Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yes, Master Part 10 & A Note From Night

Hey Everyone... First, I wanted to say thank you for all the comments and emails about this story.  Secondly, I wanted to apologize for my lack of quick posting on Lit.  I've been having some life struggles combined with editing delays that could not be helped.  Thank you again for being patient and I hope, hope, hope to have something (D and R) up on Lit soon.  That said, enjoy the next part of Yes, Master.


My father's eyes widened and his eyes darted to the busy dining room before settling back on Tate. "Did you just say you worked for Alexander Rutovsky?"

"Well yes but..." Tate was still leaning over the table.

"But nothing. My God, Oliver. You're sitting on gold mine," my father beamed, pivoting back to Tate.

"Are you suggesting that we use Tate to take down Alexander?" I smoothed my palms along the table cloth, my face painted in anger.

"That's exactly what I'm saying. I'm sure he has information that we could use and contacts within Quantis that would tell us anything for the right price."

"No. I'm not going to jail or lowering myself to Mr. Rutovsky's level just so you can play games with each other." Tate crossed his arms and sat back. His lip trembled but his eyes were cold. He wouldn't look at me. Did he think I set this up?
"Father," I started but was waved off dismissively.

Jacob leaned forward, looking at a murderous Tate. "The only reason you would refuse to help us Mr. Raymee, is if you were already helping the other team. Funny how you just weaseled your way in next to my son, at a time like this."

"Excuse me?" Tate pushed his chair back and stood. "I might be nothing to you but I am something to other people. People who raised me with morals and ideals that might not fit into your fucked up box of psycho executive politics. I will not play bait nor will I go to jail for you. I am not 'playing' for the other team, I am not trading information, and I am not some little push around pawn for you," Tate seethed and turned to me.

"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I see... So, are you gonna sit there with your mouth hanging open or are you coming with me?" My assistant and new lover put a hand on his hip.

"I...Um.." I felt like a fish opening and closing my mouth. Yet another side of Tate Raymee had been revealed, leaving my head spinning, and my inner dom begging to whoop his ass in punishment. How dare he pop off like that!
Tate's face fell, his confidence lost with my continued silence. My father smirked and took another sip of his champagne.
"And it is a very good apple tree my boy." He lifted his flute to Tate with a chuckle.

"Fine," Tate whispered and I looked up. "I see how it is." He grabbed his phone from the table and turned towards the dining room.

"Tate," I almost screamed but stopped myself, choosing a very familiar commanding tone instead. He stopped dead in his tracks and turned to me. "Wait."

My assistant turned and watched as I addressed my father, "You will not talk to my..." What was he? Lover, boyfriend, partner? "...boyfriend like that. You will show him some respect. I thank you for your help and all that you are willing to do on my behalf, but if
Tate says he doesn't want to do it, then he's not going to do it. Am I clear enough for you?"

My father broke out laughing, "It's about time you grew a pair Oliver. My word, you didn't need to make a speech. I knew what he was to you. That much was obvious when he bumped my leg caressing yours about half a dozen times and looked at you like you were his world. That's not something an assistant does is it? I just had to make sure someone wasn't trying to rape your business for all it's worth. Besides, you've never stood up to me like this nor have you ever brought anyone to meet your parents before. I'm a little flattered actually." Jacob winked at Tate. "I will admit his former position would have been useful but if he declines to play, then so be it."

The younger man gaped, "so what was all of this then?"

"A good old fashioned Caldwell dinner," I mumbled and my father laughed.

"Tate, have a seat. Dinner will arrive shortly." Jacob patted Tate's empty chair, waiting for my...boyfriend to sit down. I hated that word already. It sounded childish, high school like. Why couldn't society put value in someone's name? Why couldn't I just call him my Tate. That sounded a hell of alot more proper than...Boyfriend.

"Mr. Caldwell?" Our waiter glided onto the balcony patio and bent down to my father's ear. A subtle exchange of words had my father rising from his chair.

"I have a phone call. If you'll excuse me a moment. I'll be right back." He grinned and walked into the crowded dining room.

"Uh, boyfriend?" Tate smiled and waggled his brows.

I grunted and tipped back the last of my flute's contents. "I thought," I cleared my throat. "I thought that's what you wanted."

"I guess it just sounds wierd. A good wierd though," he laughed and held up his hand in reassurance. God damn it! The little fucker was
so adorable when he did shit like that. I couldn't stand it. And there's that word again...adorable. Just as bad as cute.

"So now that you're my...Boyfriend, I can do whatever I want to you, whenever I want...Correct?" I raised a brow and he squirmed next to me.

"Oliver, this isn't really the time..." he squeaked as I grabbed his dick through his slacks.


"Yes...God, yes..." he moaned when I let up a little and massaged him slowly.

"Good, because when we get home, you're in serious trouble." I narrowed my eyes at him.

"What did I do?" He questioned so quietly it could have been nothing more than a breath.

"That mouth of yours. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree? You. Are. In trouble." I squeezed the cloth covered length in my hand while whispering in his ear.

Tate shuddered and I let go immediately as the waiter walked in with tiny plates of bite sizes entrees. I was back in control and completely composed, unlike Tate who was still a struggling mess next to me. A scrap of fish that probably cost more than Tate's monthly rent was placed before each of us, decorated with a swirl of brown sauce and a puff of something else. If asked to describe it's origin, I would've said a japanese tea party. For tiny little girls. Ridiculous.

Tate nodded at the waiter, who made a noise of superiority and walked off. Superior? A waiter? I don't think so ass wipe. My...Boyfriend looked down at his plate and looked like he was trying not to laugh.

"What?" I smirked.

"Nothing," he laughed to the side as if he couldn't keep it in.

"Tell me," I smiled and ran a hand down his thigh.

"Fine. What is this?" He pointed to his plate with a giggle. "Is this the appetizer because I am so hungry."

Maybe it was the champagne or the fact that he thought the same as I did, but I let out a loud laugh that reflected my joy at his simple statement.

"I guess we should try it then. If you like it, I'll make Mr. I have a stick lodged in my ass bring you another." I grinned.

Tate cracked up laughing and grabbed my hand, lacing his fingers through mine. Our laughter died and he looked at me like I was the only person around for miles. It was a good feeling, knowing someone cared about you, like you...Cared for them. I shook my head and poached the fish thing with my fork, bringing it to my mouth. Tate moaned next to me, his fish already devoured between his hungry little lips. I hated when people made oo and ah noises over food but with him, it was almost spiritual. It was like sex with food when Tate did it. His eyes opened as if he were coming back to life and flicked his blue greens to me.

My fork was poised at my mouth at a stand still, waiting for more of those delicious noises. "It's really good." He blushed.

"I can tell. You want this one?" I brought the food to his lips and he opened. His eyes on mine. "Close." I commanded and his lips sealed around my fork, then slipping down, and taking the bite with them.

"Is it good?" I whispered in his ear, slipping my large hand over his soft dick, rubbing it awake.

He moaned softly into my shoulder, his jaw working the food and his hips working against my hand. This is how dinner should be eaten,
I declared mentally. Tommorow night, I wanted a naked dinner on my sofa, feeding Tate and making him cum, over and over again. Fuck, yes. Unfortunately, I could see my father's figure approaching from the limited window view of the dining room and removed my hand from Tate.

"Daddy dearest is coming," I whispered and pulled his coat back into place. He sat straight up and swallowed quickly, looking this way and that to regain his senses.

"Oliver," my father approached, a scowl on his face.

He sat down and looked back at the patio entrance before leaning forward. "Harry just got back to me. The good news is that your trial has been dropped and your c level grade card has been revoked. Due to the investigation, there isn't any proof that the violations were from your staff. The bad news is, that the inspector that was on sight, is the same one that inspected the other corp properties that are backing our little cause. Harry also said that word got out this evening that the cops picked him up at the office. We don't know what for but I don't think it's a coincidence do you?"

"It can't be. What do we do from here?" I crossed my leg and sat back, my hand resting on Tate's leg.

"To be on the safe side, I'd hire a private investigator. One to follow you around and one to follow him. That way there's constant proof where each of you are if things get nasty and he decides to get really creative. After you have his schedule down a little more, seeing as how we aren't getting anywhere with his...Former employee." He cut his eyes over to Tate and I narrowed mine. "Then we can formulate the next step towards a more concrete plan of action. This is going to get very ugly Oliver and as your colleague and father, it is my duty to tell you that. Do you think your up for taking down the CEO of a mutli-million dollar corporation?"

"I would like nothing more than to shove his face in his own pile of shit," I smiled, fire dancing behind my eyes.

"I guess your earlier statement was correct Mr. Raymee...The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." My father gave me an approvinging grin.
"Take it off. Now," I barked and wrenched his pants down around his ankles.

Tate started clawing at his bow tie and the black buttons of his white shirt. He gasped in relief when they hit the floor and I wripped the undershirt from his chest with the sound of fabric tearing in half. I was already naked from head to toe and grabbed his little body, hauling it to my chest. He climbed up onto my hips and locked his mouth to mine, letting all his breath whoosh into me as his back hit the wall. His tongue licked the roof of my mouth, bringing gutteral noises up from the back of my throat.

"Gonna fuck you so good boy," I panted in his ear, leaving the bliss of his hot lips on mine.

"Please, oh fuck..." His head twisted to the side with a groan.

"But first I wanna watch you fuck yourself," I bit his ear and he screamed, then shuddered in my arms. "I wanna watch your ass stretch for me. Wanna watch you go up and down for me. You ready boy?" I smacked his ass and he bit my shoulder.

"Yes, Master," he threw his head back and gasped. Raven colored locks whipped back over shoulders and his hips surged against me. Oh yeah, he was ready.
I tossed him on the bed and he fell onto his knees, watching me as I wrenched open the bottom drawer of my dresser and pulled out a box. I heard him put a foot on the floor and I looked over my shoulder with a growl.

"Stay put," I commanded and he shyly slithered back onto the middle of the bed.

Turning back to the sleek black box on the floor, I flipped open the lid and pulled out the weighted base first. It was about a foot wide in diameter and circular in shape, sloping up into a wide cone. At the top was a slide and lock system in which you fit the interlocking dildo of your choice. Putting the base bottom first on the floor, I looked over my shoulder to see Tate heaving with anticipation, trying to see just what the fuck I had planned. Well, I believe I told you what I wanted, I chuckled to myself.

At the bottom of the box were three dildos to select from. One was black and about Tate's size, maybe six inches tops and slender. I moved over the next two and debated between the seven and eight and half inch toys. I wanted to give him something to look forward to later and settled on the seven incher. I grinned over my shoulder and saw Tate's eyes as wide as saucers. He knew what was going down now as I stuck the head of the rubber toy in my mouth and wet it thoroughly, just to keep him excited. Keeping my eyes on him, my free hand searched the draw for the lube I kept there. My hand encircled the tube and brought the product to my lap, where I clicked it open dramatically and pulled the dildo from my lips.

The thick disc at the base of the toy slid into the cone between my knees. I clicked the lock in place and pushed the entire contraption between me and the bed, completely on display for him. Knowing now he liked being helpless, I got to my feet and yanked open my hidden closet, grabbing the bungee cuffs without another thought.

"On your knees right here." I pointed to the corner of my bed, right in front of the pole in which I would tie him to. Tate slid down the bed slowly and got on his knees, crawling into place. He looked up at me and I ran a hand through his hair. "I love how you obey me. Do you see what you do to me?" I licked my lips, running a hand over my steel like erection.

"Yes, Master," he breathed and I fisted his hair tight.

"Are you proud of talking back earlier? Did you think I would forget about that?" I pulled his locks back so his eyes locked on mine again.

"No...No..Master. I'm so sorry, Master," he whimpered, then sighed.

"That's a good boy," I bent down and licked the side of his face. "Now you're going to make it up to me. Show me how sorry you are," I whispered in his ear and he trembled as my foot moved the mount in front of him.

"Hands up with your wrists together and not a fucking word. If you understand, nod your head."

He nodded eagerly. The muscles in his shoulders, back, and arms twisting as he raised his hands above him. Tate looked like a statue of perfection in this pose and I didn't even have the cuffs on him yet. I took my time gliding my hands or just my fingertips down his bare skin, lingering over the lines of his torso, and the smoothness of his arms. He focused on his breathing but I could feel the vibrations throughout his body. A slight fear was good but it was the trust that really turned me on. I locked the red cuffs around his wrists, the clink magnified in the otherwise silent room. The cuffs were attached to a thick cable that stretched for flexibility while still limiting it's user's proximity from the base point.

I looped the metal circle around the black pole at the corner of my bed. It caught on the rung about three feet above Tate's head, officially chaining him to my bed. I smiled and scratched his head in approval. He looked so good like this. He looked like he was mine and truthfully...Now he was.

The lube was on the floor and I crouched dribbling the thick liquid over the flesh colored dildo. Tate let out a deep breath, licking his lips, and swallowing.

"Spread your legs wider," I directed and he did.

I moved behind him, spreading the lube up and down his crack slowly. Only pausing over his entrance to tease him with my fingertip. His breathing quickened and he tried to lower himself onto my finger but I slapped his cheek, stilling him into submission. When he was slicked up to my standards, I pulled his hips up and moved the mount behind him. He was lined up now, ready to go, and all I had to do was say the magic word.

"Sit," that one word echoed around us. Tate inhaled loudly, lowering himself inch by inch over the rubber length I held in place.

"Uh, fu...Oh," he muffled, biting his lip. The head was swallowed inside of his hot channel and eyes were shut tight. I rubbed his stomach and moved down to his cock, giving him a small distraction from the pressure.

"So beautiful. God, you are just so...Fuck." I sucked at his neck, slipping down with him as he sank onto the mount.
He bottomed out with a cry that he could not contain. "Tell me what it feels like. Tell your Master how it feels to be that full," I growled in his ear, pinching both of his nipples between my fingers.

"Not...Ah...As full as you...Ohhh..." He arched when I pulled his nipples tight. "...Make me, Master."

"Good answer, boy." Removing my hands from his chest I pulled his hips up and he choked out a moan before I slid him down again. "I wanna see you move baby," I bit the back of his neck, charging his hips to start working themselves.

His thighs pumped up and the muscles in his firm ass bunched as he moved up, then down causing the soles of his feet to flex against the wood below us. He was a machine in his element. He even took to grabbing the cable above his cuffs and pulled it tight to get a better bounce. He was wild but tamed all at the same time. Tate Raymee was my new religion.

"Yeah, that's it. Harder for me. Get it really going," I growled only now realizing I was stroking myself in time with his movements. He bit his lip and breathed through his nose, starting to go at it. The slap of his balls against the cone made me crave to be inside of him. I want to bite him and fuck him and slap his ass. Uh, I shivered. Come on baby, cum for me.
Maybe he needed some more stimulation... I pushed on his back, changing the angle in which he moved. His hands prevented him from falling and my hand provided the pressure he needed. He screamed through his teeth and I smiled. This angle gave me a better view of his full ass sliding along the rubber, that no doubt was totally hitting the spot for him.

"That better boy?"

"YES...Oh Fuck!" Tate cried and shot thick ropes of white into the air. He shook from head to toe while I shot to my feet and removed his cuffs, letting his arms fall to his sides and his back against my legs.
His semen covered torso and neck was nothing compared to what I was about to give him. I picked up his tremor filled body and spread him out on the bed with his knees bent. My...Boyfriend looked like an angel with a dark halo against the white of my pillows as I moved in between his heavenly legs.

"Oliver," he whispered and I covered his sticky body with mine, seeking out that sweet speaking mouth.

His arms weren't as strong as usual when they wrapped around my neck but the effort was there. I kissed him with everything I had, needing this as much as he did. It scared me how much I relied on his lips for assurance now or his tiny touches in general. A few weeks ago, this was never even an option I'd consider, but now...He was my only option. What did that mean?
Tate's hand drifted down my back and smoothly ran over the curve of my hip to my pulsing length. My tongue licked a line across his lips before I sought out his neck to bury my face in the heat of his skin. I let him stroke me because it felt too good to say no; to tell him that I should be the one in control. He lifted his knees and pressed my aching cock to his awaiting entrance. I pushed inside of him, not waiting for another second to pass us by. Both of us groaned in satisfaction, myself from being wrapped within his tight hot muscle and Tate from being full of his lover's thick cock.

I slid all the way in and wrapped my arms under his shoulders. My cheeks clenched together and the sweaty hair of my chest moved over his baby smooth flesh. His hands wrapped in my hair. His lips moved with babbling gasps of pleasure and finally...We moved together. Out of all the firsts I had given Tate, out loud or in secret, this one topped them all. I felt everything from him and in turn I gave him everything a body could give another.

My fingers curled back at me from over his shoulders as I pumped in and out of him, licking and kissing the sweat that tasted of salt and Tate. I may have been his Master but I couldn't help but feel more like his lover right now. He cried out while I pressed on, a little harder, a little deeper...Fuck, a little more of everything.
While I wanted to shut out the world behind my eyes and just feel, I had to keep watching him. I wanted to know what it felt like to be him. What did I feel like inside of him?

"Tate, baby I'm gonna..." I groaned into his ear, tracing the lobe in out with my tongue.

"Me too. Olly give it to me. More..." he moaned. I slammed home and he arched underneath me, swinging his toned legs over my shoulders and taking me deeper.My hands, slick with moisture pressed flat into the down bedding.

"Oliver!" He squealed while his head shook from side to side, giving me a second to jab his hot spot one last time before he came again. How the hell that was possible, I didn't know but at the same time I didn't give a shit. He was gorgeous when he came and I was the only one that would ever get to see it. Wait what? That was the last thought I had before my own orgasm took hold and released deep inside of him.


He squeezed around me, pushing my own seed around my aching member. It took me a minute to see things clearly and get my body to relax before I felt comfortable moving. I came so hard that it was almost painful. The build up of watching him on the mount before was beyond foreplay and actually getting to thrust into him for more than sixty seconds had done a number on me. I shuddered, feeling the last trickle of my seed drain me dry and cracked my back. His legs were still around my shoulders and Tate shivered being pulled with me. Both of us were a mess. Both of us were exhausted also.

I couldn't think beyond sleep at this point and a shower was too far away. Slipping his lifeless legs from my body, I rolled onto my side and pulled his chest to mine. I pulled the soiled coverlet off and slipped us under the warmth of my comforter. He sighed burrowing under my chin and slipping his smaller leg between mine. A slim arm wrapped around my waist and I melted into him.

"I like how you punish me," he whispered on a soft yawn.

"I like punishing you," I grumbled in his ear and kissed his head. The second I closed my eyes, a deep peaceful sleep took me away.


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