Saturday, March 3, 2012

A teaser that might earn me some creative threats!

Axel sat at the small round table next to the window. People rushed past the glass in a hurry, going to and fro in the large city crowd. The young royal sighed, pushing his dark glasses up the bridge of his nose and settling back into his chair. It was strange to him that so much chaos was just on the other side of the window. Yet, inside of the japanese tea house, nothing but the rustle of papers and the clinking of cups could be heard. Occasionally the owner's daughter would turn on a bit of soft music and hum while she made her rounds.

The owner, Mizuki Yamanashi would scowl at his daughter Mai and stop the sweet melody that flowed through the speakers with a practiced finger. Mai would just look up and meet her conservative father's eyes and smile. She took alot of crap from the older gentlemen but it was obvious she loved and respected him.
Mr. Yamanashi would let his scowl slip at the sight of his daughter's kind eyes and shake his head with a lift of his lips. He was very old world and traditional in his ways but his daughter's happiness surpassed all his boxed in ideals.

Axel knew all too well what it was like to live under constant scrutiny. This was the reason he sought shelter in the peaceful haven of the teahouse three times a week. Well, maybe there was another reason but it was fruitless to think about. Nothing would ever come from his little infatuation because he was too reserved for his own good.

Unlike his twin, Axel reveled in the world of books and art, spinning his own realm of solitude and silence among his lively brethren. He was a loner and coming out of  his shell to greet the object of his eye was out of the question. Looking never hurt anyone, but acting on it could. The very thought made him nervous and he shifted in the small wooden chair.

His tailored slacks bunched around his upper thighs and he swallowed back a taste of five spice tea to calm himself. It was then that the young man he had watched every week for the past year walked through the door. Bringing with him the tantalizing smell of freshly fallen leaves trailed by an undertone of nutmeg.
Axel realized he was licking his bottom lip and quickly closed his mouth. The guy pulled the hood of his black sweatshirt back and smoothed a hand over his short dark hair.

Mai's son turned his golden eyes to Axel with a small smile before hurrying to greet his mother. What was that? He's never looked at me like that before, the Royal thought with shock. Usually the guy was silent and only made an appearance for a minute or so before heading out back to the garden. They were treasured moment's for Axel, hopeless moments was more accurate though.

"Nori," Mai gently greeted him with a kiss on his cheek.

"Hey mom," the thin male replied quietly.

"Go ahead. I'll bring you back something to eat in a minute." She rubbed his shoulder and he shook his head.

"If it's alright, I'd like to sit by the window today." He turned to look at the empty table next to Axel's. The icy blonde put his cup down on the table and tried to get a hold of his rapidly beating heart.

"I think your grandfather would like that. Sit, sit," she smiled and gestured to the open table.

Axel hurriedly gathered his loose sketches from the table and hid them in his lap. Every one of them featuring Nori in all his exotic beauty. He fumbled with his pencils and the top sheet slid to the ground.

Nori approached the window and bent down to retrieve the flyaway sketch. Axel stopped breathing, his blood rushing through his ears. The half Japanese male looked up from the drawing with surprise and stood slowly.

"This is.." Nori began in his soft voice but was interrupted with an agitated knock at the window.

Both boys looked up to see Rowe standing there with an irritated brow. He gestured at his younger brother to hurry up. Shit, it was four o' clock already? Axel turned to Nori who stood in front of his mother. Mai's eyes were glued to the sketch her son held. A look of wonder crossed her face.

Axel threw his supplies into his messenger bag and clutched it to his large body.

"Sorry," he muttered to the mother and son and made for the door.

"Wait!" Nori called behind him, but he was outside pulling Rowe after him in a flash.

"Care to explain why you're dragging me like a bloody doll little brother?" Rowe laughed over the crowd that veered around them.

"I want to go and you walk too slow." Axel shot a look at his big brother through his dark glasses.

"You are a terrible liar L. Your heartbeat is bumping like the beat of a drum," Rowe pulled on the hand attached to his wrist, bringing them to a stop. The pair of Royals stared at each other while standing in an unoccupied alcove.

"Hey, come on.  Tell me what's got you all flustered. Not even Gage gets you this riled up," Rowe lowered his voice, putting a hand on Axel's shoulder.

"I just can't Rowe.  If I talk about it, it just hurts more, and gives you another reason to make fun of me." Axel shook his brother's hand from his shoulder, turning to walk away.

"Hey!" Rowe snatched the younger Royal's thick wrist and pulled him back. "Why do you always do that? Say I'll make fun of you? You are my brother and even if you can be an infant sometimes, I'll still love you. Always."

Axel was glad he was wearing his shades because he didn't want Rowe to see the tears in his eyes. He took a deep breath, " I can't put him through it. No matter how beautiful he is. I won't let him go through what Dan did."

Then the tears fell from his dark eyes.

Nori stood outside the teahouse for over half an hour waiting for his mystery prince to return. He smoothed out the life like sketch in his hands, tracing a finger over his own jaw line and around his eyes.

The thought that someone looked at him like this and drew him in a way he didn't see himself made his heart hurt. He glanced down both sides of the street before letting his aching body slump with defeat.


  1. Is it too much to think this is a spin off? OOOH I hope so!! If it is..what a great start!!
    He is so diff from his older brother..and what happened to Dan?!?!?!?!?

  2. Love, love, love your writing! Haven't read this post quite yet, though, because of the font. Any way to change that?

  3. @Pat thanks hun. Yes this will be the 4th novella in the series. Thanks.
    @kazy thanks for reading and go ahead and try it now. I made the font larger.

  4. References to Dan in the past tense don't sound good. But can't wait to read it.