Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yes, Master Pt. 1

So much to do!  My God, where I find the time to keep up with all of it is beyond me.  :) Anywho, as we wait for Dan and Rowe to appear on Lit (and yes it has been submitted) I have a another project I'm working on.  I believe I promised a snippet for anyone willing to read it, and I don't break my promises.  So without further adieu....a snippet from Yes Master.....


Martin glanced at me with a smirk, catching my eyes on Tate.  He shook his head and served up a round of beer to the drunken boys at the counter. I sighed and sat back, watching Tate from across the bar, waiting for him to look at me.
“Hey dude!” I felt a startling slap to my shoulder as one of their party sidled up beside me, “what are you drinking there?” He slurred, bringing his beer to his lips in a chug.
“It’s called bourbon and it’s for adults only,” I remarked, cutting my eyes to his hand on my person with distaste.
He laughed, not catching my blatant want for the removal of his hand, “what’s your name dude?  I don’t want to buy a stranger a drink…” he smiled, his eyes foggy with alcohol.
“Well that’s good, because I don’t want you to buy me anything.  In fact why don’t you go back to your friends…” I raised a brow and glanced over to Tate, only to find his seat empty. 
“I am so sorry,” a soft voice interrupted and I sucked in a sharp breath.  Tate was standing right behind the frat boy next to me.  His eyes apologetic as he pulled his friend’s hand from my shoulder, “Tommy let’s get you to a table, before you start any trouble.”
He glanced at me again, “I really do apologize.  They need a babysitter most of the time.”
“Hey squirt!  I don’t need no babysitter, I was just trying to be friendly with grumpy ass here,” Tommy grumbled, sliding off the stool and batting Tate’s arm away, before joining his friends once more.
“You don’t seem to want to be here,” I turned to face Tate fully.  He had finally approached, albeit not the way I had intended, but he was here all the same.
He smiled, “not really, but it’s my older brother’s birthday and I got dragged into it.”
I casually eyed him up and down, knowing without a doubt he was on tonight’s menu, “have a seat Tate.” I gestured to the now empty stool.
His eyes glanced shyly at his party, but he nodded and slid onto the stool obediently, “how did you know my name?”
“I have ears,” I replied with a smug smile, taking a sip of my bourbon.
“Oh right,” he blushed and gracefully crossed his legs, landing his slender ankle against my leg. Gay, definitely gay, I cheered inside.
“Martin.” I turned, calling out over the bar.  He glanced up and I held up to two fingers along with my empty glass. He nodded.
“So, where would you rather be?” I purred, setting down my empty glass.
The poor boy fidgeted on the stool, rubbing his hands together, and glanced up swallowing, “I guess I had nothing better to do.”
“Oh I doubt that, I’m sure there is plenty you could be doing.” I snatched up the extra drink Martin set down on the bar, handing it to Tate slowly.
He took the drink with shaky fingers, “I’m not really much of a party person, so I don’t usually go out on the weekends.  This was just a spur of the moment get together,” he mumbled, taking a sip of bourbon.  His face screwed up at the taste, a hiss left his lips as the unfamiliar bourbon coursed down his throat.
“Tell me Tate, if you could be doing anything right now, what would that be?” I uncrossed my legs, spreading them a little, and sitting back on display.  Take the bait my little sheep. 
He took in a deep breath, looking my body over with innocent eyes, but no doubt liking what he saw.  Tate’s eyes darted from side to side, before gaining enough courage to look me in the eye.  He was so nervous, but that just turned up the heat for me.
“I don’t know,” he replied breathlessly and I knew he was going home with me tonight.  Hook, line, and sinker, they never resisted.  They had no idea why they said yes, but they always did.
“What if told you I did,” I leaned forward, taking his drink from him and setting it on the bar, “What if I told you had different plans?” I lightly brushed his knee with my fingers, sending a shiver through his smaller body.
He licked his lips, his heart no doubt racing, “What did you have in mind?” He whispered, inching his ass closer over the vinyl stool.
“Tell your brother you’re leaving,” he started to open his mouth and say something, but I put a finger to his lips, sliding my free hand up the inside of his thigh, “get your things and meet me at the coat check in five.  I don’t like to be kept waiting.”
“But…I…” he struggled for words as my fingers left his lips.
“Are you arguing with me?” I stood over him, letting my six foot four frame shadow his tiny one.
He shivered and the bulge in his slacks spoke volumes, “no.” He whispered.
“Good, five minutes, coat check, be there,” I pulled out two hundred dollar bills, a happy little tip for Martin, and shoved it in the glass jar.
I left him there, still not knowing my name, and shaking like a wet dog.  He was mine and I would spend all night showing him as much.

Hope that wet your palette!  HAHA.  I also wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone who has been following My Telija.  You guys are awesome and I hope you enjoy all the twisty turns to come.  :)  Have a great day guys and don't forget to follow me on twitter and Night_Tempest.  I'm usually always on, or my phone is for that matter.  So if you wanna chat...or have a question or comment...hit me up!!!  Later guys and gals!


  1. Hope this works :o) Love this preview!!!

  2. Oh yes, I like this very much!


  3. This my second time reading through Yes Master, my first since all the chapters were complete. I have a question. When you began writing was your intention to hook it up with the vampire world or did you change the direction of it later? Just curious, since I have sometimes done that with my own.

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