Saturday, November 3, 2012

Scheduling Conflict: Sorry Guys

This is a quick post to let you know I won't be posting the Knox and Isaac finale on Monday. I am sooooo sorry, but I wanted to give you all a heads up. A work issue came up and I have to fill in and teach a class in Detroit Monday and Tuesday. And I work every day until then. I am going to try like hell to finish this up when I have free time at the hotel and post on Wednesday. 

Unfortunately, real life comes first and this is something I have to do. Don't be upset because it will be worth the wait.  Lots of love. Have patience. 



  1. We know it will be worth the wait Night :) Take care and don't work too hard!

    Mo x

  2. WHAT!!! You have a life outside of writing stories for us! Rudeness!! LMAO!!! We all understand extra $$ in our pockets!! Try to have some fun in between working! We understand if we have to wait a few more days!

  3. Do what you have to. The wait will make it all the sweeter :)

  4. We'll be cool! Have a safe trip!!

  5. Does it mean that it gets longer as the days go by... because if that is the case take all the time you need! (ha!ha!)

  6. Have fun in Detroit. I'll think of this wait like the chastity belt. It will be that much sweeter when I get my hands on it.

  7. No worries Night.
    We love your writing, a few extra days is no problem.
    Real life takes precedent.
    Do what you have to do.
    Be safe.

  8. Life happens. Its ok. We'll be here. You gotta work to pay the bills (you are sure as hell not getting $$ doing this) to be able to post.

    I'm with Kym--- if a delay means more K&I take what ever time you need.

    Be careful. Stay safe. There is so much crap going on...lots of crazy weather and people.
    Be exxxtra careful---it will be election day. That means double crazy....sigh

    Ps if I lived in your area you'd be my cut and dye lady for sure...


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  10. ahhhh … you have spoiled us… the climax is so close that this waiting is gonna kill me… then, i guess a little patience will do us good… :-)
    No problema, thanks for letting us know. Don´t work too hard and enjoy yourself.

  11. Your stories are always worth the wait, Night! Be safe, and try to have at least a little fun while you're at it! ;)

  12. Have fun and be safe. I can't wait for the end of the story. I wish you many good cups of coffee on your travels. :o)

  13. I'd rather have you post it when it's ready to go then putting it up when it's not. It deserves to be right. No worries.

    I'll be looking forward to the final chapter whenever it hits my screen. Hugs.

  14. just saw this after looking for the next installment haha, but seriously it is always worth the wait and I'll be salivating over thoughts of Knox and Isaac in all sorts of positions until it gets here. Take all the time you need lovely, and more importantly take care xxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Wait wait teach?!?!?!?!?!?! What do you teach?

    Avid reader Ivan

    1. Lol. I teach a number of make-up, hair and nail classes for different brands.Sometimes they are geared towards beauty professionals or platform work and other times they are geared for the public. More professionals than public. This trip I was booked for six classes in two days and classes usually last between 2-3 hours. It's nice side money and I take them when available. Another team leader was sick, so I filled in. Unexpected, but again, good money. :)