Monday, November 19, 2012

They're BAAAACK! : A Turkey Travesty: Part 1

Heeeeello there! I'm going to be super busy today. So I'm going to go ahead and post this early. The next part will be out sometime this week, but with the holiday I'm not sure which day it will be. Just check back later as my email suscriber is a piece of junk and doesn't send updates. *shrugs* Sorry guys. I've tried to fix the feed but no such luck.

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So here we are, back to with the werewolves that I introduced you to over Halloween. Hugh and Shepard have become favorites of mine and I couldn't help but write more about them. So enjoy this little piece for the holiday and even if you don't celebrate Thankgiving, I'm sure you'll like it. ;)

Have a great week everyone!
Hugh stood on the curb by the mail box with the morning paper in hand. Some cutesy picture of a child sitting atop the nation’s largest pumpkin stared back at him. That wasn’t news, Hugh rolled his eyes. That was fluff. Where was the write up about the teacher cut backs last week? Where was the news on the death of a local troop of soldiers from two days ago? Scowling at the lack of actual interest or news on the front page, he took a sip of his coffee and flipped over to the business section, trudging back up the drive in his slippers. Stock markets, he sighed. Might as well settle back to watch leaves fall.
“Good morning, Hugh,” Paul called out from the drive over, starling Hugh from his reading.
Hugh looked up from his paper with a fake smile. Paul was sizzling hot, almost seven foot of pure muscle with dark hair that covered his head, arms and everywhere else. He imagined. Hugh bit his lip and raised his mug in greeting. He didn’t move towards the other were. Shepard was not one for him mingling with Paul in the first place, but his mate had never actually said so. It was in Shep’s eyes, though. The thought of upsetting his mate made Hugh cautious. He didn’t want Shepard to think he was interested in Paul. Beyond the sexy good morning every day, Hugh really wasn’t interested in the least. Paul was just… pretty.
Paul on the other hand didn’t seem to understand boundaries, or the fact that Hugh was his alpha’s mate. He crossed his yard and stepped onto Hugh’s driveway with a smile.
“Nice pajamas,” he commented, a flare of lust in his voice.
Hugh darted his eyes around nervously. “Shepard bought them for me.”
“Oh. Right. Shepard,” Paul remarked.
Not particularly fond of the look on Paul’s face, Hugh stuffed the paper in the pocket of his robe and crossed his arm around his waist. “Yep. He’s always doing romantic things like that, pajamas and such.” Hugh chuckled. The sound was nothing but awkward.
“But, has he ever given you this?” Paul produced a freshly cut rose from behind his back and Hugh took a step away. Roses from the bushes by Paul’s front door, oh no.
“Y… yes he has.” Hugh cleared his throat. “Beautiful bloom but I think I have to go now.” He glanced around the subdivision that was painfully full of werewolves. They were watching. He could feel it. It was like Desperate Housewives meets fur around here.
“Hmm.” Paul reached over and tucked the rose into Hugh’s pocket. “Beautiful bloom for a beautiful man then. Have a good day, Hugh.” Paul inhaled deeply, scenting Hugh with a flare of his nostrils before turning around.
Hugh watched Paul go back into his house before glancing around again. “Fucking crazy person,” he hissed under his breath. “If Shepard saw that, I am…”
The hair on the back of his neck stood on end and he turned towards his front door. Shepard stood there with his arms crossed, eyes narrowed and angry. Hugh took a deep breath, let it go slowly and marched up the drive to greet his mate.
“I didn’t know you were up,” Hugh tried.
“I can see that,” Shepard grit, barely containing his fury. His eyes shifted gold. He turned and went into the house without another word.
Hugh groaned and followed, shutting the door behind him. “Shep, come on. It wasn’t like that and you know it.”
“Wasn’t it? That fuck has been all over you ever since you moved here and you haven’t said one damn thing to correct his behavior. You are my mate! It’s time you started acting like it.”
“Oh. Well, alright then, he-man.” Hugh threw his hands up. “I’ll start by wearing a sign that says property of Shepard Hanes.”
The alpha growled and faced his mate. “You are not property!”
“Really? Because it feels that way sometimes. I’ve barely been here three weeks and I’m nothing but stressed, walking on eggshells so I don’t upset you. Where is the balance, Shep? If you’re so angry that another man, one of your people, finds me attractive, isn’t it your job to correct him?”
“You won’t like the way I correct him, Hugh.” Fangs slid down from Shepard’s gums. “He won’t be alive when I’m through with him.”
“Lord have mercy, must you always resort to violence? Can’t you give him a simple back the hell off letter or something? Normal people don’t kill a man for flirting.”
“He’s not flirting! He’s trying to lure you in, Hugh.” Paul plucked the rose from Hugh’s pocket, smashing it within his palm. “You don’t give your alpha’s mate a romantic token!”
“Then tell him that! He makes me nervous!” Hugh pushed past Shep with a growl of his own. The back of his neck was already itching—his new wolf fighting its way to the surface. “I have to get ready for work.”
“It’s Sunday, Hugh.”
Pausing, the history teacher gathered himself after realizing Shep was right. “Whatever.” Hugh continued walking towards their bedroom. “I’m getting out of this place for once! I’m being suffocated.”
“Tell me about it.” Louisa walked out of her room with headphones blaring around her neck. The teen, Shepard’s little sister, snapped a piece of gum in her mouth. “Don’t worry, Hugh. He’s just on edge because mom and dad are coming for Thanksgiving. Shake it off.”
Hugh opened his mouth and shut it. He growled, fists shaking. “They’re what!”
Louisa clapped him on the shoulder with a pleased grin. “Don’t worry, Hugh, they won’t hate you… too much.”
Hugh’s gaze targeted his mate. He let out a scream before going into their room and slamming the door. Parents? Werewolf parents? People he’d never met before? Here? Thanksgiving? Fuck!
He quickly got dressed and rang Marshall, his best friend. He needed to escape for a little while. That is if Shepard let him out of the house.
Sitting in Marshall and Dorothy’s house made Hugh uncomfortable. Marshall had lived in a one bedroom apartment before he’d been sucked into the shifter world, barely anything decorative in his old bachelor pad except for his giant poster of Bill Nye in the dining room. Which was strange in itself, but that was Marshall. He was a handsome nerd, a science teacher with a quirky personality. This shabby chic furniture and mint green paint with Home and Garden literature splayed across the coffee table was not Marshall at all.
But as his best friend sat down with a mug in hand and Dorothy tucked under his arm, he didn’t seem to care in the least. Marshall seemed happy. Hugh sighed. He wanted that with Shepard, but unfortunately his mate was too interested in controlling him to just relax together. If it wasn’t for the pull to his mate, the love he knew was there, and the hottest sex in the universe, Hugh would have packed his bags weeks ago.
“Hugh?” Dorothy smiled. “Are you alright?”
“Why? Did Shepard tell you to ask? Isn’t that how this works now? You two get the low down and report back to my mate?” Hugh crossed his arms.
Marshall’s brows lifted. “That bad, huh?”
“That bad,” Hugh mocked. “It’s worse than bad. But, you probably already know that don’t you? I’m sure everyone has called around by now. Knowing I’ve been targeted by Paul, the sexy neighbor, and that Shepard had a fit about it. Then he just happened to forget to mention that his parents are coming in two days for Thanksgiving! Parents that I’ve never met or heard much about. I just became a werewolf for crying out loud! Must I really be thrown to the in-laws so quickly?”
“Kathryn and Edgar are coming here?” Dorothy set her mug down, face drawing a blank.
Hugh groaned. “See? I knew it. I knew he was holding back for a reason. They’re terrible, aren’t they? They’re going to hate me.” He put his face in his hands. “I didn’t even know their names.”
“They aren’t… terrible, but they do have a certain way about them.” Dorothy flicked her eyes to Hugh. “Don’t take it personally, their behavior I mean. They’re like that with everyone.”
“Like what?” Hugh gripped his knees.
“Mm.” Dorothy glanced at Marshall before trying to look Hugh in the eye. “Unpleasant?”
“Oh great! Just great!” Hugh shot to his feet and began to pace. “Why didn’t he tell me? Does he think they won’t like me?”
“Maybe he didn’t mention it because he’d just seen you flirting with Paul? I mean, the guy gave you a rose for crying out loud. Some guy did that to Dorothy and I’d eat him for lunch.” Marshall growled.
“I never said he gave me a… they did call you! Those nosy little twat bag—”
“Hugh, calm down. It’s part of pack life. They all gossip.” Dorothy narrowed her eyes at Marshall.
“What?” Marshall feigned innocence. “Harry called me. Was I supposed to just hang up?”
Dorothy rolled her eyes. “As a matter of fact, yes you are. We talked about this, Marshall. You say hello, make up an excuse. The stove is on fire or something and hang up the phone. It’s none of our business.”
“Oh, that’s rich, Dorothy. And what were you and Sarah yapping about last night?” He leaned back.
She blushed. “Nothing.”
“Right. Then I guess I didn’t hear a peep about the Iverson’s going at it in their car the other night. Because that is none our business, right?”
“They were out in the driveway, Marshall! That’s not gossip, it’s—”
“Gossip,” Marshall huffed. “Anyway, Hugh, man don’t worry about the in-laws. I’m sure everything will be just fine.”
“How can you say that?” Hugh twirled. “Have you met them?”
Marshall frowned. “Well, no, but—”
“No. You’ve never met them. You have no idea how they are.” Dorothy shook her head, obviously irritated with her mate. “Last time they came around was for Louisa’s sixteenth birthday. Kathryn was trying to plan Shep and Paul’s wedding and Edgar, he—” Dorothy turned in horror to Hugh. “Shit.”
Numb from head to toe, Hugh walked to the front door without a word. He had no words to describe the way he felt. He had no thoughts to wrap his head around. He could barely put one foot in front of the other. His mate was a liar. His next door neighbor was Shep’s ex fiancĂ© and now the in-laws would come to persecute him. Hell had just knocked on his door. He got in his car and sped off, out of the subdivision and as far away as his wolf would let him. They were devastated.
After stuffing his face with four double chocolate cupcakes, having a cappuccino that only upset his stomach, Hugh walked around the mall with sad eyes. He didn’t want to go home. He couldn’t even think about it. He’d turned his phone off and planned to sleep in his car if he had to. After an hour of wandering aimlessly, he found himself in a store that he had always mocked before.
Fancy clothing that cost more than his teacher’s salary allowed, Hugh usually had no reason to be here. Filled with smooth outfits designed to attract more than attention, though, Hugh narrowed his eyes. Someone else’s credit card was in his wallet, not his. So, why not, he thought. They wanted something to talk about, to mock him for being in the dark? Let them get a load of this.
A vendetta on his chest, Hugh strolled up a sale’s clerk with a slick grin. “Hello there.”
The clerk gave him a once over and sighed. “Can I help you?”
Hugh knew the guy didn’t want anything to do with him. But that would change quickly. “Yes. I think you can. I’m going to be spending a lot of money today.” Hugh pulled his card out. “Start me a dressing room… please.”
The clerk’s eyes sparkled, his demeanor flipping instantly. “Of course, Mr…”
“Hanes. Shepard Hanes.” Hugh winked and began to walk the store.
“I’ll be right back, Mr. Hanes.” The clerk almost ran to the back.
Eyeing a leather jacket on the wall, beaten, studded, begging to be fucked, Hugh smiled. “You fucked with the wrong history teacher, Shepard.” He narrowed his eyes and pulled the jacket off the wall.
Hugh whipped into the driveway a little before dark. Bags weighing him down, he marched up the walkway and set his things down. Not afraid in the least, he pushed open the door and resumed his parade of purchases through the foyer and into the living room.
“Where have you been!” Shepard slammed his hand on the counter. “I have been calling you all damn day!”
Hugh smirked. “Sorry.” He shrugged.
“You’re sorry? That’s it? No explanation for where you’ve been since eleven this morning?” Shepard rounded the kitchen counter to block Hugh’s way.
“Funny. I thought you’re little minions would have known. Why don’t you call them? Or were they not answering for you either?” Hugh waited until Shepard could get an eyeful of his new threads.
“My minions? Are you serious—” The alpha finally looked down, eyes wide. “What… what is this?”
Ditching his new leather jacket on a chair, Hugh shrugged. “A jacket.”
“And jeans and those boots. You hate tight jeans. What the hell, Hugh?”
“You like tight jeans, so I buy them and now you hate them? You are the most complex person on the planet, Shep.” Hugh chuckled. “And I actually don’t need your opinion on what I wear, but thanks.”
Shepard was about to blow a gasket as Hugh waltzed past. “Don’t stand there all night, Shep. Those bags in the living room aren’t going to bring themselves down the hall.”
Feeling free and acting like a total bitch, Hugh kicked off his new motorcycle boots and left them there. He was the tidy one, not his mate—always leaving his shit everywhere. Acting like Shepard was going to be so much fun. He shimmied out of his new jeans, revealing his brand new pair of ass hugging underwear in a bright red.
“Hugh?” Shepard stood in the doorway, having sloughed off his anger in favor of this pitiful look of despair.
Fingering the pull on the shades to the window, Hugh smiled sweetly. “What’s wrong, baby? You look upset.”
“What is going on with you, Hugh? If this is about earlier…” Shepard swallowed, eyes locked on the red underwear that covered his mate’s gorgeous ass. “I’m not mad. I was being a jerk. I know that.”
Hugh shook his head. “It goes further than that, Shep, for starters how about this?” He jerked the pull down, opening the blinds across the large bedroom window.
A tall brunette stood in his bedroom across the way, watching, suddenly startled that he had been caught. “Hey Paul!” Hugh waved, sure to do a little wiggle in his underwear. “How about these pajamas?” He called through the open space. “Shepard bought them for me.”
“The fuck!” Shepard tore across the room, leaned out the window as his eyes turned gold. “I’ll kill you, Paul!” He wrenched the window open, pushed out the screen and was across the small patch of grass between the houses in a blink.
“Oh and Paul? You can have him,” Hugh called. “I hate liars anyway.” He shut the window and locked it.
Both men froze and turned to see Hugh flipping them off. The blinds went down and Shepard’s heart tore in two. Hugh knew. Hugh knew about him and Paul. He had to. The front door wrenched open as Paul’s window slammed shut, leaving Shep all alone. But not before he heard his mate announce to the neighborhood, “And that is how an alpha’s mate acts!”
The door shut. Shepard sank into the grass. He had hidden a lot from Hugh. But his mate had never even given him a chance to explain. Then again, did he deserve a chance? He’d kept Hugh hidden away from the world. He was possessive. He was a liar. He was a terrible mate. Hanging his head, Shepard stood and padded off into the woods. He didn’t deserve Hugh Northam. He didn’t deserve anything.
“Holy crap, Hugh.” Louisa stood in the doorway. Her blonde hair tied high on her head and Hello Kitty boxers around her hips, she offered him a sacrificial pint of ice-cream in one hand. “That was… awesome... sorta.”
“At least someone thinks I’m awesome.” He sat on the edge of the bed, laying a blanket over his lap.
She snorted. “I never said you personally were awesome. She sat next to him, giving him a spoon.
“Gee, thanks, Louisa.” He stabbed the open pint with his spoon.
“He’s upset, Hugh.” She frowned. “I know I don’t act like I love my brother, but I do. I guess I kind of have to. But I can feel his wolf, uh, crying.”
“Yeah,” he whispered. “Me too.” Hugh huffed, trying to ignore the sad whine in his head.
“If this is about Paul, you don’t have anything to worry about. You know that, right?” She looked at him, sucking on her spoon.
“He lied to me, Louisa. He used to be engaged to that man. Now it’s obvious that Paul was only flirting with me to make Shep jealous. I don’t know whether to be upset or happy about that. I kind of liked being noticed.” He sighed.
“Hugh, are you kidding me?” She put her spoon down. “Shep notices you. I’d have to be blind not to see the way he looks at you and follows you everywhere. He’s like crazy, goo-goo gaga about you. You’re his true mate. How can you even say that?”
“You’re only eighteen, Louisa. What could you possibly know about relationships?” Hugh closed his eyes. “The only thing you need to know is that they’re complicated and we’ll leave it at that.”
She scoffed. “Just because I’m a teenager doesn’t mean I’m stupid. I’ve known Shepard longer than you have. I was there when he beat the shit out of Paul for cheating on him. I was there when he stripped Paul of his Beta status for betraying the alpha’s trust. I was there when he almost murdered the other guy. It took all of Shep’s betas and a dozen more weres just to get him to calm down, Hugh.
He took something from the person he loved, something that meant everything to Paul in the pack. But he couldn’t make Paul pack up and leave. The house is owned by my parents. They bought it right out from under Paul’s parents a few years ago. They wanted Shep to see the error of his ways, wanted them to be a couple and look past Paul’s wrongs.” Louisa’s eyes flared gold. “They see how much it hurts Shepard, but they don’t care. They don’t care about anyone but themselves and neither does Paul. He’s such a jackass.”
She turned to Hugh. “It’s not Shep’s fault, Hugh. He didn’t want to talk about it, not even with me. When he found his real mate, you, he was so happy that nothing else mattered. He loves you, Hugh. I’ve never seen him this happy. Not even with Paul. I swear it.”
Anger flashed through Hugh’s eyes. His wolf wasn’t taking this news very well. Shepard’s parents would do that to their own son? They would force his cheating ex down his throat, but for what?
“Why? Why would they do that to their own kid?”
Louisa stabbed the ice cream like it was Paul’s head. “My parents are jerks, Hugh. They always have been, always will be. Paul’s parents are their best friends. They’re both rich. They both retired to Europe. Why not marry their sons together and have a perfect little life?” Louisa gripped the spoon so hard, it bent. “Did you know they want to marry me off after I graduate to some up and coming alpha in Germany or some bullshit? I’m eighteen!”
“What! And they’re coming here for Thanksgiving?” Hugh growled.
“Yep. Shep can’t let them go like the rest of us. He thinks they’ll change and be the parents we always wanted.” She threw the spoon on the floor, completely bent in half. “That’s why you have to get talk to him, Hugh. You can’t be fighting when they get here. It will give them the leverage they need.”
“Leverage?” Hugh raised his brows. “You surprise me sometimes, Louisa Hanes.”
“Whatever. Don’t get all creepy on me. Go fix Shepard.” She crossed her arms. “That is if you want to keep your mate. Because once my rents get here, trust me, they’ll do everything they can to get Paul back in the picture.”
“The fuck they will!” Hugh held his hands up. “Sorry. Language.”
“No. I completely agree.” She winked. “My parents are ruthless fucks.”
“I’d rather swear than tell a lie.” She picked the spoon up and sashayed off. Her lime green nail-polish glittering as she waved and walked down the hall.
The next morning, dressed in a pair of flannel pants and a sweatshirt, Hugh marched across the driveway and into Paul’s lawn. An angry stomp up the porch steps later, he banged on Paul’s door. A muffled, hold on, sounded from the other side. Hugh’s eyes were nothing more than raging slits of gold as the door opened slowly. Paul stood there, thankfully robed.
“Don’t play dumb with me, Paul.”
The ex-beta looked from side to side before taking a step closer. “Don’t come over here and start shit, Hugh. It’s not very lady like.”
“Is that how it’s going to be?” Hugh’s fangs slid down into his mouth, ready for a mouthful of throat. “You can watch me touch him, fuck him, kiss him through the window all you want, Paul. But just know that if you ever touch my mate, they’ll still be looking for your body parts in the next century.”
Paul chuckled. “And just so you know, when he fucks you, it’s only because his wolf wants to. Not him, Hugh. The real Shep? He wants me. Our wolves crave the need to care for something like you. You’re small, you’re cute, like a lost puppy. But Shep, he wants a man, a real man like me.”
“I’ll kill you,” Hugh whispered with a smile full of fang.
“I’d like to see you try, pup.” Paul took a step back and winked. “See you at Thanksgiving, you adorable little thing you.”
Hugh’s mouth opened in horror as the door shut in his face. “Oh. Hell no!”
Feeling for his mate through their bond, Hugh made off down the small lawn between their houses and into the woods. The scent of his mate was strong. Hugh’s nose twitched with excitement. He came across the bag with their extra set of clothing tied to a tree and sighed. Might as well, he thought. Stripping off his clothes, he shivered in the cool morning air.
“You win,” he whispered to his wolf that paced back and forth in his head. “Let’s go find him.”
With a shimmer clinging to his body, Hugh’s human form melted away, leaving a small brown wolf in its place. Scents awakened around him. The air wasn’t cold anymore—his fur coat keeping him toasty as he inhaled the dirty ground in search of his mate. A few other wolves were in the area. A morning run or just letting loose, Hugh only cared that they weren’t anywhere near the alpha. That was his man.
Setting off a dead run, he enjoyed stretching his legs and the breeze ruffling his fur. He’d only ever been out with Shepard in the woods with his wolf before. The small freedom, even if he was looking for his mate now, was glorious. Leaping over a log in his path, the scent of Shepard grew so heavy, his wolf picked up the pace. Mate. His mate. He had to get to him. He had to rub his nose in that ridiculously delicious scent.
Soon enough, curled up between two bowing trees, Hugh came upon Shepard’s wolf. Black fur rose and fell with every deep breath. Still asleep, Hugh approached carefully with his head bowed. He let out a low whimper, nudging the black wolf gently. A deep growl vibrated the air around Hugh and a gold eye popped open.
It’s just me. Hugh thought to his mate.
The black wolf stretched and rolled over, facing away from his mate.
Shepard, please.
Go home, Hugh. I’m no good at this. I disrespected you in a way that I can’t make up for. Just go home.
I don’t want to go home without you. It’s our home. Not just mine. Hugh rubbed his nose in Shepard’s fur. Please.
Why do you want me? I lied to you. I kept things from you. I only wanted to make you happy. Telling you about my parents and my ex would only make you upset. You’re always so anxious. I didn’t want to hurt you. I didn’t want you to leave.
I’m here, Shepard! I came to find you! You don’t want me to leave, yet, you’re going to just leave me like this? Turn me into a wolf, make me love you, and then leave me?  Hugh backed away, whimpering. A tear wet the fur under his eye.
A growl ripped through the trees. Shepard stood on all fours, cornering his mate. His tongue lapped the tears away. His front paws pushed Hugh to the ground. He leaned down, scenting his mate from nose to tail before rubbing against him, marking him. Shepard couldn’t stand to see the little wolf cry. The feelings between their bond broke his heart. He had done this! He had to make it better. He had to make Hugh happy, even if he had shamed himself before now. He was an alpha. He had to set an example for the others and for himself. This was his love, his heart and he couldn’t let Hugh go. No matter how horrible he had been to him.
Shimmering back into his human form, naked from head to toe, Shepard ran his fingers through Hugh’s brown fur and deep into the muscle. He closed his eyes, rubbing against his mate until he felt smooth skin under his hands. Eyes snapping open, the alpha growled down at his mate. His hand traced the scar at Hugh’s neck. An impression of his own teeth made him hard as rock.
“I’m sorry,” he grit through clenched teeth. “So fucking sorry.”
Hugh moaned as his mate rubbed against his chest, head tilted to the side in submission. “Don’t care. Just touch me,” he groaned.
“I care!” Shepard boomed. “You are my mate!”
“And I’m a person,” Hugh finally bit back. “You have some nasty skeletons in your closet,” he rose to his knees, “you fucking tell me from now on. You are my mate too. I deserve to know these things.”
“He doesn’t mean anything to me. I swear it,” Shepard’s voice softened. “I only love you.”
Their cocks fisted in Shepard’s hand, Hugh let his forehead fall onto his mate’s shoulder. “I love you too and I want him to get the picture. I want him gone, Shep. You’re mine.”
The stroke of Shep’s hand increased until Hugh was on the brink. His wolf howled in his head—contemplating ripping Paul’s throat out battled with lust for his mate. He gave into the latter, bathing Shepard’s nipple with his tongue before biting it gently. His hair was pulled. His eyes were drawn up.
“Then we get rid of him, together. I’ll call a meeting.”
“What about your parents?” Hugh arched his back—Shep’s tongue flat on his neck. “They must have invited that slut to our Thanksgiving.”
Shep snarled. “We get rid of them too.” He pulled back to stare at his mate. “I can’t believe I started to run your life just like they did mine. I won’t let them influence us. I’m the alpha, not them. I promise you things are about to change, Hugh. You’re going to be happy here if it’s the last thing I do.”
Hugh gasped then grinned. “I won’t be happy until your deep inside me,” he husked. “No more about them. Fuck me,” he spat.
“As you wish.” Shep sucked on his mark until Hugh hissed with pleasure. “I was hungry for breakfast anyway.”
Laughing, Hugh was flipped over. Shepard’s hands parted his ass cheeks and the feeling of hot breath on his entrance made his arms shake. A nose prodded at his ass, deeply inhaling before a tongue conjured every nerve in Hugh’s body to dance. Like he was lit from the inside with electricity, Hugh trembled as Shepard’s mouth consumed his ass with hunger. Slow licks to his hole, little nips at his delicate skin and a warm wetness dripping down to his balls made Hugh’s shoulders give—his head resting on the ground to stick his ass further towards his mate.
A hand pulled his cock back, stroking it with his own lubrication while Shepard simultaneously readied his entrance with his mouth. Hugh’s cock dangled between his spread thighs with the loss of his mate’s hand. A thick cock pressed at his hole and fangs grew in his mouth. A sprinkle of fur spread over his arms and chest. Eyes burning bright, Shepard roared, pushing into his mate in one shocking thrust. Hugh shook his head from side to side vigorously.
The pleasure, the pain, they both took his body by storm, sending his claws into the dirt floor. Equally sharp nails bit into his hips. A cock drove in and out of his ass so fast his entire up body was pressed into the ground. But he pushed back, feeling Shepard’s guilt flood him, needing to reassure his mate that they could go on from here—that he did love the alpha, despite his past errors in judgment.
Heat coursed through his veins, a fire that only burned hotter until Hugh knew he was close to boiling over. Shepard felt Hugh on the edge and covered his mate’s body with his. His fangs grazed Hugh’s neck, lining up with his scar. Underneath, Hugh squirmed, growled and curled his toes. He knew what was coming. He loved it. He howled as fangs sank into his neck and came so hard his vision went black.
Bloody fangs lifted towards the morning sky, Shepard roared to tree tops and to all that could hear. His cock released inside his mate, claiming Hugh as his—his mate, his heart, his soul. He let the trembling subside before he picked up his limp mate and carried him through the woods with not a care in the world. Hugh still loved him. He wanted to make this work. He loved him!
As he made his way through the backyard, ignoring clothes all together, he called another wolf into his mind.
Call the betas and head omegas. I want a meeting set for tonight at sundown. Shepard instructed.
I take it this is a private affair? Alex, his head beta, thought back.
Keep it quiet, Alex. We have things to take care of and I don’t need a mutiny on my hands.
My lips are sealed, and if I may, it’s about damn time we took out the trash.
Smiling, Shepard readjusted his mate in his arms. He searched out the sounds of the house to make sure Louisa was still asleep before stepping inside through the back door. He had to agree with Alex as he looked down at the passed out beauty in his arms. It was about damn time.



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  7. Absolutely great to wake up to this story from you after reading Heart For Trade just before I went to bed last night. I agree with the others. Hugh and Shep are really hot. They remind me a little of Dan and Rowe, although there is nothing diva about Hugh.

  8. YAY! This was awesome. I can't wait for more. It was nice to read something different. I enjoy your wonderfully twisted mind. Have a great turkey day. I intend to eat way to much crap and then waddle around and complain about it. Its the only time of year that I o.k. yoga pants. :o)