Sunday, September 2, 2012

Giveaway!!!!: FANGSPACE: Dan & Rowe FINALE PART 1: MIND BLOWN!

Hey guys! Make sure you click HERE to enter the 20$ Gift Card Giveaway. Follow the instructions to enter. YOU MUST ENTER! I COMMAND YOU! ROFL, okay you don't, but I really, really want you to. *Bats lashes* It's to celebrate Dan and Rowe! Annnnnd there is FANGSPACE that goes with it! Booyah!

NOW...the moment you've all been waiting for. I decided, because this first part is in fact fifty some pages long, to break it up into two parts. The next part will be along later this week. :)))) Thanks guys and here it is.... CLICK HERE TO TAKE YOU TO THE FINALE PART 1 of Dan and Rowe. *wipes tear* It's sooooo sad. Only one more part to go. :(



  1. I'm very sad Dan and Rowe are ending but I look forward to Knox and Isaac.

    1. Thanks Reign! Don't be sad, they'll be back for more!

  2. New comment'er but longtime faithful readeder. Much love to all three stories, but so far R&D has taken the cake. Its because it is told in all the characters.points of veiw. It has really addex to each characters depths and dynamics. But 'Cade' will always have a soft spot in my heart. Its just too hard not to love him and his story. Really sad that D&R is ending, but those two need some closure asap. Can't wait for their wedding and their much needed happily ever after.

    Bring on Knox and Isacc. Can't wait to see how you transition the story to the future where isacc is of "mating" age lol! Thanks a bunch for writing these amazing stories. They are really helping me through a tough time in my life. Your writing helps me escape the present if just for a short time... but for that I am grateful. Keep up the amazing work.

    Much love,
    Katie ''

    1. Thanks Katie! Glad I could put a smile on your face. xoxo

  3. Hi! Shuffling away from my dark lurker corner to comment.
    Question: When will you start writing more "My Telija" chapters? Your sidebar says Fall. I know, fans are sooo demanding about wanting more, more.

    Another Question: Which is the story that is your favorite or has been the most satisfying in writing for whatever reason?

    Favorite moment: It was when Rowe had his emotional breakdown with Dan and showed how he can't be strong all the time but he needed Dan to be able to be complete. And at the same time, Dan was able to overcome his insecurities and realize how much Rowe really needed him.

    BTW, I really love your Quickies. Just to name a couple, Stay and The Delivery comes to mind. Sneaking in another question - Would you consider writing a sequel to The Delivery?

    strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

    1. First Answer: Telija will be soon enough. I'm working out a plan for the next couple of chapters tomorrow and will take it from there. You'll get your fix in no time!

      Second Answer: My favorite story to work on has been Dan and Rowe. I connected with this pair in so many ways. Love them. :)

      Sneaky third question answer: If I do a sequel, it won't be a loooooong time.

      Thanks so much J. Have a great weekend!