Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's going to be a long night: A Late Night Teaser

Everyone has been so supportive during this rewrite of Cade that I thought it would be good... or evil to give you a tiny nibble of the new version. I'm so excited for all the new stuff that I've put into this draft. I know it's the same storyline, but it feels so much better as well as longer! Yay!

Okay. No more yapping. Here you go...


Cade Teaser:
Or course there was a book. There was always a book of spells or death in horror movies. Why did I have to have my own? Because, Cade, I battled with myself. Your nightmare cannot be complete without a family book of black magic or some shit. But as Mags opened the simple book in her lap, it was only filled with names and lines connecting to other names. This was a family tree and I could at least take stock in the fact it wasn't made of human skin nor did it have eyes that blinked on the cover. Thank God.
Maggie fingered the page delicately. “Sinai, apart from being a tough as nails warrior, loved to chart the Royal line in her spare time. This was one of the few things that Isaac and Melaina were able to take with them before they left Europe. Would you like to see?”
“It’s not spelled, right?” I looked between them.
“We aren’t witches, Cade.” Maggie bit back a smile. “It’s just a book.”
“Do witches exist too?”
They both groaned. “No. Well, maybe,” Maggie retracted. “I mean, there are those that practice what they to believe to be magic of the earth and the God and Goddess, that sort of thing. But you already know that. There aren’t any witches beyond the title humans give themselves. No crazed magic spells or anything.”
“Good.” I swallowed and took the book. “That’s good.”


  1. Love it!!! More.....

  2. So it sounds like you're delving more into Cade's childhood with his adoptive parents which is good. Thanks.

  3. How many cliffs are you leaving us on? : )

  4. In love with it so far. Can't wait to read the rest.