would please me more than check mating his ass at the end of our game.

I was so lost in my warped thoughts of revenge, that when a small hand moved discretely up and down the back of my arm, I almost jumped. I knew who it was and I didn't need to turn around to see his face. I could feel Tate trying to relax me and you know what? I liked it.

"Boss, look!" Kevin slammed his finger down on the pause button. A dark sedan pulled up to the back door in the alley. Two figures got out and shut their doors. One held a bag of some sort and the other had a pair of lock cutters in his hand. I stood and leaned forward, watching the criminals break into my club in the wee hours of the morning.

"Cut it back to the beginning and pause it when those plates hit the light. I'm calling the police," I growled.

"Olly we still have to close the place up tonight or put that damned inspection grade card in the window," Martin sighed.

"Close it up for the night. Do not put that fucking card in the window. I will not have my place gaining some kind of unhealthy reputation. One glance at that from the right person and we're done. Burn that thing," I glared at him and he nodded.

"Got it. Do you want me to call the Health Department back and delay the trial date? It's through the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings Health Tribunal. Whatever the fuck that is," Martin read from the back of the index card.

"No. They can suck my dick. They have a rat and calling them will only make this shit stink even more. Got it?"

He nodded. "I'll go call everyone and cancel their shifts for the night. Kev wanna help?"

"Yeah. Sure," the red head sighed and walked after Martin.

I turned to Richard, "get my father on the phone. Tell him what's happened and to get Harry Ellins from the old Health Department Board involved. He's retired, but he's still bound to have the right connections. If he wants a face to face, that's fine. Just do it."

"Your father sir?" Richard went wide eyed and Tate looked at Richard with fear. I rolled my eyes.

"What did I just say Richard?"

"Okay. Should I tell him everything?" The blonde raised his brows.

"About Alexander? Oh yeah. That will make his day. He hates Rutovsky's like I hate cheap beer. Alot. Now go. Tate you stay here."
Tate gulped and looked down at his feet. Richard spared him a look before sweeping out the door quickly and shutting it behind him.

"I want to punch my fist through this wall right now." I slapped a hand to the side of his head and he looked up at me.

"What do you need?" He replied quietly. His hand reached forward and stroked my hip in circles. It was an unfamiliar gesture to me but it worked.

"If I told you that, I'd fuck this up," I clenched my fingers against the painted wall.

He was silent while he searched my eyes. Something passed through his blue greens and with a small lift of his lips, he sank to his knees. I sucked in a breath and braced my hands against the wall.

"Tate you don't have to do that," I let out a slow hiss. His fingers made quick work of my belt buckle, letting the leather flop to the sides of my slacks. He looked up at me as he unbuttoned and unzipped me. It was like he was in control of me and I wanted to protest so badly, but he was taking care of me I realized. I couldn't be a dick to him now. He frowned and put his hands in his lap.

"Am I doing this wrong?" A look of shame crossed his face.

"What? Are you kidding?" I was bewildered by that. There was no way he could possibly screw this up.
"But you're not doing it," he pouted and I was confused.

"Doing what?"

"You know," he blushed and glanced down at his knees. I stared at the wall in thought. What was he talking about? What was I supposed to do while he gave me a blow job? Moan?
"Fine!" Tate looked up with determination. "I like it when you...Talk to me like you did before. I like the kisses and how sweet you've been today, but I also liked it when you were so...Commanding. It makes me feel safe."

Holy hell. Talk about flipping a switch. He really had liked it the first time and now he was hungry for more. I made him feel safe too?

I narrowed my eyes at him and he trembled with wide eyes that longed to be my submissive. I couldn't deny him, now could I? I pushed my slacks down a little bit and let my dick pop out of my briefs. Already hard and ready to go, I stroked it a few times watching my hungry boy salivate for it in his mouth.

"Straighten your back and put your hands flat against the wall boy," my deep voice filled the office.

"Yes, Master," he purred, making my cock twitch in my grasp.

"You want this? Hmm? You want another taste of your Master's thick cock?" I brushed the head of my erection over his parted lips, leaving a glossy trail of fluid on his lips.

"Please Master," he begged gently. Never did he lick his lips or move in the slightest. He yearned to obey me and the small bulge in his pants told me everything I needed to know.

"Aren't you worried that someone could walk in here at any moment and find you sucking me off?" I painted another glistening path across the side of his face. His skin was so smooth against my sensitive flesh.

"No, Master."

"That's a good boy," I whispered, raking his hair away from his face with my fingers. "Open."

Tate's juice stained lips parted wide and welcomed the head of my dick inside. "Close."

My order was followed by his mouth sealing around the bulb in his mouth, a delicate heat that consumed my thoughts. His eyes fixed on mine and slowly I pushed my shaft forwards along his tongue. Moving back and forth until I found a rhythm inside him. So good...Fuck. It's never been this good.
My hands were sweaty against the wall, itching to thread themselves into his hair and ride his face. Tate moaned around me, urging me on with my fluid thrusting. His beautiful eyes were locked on mine, only closing a little when I reached the back of his throat. He gagged slightly but I felt him trying to relax. He loved every second of this. The surety of my impending release, the obediance, the commands...Everything. That alone put me close to the edge and combined with the look in his eye, the tremble in his shoulders, and his messy locks shifting around him...I exploded. My hands found his head, holding him to me close as I drained into his mouth with my teeth grit together.

I pulled back so he could swallow, only giving him seconds before the next wave filled his wet heat. He tried to keep up but a few sticky trails dribbled down his chin. I zeroed in on the escaping seed running down his skin and fell to my knees. Tate looked at me in surprise. I grabbed his face between my hands and licked the seed from his face. He whimpered, keeping his hands glued behind him. His tongue darted out when I got close to his lips, seeking out my own. I couldn't resist and slipped into his mouth and chin greedily, tasting and sharing my release with him. My anger was long forgotten and my heartbeat was only elevated due to the man before me. I couldn't seem to get enough of him. His taste, his smell...For fuck's sake...All of him. Even his bold little attitude turned me on earlier. I could not wait to know more of Tate Raymee. To hold all the pieces of him inside of me. To make sense of him and how he made me feel this way.

For the first time in the history of forever, I cared about someone. I pulled him away from the wall and gently laid him out on the floor. His eyes tried to follow me but I pressed a hand to his chest, tugging his shirt from his slacks. His erection was straining through the tight slacks he had on and I could not wait to feel his flesh in my mouth. Tate wiggled underneath me in desperation.

"Hold still," I growled followed by a hidden smile.

This smiling shit was really becoming contagious. I need to get a hold of that. I am not someone who smiles. But I looked at him and it was hopeless. So I bent my head and hid my face, yanking his slacks and briefs down with impatience, and hearing his hiss at the feeling of the freezing concrete on his bare ass.

Tate's penis was leaking steadily and I wasted no time in sheathing him wholly within my mouth. He covered his strangled cries with his hand, his hips bucking up and slammed what length he did have against my tonsils. Holding his hips in place with my strong hands, I bobbed up and down his shaft furiously. Come on baby, give it to me. Show me how much I get to you. Fill my mouth. Tate made the sexiest noise I had ever heard, his hands attaching themselves to my short hair for dear life, and finally, oh God...He gave me just what I wanted and I intended to drink him dry. The poor guy probably had thought about this for days and being the boy scout he was, never did a thing about it. It just kept coming and coming. Glorious. That's what I'd call him.

I licked my lips pulling back from his now softening cock and pressed a kiss to his hip, "Tate?" I looked down at him. His eyes were closed and his head turned to the side. Thank God his chest was still rising and falling or I would have thought he was unconcious.

"Sorry," he murmured and turned away, trying to get his slacks up from his ankles.

"For what?" I frowned and pulled his arm so he couldn't escape.

"You didn't tell me I could...And it was too fast. I just couldn't hold it in anymore." He wouldn't look at me and shifted so he knelt away from me.

I grinned. "Tate?" I kneeled behind him, pressing my chest into his back. "It was perfect." I borrowed his line from earlier and kissed his neck.

I wrapped an arm around his waist holding him close. His smaller hand found mine and laced our fingers together. "Thank you," I whispered. "That was much better than punching a hole through the wall."

Tate chuckled and rested his head against me. "Oliver? What are we doing?"

"What do you mean?"

"This. Us. Is there an 'us'?" His head fell forward, waiting for rejection. Wow, I really must be an asshole if he thought I would let him in like this and take it all away.

"Would you like there to be?" I asked slowly. "I...I would."

Tate turned around in my arms, concern on his face. "You mean that? Don't tell me that if you're not completely sure. Please don't do that to me."

"I'm very sure." I leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his lips. "I like kissing you," I whispered and he blushed.

He hid his face in my shoulder and I ran a hand through his hair, "Tate are you sure?"

"Yes." I felt him smile against me and his hands went around my waist, hugging me tight.

I could hear someone approaching down the hall and scrambled up from the floor, dragging Tate with me. Shit, I still have to call the police and double shit! I need to put some pants on! Tate finally laughed and pulled his slacks up from around his ankles, struggling with his belt and the bottom of his shirt. I returned his smiles without a thought and snorted at the hilarity of it all. I felt like my mother was about to walk in and it only made me laugh out loud. I glanced over at Tate as I pulled my suit coat back on and saw him still trying to work his buttons with shaking fingers.

I rolled my eyes, walking over to him and doing up the buttons while he just stood there with a grin.

Martin opened the door and stopped dead in his tracks, "alrighty then...Uh, I guess I'll come back?" He tried not to laugh.

At this point I didn't care what he thought, "No. What do you need?"

"All the staff has been called off for the night. Kevin said we'd leave the mess for the cops to look at when they get here. What did they say?" Martin looked between Tate and I.

"I was just about to call them," I raised a brow. I dare you to say something.
"I see. Well, I'll leave you to it then. Oh, one last thing. Richard said your dad wants to have dinner tonight. He's on the phone making the reservations right now."

The thought of seeing my father made me sick but I'd do it, because my father was lethal in the business world and he would know how to take down Alex. "Sounds good."

"Okay, i'll be in the kitchen if you need anything." With that Martin shut door behind himself.

"Oh my God," Tate hid his face in his hands.

"May I remind you that you had no problem with someone walking in a little while ago." I grinned and pulled his hands down.

"That was then," he sighed. "I hope they don't give you any trouble about this. I'm sorry, I should have never done that."

"Yes. You should have. It was either that or I would have bent you over this desk and fucked you ten ways from Sunday. Your method was a little quicker though and just what I needed and from the way you came on the spot, I'd say just what you needed too." I lifted his chin in my hand. "Don't you ever regret anything you do with me. Do you understand?"

"Yes. I just..." he started.

"No. You just nothing. I wanted it, you wanted it. We're both consenting adults. This is my establishment and I'll do as I please with the man that I chose. Simple enough?" I stared at him.

"Yeah." He bit his lip.

"Good. Now let's go see what daddy dearest has up his sleeve," I grinned and opened the door for him.


"Father, this is Tate Raymee, my newest assistant." I gestured to Tate, who looked about ready to jump out of his skin. My boy looked edible in his black and whites. Formal in a way I had never seen him. His eyes went to my father, who stood from his chair at the set table and held out his hand.

"Jacob Caldwell. It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Raymee," my father's deep voice was welcoming as he shook Tate's hand. Then again, that was what he did. He lured you in with his smooth demeanor and handsome appeal and then gutted you for all you were worth. He turned his dark eyes to mine and chuckled. For a sixty year old man, my father didn't look a day over forty five. Sure, he had laugh lines and a salt and pepper thing going on upstairs but his eyes and smile were that of a twenty something tease.

Tate cleared his throat and smiled back, "the pleasure is all mine Mr. Caldwell." Hearing Tate call my father that, made me hate the old man more. I was Tate's Mr. Caldwell, not this whoring ass hat.

"Call me Jacob. Please, I insist." He folded a hand over his jacket and sat in his seat. "Sit."

Tate and I locked eyes for a second then followed suit. My assistant looked out over the city from our private balcony table in awe. I bet Alex had never taken his assistant to dinner or treated him as a human being for that matter. Our waiter brought a chilled bottle of champagne to the table and Tate turned back around, watching our glasses filled with the bubbly liquid. I caught my father watching him with curiousity but said nothing. You didn't talk about anything around waiters. That was the reason for the private table away from the dining room. Although my father had good taste, he had even more smarts when it came to business. The dining room next to us was full of eavesdropping executive ears, willing to pay a waiter an extra benjamin just to pick up some gossip.

Although I despised my father, I respected him in that sense. If that even made sense... The waiter glanced around the table and my father nodded with a swish of his fingers. Basically...Go away.

"So..." my father grinned and lifted his flute to his lips. "It seems you've finally been bitten by Rutovsky. Such a little leech..."

"He hasn't bit me yet. Only tried." I took a sip of champagne, acting casual. When inside I wanted to throw a few dishes off our rooftop table.

"What I should have said, was you're not the only one Oliver." My father set his flute down and studied me intently.

"Wait. He's after you too?" I put my glass down to keep from breaking it. Tate's foot ran up and down the inside of my leg and I sat back.

"No. If he ever came against me, I'd dispose of him. He knows that," Jacob Caldwell looked like a cat licking cream from his paw as he crossed his leg with amusement.

"Well, who then?"

"Just about everyone involved in real estate. Here, the entire east coast, over seas... He's putting his little finger in pies all over the place Oliver. He doesn't discriminate either. I don't know who the hell he thinks he is, trying to buy up every last property this side of the green, but this isn't monopoly. It's a little boy trying to fit into pants way to big for himself. I think it's time his pants went out of style and I have about twenty other corporations who feel exactly the same way," my father relayed cooly, taking a sip before continuing.

"So in a nut shell...He's trying to be bigger than you. He's jealous of you and your company, your work ethic, and your clientel. So what does he do? He pays people on the inside of these big companies and quickly gathers client lists and property information that suits his get rich quick scheme. Works for both parties involved so why not?"

Tate stiffened next to me and leaned forward, "but that's insider trading. Every one of us at Quantis signed a non-disclosure and I know for a fact that all the other corps do too. Why aren't they being arrested?"

My father's eyes widened and his eyes darted to the busy dining room before settling back on Tate. "Did you just say you worked for Alexander Rutovsky?"
I shivered and ran a hand through his hair. He was giving me permission to let my dark side come to play. This man was heaven on earth.


  1. *grin* oh yes, let that bad side out to play, lol! Loving this story!


  2. Love this story, but why is so much of this chapter in Italics?

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