Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Peer Pressure....Guess I have to follow the crowd.

So I haven't blogged in forever, but due to the pressure placed on me by other authors *cough cough you know who you are*, I have decided to make it at least a weekly thing.  What could it hurt anyways?  Blogging is a free form of publicity, so I shouldn't complain about taking twenty minutes a week to actually do it right?  Anyways...I have a ton of things coming up on the writing front.

First being the Valentine's Day Contest for http://www.literotica.com/.  Now, me being a "Newb" as the Vet's so love to call us, I am not expecting any placings, but hey it would be a bonus if I at least got third. :)  I'm enjoying all the the new readers I'm acquiring in the process too.  Since submitting the story My Love is Your Love, the increase in Comments/Votes/Favorites for Cade and Telija have shot up tremendously.  So THANKS to all of you who had a part in that.  MLIYL even has like thirty something favorites, which is alot for me, so woohoo! THANKS again.

Onto My Telija, Chapter 3 is in my hands and yes I apologize for the delay in between chapters, but life has been very busy lately.  With that said, I now have about fifteen pages of it completed and should be submitting it sometime tommorow or Weds 1/25/12.  With the contest going on though, it could very well take up to a week to post.  So as always, please be patient with that.

Okay here it is Dan/Rowe.  Now the first chapter is about 80% done and you would think that editing the equivalent of 2 Lit pages wouldn't take that long, but you are...WRONG.  My editor is amazing, but busy as well, so it takes a while to get perfect.  She has this amazing ability to jumble words together and make them sound like silk, whereas I could eat my thesaurus and still not find the right words.  *Sighs* Oh well, at least I have the whole plot outlined and broken up by chapter.  Chapter 2 has been written as well, but it will be a while before we see it.

I guess the last thing you'll be interested to know is that I have started a new story, but have no worries...it will be a stand alone.  I really liked the one I did for Valentine's and kind of got the hang of shortening the whole tale into 7 pages, which was hard by the way!!!!  This new story is called Yes Master and will tell the story of a hard ass play boy richie rich who picks up a pretty young thing at his club.  Now this will be my first attempt at a Dom/Sub tale, but like all my stories, it will involve love.  I'm not into the main characters having one night stands and never seeing each other again....Because I want a happy ending damn it and I'm going to give you one!  Hahahaha.

Okay, that's what's going on for now.  I think I might post  an excerpt from Yes Master next week, to get a feel for what you think.  So check back.

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. There are some good things that come out of the contest... like the increase in views for other stories. The Hoover will take care of the bombing. ;) They really sweep contests hard.

    It was a great story, I hope you place!


    Glad to see you blogging, lol!