Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Model Inspiration Feature: Josh Kloss

When I first saw Josh Kloss or Joshua if we're being formal, I knew without a doubt he served as Micah in my head. There is something so graceful about him, yet dangerous. He's a two sided coin in his photos as is Micah--gentle and smooth, but rough and fearsome when the occasion calls for it. ;) 

Interesting facts about Josh:

He had a short role on the O.C. a few years back. God, I loved that show! Still have the DVDs. I honestly don't remember him, but now I'm totally in the mood to go back and re-watch. Even if I have to sit through that terrible ending where they just off Marissa in the most dramatic gag-me way possible.

He was the sexy eye-candy in Katy Perry's Teenage Dream Video! I've included the video for your viewing entertainment. :D SCORE!

He's 6' 2" Mmmmmmm

And he's a Capricorn. Long walk on the beach anyone? Just kidding. LOL

Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any of the following photos by posting them to my blog. All rights are reserved to the models and photographers. Thanks. :)


Just a fun bonus: Every time I think of Micah, I hear this song. Definitely a good iTunes purchase for a slow, sensual, moody kind of beat. Pretty smexy! I give you POLICA - Lay Your Cards Out

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  1. Oh god, Night, what a wonderful jolt for my sleep-deprived eyes this morning. So sexy. So perfect for Micah.

  2. Sizzling hot :D I love the music as well. Makes me groove along ;D

  3. Am @ a loss for words,u re one of d best writers I ever came across, I rarely dadicate my time to followoing a particular author but with u ifind time. Keep it up

  4. Oh, hell yes! I love Josh, too! And I LOVE your new banner and site design. Keep it up, woman.