Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Giveaway Winner & A Tasty Little Preview

ROFL She cracks me up!

Let's get down to business. The winner of the giveaway (and yes, I totally drew names from a hat) is....

****XIU XIU****

Congratulations!! I will be emailing you shortly with your prize and thanks to everyone for participating. It was a really great turnout and I got to chat with a few new faces. Keep up the comments my people. :P

Now for your tasty preview treat:

Knox and Isaac: The Beginning: Chapter 2 Preview

“Hello, is there something I can help you with?” A man approached from the back of the store. He was small like Isaac, but a little bit taller. Dark slacks, a crisp white shirt, and a silk vest made him look like a sexy maĆ®tre de. A guy working in a lingerie boutique, Isaac blushed.
“Just looking around, thank you though.” Isaac looked at the ground.
“For you?” The man took a step forward. “Or for your…”
“Friend, she’s my friend.”
“His good friend.” Celeste looked between Isaac and the clerk with interest. “I was just doing a bit of browsing for myself, but you never know.” She settled on Isaac who felt the weight of her stare.
“I see.” The man smiled. “May I also point out our men’s line?”
Celeste dug her fingers into Isaac’s arm. “Yes, he would love to take a look.”
“Excellent. I think I know just the thing.” The man raked his eyes over Isaac’s body. It was the first time an actual man, and not some teenager, had looked at him with hunger. He kind of liked it. Actually, he really liked it.
While Celeste fawned over something in the corner, chatting to her boyfriend on the phone, Isaac stood in front of a three way mirror with the sales clerk behind him.
“I don’t mean this in an offensive way, but for a man, you have a rather delicate figure. Do you dance at all?”
Isaac blushed again. “How did you know that?”
“We have a lot of male clients—dancers, models, and some who are just looking for pretty things. I knew you had the body of a dancer the moment you walked in.” He smiled, handing Isaac a scrap of material. “These are made to breathe, seamless, flawless—the perfect ratio of blended silk. I think you would find them to your liking.”
These are underwear?” Isaac held them up, biting his lip. He turned them over, finding the string that went up the back. “I don’t know about these.”
“Try them on and see. How do you really know if you never try?” The man stared at him in the mirror. Something fiery brewed in his eyes.
“I guess I could.”
“Perfect.” The man went to start a room.
In the fitting room, Isaac turned from side to side before the mirror with wonder. He couldn’t even feel them. The black silk like part of his skin—staying in place over his hips, keeping his package right where it should be, and the string that ran right over his backside rubbed softly. He was in love. Another basket was slid under the curtain that separated him from the store and Isaac smiled. The clerk knew from the beginning that Isaac would be sold. How could he not be? He felt so grown-up, alluring—gorgeous.
He raised a brow, picking up a sheer stocking with black lace around the top. “No way,” Isaac whispered. “He can’t be serious.”


  1. Congrats to Xiu Xiu for the win.

    And Isaac, what the hell? OMG, he is really going to the dark side, and I don't know whether Knox is going to be pissed or totally turned on. But so far, I don't trust this Celeste.

  2. I think Knox is going to be both pissed and totally turned on. I'm all for the lingerie shopping, though I hope he doesn't go for the stockings... I'm just not a fan. Although the look on his face when he found those in the basket must have been priceless!

  3. Bwahaha ya'll are probably gonna hit the roof. It will be a definite hate it or love it scenerio. And even if you do hate it, you'll probably grow to love it. :P

  4. I'll take your word for it! Love it or hate it, still can't wait to read it!

  5. Um...fuck yes! So stoked for this. Hurry up!(;
    Thank you for the treat, Ms. Night, and congratulations Xiu Xiu.

  6. I totally blame Knox for completely messing up Isaac. I hope Isaac gives Knox a really difficult time before giving in.

  7. This is going to be extremely interesting and hmm...
    Maybe arousing...maybe squirming-in-a-chair worthy...

    It occurs to me that being the mate picked for Knox (by Desinty or the gods or whoever), there is a good chance that Isaac may have, and develop, some pretty significant sexy kinks of his own...hmmm...
    *butt wiggling*...steamy... *blushing*...fantasizing...

  8. I am so in love with you right now for your wonderful writing. I love this series and i'm really enjoying this one about Knox and Isaac. :)


  9. Is it possible in Isaac and Knox's world for a vamp to reject his mate and go off with another vamp or human? That is what Knox deserves and I hope that's what Isaac tries to do. He is going to be pissed out of his gourd when he finds out Knox knew of the bond when he was a baby and avoided him for it. Cade and Micah when they find out? Watch your back, Knox.

  10. You are sooooooo EVIL. we love u so much

  11. Holy shit!
    after reading back through the chaps and previes it sounds like Izzy is going to turn into a pole dancing slut.
    bad Knox. bad.

  12. LOL awesome as payback for making him miserable all these years Isaac is going to give Knox a stroke.

  13. OMG!!! That's just so hilarious :D Isaac is so totally going to be a torturer.

  14. please, put me out of my misery this week!

  15. Oh yes, this will be simply delicious. So much fun! This is my prediction. Cade, Micah and Rowe are going to go batcrap crazy on Sir Izzy when this all comes to light. Dan is going to talk them all down off the ledge and Knox will hang on for dear life. I just can't wait for this all to unfold. YAY!

  16. Weeeeeeeee!
    Thank you so much, Cliffgirl,Seahaven and all the others for the congratulatory kind words. Most of all, thank you so much to Night for awesome stories that always make my days and sweet price, I am going to buy something that will leave good memory for keepsake. This gift is from the author that I totally adore, can you believe it? :::fan-girl-mode-on::: This is the best week everrr, I have been so pump up for Knox and Izzy story, every time I saw their teasers, previews , my heart leap.
    Yay for Izzy's new found confidence, shake it baby :))

    1. omglol, *sweet prize.
      Damn my horrid english :D

  17. I dont think that Issac is a pole-dancing slut, just that hes found something that hes great at and gives him freedom - im half-hoping that freedom leads to two fingers to Knox and swanning off into the sunset with some other vamp who worships the ground he walks on but im torn lol. I demand an HEA but im just not sure who i want to have it :0
    This series is sooooo amazing Night, you should be proud. Now stop toturing us and give us junkies out fix.

  18. I hope to hell he doesn't go for the stockings. That'll just be too much. While I have nothing against cross-dressers personally, please do not turn Isaac into one. -.-

  19. OMG !!!! I need more cant wait till Knox see's Izzy in ALL his glory....I think its going to be a huge shock for everyone...and it is starting to sound like Izzy is going to be the PERFECT mate for Knox , maybe give him a run for his SANITY...LOL

  20. I love that Isaac is a dancer and he's not too slutty since he's saving his virginity for Knox (subconsciously I think) but I'm not crazy about the stockings unless it's something else for him to rip off while he strips lol.

  21. I agree with most everyone, and absolutely thought Cade and Micah and Rowan will GO NUTS when this all starts to come out of the smoke. I am also amazed the twins have been so reticent with details they know but have not shared with Izzy...amazing!

    Can't wait for the next chapter......

  22. hmmm really intrigued by this little hint. I love the way this is going, just hope you don't turn Izzy into too much of a 'girl' 'tranny' as that would so put me off.

  23. Wow, I love all of your writing, but especially this

  24. Gah when's the next update!!!!! I can't handle it! I need my fix of the boys here

  25. just sorta wondering if that will be the dance outfit or saved for private time????pretty slippery either way **snicker** *giggle & grin*