Friday, March 9, 2012

A Jump Start For Your Weekend Battery ~ XXXexy Picture Parade

Lately it's been a struggle to pick up some of my stories and focus all of my attention where it needs to be.  This whole Yes, Master business has me totally addicted at the moment.  While I will continue with the Dan and Rowe series and My Telija...Don't expect quick postings.  Both of those stories take a lot of time to work out.  One being a complete fantasy creation and the other a being real world integration with vampire warriors.  So my point is, I needed some inspiration to jump start my brain again and the internet happily obliged. 

So for all of you fans of Doms and Subs, Leather and Chains, and Beautiful boys period...Maybe this will jump start you too.  Now, I had to limit myself a little bit of what I put on here, but you'll see the theme. :) If you ever need something specific, catch me on twitter...I am the Google Queen.  LOL.  Okay folks have a GREAT FRIDAY NIGHT.  Hugs and Kisses.  I now give to you...the main attraction.

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  1. *gasp*

    Oh my...


    Gawd! Whooo weee, I loved all of them but that last one... something with the red couch and black pants... it just caught my eye.