Sunday, September 30, 2012

Seven Things About Night

I was tagged by Tali Spencer for this meme, click the link to visit her site and see her answers. Apparently, I'm supposed to give you seven facts about myself. So, here goes nothing...

1. I grew up in the deep South. A small town with an even smaller population. Moved up North with my family in junior high. Culture shock! Snow...ick. The year we moved up here, Michigan had the worst winter they had seen in over twenty years. Picture small southern girl with snow up to her shoulders. Yeah. Not cool.

2. I am the only girl out of four siblings. Life can be rough at times, but I wouldn't trade my brothers for the world. At least I have a sister-in-law who can sympathize. One brother is older, married with four kids, and just got out of the military. The other two are younger. One just got engaged and the other is still in school. Busy, busy family!

3. In high school, I won a presidential art award. My chalk drawing was featured at the white house for a year and it's something I'll always treasure. :)

4. I'm a music freak. In choir all my life, well, except for now. I can still remember all the words to Carmina Barana (O Fortuna) even though it's in Latin. When I'm not singing in Latin, laughs, I am attached to a source of music at all times--computer, iPod, CD player...something. I cannot write without music and a quiet house drives me crazy. Out of all the music I have accumulated, nineties grunge will always hold a special place in my heart. On a good day, Smashing Pumpkins-Rotten Apples, will play a full circuit at least three times. I've also played the piano since I was six and can sometimes manage an acoustic guitar, but it's not my favorite.

5. I'm a beverage snob. Or so I've been told by everyone. Coffee, tea, soda, even water. Sounds crazy, but I refuse to drink gas station coffee. It will never taste good, no matter how much I doctor it with...shudders...powdered creamer and even worse? Splenda. I keep fresh beans in my freezer at all times. Unless I'm having a cup of Lavaza. Oh God, best coffee ever.

At restaurants I embarrass everyone at my table by telling the waiter how I like my coffee. It's not silly, it's just the way I like it. A small carafe of hot water on the side, leave the mug 1/4 empty, and bring me cream...lots of it. There is nothing wrong with this! Gah. If I'm paying for it, I want it how I want it, right? Apparently I'm supposed to take the coffee for lumberjacks with a smile and not say anything. *eye roll* lol

6. I have a black belt in American Kenpo and I love martial arts and kickboxing. I started taking mixed martial arts classes earlier this year, but had to put that on hold for the summer. Hopefully I'll start back up in the winter.

7.I own around two hundred bottles of nail polish and my collection is forever growing. I'm slightly obsessed and can usually give the name of a color just by looking at it. It doesn't matter what brand. I've seen them all. I'm known at work as the polish whisperer. 

Thanks so much for tagging me Tali! This was fun. :)

I'm supposed to tag seven other people, but everyone I know that would do this has already been tagged. Lol. If you want to do this, post it to your blog and comment at the bottom if you did. :) Or you can comment just for the hell of it. Haha thanks!



  1. I like fun facts about people. Cool seven things Night. And might I add winter is just misunderstood lol. Your coffee snobbery is almost as bad as my friend who will only eat fresh spinach when we go restaurants. I groan everytime she starts interrogating the waiter on the condition of their spinach.

  2. Hey, Night :) I loved these 7 facts! I actually just started my own blog, like 4 days ago!! I have been following all of you for so long, it still feels surreal to have my own follows (albeit a very small number as of right now). SO... in the interest of drumming up some business, so to speak, I have decided to accept the meme challenge and post 7 things about me :) I knew I wouldn't get tagged... since I don't have any followers who have participated... so I was glad that you just left it open for whoever wanted to accept. Now, I just have to think of 7 interesting facts... lol!

  3. Hey there favorite author o'mine. I loved this post today. Fun stuff to know! I too love nail polish, I have not gotten that involved yet that I am up to 200 bottles but I love a good strong polish. OPI has been my favorite and Lincoln Park at Midnight is my all time favorite. ( heheheh I am a Linkin Park fan girl. Mmmm Mike Shinoda/Chester Bennington.) As for music, Smashing Pumkins anything is good for me and My Chemical Romance. Both great bands. There is music that I adore from 2000 on but the 90s will always reign supreme with me. As always, So long and thanks for all the wonderful stories!

  4. Polish Whisper. Oh God, I lol'd at that! Love it. :)