Sunday, September 2, 2012

Giveaway Time!!!! And...*Drum Roll Please* FANGSPACE!

Hey everyone, I couldn't wait until tomorrow, so here it is! Thanks for all the comments and love for Dan and Rowe.  I love all the feedback I receive over it. You guys help me feel a little less weird about loving them so much. *laughs* As the story comes to an end, and while you all await the final chapter, I had a fun idea.  

For the next few days until midnight, Eastern time, FRIDAY September 7, 2012 , I'll be running a giveaway to celebrate the end of Dan and Rowe. A 20$ Barnes and Noble gift card is up for grabs, so here's what you have to do:

1. Comment at the bottom with a question for me. Yes, this is your chance to ask me anything you've always wondered or wanted to know. Nothing is off limits. Get creative, have fun with it, and I promise I will answer each and every one of you.  No matter how crazy they are. I expect all of you to comment!!!! LOL

2. Leave your name. 

3. Leave an email address that I can reach you at should you win.

4. Your favorite moment up until now about the Dan and Rowe series. 

I'm really excited about this and I hope all of you that never comment, but read regularly, will join in as well. *points to the quiet ones* 

Thanks everyone and I look forward to the questions! *rubs hands with a smile*



George had updated his status: Has anyone ever clicked on these Yahoo answer links that appear on Google? I find it friggin hilarious the things people ask. Even crazier is the answers they get. How did these answer people even happen upon these kinds of questions? For instance: 

Maggie commented on George's Status: Oh my dear God! Bwahahahaha. I didn't know hillbillies had Wi-Fi. Apparently I am mistaken. She seemed to have no problem with the peanut butter incident with her SON, yet is concerned that her DOG might have the CLAP. ROFL. Here's one for you, George. 
Bwahahahahaha. She can't be serious!

Ghost has updated his status: Dear Yahoo, how many times can I make Daniel Walker scream my name in one night? Love, Ghost.

Daniel Walker has commented on Ghost's status: Answer: Unless you are trying to beat the shit out of me, not happening. LOL. Even then, I think Rowe might kill you. Scratch that, I know he would. I am kind of flattered that you are sooooo into me though. So, thanks? 

Daniel Walker has commented on George's Status: OMG! I know exactly what you mean. I searched for funny pet videos on Google the other day and this is what came up:

ROFL! Turtle venom!

Rowen Gerard has commented on Ghost's status: Answer: None. Because to make someone scream, you would have to be alive to do so. Which you wouldn't be, because I would have already killed you. Dead, really fucking dead. Unless of course, Dan was screaming about the bloody mess of dead you would be on the floor. I could see him getting a bit squeamish and perhaps sentimental. He would probably cry over your loss. I would not. I would laugh. A LOT.

Knoxtian Montesego  has commented on  George's status:    I always wonder that myself, but then I indulge in the hilarious bullshit others provide for my viewing enjoyment. Failblog is one of my favorite places to laugh over other people's misery and stupidity.  Here is my favorite so far. I literally spit  my drink out because I wasn't expecting it. Fuck!

Can you imagine those people after they read that shit? Ah my ever loving fuck, that is some kind of funny!

Cadence Hightower has commented on George's status: Hahaha Knox that is hilarious! I can totally picture the couple reading that card and looking at each other, then at that poor girl like wtf?  I did come across one of those Yahoo thingies that made me giggle though. 

Nova Montesego has updated his status: Who is this Yahoo? He knows many things.

Nina Gerard has commented on George's status: That is too funny, George. Curious as to what you were all talking about, I went in search of 'answers' from the Almighty Yahoo. Sorry Nova, I couldn't help myself. LOL.  Kisses.

Chloe Valjana likes Nina Gerard's Status +1

Chloe Valjana has commented on George's status: There are some real creepy one's out there. I think Yahoo Questions are just for trolls, but that doesn't mean they aren't HI-LAR-IOUS!!!!!!

Ghost has updated his status:

Rowen Gerard has updated his status:

Blaze has commented on Rowen Gerard's status: Ten points. Your artistic talent astounds me.  If you need to keep your hands clean, I know a guy...

Hill has commented on Rowen Gerard's status: Yeah, that guy could totally do the job. Ghost wouldn't stand a chance against that force of nature. Or you could just sick Tyra on him.

King Valjana has commented on Rowen Gerard's status: Or this little gem here. I heard she's pretty reasonable on her prices.

Micah Derenger updated his status: I have no idea  how we went from Yahoo questions to finding Rowe a hired gun. But here you go...she was in the yellow pages.

Rowen Gerard has commented on Micah Derenger's status: WHOA.

Ghost has commented on Micah Derenger's status: I second that, you win.

Daniel Walker has updated his status: 

Did that just happen?


  1. hhahahhahah!! I love Fangspace!
    I am in my research lab right now laughing my ass off...
    The pic of Dan shouting out for Ghost just did me in...LMAO!
    ok,lets see....ummm

    1)Question- If you could have one night of uninhibited passion with one of your characters, male or female, who would it be?

    2)Name- Mik


    4)Fav moment- hmmmm, just so much moments.... early on, when D&R were in D's room that morning after the cup broke...when D started opening up to Rowe.

    Can't wait for the finale Night, awesome series!


  2. Hey Mik! For sure, without a doubt in my mind, I would pick Knox. Bring on the kink! If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm kind of a freak, on and off the blog. LOL. Female character, just for kicks. Hmmm...I would have to say Nanette in the next series. She's a tough cookie, a natural bad ass. I think she would be fun for a night. :) Thanks for entering! Good luck.

  3. Too too funny, I'm sitting here laughing like a loon! :D I love Fangspace, any chance that you'll do more even though Dan & Rowe's story has finished please?

    Mo x

    1. I think I might I do more, but maybe later in the series. I'm pretty bogged down at the moment. :) Thanks, Mo!

  4. What a Riot!!! FangSpace is getting funnier and funnier!!! ROLFing at the 'hired guns', not to mention the thought of Rowe needing one, Not!!
    Rowe is definitely a 'hands-on' kind of guy *wink,wink*.

    Looking back on the story, it's going to be really,reeealy hard to pick a favorite scene. There's the high drama scene in the kitchen where Dan finally let's Rowe see under all his wisecracking. There's the big action rescue scene. And there are a number of little scenes in which Rowe says just a phrase or drops the f-bomb, or makes a gesture that comes out of left field that made me say 'awhhhhhh'(I am definitely not an 'awh ain't that sweet' type of reader). I don't *even* want to get into the sex scenes: the hot and lust-filled or the sweet and romantic ones; although 'The Turning' scene may inch ahead.

    And of course scene-stealers: Knox and Blaze in the bomb-defusing scene, Knox holding baby Isaac, the
    two little sisters giving Rowe a 'grilling'.

    Puleeeze!*hands clasped on bended knee* Don't make me pick a favorite!!!

    As to a personal question...hmmmmm...*tapping finger to cheek* will have to ponder that....

    Seriously, ms. Night, thank you for giving us a truly wonderful story, that once published will be an instant classic among all vamp readers, not to mention m/m romance readers.*kiss and a rose*

    1. Thanks Starnite! I look forward to your question and email, so you can enter the giveaway! As for your favorite scenes, I would have to say the Knox and Blaze bomb defusing session always gets to me. I just love Knox and honestly, I think he is one of the best characters I have written to date. Thanks again for stopping by. Hope to hear from you before Friday night!


  5. Omg that was funny and the pics were hilarious. I'm hoping there is more in the future(pretty please) but I'm sure u have a full plate. Great as usual night:)

    1. Thanks hun. We'll see what the future holds and yeah, I'm super busy! Gah. Don't forget to enter the giveaway!

  6. Oh my God, so funny! Does Ghost have a death wish or what? And now for the real question.
    1) Are you kinky in real life or just in your stories, cause you write it well. :)
    2) Name - Jennifer
    3) Email -
    4) I think my favourite moment was when Rowe helped Dan through the horribleness of what happened with the bad guy (Nigel?) and Jess. It was really sweet.
    You are an awesome writer and I can't wait for all the new stuff coming this fall. :)

    1. Hahaha Ghost just loves to fuck with Rowe. Not to ruin the fantasy of the characters, but I think their teasing stems from me with my brothers. I can't help, but mess with them! It's soooo easy. As for kinky, of course! I'm not a very shy person and I have no shame in stating that I like it dirty. *grins* I've never actually taken a full on whip before, but I have tried other things. Many, many other things. :D

      You have to experience some of it to get the inspiration. Porn doesn't always help you along if you know what I'm saying. To be honest, most porn bores me. Maybe I'm jaded because I write about sex all the time and I read about it a lot as well, but nothing compares to the real thing. So yes, I would consider myself an adventurous gal off the computer as well. :)

      Thanks for entering Jennifer. ♥

    2. :) It always makes me laugh when Ghost does things on fangspace to miss Rowe off. It's like he just can't help poking the bear even if he might get mauled. :) I agree with you about porn. Most of it is boring and it feels so fake. I prefer reading all my favourites authors cause you guys do such a good job of writing real scenes and cause I usually don't get the kink in normal romance stories. It always makes me happy when I realize the story I'm reading has kink in it. :D

  7. I think I love Fangspace even more than your stories. Okay, just kidding, but they're a close second. I do absolutely die and go to heaven when I see it up on your page. I wish it was a weekly feature, even if it was just the guys sniping at each other and not the other hilarious stuff you find on the Web. I mean, maybe it makes me weird but I can totally see a teenage boy coating himself in peanut butter and letting the dog lick it off.

    1. My question is actually two- if/when you expand your stories for publication will we ever get to read more of the history between Olly, Cade and Dan (which I find fascinating because Olly was such a sad, lonely kid too) and do you expect a time in a future story where Oliver and Tate might have to be turned?

    2. Jane


    4. My favorite Dan and Rowe moment also comes from the first chapter, and you summed it up nicely with your subtitle: It's about time. In Cade, they had this whole non-stop bickering going on and trying to out-diva each other that made them an adorable but frustrated couple. In ch. 1 of D&R, Dan showed himself to be so needy and scarred underneath to the point of it nearly being impossible to let go, and Rowe responded by telling Dan his own hopes and fears until they both reach a place of understanding. It built to such a high point between them that you could feel the tension like an over-tightened guitar string. Then Rowe goes into a bit of jealousy over Ghost (see also above) and explodes.

    1. Hey Cliffy!

      Okay so first question, the Olly/Tate/Cade pseudo friendship, huh? I never really thought of making that more pronounced, but the more that I think of it--along with other ideas I have for expanding that story--the more I like the sound of that. So it's a big possibility.

      Second question, you might just get your wish in the next series. *But* I'm not saying anything. LOL.

      I loved the couch scene so much. It was just like *screams* get on it with already! Then they did and *stomach flutters* all was good. Thanks for entering and I hoped those answers were what you were looking for. ;)

    2. Thanks for the answers. Just this afternoon I decided I was going to go back to the beginning and re-read the chapters. I can't believe how much I missed in the second one where Nigel's henchmen got everything set up to kidnap Jess and Dan. And going back from the perspective of where it leads Dan and Rowe later was awesome.


  8. 1. I loved your quickie Batter Up have you ever thought about making it a longer story?

    2. Sherry

    3. sstrode at scrtc dot com

    4. I loved when Rowe changed Dan, it was a very good scene and I loved how emotional Rowe was you could tell how much he loves Dan when reading it.

    1. Hi Sherry and thanks for stopping by.

      Hmm, the Batter Up quickie...I liked how in the moment that story was. It was simple with a little twist and although it would be nice to expand, I don't think I will. :( Sorry honey! Plenty of other goodies coming up though!

      The change scene made me cry, because I was speaking it out loud as I was typing it and it was like I was there. *NOT CRAZY* LOL. Thanks again, Sherry!

  9. You did it again. I love all your stories, especially the ones in this series. Fangspace makes me so happy(: It gives us a glimpse into their lives and the dynamic between all of the characters beyond the ain story. It's something that us fangirls/readers don't usually get to enjoy. So thank you. And now I shall get to it(:

    1. Which story did you enjoy writing the most? Cade and Micah's story has been my favorite so far, and I'm irrationally excited for Knox and Isaac. I'd like to know which story brought the most joy to you.

    2. Rachel.


    4. I really loved the beginning if their story. The interplay between them and all that sexual tension was just wonderful. I remember one instance where they ended up attacking each other on the couch. They both seemed surprised by just how much they'd grown to like the other as they argued and fought, and of course the later scenes at the club were damn hot.

    1. Hi Rachel!

      Which story out of all of them or the vampire tales? I'll just go ahead and give you both of my faves. As far as vampires are concerned, I think I liked writing about Dan and Rowe the most. I loved Cade and Micah, they were great, your average spoiled yet kind, only child paired with the head on his shoulders, smart as a tack, exiled for his sexuality assistant--and boom, they were hot together. But from the moment I added Dan and Rowe to their story, I felt them collide. Writing about those two came so naturally it was unreal. The banter between them, the looks, Rowe's teasing, Dan's secret was EXPLOSIVE! Then again, I might say that about Knox and Isaac. LOL WE'll see...

      Non-vampire related story? That would most definitely be the Shermin Heights Series. Those boys, that place, it's all pretty magical to write. Even if I do make quite a few typos, you get the point of what I'm trying to convey, and I'm pretty proud of those shorts.

      Thanks so much, Rachel. Have a good night!

  10. I enjoy all your writings in general, and you write the fangs well, but I have a different question.

    Which would you be Skeenji or Spirit Fae?


    My favorite scene would have to be the moments that Dan turned. Rowe's pain of taking him over the edge and hoping that everything went right, cause evidently it doesn't sometimes. That and Knox and Nova's reunion. Really good stuff there, too!

  11. Hmmm, a My Telija question. Would I rather possess someone's body for my own use or be able to read energies and sense the dead? Probably a Spirit Fae, because you could always be a warrior and defend yourself against a possessed Fae. You would even be able to read them while fighting, making you actually stronger than they are. Good question!

    Thanks, Lynne! ♥

  12. Hi Night.. Here's my question:
    1. Is Ghost having his own story? Love this character and hopefully he is:)
    2. Tina
    4. Best D&R moment is the events leading up to Dan telling Rowe he wants to become a vampire(but seriously the whole thing is so good it's hard to pick:)

    1. Hey Tina~

      Ghost will have his own story, but it won't be right after Knox and Isaac. That one is already spoken for. :P

      Thanks and have a great night!

  13. Ok. You asked for it...

    1. Are any of your scenes a dry run/rehearsal planning for a evening with boyfriend? (Yes, you did say no limits.) If so, do you ever have him read certain scenes to give him ideas? (I know, that two questions but I like to think they're strongly related.)

    2. Mann Ramblings


    4. Quite honestly the sex/death scene of turning Dan was one that turned me on more than it probably should. Does this make me a freak? Don't answer that.

    Looking forward to the finale and other literary adventures!!!!

    Thanks for all the stories and inspiration!!!

  14. Haha. *blushes* Well, I have let the boyfriend read a little bit of what I write. He's totally fine with the M/M genre and he knew I was into Yaoi before we started dating, so it wasn't a big deal. He definitely blushed there for a few pages and was like, wow, they do that? I don't know that he personally has tried to spice things up because of what he read (he hasn't said anything about that) or because I simply get all crazy after I write hot scenes that it just happens, but he has definitely brought his A game the past few months. I also can't say that I've actually planned a scene in mind and then tried to recreate it. We're both pretty spontaneous people, so sex just kind of happens. It's not like oh, it's night time and the lights are off, I guess it's that time, can you act like a vampire? Haha, doesn't happen that way and I would never ask him to play a vamp. I do have my limitations. Lol :P I had to introduce him to the kinky stuff slowly (paranormal roleplay excluded), but he has gotten a little more interested in it and my writing. So I hope that answers your question in a round about way. And no, Dan's turning, turning you on, does not make you a freak. It was supposed to be sexy and romantic, that was the point! HAHAHA. Thanks, Mann. Oh and I got your email, I will be returning it tonight or tomorrow. ♥

  15. 1.Do you ever plan to use yourself as a character in any of your stories and if so would you have a female as a mate.(btw before you answer think about the sex to me hot steamy sex still think first)yep people i went there i suprise myself Night did say for the shy to speak.

    2. Toshika Robinson
    4.The scene with Dan and Rowe in the limo just before Dans b-day bash.It got you HOT and waiting for more.

    I love the Dan an Rowe series and hate for it to end but i know you have more for us like knox.Now that one keeps you hot and botherd

  16. Heyyyy Tasha! Good question actually! I do throw bits and pieces of myself at all the characters. Things I hate, things I love, personal attributes. As for making myself a character, it could be done, but it would feel so weird--knowing you are fantasy for someone somewhere, other than my boyfriend. LOL. Not that I wouldn't appreciate the love, it would just be strange is all.

    BUT, if I did make myself a character, I would have to be a female (which is what I assume you were saying :D) I would have no problem with taking a female mate as a character. I've actually toyed with the idea of a future lesbian couple in the series. For all the man love I write, believe it or not, I still know a thing or two about the other side. :P And I wouldn't downplay the sex in the least. I have a standard to uphold--seat gripping, cheek flushing, totally shameful at times, and downright blazing hot one hundred percent of the time. You know it. *does head bob* ROFL!

    Thanks Tasha for coming out to visit. Don't be a stranger anymore!


  17. 1. You once mentioned that when you write Rowe, you find yourself with a British accent. I was curious to know if this happens with the Shermin Heights characters.
    2. Carrie Stocks
    4. I like the part of the story when Rowe heals Dan. It was one of those inferred ah ha moments. Dan had been through so much but Rowe made him feel better. I also LOVED the change. Another favorite moment of mine I believe actually is in the Cade/Micah series. Its the part when Rowe earns the Prince Pomeranian nickname. So funny!

    1. Oh gosh, of course! You see, it's like this...If you grew up in the south or know anyone that does, they will tell you that when you move away, you lose the accent to a certain degree. When you go back home though and surround yourself with country, it just comes right back! So in reality, I never lost it, I just hid it. Somewhere. LOL. I totally use the accent with those boys. It's more like a combination of friends and family, people I know and random bits thrown in, but yes, yes I do! :D

      BTW: I will forever love the Prince Pomeranian nickname! I don't even remember where it came from to be honest, but it is so funny! Thanks, Carrie. Awesome question!♥

    2. OMG I totally get that! Finaly someone who understands the come and go accent!! Whenever i go back to my "roots" I come back with this huge southern accent and have lost all sense of grammer and can't hardly talk rite for about a couple weeks!! Then I'm back to my normal less accented self. Nobody gets that!! LOVE YA Night!! Your stories are amazing and I am totally helplessly addicted to them all!!

  18. 1. Where does some of the stuff they say on Fangspace come from! lol, it cracks me up every time! :P

    2. Whitney


    4. My favorite moment up until now would have to be the first time Rowe fed from Dan. Whew.. that was H. O. T. lol

  19. My dearest Whitney,

    Girl, it comes from a nice slow glass of Moscato and watching too much tv. The people I surround myself with might have a hand in my sense of humor as well, but most of it is all me. LOL. Thanks for participating. I appreciate your visit! *Hugs*

  20. Formerly silent stalker fan here...followed you (and others through you) from Lit. Love this blog format so much better. I feel more of a connection to you and your characters than with the Lit format. Thanks for your awesome work!

    I was wondering if your day job and your night job ever mingle? Do any of your make up/nail clients read your work? Are you "out" about your night job during the day?


    My fav scene so far was definitely the limo scene as they were heading to Dan's birthday party.

  21. I have told two people at work and both of them are my boys. I have a lot of long time clients, but unfortunately, a lot of them a tre conservative in that department. I never hide the fact that I am pro-gay marriage or a big supporter of the LGBTQ community and I don't hide the fact that I write romance. But in my work environment, I try to keep things neutral and professional. The one thing you learn in customer service is to never bring up politics, religion, or your views on welfare. Lol, I am totally serious. Most people in this industry will agree with me. It's not about sticking up for same sex couples or losing clients, it's just not something that comes up or that I want argue about if it does. I write for people that enjoy it and for myself.

    So my answer would be no, I am not completely out at work or to my clients. I honestly don't think that type of crowd would appreciate my work the way I intend it to be received. It's not all about sex, or at least I try to portray the normalcy I feel a same sex couple deserves. And in that kind of environment and the way a lot of people view members of my industry, it would be all about the sex and while hot, isn't the full story.

    That was an excellent question, Sandy. Thanks for coming out of the stalker closet for a visit and I hope to hear from you again! ♥

    1. The romance does indeed come through first, even with the hottest stories.

  22. I couldn't lurk in the shadows any longer. The announcement that you are writing a Knox and Isaac story has me giddy beyond belief. He is one of my favorites. Possibly thee favorite but it's hard to choose. You are awesome feel free to bat your lashes.

    1. What story was the hardest to write and why?
    2. Kay
    4. Favorite scene??? This is torture I have too many but I'm going to go with the scene with Rowe turning Dan. It's very sweet and erotic. Second would have to be Knox catching Dan with the dildo.

    1. Hmmm, the hardest story to write? That would probably be Cade. When I first started out the series, he came and he went in my head. He was either sooooo emotional or pretty blank as far as personality, but when I added Micah, he kind of came to life. It's really hard when your main character shuts on and off, or rather my brain does. LOL. Now that I'm rewriting the first book, expanding it quite a bit, I'm digging deeper into his personality. That's pretty hard for me, believe it or not. Thanks so much Reign and I hope that answered your question. :)

  23. I'm not sure if I've ever commented on here or not; I'm not much of a commenter. But anyway, I thought I'd crawl out from under your bed long enough to enter. :)

    1. Why do you love to write? Is it the fans, or just losing yourself in a world of your making?

    2. Cyn


    4. I have to be honest with you here. When I start reading a story, I usually have at least 3 others started, so it takes me a lot longer than it should to finish one. Right now, I'm only on chapter 4 of D&R, but so far, I love it. My favorite moment so far would have to be in chapter 1. Dan has his bag packed, he's pissed beyond all reason, and Rowe snaps and throws Dan over his shoulder.

    1. You know, I just went back and re-read the first chapter after I wrote this, and it seems that I lied. My real favorite scene is where they are sitting on Dan's bed, opening up to each other, and Rowe says, "I have been missing you for thousands of years and I fear what I'll do if you left me to miss you again." It made me all teary-eyed.

    2. I love to write because I'm a pretty creative person and it's an outlet for me to express myself. I know that sounds cheesy, but if you write, you know what I mean. Those characters, these worlds you create, the epic stories that unfold--none of them can be denied time on your computer. Yes, I like having fans and you guys are awesome, but I think writing for me is more about challenging myself to take it to the next level, see how I can one up myself. It's a learning process for me and I like learning new things. There are so many aspects of why I love to write, I probably would take up a whole page explaining it, but short story, I do it for myself. You guys are just an awesome bonus!

      Thanks Cyn!

      P.S. You are the first person to comment on that line and seriously, it is one of my favorite (most cherished) lines of the entire series. :)

  24. Who is YOUR Dan? He talked about boyfriend and brothers, so I couldn't figure out who he was and it's kind of been in the back of my mind since he posted some. It might be too personal, but I worry the details. *shrugs*

    I think my favorite part of Dan and Rowe so far has GOT to be Blaze. I don't know why, but I really, really enjoyed his character and the way he interacted with Knox. (Which, btw, as nerdy as it sounds, I play an online RPG once in a while and I recently named a character after Knox. Now when I play that character, I smile.)

    Anyway, thank you so much for writing like you do, and I'm really glad I eventually found this. I was sorta bummed when you stopped posting on Lit.


    1. Hi Alleson!

      Oh gosh, Dan isn't some secret boyfriend or anything. He's my best friend and also my roommate! We've been attached at the hip since 7th grade, so we know each other like family. He's my boy! LOL.

      Thanks for following me over and I'm happy to see that I haven't disappointed. ♥

  25. 1) So tell us, Is it your dream to watch two guys get intimate together? =D

    2)Andrew, follower of your amazing stories that should be published ;)


    4) I mean, all of it of course! Butttt, if I must pick one in particular, I must say it would be the first time Dan becomes intimate with Rowe. I mean, who wouldn't pick that part. ;)

    Hugs <3

    1. ROFL!!! Well, it's not really a dream, because I already done seen it once hmm. Nope, my lips are sealed on those events, but I will tell you that it for sure turns me on. What's the point in denying that? HAHAHA. I think you kind of figured that out pretty early on. ;) But thanks for making me turn red and you have yourself a great week!

  26. 1. Since I just read your most recent fangspace (which I absolutely love btw) I think my question has got to be what is the weirdest Yahoo answer you have ever come across while researching for your stories?

    2. Christina


    4. My absolute favorite thing you have written so far has to be your interview with Knox. However, I think if I have to pick a scene it has got to be after Jessica is back to normal and the doc is going to check on her for the first time and he has no ideawhat he is getting into when he walks in the room. The look I pictured on his face when he sees her cracked me up.I love those random surprise wtf moments.

    Keep us the great work!

    1. Wow thank you auto correct. It was suppose to say "keep UP the great work."

    2. Hi Christina! Okay so weirdest Yahoo question I saw the other day, laughs and this is kind of gross. This girl asked if it was strange if when she urinated and she could see steam, should she go to the hospital? I laughed for a while at the thought of her Dragon Pikachu. Steam? What? ROFL.

      I loved the Knox interview. It was a fun look at compound life when craziness wasn't going down. :) Thanks so much honey!

  27. 1.-I always wondered how you can manage to write several stories at the same time and don´t mix up the characters and timing… You started Dan and Rowe, then posted Yes Master that takes place in the past, now the Isaac story in the future and always having “Cade” in mind so that the timing is right. Did you start Dan and Rowe and then the others two or did you have the general picture from the beginning?
    2.- Ana
    4.- Do I have to choose just one? I loved the beginning when Dan and Rowe were in Dan's room and afterwards, all the drama when Cade turned up. But then, I also loved the scene with Dan and Rowe in the car on their way to Dan’s birthday party, or the turning scene… oh… so good. An the one with Blaze and Knox in the SUV when Blaze was trying to disarm the bomb, and… Do I really have to choose one?
    Thanks for sharing with us all these stories.

    1. Cade was written first-completed before I started Dan and Rowe. Guilty Secret: Which you probably kind of figured out: Yes, Master was never supposed to be in the vampire series, but half way through, I couldn't help myself and added Olly and Tate into the world of the vamps. I intend to go back and put in more 'paranormal elements' to make the story more cohesive with the rest in the series. I always had the first four books planned from the start, but Oliver and Tate with Yes, Master moved the Dan and Rowe into the third place as far as timeline goes. So now the fifth book, which is planned out, will be kept a secret. :) We'll see if you can guess during Knox and Isaac's story.

      Thanks so much Ana!

  28. Hi Night -
    Sorry. This a reposting of my comment that I did under the Fangspace other post in error. I have trouble with commenting using Firefox, so I have to go to Internet Explorer which gives me other types of problems.

    You already commented on it.

    Hi! Shuffling away from my dark lurker corner to comment.
    Question: When will you start writing more "My Telija" chapters? Your sidebar says Fall. I know, fans are sooo demanding about wanting more, more.

    Another Question: Which is the story that is your favorite or has been the most satisfying in writing for whatever reason?

    Favorite moment: It was when Rowe had his emotional breakdown with Dan and showed how he can't be strong all the time but he needed Dan to be able to be complete. And at the same time, Dan was able to overcome his insecurities and realize how much Rowe really needed him.

    BTW, I really love your Quickies. Just to name a couple, Stay and The Delivery comes to mind. Sneaking in another question - Would you consider writing a sequel to The Delivery?

    strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

    1. It's all good honey! I answered you there and your still entered! Thanks J. :)

  29. I love everything u write I can't wait for more I'm glad u keep answering everyones questions because I was wondering about some of the questions
    1 my question is will Nova ever find his mate and will u write about him?
    2 Lisa
    4 my favorite really isn't in the Dan and Rowe story its in the first of ur 3 story's it's when Dan and Rowe first meet and d get really mad but in the end dans asleep in the bed and Rowe is humming to him

    1. Oh for sure, Lee! Nova is such a fun character and he's going to change a lot now that were jumping into the future. I'm definitely going to write about Nova and yes, he will get his own story. * brow waggle *

      P.s. love the humming scene too. :P

      ~Thanks Lee!

  30. Hi Night!!!! I'm one of your creepy silent stalkers that is always in the background but never commenting. Now that I have decided to comment I will tell you how much I love your work. All of it, I honestly can't pick a favorite. I love the quickies, fangspace, and the longer stories. Keep up the great work, without your blog I think I would die of boredom at work :)

    1. I'm wondering if you have ever considered Rowe bottoming? Some of your characters like Olly or Knox I can't picture ever bottoming, but I think Rowe might, even if only one time. Sometimes it is so hot when the guys switch places. Also (I'm cheating and asking 2 questions), I still think about the 2 young guys from Starbucks that you so gallantly aided. Do you know how they are doing? I don't want to sound like a crazy woman, I just really hope that they are doing well.

    2. Elizabeth


    4. My favorite Dan and Rowe moment....hmmm....chapter 5. Yes, I'm saying a whole chapter. When Rowe feeds from Dan, it is so hot and so tender. They are both scared, for different reasons, but they overcome that fear and become even closer then ever. And the Knox, Blaze, human scene. I swear that was the hottest thing I have ever read, and read, and read again, LOL. I love Knox ssooooo much and can't wait for his story.

    1. LOL! As feisty as Dan is, I don't think I could ever see him topping Rowe. Maybe, maybe, mayyyybe in the future, but I doubt it. You will get your surprise vampire top fix in the future, dearest Liz. I promise you. :) Oh and Tim and Ryan are doing good. I actually saw them about two weeks ago and they were in the process of moving and stopped by to borrow Dan's truck. You're not a crazy woman at all. Those two are super sweet and I love them to pieces. No change on the parental front, but Ryan's family is good to them, so they have some support.

      The threesome with Knox was pretty hot! I love him too. He's a crazy fucker! LOL
      Thanks, Liz!

  31. After due consideration, here goes:

    1) If time, money, and space were not obstacles, what would your ultimate, dream bedroom look like? Throw in a bathroom if you want. Colors? Furniture? Windows? 'Plain vanilla' (innocent,department store )? Sensual(silk sheets and rose petals)? Kinky(handy bedposts, sex toys in view, 'odd' furniture)? Which vamp would you have as 'decorating ' consultant (bet I can guess!!)?

    Can't hardly wait for some steamy bedroom scenes with Knox and Isaac, although I'm willing to bet we will get some interesting places other than the bedroom.

    2) Phyllis (aka starnite owl)


    4) This was the hardest. Some may think this is two scenes but I don't care; I'm mashing them together.

    I went back and re-read the first 6 or 7 chap. Often when I go back re-reading a favorite passage it looses some of its 'shine'. This one however got even shinier and stood out even more. I think it is pivotal to the entire story.

    So, here is my favorite R and D scene(s) at least today. It starts with Dan being held prisoner, waiting to be tortured and making the decision to force Nova to drink his blood. It goes through to scenes of rescue, and their first true lovemaking to the point that Rowe realizes sex is not going to resolve their problems and hurts. This is the beginning of big changes in both of them. Dan starts working towards meeting the needs of his mate. And Rowe starts learning his actions affect his mate; he's never had to see that before. Eventually it leads to taking resposibility for protecting his people. Very, Very moving and powerful actions, introspections and dialogue.It is incredibly concentrated,showing maturing, hope, love and lust, despair desperation and determination.

    I feel I must put in a plug for a second incredibly moving and powerful R and D scene. When Rowe comes back from The Big Olly and Tate Meeting, so anxious and joyful to see his lover, they again wind up arguing and big strong Rowe collapses at his lover's feet in pain and despair. I was in real tears, with a breaking heart (I am just NOT like that!!! *groped for kleenex and superglue for my poor heart*).

    Ps: love the pic of Maggie in FangSpace; no matter what mood I'm in it never fails to make me giggle (just as Ghost's pic never fails to make me *aaahhh...*) Mai!!! Hope we see more of her throughout the entire arc!!

    1. Oh gosh! That's a big one! I looooove to decorate. I either like modern design or what I call 'quirky chic'. I like to look at rooms with bold color and such, but it's not for me. I like gray, charcoal, white, walls. I have one wall in my house that is painted a robins egg blue, but it has these cool silhouetted birds in black that go up it. It's simple, but bold enough for me. HAHA.

      Dream room would be black marble floors, an entire wall of floor to ceiling windows and black leather furniture. Probably dark walls in a charcoal or grey of sorts. Some funky ass light fixture. I have a light fixture fetish. I'm serious. All of my lamps or light fixtures are industrial or very modern. I bought this really cool one when were in chicago and it's a flat piece of stainless steel with these rods jutting out of it at different lengths. There are five old fashioned light bulbs and the coils inside are designed with different shapes. It's the best thing I've ever purchased and when the bulbs go out, I'm going to be broke as a joke.

      But anywho, I would definitely have Knox help me out. Yes, I would probably have restraints hiding under the mattress and most definitely silk sheets. I have Egyptian cotton right now, but on special occasions I'll pull out the silk. In real life they dirty way too easily. That's why I use them in my stories every chance I get. Every romance needs silk sheets, damn it!

      Oh man, you got me rambling. Haha, but you get the gist. Think high end modern, lots of gadgets and sexy leather furniture.

      P.S. Mai is going to be very important in book five. You'll see why. :)

      Thanks for the love Phyllis!!! xoxo

  32. So I've never ever commented on anything before, but I figured why not? So here goes 1. My name- Amber. 2. Email 3. I've had Sooo many favorite moments, but my favorite thus far would have to be when nova is sitting on the roof watching the sunrise/sunset (I can't remember which one) and he's talking to whoever was up there with him.. Ghost maybe? And he says he hasn't seen it in so long; basically that whole segment (I have a rather terrible memory so if my facts are a little off don't hate me lol) but anyways I almost cried it was so sad! And also my question.. Hmm I'm not sure do you suppose Dan and Rowe will ever have children? I know the story is ending but I feel like Dan would be very convincing to Rowe and Persuade him.

    1. Dan was the one who never wanted children, but that may change soon. You'll have to wait and see! *giggles* Thanks so much for stepping out the box and commenting. I hope to hear more from you! :)


  33. Hi, i am one of your hardcore fan and following you and your stories as long as I can remember :) I work as an accountant in day time, love to read everything I can find and scribble a few notes at night time. As a girl who secretly jealous of your awesome writing skill, my question is
    1. What inspire you to start writing and when do you know " this is it, I am going to write this shit down,and put it out there so that people can read it, comment on it, criticize it, enjoy it, having orgasm over it'. LOL yeah I mean something like that :)
    2. My name is Xiu Xiu
    3.My email is
    4. My favorite moment up until now about the Dan and Rowe series. Well, I first fall in love with this couple in Cade Series, so my fav moment of them is included in Cade. Its in Rowe's old quarter in a compound, after their big fight, they make up while Cade,Micah and Knox awkwardly waiting in balcony. This is the first time they show real emotion for each other, so cute and funny at the same time.

    1. Heyyyyyy girl! What's up Ms. Xiu Xiu! Well, I've always wrote for as long as I can remember, but I think what really did it for me was this. There came a point that after reading SO MANY romance novels and Yaoi mangas that I was like, well why the hell can't I do this? I admit to not being the best at grammar or punctuation, and I will forever be in the process of learning, but I can tell a story. It also helps that I really love what I do. Whenever I get a story in my head, and I'm sure, really, really sure that I can turn it into something good, I give it a shot. If I'm busted up by say ten pages and don't have a clue in hell where to take it, I toss that story out. It's those stories that I keep going with that stick around to make the cut.

      Like I said, I'm not some Messiah of Literature, but I like to think I'm alright. :) Lol.

      Thanks for being my stalker fan girl~


  34. Thanks so much for a wonderful Fangspace post! You did get me, as you said in your reply to my other comment. This stuff makes me smile one moment, and cackle deliriously the next more quickly than the main story! But the story is still what I look forward to most of course. I agree though, some people on Yahoo are absolutely ridiculous.

    Don't enter me in the giveaway, Night, I just want to question you (and chat). Haha. Soooo, I'll ask 3 questions along the way :)

    QUESTION: Which threesome would you enjoy most in your own life and in your vampire stories?
    To answer my own question first, I would pick Rowe because he's a romantic and Knox because he's naughty. The two of them together would make my world explode. Then again, they are like brothers, so it might be just a tad strange.

    In the story, a fun threesome would be.......RowexGhostxDan OF COURSE! Who'd you expect? I can never get enough of Ghost's come ons and Dan's indignant defences. Then Rowe's raging jealousy. It would be a madhouse everyday ALL day! Well, I would say this before Gabe entered the story. Then it can turn into a hot foursome.

    I'm so glad you said in an earlier reply that Ghost will have his own story. The little bit of text space each chapter doesn't do him justice!

    FAVOURITE SCENE: I don't remember exactly what he said, but it was a big blurb when Rowe admitted his need for romance. Something like he has watched thousands upon thousands of his kind find their mates and Rowe holding out for his own. He confessed that he slept around cuz he'd go mad going back to an empty home anymore and he doesn't want to miss Dan anymore. This scene made me teary-eyed and DAMN IT Night, I don't DO 'goo goo ga ga' moments!

    Close second and third scenes: 2) Knox's brief moment sneaking into Cade's to look at Isaac one last time before heading out and getting caught by Maggie. He IS a worthy male. It's just that he's the last one to believe it!
    3) That scene with J.J. and Ghost going at it turned me one more than imaginable...
    QUESTION: oh will JJ get a story?

    SIDE QUESTION: Do you have names for the men used in your Fangspace display photos for Micah, Cade, Rowe, and Ghost? They are stunning!

    Sorry for wandering this way and that,

    1. Hey Relena!!

      Let's see as far as a threesome that I would be involved in?? It would have to be with Ghost and Knox. Yummmm! I love Latin boys. Holla! And Knox is just a freak and I love that.

      Threesomes with the vamps? It would have to be Ghost, J.J., and Gabe. How friggin hot would that be? My God! I'm getting hot over here. I think I need to stop thinking about this. HAHA.

      To answer your side question, I do have a few names for the pictures, not all of them, but a few of them. Here's what I have:

      Gabriel Aubry - Ghost
      Will Chalker - Cage
      Joshua Day - Oliver
      Sean O'Pry - Tate
      Josh Kloss- Micah
      Mathias Lauridson - Cade
      Bartek Borowiec - Henri
      William Levy - JJ
      Andrei Beliakov - Blaze
      Bruno Santos - Nova
      Egor Suravov - Isaac
      David Gandy - King
      Marlon Teixeira - Gabriel
      Mickey Crawford - Jaska

      I wish like hell I knew who the models were for Dan and Rowe, but alas, I don't.
      Hope that helps! Now you can make one hell of a desktop collage. LOL! Thanks Relena!

    2. Oh and I forgot to use the new Knox picture, but the model's name is Joel Rush. Eat that one up girl! He's yummy.

    3. OMG thank you for the list! ow I'm going to be busy stalking them all! No jokes. And I can't believe I didn't think of J.J., Ghost, and Gabe! You're right, that's hotter than Ghost with Dan and Rowe.


  35. Oh that first question, I meant who would you want to be in a threesome WITH and name an interesting fantasy threesome. Sorry if it was unclear.

    Me again.

  36. I am so soooo excited to read the finale- I was able to resist reading part one up to now and so I get to read both at once! I think my favorite part of D&R was after the giant warehouse battle when Rowe had to help Dan recover from his shock and hysteria.

    As for a question- if this hasn't been asked yet- what wouldn't you do? Either that you write your characters doing, or otherwise (allowing for gender differences of course).

    :) Lilly

    1. Hey Lilly!

      I don't think there isn't much I wouldn't be interested in doing. If we're getting really specific, I wouldn't be up for any water sports kind of business. Not really into that, at all. HAHA. I'm down for all sorts of gender combinations. MMF, FF, all of it. I even thought about doing a twincest couple, but wasn't sure how well that would go down. We'll see what the future holds. Good question and thanks for entering!

  37. 1. Might as well ask it because I sure as hell wonder it: How do you find the time to write so much? I swear you write 50,000 words a week. That's inhuman. :D Tell me your secret!!!

    2. Tali

    3. palaistea(at)gmail(dot)com

    4. The moment that made me love you as a writer occurred in Dan and Rowe Chapter 1 where Rowe says something about Cade being "Captain Cockblock." Weird, I know, but that had me rolling on the floor. I don't even remember why he said it (I think Cade interrupted them) but I thought, "Gosh, she's good with dialog!"

    1. Hey Tali!

      Let's see, that's a big one. LOL. Well, I guess I type pretty fast. When I'm into a story, I can sometimes write thirty pages in a day. No joke. Once I hit around, sniggers, fifty pages I usually go back and add in the details. I literally see what I write in my head, like a movie sometimes, and I just write it all out while I'm in the moment. I switch between writing multiple stories at the same time to keep myself from getting bored too. That helps because I'll kind of miss the vampires after writing a quickie and hop right back into it full throttle.

      But overall, I think I just type fast. Haha.

      P.S. I love Captain Cockblock. It made me laugh writing that scene. :) Thanks so much, Tali.

  38. 1. Do you find the pictures of the characters first and then imagine them as you're writing the story, or do you write the story and then find pictures of the characters to best match who's in your head?
    2. Melissa
    4. I loved the end of chapter one, when Rowe goes to find Dan after shopping with Knox for D's bday gift and he finds Ghost sitting close to Dan and then he gets all possessive and claims Dan and it gets totally hot! Loved it!

    1. It depends. Sometimes I find the pictures and know they have to have their own story, but honestly most of the time, I just google. Everyone in my family calls me the Google Queen. I will search obsessively for that perfect picture to mirror the character that I imagine. Most of the quickies came from a picture that I already had. Most of the vampires were written first before I found a picture. Like I said, it depends. I hope that answered your question!

      Thanks Melissa! ♥

  39. 1. Do you find the pictures of the characters first and then imagine them as you're writing the story, or do you write the story and then find pictures of the characters to best match who's in your head?
    2. Melissa
    4. I loved the end of chapter one, when Rowe goes to find Dan after shopping with Knox for D's bday gift and he finds Ghost sitting close to Dan and then he gets all possessive and claims Dan and it gets totally hot! Loved it!

  40. Whoops sorry! Haha I definitely knew that, but I was half sleep as I was writing it, (and like I said, I have a terrible memory lol).. Also side note if you ever do write a story with D&R having children, have you ever thought to do something like Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka did, and have twins, but they would each be the father of a baby? ( I feel like my explanation is confusing, so you could always just google it if you don't know what I mean)

    1. Haha I can't tell you that! It would be cheating! You'll just have to wait and see...muahahahaha.

      Lol thanks Amber!

  41. They would definitely be the cutest babies ever made as long as the surrogate mother was attractive too lol ( but that's just an idea)

  42. Hi Night,
    I hope you will still read this,for your request here is dated two months ago. I am one of those shy lurkers who really enjoys reading your stories!English is not my mother tongue so I apologize in advance for poor grammar.
    I love how the characters come to life for me. I find myself wondering often about their motives,thoughts and actions. For me that is proof of real craftsmanship when it comes to writing! Its when your characters come to life for your readers.

    My question:
    I recently re-read Cade and enjoyed it again. I also read the Knox/Isaac story (btw: HOT!!) and I find myself wondering about Micah telling Cade he would leave him if he didn't let Isaac live his own life. In "Cade" he swears that he will NEVER leave Cade for anything, or threaten to leave. So whats on my mind is this: When you wrote Cade, did you have this already in mind for them?

    2. Sophia
    4 My favourite moment is the humming scene. The intimacy between Dan and Rowe is so fragile and emotional.Without a doubt my Fav!

    Thank you so much for writing! You often make my day!