Thursday, September 13, 2012

Knox and Isaac: The Beginning: Chapter 2

Hey guys!!! Here it is, the next chapter! Hope you all like it. Muah.

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Four months later, Isaac had begun to let loose and breathe a little. School at the liberal arts academy, dancing again, and a whole new set of faces was doing the kid some good. Although Yuri was a hard ass outside his home, he was a doting father to Jaska and always had a warm smile for Isaac.

It was after school one spring evening. Isaac had been invited by his new friend Dorian and his sister Celeste. Jaska’s guard had given them all a ride to the local pizzeria for a bite to eat. They sat around the table, ignoring the guards across the restaurant.

“What do you want to do after this? We don’t have to be back until ten.” Dorian bit into a slice of pizza. He was a little nerdy, but still kind of cute. His unruly curls hid his eyes as his mouth chewed away.

“I don’t know.” Jaska shrugged. He set down his soda with a loud burp.

“Oh come on,” Celeste groaned. “Manners?”

“What are those?” Jaska grinned. “Pretty sure that was a record there sweetheart. You should be proud, not angry.”

“Proud? No. Embarrassed? Yes.” She shook her head, cutting up her pizza with a knife to create dainty little bites for her fork.

Isaac laughed. “Definite ten.” He high-fived Jaska.

Celeste tried not to grin when Jaska winked at her. As young as he was, he did have a certain undeniable charm. “So,” she cleared her throat. “How about after we eat, we do a bit of shopping?”

“For reals, Cel? You just went shopping two days ago. How many more shoes do you need?” Dorian wiped grease from his chin. “Mom is gonna shit bricks if she sees her card maxed out again.”

“My allowance just kicked in for this month. Dad said I could go shopping.” She winked.

“You know, I haven’t really been shopping since I’ve been on this side of the city.” Isaac shrugged. “I could do with some new jeans.”

Dorian shook his head. “Not you too man. It’s not shopping when you’re with Celeste. It’s an experience and not the kind you want to try out. She takes forever.”

“Then why don’t you go with Jaska to the game store while I take Isaac for a while. There are two guards, two stores. We’re covered. No angry parents.” Celeste smiled.

“Yeah, sounds good.” Jaska rubbed his hands. “New game I’ve been wanting is out anyway.”

“Hunted 2?” Dorian grinned. Jaska nodded. “Sweet!”

“It’s settled then. Eat up, I want get to work,” Celeste chirped.

An hour later, Celeste looped her arm around Isaac’s and strolled down the sidewalk. A guard kept a few yards behind them, his eyes searching the streets for anything out of place.  Celeste came to a stop.

“This is it.” She pointed to a small door between two of the larger retail chains.

“This is where you wanted to go?” Isaac frowned, eyeing the guard behind them. He shrugged and leaned against the brick wall.

“Trust me,” she whispered. “I think you’ll like it.” Her tone hinted to mischief, something Isaac kind of craved after all the weeks of order he had spent at Yuri’s.

She opened the door with a small chime to a set of stairs that went down. The guard was hot on their heels. They walked down to the smell of French perfume—thick yet exotic, evoking feelings of pleasure from Isaac.

“Celeste? Where are we?”

“Wonderland,” she cooed, dragging him through a set of tied black curtains. Dark red walls surrounded them. Mannequin torsos were carefully placed around the boutique. Low lighting and a soft beat set the mood. Isaac stood dumbfounded.

“Look Celeste, I know I’m gay, but this is kind of…”

“Sexy?” She grinned. “Just go with it. I’ve been dying to come here and Dorian is always breathing down my neck. Can’t exactly come here with my brother, right?”

Isaac looked over to the guard. The large warrior was shifting from foot to foot, nervous and surrounded by expensive silk panties.

“I guess,” he murmured.

“Hello, is there something I can help you with?” A man approached from the back of the store. He was small like Isaac, but a little bit taller. Dark slacks, a crisp white shirt, and a silk vest made him look like a sexy maître de. A guy working in a lingerie boutique, Isaac blushed, unreal.

“Just looking around. Thank you though.” Isaac looked at the ground.

“For you?” The man took a step forward. “Or for your…”

“Friend, she’s my friend.”

“His good friend.” Celeste looked between Isaac and the clerk with interest. “I was just doing a bit of browsing for myself, but you never know.” She settled on Isaac who felt the weight of her stare.

“I see.” The man smiled. “May I also point out our men’s line?”

Celeste dug her fingers into Isaac’s arm. “Yes, he would love to take a look.”

“Excellent. I think I know just the thing.” The man raked his eyes over Isaac’s body. It was the first time an actual man, and not some teenager, had looked at him with hunger. He kind of liked it. Actually, he really liked it.

While Celeste fawned over something in the corner, chatting to her boyfriend on the phone, Isaac stood in front of a three way mirror with the sales clerk behind him.

“I don’t mean this in an offensive way, but for a man, you have a rather delicate figure. Do you dance at all?”

Isaac blushed again. “How did you know that?”

“We have a lot of male clients—dancers, models, and some who are just looking for pretty things. I knew you had the body of a dancer the moment you walked in.” He smiled, handing Isaac a scrap of material. “These are made to breathe, seamless, flawless—the perfect ratio of blended silk. I think you would find them to your liking.”

These are underwear?” Isaac held them up, biting his lip. He turned them over, finding the string that went up the back. “I don’t know about these.”

“Try them on and see. How do you really know if you never try?” The man stared at him in the mirror. Something fiery brewed in his eyes.

“I guess I could.”

“Perfect.” The man went to start a room.

In the fitting room, Isaac turned from side to side in front of the mirror with wonder. He couldn’t even feel them. The black silk like part of his skin—staying in place over his hips, keeping his package right where it should be, and the string that ran right over his backside rubbed softly. He was in love. Another basket was slid under the curtain that separated him from the store and Isaac smiled. The clerk knew from the beginning that Isaac would be sold. How could he not be? He felt so grown-up, alluring—gorgeous.

He raised a brow, picking up a sheer stocking with black lace around the top. “No way,” Isaac whispered. “He can’t be serious.”

Chuckling to himself and no one else watching, Isaac shrugged. He put his foot up on the velvet stool, bringing the thigh high up his leg slowly. Glancing in the mirror, Isaac adjusted the stocking around his thigh. His leg looked longer, sensual, inviting even. The magic of the lingerie—a secret he would have to keep—was one thing he found he did like. Not exactly what his parents had in mind when they said to find himself, but what they didn’t know wouldn’t hurt them. It’s not like he was a woman, or trying to be one, he just found that he…really liked them.

He eagerly dug through the rest of the basket, simply entranced by the other garments the clerk had picked. No bras or panties, thank God, Isaac sighed, but there were plenty of other things to tickle his darker side. When he finally emerged from the fitting room, his arms full of expensive undergarments, Celeste stood there with wide eyes.

Isaac looked both ways, noting the guard was on the phone in the entryway. He shoved his stuff on the counter and pushed her to the register.

“Put it all on your card and I’ll get you cash. My parents can’t see this stuff on the bill,” he pleaded.

Celeste eyed his loot. She grazed a finger over a pair of small leather shorts with a mesh pouch for his… “Guess I’m not the only one eager to please.” She smiled at him secretly. The clerk began to ring up their purchases. “Don’t worry, Iz. I got you on this one. So, who is he?”

“Who’s who?” Isaac frowned.

The clerk pressed the touch screen with a smirk. “The lucky man who gets to un-wrap all this.”

Isaac turned ten shades of red. “I’m not with anyone.”

Celeste giggled. “Yeah right, Isaac, you are now the proud owner of three thousand dollars-worth of men’s lingerie. Don’t tell me you don’t have some hot ass man lurking around.”

“Not yet anyway,” the clerk commented. “But I’m sure you will soon.” He slowly picked up a pair of suspenders hooked to red thong with a grin.

“I just…I liked it, okay?” Isaac started to sweat a little. The clerk probably imagining him naked or at least that’s what his eyes said.

“And you have very good taste, if I may say so.” The clerk licked his bottom lip. Isaac turned around to avoid any more of the eye fucking, even though the clerk was super sexy. The boys back at the compound were fun, but this guy was matured, probably very experienced.

“Thanks,” Isaac muttered.

“No, thank you. If you ever need anything,” the clerk suddenly whispered from behind him. “Don’t hesitate to call.” A hand slid over his back side, a small card slipped into his back pocket.

Celeste made a face of oh my God and grabbed for his hand when the clerk had everything ready to go. She shoved a few black striped bags into Isaac’s arms. “Thanks for your help. Isaac, we have to get going.”

Isaac flicked his eyes over his shoulder. “Yeah, thanks.”

“Don’t mention it, Isaac. Come back any time.” The clerk wiggled his fingers with a slick wink.

That night, Isaac spent a few hours turning the clerk’s card over and over—a pile of silk next to him on the bed. As much as he wanted to see where things would go with the sexy boutique worker, he decided that his new found fetish was better left for his eyes only. That is, until the right person came along. Then he’d go from there.

Isaac spent the next three months preparing for graduation. He was going to be the youngest in his class, but he didn’t care. He had finally accomplished something in his life. Not only that, but he had completed his senior dance recital with rave reviews only last week. His parents urged him to start applying to colleges, maybe even an internship at Hightower Shipping, but Isaac knew that after high school, he was done with school all together.

He had no urge to sit in a class room. He wanted to go back home and see his family, his friends every day. He wanted to look into working at the compound, finding his rhythm again. After seeing a counselor for the past few months, he felt more confident about going home. Today was his last session with his counselor before he went back to Yuri’s to start packing—tomorrow he would get his diploma. The day after that, he was on his way home.

“How did today go?” His counselor, a vampire who never gave away his real age and who went simply by Fred, sat on the couch across from him.

“What, you mean school?”

“I mean today in general. If you want to talk about school, go for it.” Fred shrugged.

“I don’t know, okay I guess. I feel like I’ve finally done it. I’m going to graduate and it’s supposed to be this big milestone and I’m going to go home, which I’m really stoked for. But at the same time, it’s not going to be easy. I’m excited, but kind of stressed about it at the same time.”


Knox, Isaac immediately thought. “My parents are pushing for me to go to school. Axel, you know my friend from back home?”

“The queen’s son? I think I remember.” Fred chuckled.

Isaac smiled. “Yeah him, he got an early acceptance to NYU. He’s this big whiz kid and I think my parents caught the college bug when they heard that. I’ve gotten at least three emails from them in the past forty-eight hours. Make sure you pick up pamphlets before you leave the city. Talk to your school about college prep programs. It never ends.”

“Tell them it stresses you out.”

“Really, Fred? We’re talking about my parents here, not my BFF. I’ve been working so hard to keep things good between us. I finally get to this place where I feel like myself and then I get shoved back in between a rock and hard place. I’ve dated a few guys now. I haven’t let myself get caught up in trying to fit in. I’ve made friends in other places, friends that have shown me different sides of myself. I’m as happy as I’m going to be at this age and then this. As much as I would love to tell them to just shut up about it, I can’t upset them.”

“But you are trying to fit in, Isaac. You’re trying to fit into the box your parents want for you. You say you don’t want to go to college? Tell them. But before you do, because I do know your parents, you’re going to need some sort of short term goal to give them. You know I’m pretty casual about our sessions, but even I think you still need some structure. You’re seventeen, about to be freshly graduated—given more freedoms. You need something to fill your time, other than being with your friends and having fun. Have you thought about getting a job? Are you going take your dancing to another level? What is your next step?”

Drive Knox crazy, rock his world. He’s all I still think about. “I’m going to talk with the compound director this weekend. I already made an appointment and I want to see what there is for me there first before I seek out other options.”

“So you want to work in administration or hospitality?” Fred nodded with approval.

“Well, check it out at least. Maybe help the other teens that come in and out of the compound, their families—whatever they think I can do to help.”

“It’s a start and that’s good. A little advice though? Parents like things in writing, things they can see to mull over later. Proof that you’re serious.”

“Got it.” Isaac smiled. “I’ll have Jacob print me out a spreadsheet or something.”

“You do that.” Fred sat up with a grin. “Anything else you want to talk about? A certain vampire that might be on your mind? You still seem a little distracted.”

Fred knew all about his crush on Knox. He’d had to tell someone how he truly felt—an unbiased, gay male figure that could understand his angst and possibly let him in on why he felt this way. Fred wasn’t a wizard and he couldn’t magically cure him of his throbbing need for Knox, but he had been helpful at pointing out Isaac’s own problems—trying to fix Isaac before he could ever handle dealing with Knox.

“I haven’t seen him in months, Fred. I’ve seen everyone else, but every time I visit the compound, he’s always gone. I’m trying like hell to keep my cool and not act like an idiot because of him. But I’m nervous about seeing him again. What if I freak out?”

“That’s the story of my life kid. Men cause you to do some crazy things.” Fred snorted. “But, Isaac? You’ve released some of the tension as far as your sexuality is concerned. You’ve become more comfortable with other men, going out on dates, holding hands, making conversation. You’re not all the way, but you’re getting there, and that should make you proud. You’ve come out of your shell. You’ve tried new things, have discovered what you appreciate and a few things you don’t. You aren’t that shy, misguided guy that first walked in here. Heck, we wouldn’t even be talking about this if you were still the same person. You’re growing up.”

“But that has nothing to do with him.”

“It has everything to do with him. From day one you’ve equated Knox to everything that’s wrong in your life. You aren’t strong enough. You don’t have a place back home, a perfect little box that you should fit into. You aren’t what everyone wants. Have you stopped to think about that recently? Everything you’ve ever felt insecure about mirrors what you see in Knox. You aren’t him, Isaac.

You’re you and in the short time you’ve been here, you’ve been comfortable in your own skin. Be happy about being yourself, go and get involved back home, set goals for yourself and no one else. There is nothing more attractive to a man than someone with character. That said, maybe you’re trying to attract the wrong person. Maybe, now that you have some confidence rolling around in there, you’ll meet the one that knocks your socks off.”

Isaac looked down at his hands. Everything Fred had just said was the truth. He’d looked up to Knox for so long that he wanted to be him, obsessed over his approval, pined over him sexually. That was never going to happen. Isaac had to get with the program, grow up—realize he could still be happy without Knox. Even though inside, the thought of life without Knox tore him to pieces.

“Yeah, you’re right.”

“Am I? Fred raised a brow.

Isaac smiled. “Yeah, Fred, you are.”

Three days later, Isaac was in the middle of the party to celebrate his and Nan’s graduation. She’d finished at Harris and he’d finished in the city, but you would have never known they’d been that far away from each other. They sat on a sofa by the fireplace, sipping on sparkling grape juice. Their closest family and friends mingled about while the teens huddled together.

“So, what did Jacob say this morning?” Cage wrapped an arm around his newest fling Rebecca. She said nothing. In fact, they weren’t sure she was even alive at all, apart from the occasional cock her head. Just another pretty face to the close knit family. They all had bets she would be gone by next week.

“I’m going to be running around the compound for him on a trial basis. Kind of like an assistant, but with no title. If I can keep up he’ll place me somewhere permanently with pay.” Isaac grinned. “One benefit, I’ll hear all the compound drama, the good stuff. Or so I was told by the supply room guy.”

“Drama?” Hannah rested her elbows on the back of the couch next to Isaac.

“Good stuff?” Emma did the same on his other side. “Do tell.”

Isaac chuckled. “I’m going to be working for Jacob, running errands.”

“Would you consider wearing a recording device?” Hannah stared at him.

Emma nodded. “Or maybe a camera to record your day to day events?”

“Okay, what do you two do with all that stuff? How many years have you been going at it?” Lounging next to Isaac, Nan threw up her hands.

“None of your business, but you should know that when you leave your shades open, you can see everything in the mirror.” Hannah and Emma rose at the same time. “We look forward to your findings, Isaac.”

“Congrats infants.” Emma wiggled her fingers.

The older twins left Nan steaming where she sat. “Sick little…”

“There’s my graduate!” Chloe sank down next to her daughter. “What are we talking about?”

“Mom, come on.” Nan sighed.

While Chloe continued to embarrass her daughter, Isaac winked and got up. He still had yet to see Knox. His fathers were in the corner with Dan and Rowe, chatting away. Aunt Nina and Uncle Hill were in a serious discussion with Oliver, Tate, and Jacob. Nova was telling terrible jokes to Theo and Suarta. King was now trying to get his mate away from their red faced daughter. Everyone was here—all except the one person who he wanted to see the most.

Isaac slipped out into the hall. His journey led him to the training room where he heard voices.

The punching bag swung violently—Knox pounding away, working up a sweat. Blaze sat against the wall.

“Are you starting training up next week or are you going to give them a break?” Blaze looked up, trying to break Knox out of his funk.

Knox slammed his fist into the bag. “Of course I’m starting training next week. They have less than a year before they’re field legal.” He sent the bag swinging, the chain creaking.

“Have you even seen him yet?”

“Isaac?” Knox swung around and kicked the bag so hard it ripped from the metal bar.

“Who else?”

“No.” He picked up the bag and threw it against the wall. He really didn’t want to talk about this.

“He’s going to notice. You’re already in deep shit with Cade and Micah. I think they’re ready to behead you, telling them you don’t want their kid in your class.”

“It’s not like that and you damn well know it!” Knox growled. “He’s not a fighter, why push him to be something he’s not?”

“They think you hate their kid, don’t want him around. He’s moved away to be himself and fit in and you shut him down as soon as he comes back. How do you think that looks?”

“He can’t shoot a gun. He can’t throw a blade. He’s scared of contact when we do one on one. What am I supposed to do? Bring a balance bar in here and tell him to kill by plié? Fucking ridiculous!”

“You can lighten up and let him back in with his group. Even if he isn’t up to par, you can make him feel one of them. Don’t sugarcoat it and tell him he’s up there. Let him be with his friends. Let him know you don’t hate him. Get Micah and Cade off you back, dude. If nothing more, let him get a little exercise.”

“I can’t be watching him to make sure he doesn’t get hurt when I have other kids to worry about—kids who really will be out there one day. You know the other reason, I can’t have him around here. I just…”

Knox caught Blaze’s stare across the room and turned. In the doorway was none other than Isaac.

“Hey Iz,” Blaze said, getting to his feet.

“Hey,” the teen replied. His heart beat in his chest. This was what he had practiced the last few months, letting the hate roll off him. He could do this. Despite hearing everything Knox had said, he could do this.

“We were just about to get cleaned up and go to you guys’ dinner.” Blaze smiled.

“You don’t have to. I know training is more important.” Isaac smiled so hard it hurt his face. Nice deep breaths, don’t look right at him, he chanted. “I’ll see you around.”

“Isaac, we uh…we’ll be there.”

“It’s okay, Knox.” Isaac finally looked his way. Sweaty, hair pushed back to show off his tattoo, Knox looked like something Isaac wanted to drink slowly. But he didn’t give in. “I know family dinner isn’t your thing. Don’t push yourself. You won’t offend us.”

“But I…”

“See you guys later.” Isaac sighed and left the gym.

Every step he took was easier the farther he removed himself from his problem. That didn’t mean going back to the party wasn’t hard, when all he wanted to do was go upstairs and relieve himself of the tension that poured through his body. He was different now. He could do this. He would not give into Knoxtian Montesego.

“Did he just blow me off?” Knox pulled his gloves off quickly. “Did that little shit just un-invite me?”

“Not technically, but it kind of seemed that way. Guess moving away really did him some good.” Blaze chuckled. “Looks like the kid grew a backbone.”

“This isn’t funny! He just…”

“Pushed you back,” Blaze said proudly. Good for you kid, he thought.

Walking back into the party, Isaac knew he had done the right thing. He actually felt more mature for once. Maybe this growing up bit wasn’t so hard after all.

His eighteenth birthday was nearing and Isaac had this strange feeling like something was going to happen. Good or bad, he wasn’t sure, but this unfamiliar pressure was building inside of him. He’d kept himself busy with Jacob’s work. His trial period had ended and the director had decided to keep him on personally. Another notch in his belt of accomplishments, Isaac was feeling pretty good about himself.

To keep his da off his back and to keep the peace, he’d kept up with his training. Only one day a week though, versus the four he had been accustomed to. He had other things to do now, but he liked to make his da happy. His phone rang, distracting him away from his thoughts.

“Isaac speaking.” He listened to one of the managers giving him a new family submission for the compound wait list. They needed temporary housing until somewhere opened up within one of the other territories. It had become quite the process for the Royals since families from all over the world immigrated to their community.

“I understand, Mr. Fione.” Isaac nodded, typing away on his touchpad. “I’ll forward this to Jacob and send you a confirmation by the end of the week. Uh huh, alright. Thanks, you too. Goodbye.”

He glanced at the clock with a smile. Only one hour left until he had his date with Omar. Newer to the area, Omar had been working in the kitchen for the past couple of months. He was nice, only a year older, and treated Isaac with respect. They’re mutual attraction and friendship had taken a little turn and Omar had ended up giving him a goodnight kiss recently.

Now they were about to embark on first date territory and Isaac couldn’t be happier. He quickly wrapped up his work, went to his rooms and got ready. He rarely dressed up, but he thought tonight, why not? Hair tied back, dark slacks and dress shoes—he put on a sky blue button up and rolled up the sleeves. The one thing that Omar wouldn’t see tonight was the red silk thong underneath. Ever since that day with Celeste, he couldn’t get enough.

It wasn’t for anyone except him, for now anyways. When he wore them, he felt a little stronger, more confident—enough self-esteem to flirt and be sexy with another person because he actually felt sexy. The other parts of his collection were not for dates. Heck, none it was, but tonight he thought it would put a spring in his step. He laughed to himself, thinking of the drawers at the back of his closet. Things that would make his parents piss themselves should they ever find out.

Grabbing his phone and his keys, he shut his door. The walk down the hallway was a good one, a happy one. That is until Knox turned the corner to his private stairwell. The two locked eyes, Knox quickly checking Isaac’s attire over with confusion.

“Got a late job interview?” Knox snorted.

Don’t give in to him. He can’t take this night from you. No matter how good he looks in leather, no matter how intense his cologne is. Don’t give in, Isaac smiled. “Nope, I have a date tonight. Excuse me.” Isaac kept walking. He had to go past Knox, each step like lead on the bottom of his feet.

“With who?” Knox growled.

“It doesn’t matter. You probably don’t know him anyways.” Isaac kept up the fake smile. “I really have to get going.”

“I asked you a question. Who are you going out with?” Knox stepped in front of Isaac.

Count to ten, let it go. Better yet, take the elevator. “Good night, Knox.”

About to lose his mind, Knox slammed a hand flat to the wall, blocking Isaac’s way. “Do you parents know him?”

“Yes, they do. Now please move.” Isaac glared at Knox. This was getting too serious. He noticed the stubble on Knox’s jaw, the way his arms bunched then flexed. Oh fuck, Isaac looked away.

“Then I know him too. I know how you were with the boys last time, Isaac. Maybe you should just cool it for a while, huh?”

“How I was with the boys?” Isaac crossed his arms and took a step back in shock. His patience was done. Counting to ten would only make him angrier. “Who the hell are you to tell me what to do? You are not my parent. You are not my anything. You barely say two words to me ever. You are always angry with me for no reason and now you just out of the blue decide that I’m a recovering slut and you need to grill me on my dating choices? I don’t think so, Knox.”

“I’m not your anything? The hell I’m not!” Knox braced his other hand against the wall, trapping Isaac. “I am your teacher. I am you elder. If I ask you a question, boys or no boys, you will answer me.”

Isaac wanted to slide down the wall and melt. Knox’s body heat rolled over him like a wave. His smell so intense, Isaac was close to passing out. “If you want respect, you have to give it first. You can’t even give me that, therefore you aren’t my anything.”

“I’ll show you respect.” Knox leaned in, his breathe hot on Isaac’s ear. “How to bite that tongue. Show you what you get for talking back.”

His breath caught in his throat, Isaac’s hard-on almost instantaneous. He had to get out of here. The way Knox’s voice vibrated against his cheek with that smell, he was…


Knox and Isaac turned at once. Omar stood there in his nicest blue shirt and clean slacks—a definite upgrade from his kitchen attire. In his hand he held a flower, just one, and it was all for Isaac.

“Omar,” Isaac squeaked, pushing Knox away.

“You were almost twenty minutes late. I came up to find you.” Omar looked at the flower and then at Knox.  “Guess I know why you’re late,” he murmured.

“It was nothing. Knox was just talking to me about class and…”

“Isaac, it’s okay. The way you go on about him, I figured you hated him, but I get it now. I just wish you wouldn’t have said yes to this.” Omar waved between himself and Isaac. “Kind of sucks, you know?”

“You’re dating the cook?” Knox huffed. “He makes my dinner and you’re going to go out with him?”

Turning to Knox, Isaac was horrified. “Yes, I was going to. Because he’s sweet to me, he cares about me unlike you.”

“I never said I was in the running kid.” Knox took a shaky step away. “Don’t rope me into that scene.”

Isaac tried his best to breathe it out. He tried not to cry, he really did. “What do you want from me? Why do you do this to?”

“Isaac, I’m out. I’ll see you around.” Omar set the flower down on the floor and walked off.

“Omar! Wait!” Isaac went to stop him, but his hand was grabbed.

“He is beneath you, not to mention too old for you. He’s a street turned vampire and you’re not. You have no idea how that will end. Let him go.” Knox growled from behind.

Yanking his arm free, Isaac turned around and slapped Knox so hard it stung his palm. He was shaking so badly, that he was surprised he could even speak. “Then who can I have, Knox? Who isn’t beneath me? Who is good enough for the loser that you live to ruin? When is it my turn to be appreciated, touched, loved! Huh? Tell me!”

Knox hissed, pulled Isaac to him and kissed him. He growled, pushing the teen into the wall so hard it thumped. Isaac went brain dead. Knox’s arms held him to the wall, those hands, those lips pinning him with desire. Somewhere deep down, he had always known this was his fate. His obsession was Knox was not one sided. He let the tears fall. He opened his mouth for the hungry vampire, letting Knox slip his tongue inside.

Fighting his claim to Isaac, Knox pulled back with a gasp. Mortified, fearful of someone seeing, he stared down at the underage youth. “I can’t do this. I can’t…” His eyes swirled with pain as he locked onto Isaac’s mind. “I never kissed you and you are so angry with me you can’t stand the thought of me. You went straight to bed after you slapped me, where you got a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow, you’ll wake up and start all over.”

He knew what he was doing was so wrong, but what other choice did he have. Wiping the mind of the children had been forbidden since birth. No matter how angry, fussy, or disrespectful they were, taking away their memories for even a second was over the line kind of illegal. Knox took a step back and watched Isaac nod his way back to his room in a trance. The vampire waited until he could hear Isaac breathing evenly through the wall before he went upstairs.

He had to talk to someone before he lost it completely. It was time to bring in someone else, someone that would still love him if they knew—no judgement. Someone he would forever know in his heart would never betray him—Nova. Later that night, his brother held him while he cried his heart out until he was fast asleep on the floor of Nova’s bedroom. The younger Montesego draped a blanket over his brother and cut the lights down low. Knoxtian, after all the years they had been reunited, had finally opened up to him in a way that would only bind them closer. He laid out next to his brother and held his hand as he fell asleep.

Two days later, Dan sat by the window in their bedroom with sad eyes. Little Prince the third had passed away that morning. He knew as he waited for Rowe to come back, what his mate was going to say. It will be alright, pet. We can get another when you feel up to it. Rowe would wipe his tears away, kiss him softly, put him to bed with a ton of junk food and let him pick that night’s movie. It was a routine now.

What Dan didn’t have the guts to say and what he had learned to block from Rowe was how much his little dogs had meant to him—something to call their own, a tiny life that he could care for. What Dan knew would eventually come out was how much he wanted more than a little dog—something he could never give Rowe. He wanted a real little prince, with Rowe’s violet eyes and stunning smile. Dan wanted to watch his mate hold their child instead of someone else’s.

He wiped his eyes, throwing up his block in his thoughts as he sensed Rowe near. Sure enough, the door opened a few seconds later. Keeping his back to his mate, Dan kept his breathing even. A soft petal grazed his shoulder, up his neck and over his cheek before Rowe stuck the single rose in front of Dan’s eyes.

“I am so sorry, pet.” Rowe sat behind Dan on the seat. He pulled him close, kissing his neck softly. “I know how much you loved him.”

Dan nodded. “Yeah.”

“When you’re up to it, we can…”

“I don’t want another dog,” Dan blurted. He tensed against his mate, holding his breath.

Rowe tried to feel his mate’s thoughts, but Dan was cutting him off completely. “Daniel?”

The prince only called him that when he wasn’t sure what else to do or he was upset with Dan. He was going to have to tell Rowe the truth. He’d done this to himself. He’d waited so long.

“I can’t have another dog, Rowe.” Dan turned around to face his mate. “I want something else.”

“A cat?” Rowe hoped like hell he could make the suffering in Dan’s eyes go away. “I will get you three. You can name them whatever you like.”

“I don’t want a cat either.” Dan looked out the window where he had been watching two tiny boys being chased by their father. “I want that.”

“I don’t understand, pet.” Rowe turned Dan to look at him. “What do you want?”

“A child.”            

For a minute, Rowe felt nothing from Dan. Then his block came crumbling down and Rowe felt every bit of Dan’s pain, his worries, his craving for a piece of them both. He saw clear as day the image of what Dan wanted so badly and how he hated himself for not being able to give Rowe the one thing they both needed.

“You would think after all this time, you could tell me anything.” Rowe looked down. “After all we’ve been through. You would share something so wonderful with me.”

“Wonderful?” Dan shook his head. “I can’t have kids.”

“It’s wonderful because now I know I’m not alone.” He grabbed Dan’s hands in his. “Maybe you can’t have actually have children, but you can sure as hell raise them with me.”

“What are you saying?” Dan’s eyes swirled with need. His heart raced.

“I’m saying, my love, out there somewhere is a child waiting for us.”

Only a second went by before Dan found himself attached to Rowe’s chest, his arms around his mate’s neck as he sobbed with a smile in his teary eyes.

One month later, very close to Isaac’s eighteenth birthday, Nanette opened the attic door. She made sure no one had followed her before tiptoeing up the narrow staircase.

“Hey,” she said to the group gathered.

“He see you?” Cage peered to the side of the staircase.

Nan shook her head. “He was already gone to dance before I came up here.”

“Good, let’s get this show on the road. I have places to be.” Hannah emerged from the dark corner, pulling a chair over to sit down.

Emma crossed her legs on the window seat, listening, but not seemingly interested. “Like today?”

“Fine.” Nan plopped down next to Axel. “I think you know what I’m about to say, but for those of you that are that stupid, here it is. Isaac is about to lose his shit again. I can feel it. Fuck that, I know he is.”

“Nova saw him stalking Knox in the library yesterday. He even asked me about Isaac. Wanted to know if he was…feeling okay.” Axel smirked.

Hannah looked at Emma, who shrugged, without even looking at her sister. “He asked us to help him with wardrobe. Wanted a new look.”

Nan groaned. “Again? Oh hell, what does he want this time?”

“Leather, lots of it.” Emma sighed. “I don’t see why you all find that so irrational. If you haven’t noticed, we live in the palace de la vampire. They all dig the leather and that silk shit. Maybe he’s preparing early.”

“Yeah, really early. He’s not even eighteen. I mean, I get my share of tail without the leather, you know what I’m sayin?” Cage looked around smugly. His smile fell when the others out right laughed in his face.

“Yeah, that whole I dye my hair red and wear band t-shirts is really sexy.” Nan laughed on Axel’s shoulder. Even his brother was wiping his eyes.

“Whatever! My point is I think he’s trying to attract someone in particular.”

“No duh, infant.” Hannah rolled her eyes. “We all know he’s wanted Knox’s nuts since his first night of pleasure filled wet sheets.”

Cage groaned. “But Knox hates him.”

“No he doesn’t,” Axel argued. “If you haven’t noticed, Knox is as equally obsessed with Isaac as Isaac is him. They are drawn to each other in a way that I’ve never seen before. Although Knox is rather abusive on his end.”

“But he gets off on that shit doesn’t he? I know for a fact he got with Chrissy Wu from the bar. She had marks on her arms for a week and a half, but she loved every second of it. Or so I heard.” Hannah looked away.

Nan scoffed. “You think Knox wants to make Isaac his love slave? Beat down his spirit until he’s nothing, but a submissive puddle of wimp? No, no way. If he even thought about that, Cade and Micah would fillet him for dinner.”

“Actually.” Axel cocked his head in thought. “That theory makes a lot of sense. He actually could have been molding Isaac into the perfect submissive all these years. At first it wasn’t a sexual thing. He wanted to keep Isaac safe and sweet until Isaac could begin to form his own opinions. After he reached a certain age, an age of puberty and hormones and Isaac started dating, Knox became even more furious. Because someone was trying to poach his toy—his perfectly bred little toy.”

The others stared at Axel for a few minutes in silence.

“You think about this way too much dude.” Cage made a face. “Really weird, Ax.”

“I only think on a deeper level than you do. If you feel intimidated by my research it’s your own paranoia. I’m fascinated by their interactions. You have to admit they’re rather interesting, right?”

“Axel, I think you need to get out some more there buddy.” Emma raised a brow. “Maybe take an interest in your own hormones for once. You know, get it in before your brain takes a leap into the deep end.”

“If by get it in, you mean sex, I’m not interested.” Axel frowned. “And you are so crude, Emma.”

“Crude, honest, whatever you like to call it.” She flicked her fingers, admiring her black nail polish.

“Okay, we’re getting off topic,” Nan interjected. “Can someone tell me what we’re going to do about this before Izzy goes all Courtney Love?”

Hannah slunk to the floor. “I say we tie Knox up and leave him out in the woods for a few days. Give him a taste of his own medicine. Make him submit to the forest animals.”

Cage laughed. “Funny, but I would love to see you tackle Knox to a tree, let alone tie him up.”

“It could be done. I would just need a few days to get the right supplies.” Hannah looked at her sister. Emma smiled without looking back.

“No, we don’t hurt him physically. We hurt him like he hurts Isaac. We show him who the hell is boss for once.” Cage’s jaw twitched. “I’m sick of it. How Isaac pines over Knox. How Knox walks all over him.”

“Yeah,” Nan agreed. “We take him down a notch.”

“I’m intrigued.” Hannah leaned forward on her knees.

“Same here,” Emma murmured.

“Why do I have a feeling we’ll all be begging for forgiveness when this is over?” Axel sighed.

Hannah snorted. “Oh dearest Axel, the only one begging will be Knox.”

The small group huddled together and started to plan.

Later that night, Isaac went to get a drink after class. He was tired, sweaty, and his body ached. Upon entering the main level kitchen, he stopped next to the island. Looking back was Omar—sweet, amazing, soft spoken Omar.

“Hey,” Omar murmured, going back to piping a tray of bite sized cupcakes.

Isaac skimmed his hand over the marble counter slowly. “Hey.”

“If you want a snack, there are some leftovers from dessert in the left fridge.” Omar never looked up.

“I was just thirsty.” Isaac used the drink as an excuse to turn away.

“Mm.” Omar nodded.

Water bottle in hand, Isaac thought how awkward this felt. It shouldn’t be this way. He should’ve fought for Omar to stay, instead of giving into Knox a few weeks ago. Omar should know Knox wasn’t a part of his life like that. He should know that Isaac still noticed him and cared. He still wanted that perfect date with Omar.

“So.” Isaac slid onto a stool. “How have you been?”

Omar shrugged. “Busy, I guess.”

“You said you liked when the kitchen was busy, gave you a way to burn off all that energy.” Isaac smiled at the countertop.

“A lot of custom jobs and parties lately. I guess it’s getting somewhat old.” Omar wiped his forehead with his arm, leaving a smear of white frosting.

Isaac looked up with a smile. “Uh, you have a little something…” He got off his stool, walking to Omar.

The vampire sat perfectly still. He kept his eyes neutral and his fangs in check, even though Isaac smelled like heaven, looked angelic with a light sheen of sweat still covering his body.

Isaac’s finger tip grazed over Omar’s skin, coming away with frosting. In a bold attempt to make Omar smile or laugh, something, Isaac licked the frosting off his finger with a small groan of delight. “So good.”

Omar stared at the teen with want, with need. He had been in love with Isaac, despite telling himself he wouldn’t get involved, since the moment he came to the compound—the teen’s free spirit, his beautiful eyes, his laugh, all of it. “Sweet tooth acting up again?”

“I think so.” Isaac poached a tiny cake from the counter and licked it slowly.

“I might know a cure,” Omar cracked. Isaac was inviting him back in. Even if Knox was going to kill him, had been looking at him with eye daggers for weeks, he had to try this with Isaac.

“Oh really?”

Omar got up from his stool.

Isaac frowned. “Wait, don’t go.”

Shutting the sliding doors to the kitchen on both sides, Omar slid the lock into place, and turned around. “I’m not.”

Both doors now shutting off the rest of the compound, Isaac felt his heart beating harder and harder in his chest. He had to be brave, this was only Omar. He knew he was safe. He knew he could do this, whatever was going to happen. His erection below agreed on that.

Startled with a gasp, Omar picked him up and put his ass on the counter so they were at eye level. The vampire stared into Isaac’s eyes. “Okay?”

In answer, Isaac leaned forward, brushing his lips against Omar’s. “Yes.”

The sweet kiss turned to something slower, deeper until Omar pushed Isaac flat onto the free counter space. Stretched out for his eyes, Omar ran a hand over Isaac’s flat stomach—pushing the tank he wore up to his neck.

Omar growled a little. “Take it off.”

Finally, Isaac slipped the scrap of white to the floor. He had no idea what to do with his arms. He was so nervous. Omar took over, fit between his open legs that dangled off the counter. The vampire urged Isaac to wrap his thighs around him—to be as close as possible. Isaac closed his eyes with a hum of appreciation. Slow kisses trailed over his neck, down his chest, to a nipple.

“Omar,” he gasped. His hands finally found their place over the vampire’s back.

With his free hand, Omar snatched a flat metal spatula covered in frosting.

“You like sugar,” he purred over Isaac’s skin.


A flick of the metal over Isaac’s nipple and Omar licked his lips. “Good, so do I.”

Arching off the counter, Isaac felt the hard suction on his bud like Omar couldn’t get enough. The vampire licked and nibbled until Isaac was moaning so loudly, Omar had to cover his mouth with a hand.

“Shh, relax.” Omar smiled. “Just relax. I don’t want to wake your daddies.”

Isaac cracked up at that. He loved how sensual Omar was without being so serious. It eased his nerves tremendously. “No, we wouldn’t want that.”

Omar winked, bent down, and kissed him with his frosting coated lips. “Would you care for a taste?” He looked down at the erection in his jeans.

“Show me,” Isaac replied with barely a whisper. He’d made out, he’d touched a couple of dicks, but he’d never done what he was about to do.

Omar backed up. He pulled his t-shirt up, off his body to reveal his toned stomach. He wasn’t as ripped as the older vamps, but he was beautiful to Isaac. His olive skin beckoned the teen down from the counter, his boots squeaking over the tile. Omar allowed him to spend a minute feeling his chest, his arms, his back—he’d never been given this opportunity, to take his time exploring.

Not even aware of what he was doing, Omar rubbed his hard length through his jeans as Isaac touched him. Isaac noticed though. He swallowed back his fear, replacing Omar’s hand with his. He felt the hard inches under his palm, squeezed, rubbed harder.

“Like that?”

Omar was shaking. He had his eyes shut tight to keep from scaring the object of his affection.

“Yes,” he hissed.

On that note, Isaac slipped to his knees. His fingers dug into the sides of Omar’s low slung jeans and pulled down—underwear and all. A thick cock stared back at him. Not a length that scared Isaac, but it was just so thick.

The teen grabbed the base and looked up into Omar’s swirling eyes. He wasn’t scared of them in the least. “Tell me if I’m doing it wrong?”

“You couldn’t possibly,” Omar hissed through his fangs. He bent down and consumed Isaac’s mouth before he allowed the teen to embark on this milestone journey. “Taste me.”

One hand still on Omar’s shaft, Isaac reached up and grabbed the end of the spatula with a smirk. “As you wish.”

He smeared the white frosting over the thick mass in his hand and let the spatula fall the ground.

“Oh fuck,” Omar whispered before Isaac consumed the head of his cock into this mouth.

The sugary frosting, combined with the salty flavor of Omar’s pre-cum, awakened something inside of Isaac. He swallowed Omar slowly—the taste so rich he wanted to savor it forever. With his fist, he spread the frosting all the way down Omar’s length, over his warm sac, making a mess, but in a good way.

“Shit,” Omar growled—hand sliding over Isaac’s hair to cup the back of his head.

Even as nervous as he had been, Isaac took as much of Omar into his mouth as he could. He licked, swirled his tongue and bobbed his head to match the small thrusts of Omar’s hips. He was getting into the rhythm, learning with the small clenches at the back of head what the vampire wanted. For a vampire, Omar had a lot of control. He was being gentle, Isaac knew that, but for some reason. Isaac wasn’t really getting into it as much as he thought he should be. Sure he had the moves down, he liked the taste and feel in his mouth, but he wanted something more.

Reaching into his own pants, he fisted his cock which was still only half hard—stroked furiously until he started to swell a little bit. Was this normal, Isaac wondered. Was being like this with another man not as awe consuming as he’d been told? Instead of letting Omar feel his concerns, he traveled down the vampire’s cock until he dipped down to lick underneath. It wasn’t until Omar pulled his hair that Isaac moaned—the sharp pain drawing out his pleasure in full.

Above Isaac, Omar could sense Isaac’s confusion. He could scent the mild arousal from the other man, feel his worry. The vampire thought for just a second that maybe Isaac needed a little jolt of something extra. He wanted to be gentle, but maybe Isaac was ready for something else. Testing his theory, he fisted Isaac’s long hair and pulled harder, yanking Isaac’s head back—exposing his eyes.

The scent that exploded into the room told Omar he had been dead on. Holy fuck, he had seconds to think, this kid is going to be a freak. Isaac grabbed back onto Omar’s thighs, gripping them until his nails bit in. The pain on his scalp made him so hard he couldn’t think about anything, but licking every bit of sugar from Omar’s groin—cleaning him with a graze of teeth, hard suction, and the slow sweep of his tongue.

Omar was about to explode. As much as he wanted it in Isaac’s mouth, he had a better place to put it. He yanked Isaac to his feet and planted his frosting covered arms and hands on the counter—Isaac’s cheek rubbing against the cool marble. Omar yanked the already unzipped jeans off Isaac’s body, stepped out of his own. Isaac felt the sticky erection slid between his ass and over his back.

He moaned, a hand pushing on the back of his neck—keeping him still. “Holy mother,” Omar hissed. He looked down at the black spandex thigh highs running up Isaac’s slender legs—the sweet spot exposed between Isaac’s ass cheeks. It was too much. So fucking hot, Omar panted.

He grabbed the container of cooking oil from the other side of the island, drizzled it over Isaac’s ass. His hand worked the liquid down Isaac’s crack over his entrance. Shuddering against the table, like he was in heat, Isaac pushed his ass against Omar’s hand. He loved the bruising grip on his hip. He loved the growls Omar filled his ears with. He loved the feeling of his cock pressed into the marble with nowhere to go.

It wasn’t until he felt the head of Omar’s cock pushing into his backside that he came out of his bliss. Omar was going to really…

“Wait,” Isaac gasped. “Just wait.”

“What’s wrong?” Omar took a deep breath as Isaac flipped over, his cock hard against his stomach.

“Uh…”Isaac grasped for a delay. He wasn’t sure he was ready for that. Something told him to wait it out. “You don’t have a condom, do you?”

“Condom?” Omar chuckled through his need. “Isaac, I’m a vampire. Remember?”

“But I’m not. Yet that is.” Isaac swallowed. Suddenly, frosting and oil, Omar’s body and his own libido was not enough to convince him to lose his virginity. “Omar, I don’t think I can do this yet.”

Closing his eyes to calm himself, Omar let out a slow exhale. “Okay. It’s okay.” He nodded opening his eyes. “We’ll take it slow.”

In a show of good faith because he wanted Isaac’s trust, Omar got down on his knees. Pulling Isaac to the very edge, he sucked the cock offered into his mouth—fisting himself below.

Isaac moaned his way back onto the counter, petting Omar’s head with appreciation. Frosting managing to get everywhere on them both. A few minutes later, the soles of his feet were planted right on the counter ledge, his ass lifting to feed his cock into the haven of the vampire’s mouth. He came on a sigh, the most wonderful pleasure he had ever known. Below him, Omar sucked greedily with delight, knowing full well who was now waiting outside the kitchen, hearing and feeling everything going on.

Hannah and Emma stood side by side outside the kitchen doors. Knox stared them down in only a pair of workout pants, baring his teeth at the closed door. He could smell his mate’s sex like it was the air surrounding him—thick, leaving a taste in his mouth.

“Get out of my way,” he hissed at the girls.

Emma held up a Taser, showing him the spark it would give off if he came closer. “Nope,” she whispered, knowing he heard her. “You’re done fucking with him.”

“Sounds like he’s really getting it good too,” Hannah added. “It’s about damn time. Not that you should care about his sex life or anything, right Knox?”

“I’ll kill you both.” He narrowed his swirling eyes. “That boy is older than him. He’s breaking the law.”

“Omar is eighteen, Knox. You make him sound like an old man.” Hannah rolled her eyes, snapping the stick in her hand to life. Enough wattage to take out a baby elephant would blow Knox’s mind. “So, why are you still standing here? There’s another kitchen to fill your sweet tooth downstairs. Or is that too close to Cade and Micah for your liking?”

“The hell you just say?” Knox cracked his back and his hands with rage. “He is…he’s…”

“Yours?” Emma grinned. “The fuck he is.”

Knox was about to take Hannah and Emma down like a hellhound, but the door behind them opened slowly. Isaac walked out, still in Omar’s arms. The vamp kissed him a little more, bumping the door open wider. The twins cleared their throats.

“Oh.” Omar looked up with a smile. “Hey girls.”

“Hey Omar,” they chorused in sync.

Omar saw past the twins, into the raging inferno of Knox’s eyes.

Isaac sighed into Omar’s shoulder with a blush. “Hey guys.” He bit his lip then saw Knox. “Oh, we were just…”

“Having some fun,” Omar finished, pressing a kiss to his cheek. He grinned at Knox over Isaac’s shoulder. “Hey, you got a little something right here.” Tongue slipping out, he licked a small spot of frosting from Isaac’s shoulder.

The twins shared a look of victory. Knox on the other hand was going to murder the little shit touching his mate. He knew in that moment, Omar was not going to poach his forever. That fuck was going down, and going down hard. With defeat, knowing cold blooded murder wouldn’t fair well with Rowe, Knox growled his defeat and marched down the hall. He would not forget this.

A few days before Isaac’s eighteenth birthday Knox went to see Dan. He couldn’t take it anymore. The need to kill Omar was crawling under his skin, ready to break free.

“Is this about your candy going missing? You already know it was the twins, well, Hannah and Emma. Cage was the one who slashed your tire yesterday and he’s already been talked to.” Dan sat back. “Why do I feel like there’s a war going on here?”

“Because there is one and I’m ready to fight back.” Knox scratched his nails over the table to his side, narrowing his eyes out the window.

“They’re kids, you do know that right? They’re going to be obnoxious and do stuff that pisses you off, but Knox, you can’t fight kids. Are we clear on that?”

Knox’s eyes targeted Dan. “Did you know that Isaac is letting an older man touch him? Get with him?”

“What?” Dan paled. “Why didn’t you tell us sooner? This is not good.” Dan picked up the phone. “What’s his name?”

“Omar something, works in the kitchen. A fucking servant,” Knox spat. “They were smearing each other in sugar!”

Setting down the phone, Dan groaned. “Knox, Omar is eighteen not fifty and it’s very disrespectful of you to call him a servant. He works there because he likes to bake, not because he has to. You love those truffles he makes anyway. So, what is your problem?”

“He’s too young for that. I heard what they were doing and these damn brats are all for it. How is that behavior in any way healthy? Isn’t he supposed to be living by some rules now that he’s back?”

“Look, I don’t know what’s going on here and I’m not going to begin to tell you what I suspect, but I think the only unhealthy behavior I see here, is yours.” Dan rested his chin in his hand. “Knox, have you ever thought about possibly taking a vacation?”

“What!” Knox roared to his feet. “Fuck this. I thought I could maybe take care of this in a positive way, but you’re just like the rest of them. I can’t talk to any of you. Vacation? Fuck you, Dan.” He slammed open the door, leaving Dan looking at the empty chair.

Dan picked up his phone again, dialing his mate. “Baby? I think you’re right. Yes, he was just here. Mm hmm, I know. What are we going to do?”

The night of Isaac’s birthday party in the city, Cade paced the back room of the restaurant. “I have a bad feeling. It’s not going away, Micah.”

His mate sidled up beside him. “Stop, Cade. He’s eighteen now. He’s an adult by everyone’s standards and we need to start treating him as such.”

“He could move to the other side of the world tomorrow if he wanted.” Cade turned. “He’s free of us now, Micah. He can go into that club tonight and go home with whoever he chooses. He can get in a car and just drive off.”

“Whoa, baby. You are way off base. He might be eighteen and have all the freedoms he thinks he can have, but he isn’t turned yet. He needs us. He loves us. Why do you think he’s going to take off? Talk to me.” Micah pulled Cade close. “I need to know what’s going on with you. I know you’ve been stressed out lately with all the death going down on the streets, all the lives taken from us, but there’s something else going on with you. Don’t lie to me, please.”

Micah had tried this before—this talk between them. Only to be shut down on more than one occasion. His mate would divert the conversation with his body, his lips—knowing Micah couldn’t resist. He’d felt the growing tension inside Cade though. They’d argued. They’d fought. They’d even swapped the couch for the bed a few times and not together. That was normal for most couples, but not for him and his mate. They shared everything and Micah was getting to the point he felt he didn’t connect with Cade the same way they used to.

“He’s all we have, Micah. If he leaves, if he’s unhappy, I don’t know what I’ll do.” Cade finally relaxed into his mate. “He’s been acting weird again. Dan says he’s been stalking Knox, watching him. Nova says he’s seen it too. Knox is being aggressive as ever and if pushes Iz, I know he’ll break. He’ll leave.”

“I think you’re worrying about nothing. Baby, come here.” Micah kissed Cade’s forehead, leading him to the curtain that separated them from the restaurant.

Cade searched for his boy automatically—his protective streak knowing no bounds. When he laid eyes on Isaac, what he saw made his heart soar. In their own booth, away from the others, Isaac laid his head on Omar’s shoulder. Their fingers twined while they whispered back and forth. Isaac looked happy, really, really happy.

“When did that happen?” Cade looked to Micah. “How did I not know about that?”

“You were too busy worrying.” Micah laughed. “And don’t freak out, I only found out this morning. Isaac introduced Omar to me.”

“He brought a boy to meet you?” Cade was stunned. “For real?”

“For real. The kid even called me Mr. Derenger, made me feel old.”

“You’re not old.” Cade ran his hand over Micah’s ass. “Not by a long shot.” He squeezed.

“Then stop acting like we are and let our kid have his moment. If something comes up, we’ll deal with it, but I want to know we’re still on the same page. You know you I’ve got your back right?” Micah let the curtain fall. “You know it hurts me when you block me off. You know I still want every part of you, even the worry wart in there.”

Cade looped his arm around Micah’s neck. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel that way.”

“I’ll forgive you this time, but there is a price,” Micah whispered. He unzipped his jeans.

“How big is it?” Cade smiled against Micah’s neck.

“Very big,” Micah answered.

Cade sunk to his knees slowly, looking back up to his mate. “Good.”

It was decided that Knox, Blaze, King, and a few guards would watch the club as the kids partied. Across the street at the hotel, the parents would have a few drinks and not cramp the teen’s style. Even though they looked young themselves, the teens wouldn’t have any of it. They’d argued all day, pushing their parents back. In the end, King had said he was going or they could call it all off. The kids had settled and only one parent would watch from the shadows.

Turbulent was the newest hotspot to have opened in the meatpacking district. Close enough to Knox and Frank’s place, Sated, but far enough way not to see any of their regulars, Knox was happy enough. On that front at least, he sat at the bar and sucked back another top shelf shot. From across the club, he watched Izzy grind against Omar with a suppressed rage. That was his body to grind on now. Isaac was eighteen now, legal on all accounts. Yet Knox couldn’t bring the words he’d been dying to say out into the light.

Instead, he sat next to King who bobbed along to the blaring rap music. Blaze was busy in the corner with some female, feeding in a darkened booth. The tension between himself and B had grown, surpassed arguing, and gone to ignoring each other completely. Blaze had been adamant that he come clean with Isaac, go to Micah and Cade and ask for the kid’s hand and all that shit. Knox? He said fuck that and stopped talking to Blaze. Now he waited. It was going to come out eventually and he knew Maggie, despite her threats wasn’t going to do it and Nova? Yeah right, he’d never betray his brother.

“What’s eating you?” King shouted over the music. “You act like you’re sitting on piece of glass or something.”

“Nothin, leave it alone.” Knox growled, slamming his fifth shot upside down on the bar. He knew the bartenders hated that, but he was just so pissed.

“Yeah sure, nothing? Okay.” King kept the beat with his hands on his knees. “If you need to say something, I’m here though. You know?”

“Whatever, Oprah. Fuck off.” Knox purred as another shot slid his way. He put out a twenty and lifted his chin. “Keep it.”

“Dude, that’s your what, tenth shot already?” King gawked.

“Sixth, and stop being so square.” Knox knocked it back and got to his feet. “I’m done here, keep an eye out.”

“Sir, yes, sir.” King saluted sarcastically. “See you around asshole.”

In a blinding fury, Knox went to the booth where Blaze was wiping his lips. The female grinned from ear to ear as she slid from her seat and went to the bathroom. Before Blaze could even comprehend Knox standing there, he was yanked from the booth, and dragged to the dance floor.

“Start a scene and you and I will have words,” Knox whispered. He pulled Blaze to his chest. “Got it?”

“What are you doing?” Blaze growled back. His bark was worse than his bite with Knox. Those large hands slid over the leather pants covering his ass, squeezed hard.

Knox pushed Blaze’s pelvis to his. “Dancing.”

“No, you’re showing that kid up. I know you are. Get off me.” Blaze groaned as hands slid under his pants in the dark. “Stop, please.”

“Turn around, B. You know you want to,” Knox taunted. He stared right at Omar. The other vampire locked his gaze right back—a challenge had just been issued.

Blaze was turned around, his ass pressed hard into Knox’s growing erection. He knew it wasn’t because of him, it was because of Isaac. The hand sliding over his dick was Knox thinking of Isaac’s dick. The lips on his neck were because of Isaac too.

“I’m not him,” Blaze whispered.

“No, but I know this is why you’re ignoring me.”

Blaze panted as a hand slid down the front of his leathers. “So you fuck with me because you know I haven’t gotten any in a while?”

“I’ll stop then.” Knox slipped his hand from Blaze’s pants, giving him the choice. He wasn’t a rapist, as bad as he might be right now. He wasn’t like that.

His hand was shoved back down, Blaze grinding hard against him. “Don’t stop.”

When Knox’s hand firmly gripped Blaze’s erection, Isaac looked right at them both. Even in the dark lighting, the swirling colors, he saw everything.

Swallowing hard, Knox was on autopilot. He stared right back at Iz, making sure he saw the hand gripping the front of Blaze’s neck, cradling the vamp’s head on his shoulder. He dipped, ground against B hard—his hand stroking underneath the leather, all for Isaac.

On the other side, Isaac let Omar rub him behind. Hands felt up his body and he couldn’t stop looking at Knox—the power in his eyes. Omar scented the arousal, mistaking it as his doing. He smiled, sucking at Isaac’s neck, rubbing a hand over his boy’s erection.

“You smell so good,” Omar rumbled, nipping Izzy’s neck. “Maybe I’ll give you your real present later.”

“Fuck,” Isaac moaned. He dipped so low with Omar, there was no mistaking the hard on straining to be free of his pants.

Blaze was out of his mind and Knox couldn’t get enough. He growled as Isaac swayed, licking his lips for Knox. Something was going to happen. The pressure was building in them both. They wanted each other so bad, no matter who was around. All the time imagining the touch against them was from each other.

Unbeknownst to him, Isaac took a step towards Knox. Omar went with him, under the impression his boy was getting close, anxious. When Omar dipped his hand inside Isaac’s pants, he felt the sweat and pre-party sticky already flowing. Isaac shuddered against him and Knox lost it across the way

The vampire bit his own lip until blood poured over his tongue. He came behind Blaze. Never in his life had he come hands free, only watching, not even fucking. He choked against Blaze’s neck, gasping for air as his eyes took in Isaac’s own undoing. Behind his mate, Omar felt the liquid victory in his palm, the violent shudder of Isaac’s climax. He was about to pull the birthday boy aside when he felt his phone buzz. Omar looked around at the crowd then pulled his phone out with his free hand.

“Shit. I gotta take this. My boss will be all over me if I don’t.” He pressed a kiss to Isaac’s sweaty neck. “Be right back, okay?”

Isaac nodded in a daze. He frowned as the hand that cradled his softening cock disappeared. “Omar?”

“Right back, I promise.” A peck on the lips then Omar was on the phone, pushing his way through the crowd.

Cold, that’s how he felt. Why would Omar just leave him like that, for a phone call? It was his birthday. He was supposed to get off, get drunk in the corner, and maybe come home with a glow in the dark necklace. Not be abandoned by his new boyfriend after he had just climaxed on the dance floor under the watchful eyes of…Knox.

Reacquainted with the thought, Isaac turned to see Knox coming closer.  A hulking shadow back dropped in the blue lights from the back, Knox looked like a dark god. Eyeing the vampire up and down, Isaac started to pant. He couldn’t help his reaction to Knox, no matter how he tried, no matter how much the vampire hated him. Not even the fact that he was Omar could stop him.

“Isaac,” Knox growled. “Where did that fuck go?”

“Ph…phone…phone call,” Isaac stuttered. His heart raced.

Inhaling deeply, Knox pressed his hands into the wall, trapping Isaac into a familiar position. “He left you unguarded? After you just…”

“Just what,” Isaac murmured, but Knox heard it.

“Danced,” Knox forced. “Isn’t he your boyfriend or some shit?”


“Then let’s go find him, see what’s so damned important that he would leave you here all alone.”

Knox pulled Isaac along while Blaze recovered against the wall. Unlike Isaac, Blaze knew where his place was. It was no one’s fault, but his own, Knox wasn’t the asshole who used him. Blaze was the asshole that liked the abuse. He could have always said no, but he never could find his voice.
Nan, Cage, a
and Axel had been giving Isaac and Omar their space, but when they saw Knox dragging Isaac down the back hall, they knew they had a problem.  Phone in hand, Nan dialed Emma.

“We got trouble,” Nan called over the music.

“We see you. On it,” Emma replied.

The twins on the way, the other three tried to get to the back without alerting Blaze or King, or any of the other guards that were hanging around. Try being the key word as King stood searching out the kids. He caught the tail end of their parade on the way out the back hall and growled. Pushing his way across the dance floor, he whistled to Blaze who was doing the same. The other warrior looked beat as shit, like he’d just got off a plane from Japan.

King was starting to think something else was going on, call it a feeling, he thought. The kids their main priority though, the men finally reached the hallway. Even though it was empty except for a human woman on the phone, the scents led the way. King’s baby girl had been through here. A daddy on the prowl, King ran down an adjoining hallway with Blaze in tow.

“What the hell are they doing all the way back here?”

“Knox went to find Omar with Isaac. Said he didn’t like the kid taking off like that, it was too weird. Omar is attached to Isaac’s hip and all lately.” Blaze caught the tail end of the swinging door before it hit his face.

“Yeah, that is weird. He just left?” King called over his shoulder.


King snorted. “Why do I have a feeling were in for more than a birthday party?”

“Because shit never goes like it’s supposed to.”

“We should make t-shirts.” King finally reached the last door and pushed open the exit with a rush of night air.

Ten minutes earlier, Isaac was dragged by Knox to the last drag of hallway before the backdoor. He couldn’t smell what the vampire could, but the look on his face was fearsome. “You stay right here. If you hear shit, go get King.”

“What the hell are you talking about, Knox? It’s Omar. I’m worried now.”

Knox looked down at Isaac, into those wide blue eyes. “Me too, Iz. Just please stay right here. I’ll find him, okay?”

It was rather unlike Knox to be gentle or think before he spoke, but for Isaac he would do anything. He could feel the nerves stringing the teen along—see the eyes that darted around with anxiety. Isaac was about to lose it.

“Hey,” Knox whispered. “It’ll be okay. Let me look first and I’ll be right back. I just don’t want you on the outside in case something really is wrong.”

“Okay,” Isaac said, hanging his head to take a few deep breaths. “Just find him.”

Really out of character, Knox swept Isaac’s long hair back and tilted his chin up. “I got you.”

Isaac could only stare, inhale deeply, feel the hand moving down the back of his neck.

As quickly as the connection between them appeared, Knox snatched his hand back and shut Izzy down. He pointed a finger. “Stay here, I’m serious.”

“I know. I’m not a child, Knox.”

“No, you definitely aren’t,” Knox rumbled, keeping the growl from his voice. The way that Isaac looked at him made him hard. He had to go find that little shit Omar and see what was going on. “BRB birthday boy.”

Isaac smiled a little at Knox’s back, watching his tight ass move as he ran out of sight. He sighed, biting his lip and melted into the wall.

It was no more than two minutes later when Isaac heard the shouting outside. So close to the back door, how could he not? He heard something large thrown into the wall and he knew Knox was in trouble. On his gut reaction only, not even thinking first, Isaac ran to the exit door and pushed it open.

His breath caught as he watched Knox throw a man across the alley, letting his spine smack into the brick. The blue haired vamp pulled his gun and shot him in the head. Human, Isaac gasped, that guy was human. Then he saw the small bottles roll from the man’s lifeless hand. Rush, they were dealers!

Another shot rang off, but this time it was Knox that hissed in pain. He hissed, flexing his arms until a bullet clinked onto the ground. “Omar,” he roared.

“What?” Isaac whispered, seeing his boyfriend on the other end of the showdown.“No, no, no.”

Both vampires looked right at him. “Isaac! Get inside,” Knox yelled, but Omar smiled.

“It’s okay, Izzy. We were just taking care of a few of these guys.” Omar lifted a gun at one of three human guys huddled against the wall.

“Wait, dude. What the hell?” The man looked confused.

“Rot in hell,” Omar countered, sending a bullet straight between the man’s eyes.

Knox still had his gun trained on Omar. “Isaac, don’t believe him. He’s lying! He’s been working for the Haitians. They’re paying him to get intel from the compound. That’s who his boss is.”

“You’re going to believe this asshole?” Omar kept his gun steady on Knox. “Don’t you see, Isaac. He’ll stop at nothing to get me out of the way. He wants you all to himself. I was trying to help him and he tried to kill me.”

Isaac had no clue what to do. He liked Omar. He was his first true boyfriend. They’d shared so much in such a short amount of time that it was more of a whirlwind than a relationship. But he still cared, maybe even felt more than that. Knox on the other hand, Isaac felt his heart race, was like the air he breathed. Even though Knox didn’t want him around, was always making him feel like shit. Isaac knew deep down Knox would protect him with his last breath.

Looking over at the last two dealers against the wall, he saw the confusion on their faces, saw the way they stared at Omar with betrayal. He didn’t want to believe that he had let the enemy touch him so intimately, shared pleasure so deep that it rocked his core. Guilt flooded him, filled him right up. He knew on some level, no, he just knew that Omar had betrayed him.

“Why me?” Isaac looked to Omar. “Why would you do this to me?”

“You believe him!” Omar’s eyes hinted at red. “After all we did, after all the times we…you believe him?”

“Let me see your phone then. If you aren’t my enemy, you’ll show me.” Isaac took a step forward.

“Don’t come any closer, Isaac.” Knox’s heart thumped in his chest. Please God, Knox silently prayed, don’t let me lose him. Please.

Isaac shook his head, taking another step. “Let me see your phone!”

“I can’t, Iz. Kinda busy right now.” Omar flicked his eyes to Knox with a hidden grin just for the warrior.

One of the dealers pulled his phone from his pocket, knowing he was going to die anyway. He took a deep breath and hit redial.

Omar’s phone started to ring. He looked down and then at the dealer against the wall. Isaac followed his angry gaze and cried. “No. You lied to me. All this time, you used me. Oh my God.” He covered his mouth. “No.”

“Fucking asshole!” Omar pointed his gun at the dealer and shot off a few rounds. The truth fell in the form of a body—the dealer sliding to the ground with blood covering his face and chest. “This wasn’t supposed to happen. I was gonna get out, Isaac. We were gonna be together and be happy, but you had to go and trust him.”

“He trusts me because he knows I would never betray my race for a wad of cash or some stupid drug. He knows that I would also lay down my life to give him his.” Knox took a step forward. “You? You just came out of nowhere, made him smile a few times, took his innocence and wiped his face in the dirt. What did you think was gonna happen, Omar? Did you think I wouldn’t find out?”

“I’m done talking with you. You wanna take him from me? You’re going to have to kill me.”  Omar pulled the blade from his back, knowing a bullet wouldn’t take Knox down.

On the sidelines, filled with the rage of Omar’s betrayal, Isaac pulled his own dagger from his back—the one with his name on it, the one that he had never been able to use properly. He watched the vampires circle each other, ready for death. Knox lunged at Omar, taking him to the ground. He got off one good punch to Omar’s face before he was flipped over.

Omar bared his fangs, putting his hand around Knox’s throat. The blade was just above Knox’s face—the other vamp keeping it at bay with his hands.

Putting aside all fears, knowing that he had to help Knox—or so he thought—Isaac walked to where the vamps brawled. “Omar,” he said in a deadly calm.

His boyfriend looked up with red eyes, fangs dripping with saliva as he stretched his chest with anger. His eyes widened, a snarl ripped from his lips. Isaac took a deep breath. He extended his arm, tears rolling down his cheeks, and flicked his wrist. The blade sliced through the air in a way Isaac had never seen. It moved so fast that by the time Omar opened his mouth in a silent plea, Isaac hadn’t even blinked.

Lodged in Omar’s chest was Isaac’s blade. His now dying boyfriend fell from Knox’s chest to his side. The back door slammed open. Isaac’s friends poured onto the scene, King and Blaze right behind them. Guards pushed past the kids. Everyone watched Isaac sink to his knees and grab for Omar’s gun.

Knox moved so fast, Isaac didn’t even see. He covered the teen’s back, gently trying to pry the gun away.

“It’s okay now, Isaac. You’re safe, let me have the gun,” Knox whispered.

Isaac shook his head. “No,” he sobbed. “I have to finish him. He lied to me.”

“No you don’t. You did real good, okay? Let us handle this part.” Knox’s lips brushed Isaac’s neck. “You’ll never forgive yourself if you point blank him. You’ll never get that out of your head.”

Feeling Knox against him—protecting him from the world as those hands moved over his shoulders—Isaac let Knox take the gun. He fell back against the vampire, sobbing.

“I…he…I thought…” Isaac covered his face with his hands.

“None of this is your fault, Iz.” Knox turned the small teen in his arms, pressed Isaac’s face into his neck as he cried.

A shot rang out. Knox watched the last dealer hit the ground. Guards surrounded Omar’s twitching body. Blaze stepped forward. He shot Knox a look—a look that said I got this, you don’t have to bring that kid any more pain, but are you sure it’s him? Nodding, closing his eyes, Knox gripped Isaac as tight as he could.

“By order of their majesty’s, you are hereby sentenced to true death as our enemy,” Blaze stated like some right of passage into hell, unlocking the safety on his gun and aiming it at Omar.

“Don’t look, Iz. Just hold onto me. I’m here,” Knox whispered. “I got you.”

In his mind, Isaac was at the end of his line. He’d taken so much in his life. He never felt like he belonged. He wasn’t good enough for anyone until Omar had shown him the slightest bit of attention. And even that had turned out to be the worst kind of pain. He had no idea what to do with himself anymore. Was he just to exist? Was his life some cruel joke? But even as much as he wanted to end it all, just stop being, living. The man that held him forced Isaac to keep breathing.

Another round of ammo unloaded into Omar’s head—a true execution for the enemy that had infiltrated their queen’s home—had made a fool of their brother’s son.

Ignoring the teens trying to grab for Isaac, Knox stood with his secret mate in his arms.  He pushed past King and walked down the alley. “Is he…” Isaac gasped.

“I’m so sorry, Iz.”

Clutching Knox tighter, Isaac sobbed into his neck.  An SUV pulled to the end of the alley. Cade and Micah jumped out weapons ready. Dan and Rowe flung open the other side, running around to see Knox carrying Isaac.

Isaac!” Cade tried to pull his son from Knox.

“No!” Isaac held on.

“What did you do?” Cade roared at Knox.

Micah pulled Cade back. “Calm down,” he hissed. “You’re going to scare him.”

“I don’t care. I need to know if he’s okay.”

“He’s not okay, Cade, not at all.” Knox brushed past him. “Rowe, take us home.”

The prince slammed the door shut before Knox could get in. “Knoxtian, what the hell happened? Where are the other children?”

“With King and Blaze, they’re cleaning up the dealers and…Omar.”

Cade covered his mouth with horror. “Omar?”

“Did I stutter?” Knox bared his fangs. “Now, shut up and take us home.”

“Isaac?” Cade whispered. “Baby, are you okay?”

All Isaac knew was that he could not leave Knox. He didn’t want anyone touching him or talking to him. He was in full blown shock. Wrapping his legs around Knox’s waist, Isaac said nothing.

“That answer your question?” Knox narrowed his eyes.

“You better lose the attitude,” Micah growled. “That is our kid in your arms, not saying a word to either of us. What is up with that, Knox? Hmm?”

Flicking his eyes to the alleyway, Blaze stepped out of the darkness. He had Axel and Cage under each arm—both boys looking shook up. Even Cage, who could handle anything, couldn’t look the warriors in the eye.

“I’ve got these two. King is bringing Nan and the other twins. Emma and Hannah seem to be taking things okay. You know them, but Nan is going to have a heart attack here in a minute. I think they should all ride with Isaac, to see that he’s okay.”

“Put them in the SUV. Micah and I will ride with them. Knox, Rowe, and D can ride with Hill and Nina.” Cade looked to Knox, an unsaid challenge.

No,” Isaac replied with a guttural tone.

“Isaac, you need to come with us.” Micah rubbed his back. “We need to talk.”

“I don’t want to fucking talk about it!” Isaac slapped his hand away.

Usually calm, Micah pulled Isaac from Knox with force. “Thanks for your help, Knox.”

Knox fought the urge to haul back and punch his mate’s father. Isaac started screaming. It was a complete mess. With shaking fists, Knox watched his mate forced into the SUV with the other kids. It was an opportunity to fight for his mate, to be by his side when he needed him the most. One look to Cade though and the door to his future slammed shut.

“You better start recognizing who his family is, Knox. Don’t you dare lead my kid on like that. You’re his savior, knight in shining armor, all that bullshit. Fuck you, we are his parents and you are his nothing. You’ve made that very clear. Don’t you ever try to keep my kid from me,” Cade roared.

“You are the one that keeps your kid at bay. You smother him.” Knox crossed his arms.

“You fucked up whore!” Cade swung at Knox, but was taken to the ground by his mate. “Let me go, I’ll kill him.”

“You won’t kill anyone, especially the man that saved your son’s life! Get a grip, Cade.” Micah bear hugged his mate to the vehicle—Cade struggling the entire way.

“You touch my kid again and I’ll slit you.” Eyes swirling with violence, Cade was deadly serious.

The second all the kids were sandwiched in with Cade and Micah, the vehicle took off with a screech of tires.

Knox stared after it, his heart breaking into a million pieces. He’d just lost everything and truthfully, it was all his fault—every damn minute of it.

“Knoxtian?” Rowe called.

“Don’t worry, after tonight, I’m gone. You can all have your happy little family back, get rid of the angry whore. I’ll crash at the bar. You won’t ever have to see me again.”

“He was angry, Knox. Albeit you were right, he does smother his kid, but what he said was equally correct. Up until now, you’ve never had anything to do with Isaac. If anything, you do act like you hate him.” Rowe kissed his pet’s cheek, walking to Knox’s side. “What happened?”

“What happened was I’ve never led that kid on. I’ve never lied to him like his parents and told him he was strong, he could fight too. I’ve never pushed him into sports. You know why? Because he didn’t want to play because he loved to, he wanted to play because he wanted my approval. I never once said anything about him dancing. He’s good at it. He loves it actually. It’s the first time he hasn’t sought me out with those eyes. It’s something he did for his own damn self.

I don’t want him around me, because I’m no good. I like freaky shit. I like pain and violence. I’m not a fucking role model. I’m not that kid’s blood relative either and I don’t want to be. He should be happy, so should his parents, that I’ve never taken an interest because he’s better off without me.”

“You never lied to him before?” Blaze stared at Knox. “Sure about that?”

“That’s it. I’m done, outta here.” Knox threw up his hands. “I tried to do the right thing, I really did for once.”

“Knox, wait,” Rowe pleaded. “No one wants you to leave.”

“I do. I’m miserable, Rowe.” Knox gave the Royals one last look before walking off down the street. He’d catch one of the guards on his way home.

Blaze went to walk away too, but Rowe grabbed his arm. “How long has Knox known that Isaac is his mate?”

“What?” Blaze kept his face impassive, his breathing even, and his thoughts blocked. He’d practiced for this since day one. No matter how upset he was, he wouldn’t be the one to throw Knox to the wolves. No matter how bad things were between them.

“You heard me, how long?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. And just an FYI, I wouldn’t go around spreading shit like that. I’m not looking for some Cade Armageddon, thanks.” Blaze pulled his hand away. “Later.”

Rowe shared a look with Dan as the red head trotted off. “He’s lying.”

“I told you. We need to talk to Cade before Knox comes to his senses and comes back for Isaac. He won’t be able to last much longer…now that his kid is legal.” Dan sighed.

Rowe took Dan’s hand. “We can’t tell Cade. He’d go cold blood over his child. We might be able to talk with Micah.”

“And say what? Hey, Micah. We think we know who your son’s mate is, but you’re not going to like it?” Dan looked up.

“You say, if Isaac has to go without Knox, he might go off the deep end.” Rowe led Dan to the vehicle. “Let’s wait it out a few days. If Knox doesn’t turn up, we’ll talk to Micah.”


Around four in the morning, Knox crept down the hall to Isaac’s room. He knew the Guardians were asleep now, giving him access to the birthday boy only two doors down. The door creaked softly, spilling a soft light over the king sized bed. In the middle of all the fluff was Isaac—burrowed deep into his covers. Knox shut the door behind him and pulled off his jacket.

He knew he smelled of booze and a few cigarettes, but he just had to see Izzy again. If only one last time. He sat on the edge of the bed, quietly pulling his boots off. Isaac stirred a little when Knox stretched out next to him. The covers rustled until Isaac slid into Knox’s chest with a sleepy moan.

Running his hands down Isaac’s bare back, Knox inhaled into the teen’s neck. It mirrored his own scent in a way, sweet yet musky—he loved it. He couldn’t help himself as he sealed his lips over the skin and licked a little to taste. Small hands wrapped over his waist, grinding them together. Surely Isaac was awake now, Knox thought with fear. He rose up to see Isaac’s eyes flutter open.


Swallowing down the fear in his throat, Knox bent down hesitantly. “Just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“In my bed?” Isaac started to sit up, but Knox pressed him down into the bed.

“Yeah, don’t get up. I’ll go.”

“Stay,” Isaac whispered. “Please?”

Knox sat up, his back to Isaac. “It’s not a good idea. You’ve had a rough night and I know, I know how you feel okay? Your dads are already rooting for my head.”

Hands slid around his waist. “Please.”

“Izzy, you have no idea what you’re asking for. You’re grieving, not thinking straight.”

“Then make me feel better,” Isaac whispered. “Make me forget him.”

“Isaac…don’t do this.” Knox felt his pants grow tight.

“Do what? Act like I don’t feel it too? I know you do, Knox. I know it.”

Isaac jumped back when Knox whipped around. The vamp crawled over the bed. “How can you be this way? You just saw your boyfriend die and you’re already trying to jump on this train?”

“I believed you, before he even said anything, I believed you.” Isaac closed his eyes as Knox settled on top of him. “I trust you.”

“You shouldn’t. I’m not good for you, Iz.” Knox ground against Isaac’s thin underwear, not even noticing how sinful they were. “I want to do terrible things to you.”

Isaac ground back, raising his hips to slide over Knox’s erection roughly. “I want you to.”

“No, I won’t ruin you.” Knox slid his hands up Izzy’s arms—pinning them above his head. He licked up the teen’s chest, grazing fang over a nipple before licking Isaac under the arm—causing him to squirm. 

“Please, Knox,” he breathed. “Touch me.”

One hand holding Isaac’s hands, Knox slid the other down to Isaac’s erection. “Just this once, Isaac, one time, you understand?”

“Mm,” Isaac moaned, licked his lips. One time, my ass, Isaac thought. A hand slid into his underwear, wrapped around his shaft and squeezed. “Yeah, oh fuck.”

A bead of liquid dripping over Knox’s fingers, he growled, raising his hand to lick it away. Like honey, only better, his boy’s taste flooded his mouth. “Keep your hands above your head. If you move, I bite.”

Isaac crossed his hands and held onto the head board. Knox bent down, swiping the covers out of the way. “Don’t make a sound.” He flicked his eyes to Isaac who nodded in the dark—completely blind to his vampire.

Knox’s tongue flicked over the head, another taste of his boy glistened over his bottom lip—swiped away seconds later. His mouth descended onto Isaac’s length, his lips just sealing around it when he heard voices. Isaac froze. Knox flew up to his knees, trying to pinpoint how long he had before death was upon him. If it was who he feared and he was in bed with his barely legal, grieving mate—he would surely lose his head.

Cade, it was most definitely the Original. He was talking with Micah a few yards away. Knox tuned into the conversation Isaac couldn’t hear. He felt the teen’s hands grip his in fear.

Growling, Cade turned to his mate. “I don’t care what you think you might feel, Micah. It’s not going to happen. You’re wrong.”

“The signs are there, Cade, Isaac, not being able to help himself, despite the fact that Knox pushes him away. You saw Knox tonight. Years he’s kept Iz at bay, but when our kid was in danger, he was right there—holding him like they’d been together forever.  If he hadn’t been scared of Isaac’s well-being, you know he would have fought you to the death for our son. You felt it, don’t lie to me because you’re pissed off.”

“I don’t care that our son has a hormonal jones for Knox. He’s a bad boy—big muscles, sexy tattoos—I get it. At that age, we’re all attracted to guys like him, but it’s time Isaac grew the fuck up and saw past all that. A few years from now, he going to turn, and he needs a partner, a real man to share his life with. Not some asshole that might or might not want him purely for sex. The mere thought of Knox touching Isaac makes me want to scream!”

“Keep your voice down,” Micah growled. “You need to understand something, Cade. You listen to me. I am your mate, so my opinion matters, regardless of how angry you are. If Isaac wants Knox and Knox wants him back, you will not stand in the way. Do you hear me? You say you don’t want our son to leave? Then don’t push him away, damn it. Stop running his life. Stop telling him who he has to be or who he can love.”

“It’s not love it’s lust,” Cade hissed. “How dare you tell me I’m the reason Isaac is the way he is. Or that I am smothering our child.”

“I never said smothering. That’s all on you.” Knox heard Micah walk a few steps away. “I love you with all that I am, Cade, but I won’t move on this issue. Unless Isaac is harming himself or being destructive to others, back off.”

“Or what?”

“Or…I’m moving out of our rooms.”


“I can’t take it anymore, Cade. I try to reason with you. I try to make you see the good during the bad. I try to be your other half, but you act like you run this show and my word means nothing. He isn’t just your son. Isaac is part mine too. You break my heart every time you say my son this and my son that. You break me inside when you stifle his wants and his dreams because you’re so scared of him leaving you. I know you are trying to give him the life that your father gave you, this perfect childhood filled with the perfect college, the perfect home, and the perfect parents because that is what you had, but Cade? We aren’t your parents and Isaac isn’t you.”

Silence hung in the air and Knox held his breath. He looked down at Isaac, watching the tears roll down his cheeks with his heightened vision. He didn’t know what to do. He did know that he wouldn’t be the reason for breaking up a good mating, Isaac’s parents, all he really had. As much as it pained him to realize how truly right Cade was, how bad he was for Isaac, he had to do it for the sake of everyone.

“Don’t leave,” Cade sobbed.

“Then stop pushing me away,” Micah replied. “You think I want to go, Cade? You think I want to watch our son go through something else when he’s already dealing with so much? No, I don’t. What I want is for him to be able to come to us without thinking he’s going to be shut down. I want him to see how great a mating is, how we trust each other, love each other. I don’t want him to feel the tension between us. I don’t want him to ever feel like he can’t open up to another person because he may get hurt in the end. You are my equal, so why don’t you start acting like I’m yours too? Why don’t we show him happily ever after?”

“I’m so sorry,” Cade whispered. “I didn’t know you…”

“Felt that way? That’s because I’ve tried to tell you a thousand times, but you are too busy not listening.”

“Please don’t be angry with me. I can’t handle it. I’m sorry, Micah.”

Knox heard Micah sigh. “I’m not angry, baby, just sad.”

“That’s even worse.”

“Promise me you’ll try and I promise you I won’t leave.”


Knox heard the reunion plain as day, two men realizing the faults between them, but working it out because they loved each other. As much as he wanted to work out everything between him and Isaac, he knew what he really had to do—what was best.

As soon as he heard the door close down the hall, Knox climbed off Isaac, and reached for his boots.

Isaac rose onto his elbows. “Where are you going?”

“I need to go.”

“What? Knox, please don’t go. If it’s about them…”

“Not just them, Isaac. It’s about you too. I may be an asshole, but if I do one good thing in my life. It will be walking out this door and letting you get on with your life. I’m no good, you know that. I know that and it’s the reason why you need to find yourself someone who gets you, cares about you.”

“Like Omar cared?”

Knox hissed. “Don’t you dare guilt me, Isaac. That is different and you know it.”

Isaac wiped his tears. “I know you care or we wouldn’t be having this conversation!”

“Be quiet before they come in here guns blazing. I don’t know about you, but I like breathing. And, I might care, but not in the way that you want or need.”

“Liar.” Isaac stared into the direction of Knox’s voice, his eyes narrowed, his breath coming heavy. “I’ll make you want me. I don’t care how long it takes, you’ll beg for it.”

Knox turned around slowly. Isaac might have sworn at him, screamed, cried, but he’d never used such heat or power in his voice. Knox felt his dick harden all over again. “I’ll never beg you for anything.”

“We’ll see about that.” Isaac ground his teeth together in anger. He was past sad. Now he was just pissed. “Now get out. Wouldn’t want my parents to come and cut your balls off or something right? You’re such a coward.”

“I am not a coward,” Knox growled, taking a few steps toward the bed. He stopped, realizing what Isaac was doing, and narrowed his eyes. “Nice try, kid, but I’m out.”

“Then go. No one is stopping you.” Isaac rose to his knees and ran a hand down his chest—Knox’s eyes following those fingers as they gripped a still leaking erection. The kid knew he could see every movement, even if Isaac couldn’t see him.

Fangs itching in his mouth, Knox huffed and turned around.

“Guess I’ll just finish this myself.”

Deep breath, Knox adjusted himself below. “Guess you will.”

Knox slipped out the door, practically ran back to his rooms, and whipped his pants down to his ankles. He fell back onto his bed, squeezing his cock before stroking himself stupid. He shoved the edge of his pillow into his mouth and screamed. When he came it was an eruption that made him black out momentarily. Covered in his release, he knew what was to come from his not so sweet little Isaac. Fuck, Knox thought, shit was about to get real times ten.


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