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QUICKIES: Made Up My Mind (PART 3)

I know I'm a few hours late but I had trouble with detaching myself from this story.  It was a lot of fun to write and easy for me to pour out on the computer because it felt so right. This will be the last part of Made Up My Mind and I have a tiny inkling of a way to wedge ourselves back into this small town life in the future (big smile) and I wonder if you'll catch it when reading. :D But I'm not getting ahead of myself because if I do write that, it will be down the road a bit. 

Tomorrow or today--however you wanna look at it--I will be sitting down to work heavily on Dan and Rowe.  I know you've all been waiting patiently and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that.  Working six days a week this summer has been rough, so if you've been wondering what the hold up is...that's it. Lol.  While you wait around for that though, I'd like some ideas tossed out there for new QUICKIES.  I still have a ton of things I'd like to do but it's always nice to add something fresh that I'd never think of.  It can be a simple object or a super power or whatever you like.  I just think it would be fun to do a reader infused QUICKIE and have a little fun with it. 

So feel free to email or message me.   And no, I haven't forgotten your comments from the last segments, and I will be replying sometime tomorrow.  Thanks and have a great day everyone!!! I appreciate you all. XOXOXO NIGHTTEMPEST

OH and these are the pictures that inspired Part 3.  They were so pretty that I thought I would share. ENJOY!!

Made Up My Mind  (PART 3)

~~~~~Early evening~~~~~

Sam and Perry laughed quietly as they watched Todd Paola whistling over to his Jeep to get another floofy doofus basket of fancy food or wine or Barry Manilow’s greatest hits…whatever.  How long did this guy plan on keeping Matt here? Sam wondered with a grin.  Perry elbowed him in the ribs and Sam leaned forward from their hiding spot on the side of the house.

Todd answered his cell phone. “Well hello handsome, I hadn’t heard from you all day and I was beginning to worry.” Perry narrowed his eyes and listened close. If Matt called to cancel, then the plan would have to change. “No baby you don’t have to do that, I’ll be home on Monday.  I have a bit of work to do for my parents and then I think I’ll cut this trip short.  It’s too hot here and I miss you terribly.” Todd leaned against the Jeep and grinned like the devil that he was.  “Alright Adam, I love you too baby.  Buh bye.” Todd rolled his eyes and ended the call. “Can’t go one damn day without leaving me be,” he muttered and gripped the basket fiercely.

Sam and Perry looked at each other with twin scowls before walking out from behind the house. “Who was that Paola?” Sam called and Todd dropped the basket—a bottle of wine cracked on the drive.

“Wha…what are you guys doin here? This is private property.” Todd cleared his throat and tried to make himself look taller.

“Well that’s just too damn bad Paola.  We already don’t like you, now we don’t like you even more.  Foolin around on your boyfriend again Todd?  Seems like a nasty habit that you just ain’t learned to scratch yet.  First Noah and now this Adam fella, you just don’t know when to quit do ya?” Perry cracked his knuckles and Todd blanched.

“Think cause you’re a pretty boy with daddy’s money that you get everything you want?  Well I’ll tell ya what Paola…daddy ain’t here now and we’ve been sent to give you a little message,” Sam said with a smile.

“I’ll give you money.  I have my wallet right here! Is that what you want?” Todd’s eyes were as wide as saucers and his hands shook as he began to frantically dig in his pocket.

“Nah, you’re gonna come with us,” Perry replied with a chuckle.

“I won’t go anywhere with you!  Touch me and I’ll call the cops,” Todd spat and backed into his Jeep.

“What cop?  You mean Sheriff Harrison?  Old tubby boy is down at Henrie’s on his fifth bud by now, he prolly don’t even remember where he is let alone thinkin about comin to your rescue.  So why don’t you be a good pretty boy and come with us?” Sam stepped forward and Todd gasped with a little shriek. 

“Come on now Paola, don’t be a pussy.  You should have thought better before you went around poaching up other people’s men.  Matt Every is spoken for and tonight you ain’t about to get in the way,” Perry declared and Todd grinned.

“Oh yea? He’ll be on his way here in a while.  Then what?  You think he’s gonna let Mason give it to him after the way that hick’s ignored him?  I'm not blind ya know! No, Matt wants a real man, someone with class and the ability to treat a boy right.” Todd grinned and Sam bared his teeth before connecting his fist with Todd’s nose job. 

“Ah!” Todd screamed and went down. 

“No cheatin son of a bitch alive is a real man.  You are a no good rat Paola.  So fuck you and this prissy Jeep you rode in on.  Perry?” Sam rubbed his hand and looked to his brother. The younger Olivette bent to grab the fallen phone.  “Call Noah and see if he’s ready with 'Jenna's surprise' and then call Jamie,” Sam instructed and Perry nodded.

“This is how it’s done Paola,” Perry teased and wiggled the phone before dialing Noah.


Noah looked down at his cell phone that Jamie had gotten him with confusion.  The number was local but it didn’t have a name assigned to it.  He wasn’t really familiar with the device yet but he did know how to answer it, so he did. “Uh hello?”

“Noah, it’s Perry.”

“This ain’t your number.  I got your number,” Noah uttered with confusion. Damn cell phones.

“Yeah, I know.” Silence. “It’s uh Todd Paola’s.” Todd shouted for help in the background and Noah sighed.

“What are you two doin!  I’m up to my waist in water, tyin these lanterns up for ya’ll and you call me with that asshole screamin.  You didn’t shoot him or nothing did ya? He didn’t ‘accidentally’ look like a bird.”

Perry laughed. “It’s a long story but is it alright if we lock Paola up in your barn?”

“What in the Sam hell are you goin on about?  You’re gonna tell me right now before I become an accessory to kidnapping.  Does this have anything to do with why I’m out here in the first place?” Noah picked his feet up out of the mud to keep from sinking and hooked another small glass globe to a hanging branch.  Damn this was going to be a lot of candles to light. 

“Noah…the candles ain’t for Jenna like Sam said,” Perry sighed.

“What?” Noah lowered his arms and stared over the water—holding the bucket of globes still at his side.

“Yeah….uh it’s for Mase.”

“Ah Perry, don’t tell me you got your eye on my brother. I swear to God…”

“No, no, no! Hell no. I meant it’s from Mason for…Matt.”

“Oh my God,” Noah murmured and a grin split across his lips.  “Why didn’t he say something?”

“Because he just found out he was gay today,” Perry snorted. “That’s what he’s claiming anyhow.  But we’ll keep the truth between us.” 

Pondering this news, Noah set the bucket safely in between two tree trunks along the water and sighed. “Alright Perry, now that I’m officially involved, what’s the plan?”

“Well you’re already doing it.  Keep going with them lanterns all the way up to the old plantation house.  You’ll get it.”

“The plantation house?  Why in the hell am I going up to that pile of wood?” Noah frowned.

“It ain’t no pile of wood no more,” Perry replied with a grin.

“What are you talking about?” Noah whirled around to the lanterns and then looked up the river to the far away house.  “He didn’t,” Noah argued with disbelief.

“Yeah, Noah…he did.”


Jamie opened the barn door and stifled a laugh as Sam and Perry dragged a tied up Todd Paola inside and let him go on the cot by the window.  “I hope Mason Pierson eats shit and dies when Matt finds out about this.  I’m gonna bring the wrath of the entire state police down on you all!” Todd screamed and wiggled on the cot—his hands and feet tied up with bandanas and bungee cords. 

“You know what Todd?” Jamie walked over with another bandana and smirked. “I never really liked you much to begin with.” With that Jamie stuffed the bandana into Todd’s mouth and turned on the high powered fan so the guy didn’t sweat to death.  “The boys here will make sure you get enough to drink when you aren’t busy screaming and as for the wrath of the police?  I doubt that very much.  Wouldn’t want this to end up in that fancy Jeep of yours would ya?” Jamie let loose his wrist and a baggie of Clyde’s anti-anxiety herb rolled out. Todd squirmed and snarled behind his gag and the Olivette brothers laughed so hard Perry started coughing.   “Now…I need to go and find Noah.  So if you’ll excuse me boys.  Thanks for all the hard work.” With a wink at Paola, Jamie waved at the Olivette’s and left the barn. 

Both boys kicked a chair in front of them and sat down.  “Sam, I could use a little music.  How about you?” Perry pulled the portable stereo between them with a grin. 

“Yeah, I could do with some tunes.  But, Perry? Whatever shall we listen to?” Sam put a hand to his chest and batted his lashes. 

“Why brother mine, I thought we could listen to this,” Perry replied and turned his eyes on Todd.  Pressing play on the stereo, Rihanna’s ‘Unfaithful’ began to blare from the speakers.  Todd flicked his eyes between the Olivette boys and groaned.  This was going to be a long night.  “Now you take notes and maybe learn something,” Sam said and pulled a bucket of beer between the chairs.  Perry pulled a deck of cards from his shirt pocket and accepted a beer from Sam. “Yeah, Paola, it’s gonna be a long night boy.” The Olivette brothers laughed and cheered with their long necks before settling in for the night.

With his waders squeaking over the freshly cut grass, Noah carried his bucket up from the water and onto the plantation house’s lawn.  His mouth was a little slack from the overwhelming awe but Noah managed to keep his eyes from popping out of his head.  From the junkyard-like ruins of what used to be the most eye catching property in all of Shermin Heights, Mason had almost returned the plantation abode to the former glory from which it once came.  Papers lanterns lit up the canopy of trees above, small mason jars with tea lighted jars lined a path from the water, the large porch was set up with a
beautifully set table, and whirling ceiling fans carried a gentle breeze from above the door.  Noah couldn’t believe any of it.

Stepping out onto the porch, it took Mason a minute to notice his brother standing there amidst the fantasy of candles and lights he and the ladies had created. But when he did lay eyes on Noah, it felt as though Mason hadn’t seen him in ages.  Mason was nervous to face Noah. The separation was tough on both of them and it had been just as hard for Mason to avoid his brother and all the questions as it was to keep from running back into Noah’s arms. 

Setting down his bucket, Noah recognized the look in Mason’s eyes—feeling the exact same way.  “This where you been hiding out this whole time?”

“Maybe,” Mason replied and slowly came down the porch steps.  “And…I ain’t been hiding.”

“Yeah you’re right, more like avoiding.” Noah met his brother across the lawn and they both tried not to look at each other but failed.  “Why didn’t you just say something Mase?  You know I woulda been there for ya hell or high water.  You’re my brother and I only want to see you happy.”

“It ain’t like that Noah.” Mason shifted to his other foot and fiddled with his back pockets.  “Maybe it was at first because I thought you and Jamie wanted me gone…”

“What? That’s crazy,” Noah argued.

“I know that.  It was just me being stupid is all and...God Noah I’m so sorry for not talkin to ya.  I shoulda come to you first about all this and…” Mason turned away and wiped his eyes.

“Damn it Mason, don’t cry.” Feeling a complete sob fest coming on, Noah quickly moved in to avoid the mess entirely.  “Look at me.” Noah grabbed Mason and spun him around.  “Shit happens.  You live and you learn and all that other crap.  But one thing you should always know is that I got you.  Before you were even born Mason Pierson, I had you here.” Noah pointed to his heart and squeezed Mason’s shoulder firmly.  “You can tell me anything Mason.  You understand?”

“Yeah.” Mason sniffed and hugged Noah as three of his favorite ladies came out of the house.

“Well, well, well.” Noah put his arm around Mason and looked at the porch.  “I wondered who was behind this southern fairy tale.  Not to say you aren’t romantic or nothin Mase, but damn,” Noah murmured.

“He is so!” Dee argued, coming down the steps.  “He’s the one who asked for the boat and the lights in the first place.”

“Boat?” Noah looked to Mason who blushed.  “What boat?”

“Don’t you worry your pretty little head about it,” Merna called with a wink.  “Mason everything is set and we’re gonna get Ella Mae back to the B&B.  Poor little thing is tuckered out.”

“Ah gran! Why didn’t you say nothin?  You didn’t have to come all the way out here,” Mason groaned and went to help Ella Mae.

“I do what I wanna do boy!” She squawked, startling Merna.  “I want some pie Merna.”

“Alright baby, pie it is.” Merna handed Ella Mae’s care over to Mason.  At the same time a black pick-up came rolling up the drive and Jamie parked in front of the house.

“Jamie?” Noah walked over to the truck in confusion.  Jamie got out and planted a kiss on Noah’s lips with a grin. 

“I know only a little more than you do baby.” Jamie grabbed Noah’s hand and held out a cell phone to Mason as he passed.  “You’re all set.  The rest is on you Mase.”

Stopping in his tracks, Mason grabbed the phone and held on to his granny.  “Thanks Jamie.  Seriously, I owe you one man.”

“You don’t owe me anything.  It’s enough that you’re gonna have to face Every.” Jamie laughed and Noah pinched him. “Hey! Ow, that hurt damn it.”

“It was supposed to,” Noah replied and then kissed Jamie’s head.  “Alright then, you good here blue eyes?”

Mason let Dee take Ella Mae off his arm as Merna opened the car door.  “Yeah, I’m ready. You guys get on out of here and…thank ya’ll.  I mean it.” Mason ducked his head again and kicked his boot over the dirt with another blush.

“Good luck,” Noah whispered before dragging Jamie away—the blonde making kissing noises all the way to the truck.

“Bye baby.  Be good to him and all is gonna work out just fine, I know it.” Dee sighed and kissed her boy on the cheek.  “Call me later.”

“Mama!” Mason looked up.  Hopefully he would be too busy to call anyone.

“Oh alright,” Dee teased and got into the passenger seat.  “Love you!”

“Love you too,” Mason grumbled and headed back onto the porch.  With Todd’s phone in hand, he pulled up Matt’s number and hit the text button.  Please Lord, Mason closed his eyes, let this work.


His hair was blowing back in the wind, his aviators were covering his eyes, and Matt Every looked ready for anything.  The old blue Jeep kicked up dirt and the sweet smell of summer whirled around him as he made his way out to the address Todd had texted him a little bit ago.  Pretty far out, Matt sighed as the sun began to set a little over the fields and he’d stopped seeing street signs.  Judging by the small markers nailed to the trees every so often, Matt knew he was still driving parallel to the Pierson property but damn where did it end?  More importantly, didn’t Todd’s parents live in town?  Something wasn’t adding up but Matt didn’t sense that this surprise—whatever it was—was dangerous. 

A grin broke out on his face and he turned up the radio thinking of how he loved a spontaneous man.  Well, he wouldn’t exactly say loved, but Matt definitely liked a guy that wasn’t predictable.  He had thought Mason was that guy.  Matt had had this glimmer of hope that day on the porch three weeks ago that Mason would admit his feelings but stubborn and spontaneous, Matt had refused—shutting Matt down completely.  No, Mason shook his head and put his foot down on the gas, he wouldn’t think about Mason and how much that gorgeous man had hurt him.  Tonight was about Todd and even if it was just sex, Matt had to get Mason out of his system somehow.

Paola could turn out to be just the right guy for him, Matt thought. With all this secret planning and the way Todd presented himself? Matt could end up with quite a catch.  But why did he suddenly feel like he was betraying himself?  Why did Matt already know deep down that Todd Paola could never push his feelings for Mason aside?  His questions were put on hold as Matt pulled up to a dead end in the road where the river lapped up to a boat launch and a small fence.  Leaning against a truck was Pop Olivette—Sam and Perry’s dad—and next to him was a small rowboat.  The tiny craft was rocking back and forth, already in the water.

Confused but curious, and hopefully part of Todd’s secret date, Matt parked his Jeep and cut the engine.  “Hey Mr. Olivette,” Matt called shutting his door.

“I done told you fifty seven times boy, it’s Pop or Pop Olivette. Ain’t no mister nobody here.” Pop grinned and pulled at the tight jeans around his waist.

“Okay, Pop.  Uh do you know where this address is?  I think I missed a turn or something,” Matt said pulling out his phone and flipping it around for Pop.  Pop Olivette was not what he was expecting and Matt was now sure he’d made a mistake.  “You know what? Nevermind, I’ll just call Todd myself and get this sorted out.”

“No can do Every,” Pop grunted and snatched Matt’s phone. 

“Hey! What are you doing?” Matt grabbed for his phone but Pop threw it in the open window of his truck and crossed his arms.  “What the hell?”

“I done asked myself the same thing all day boy.  Now your little sweetie pie requests that you get in the boat.  Your surprise awaits you.” Pop rolled his eyes and gestured to the small row boat.

“Wait.  Todd asked you to do this?  Really?” Matt lifted his brows in surprise and then smiled a little.  A little meaning he still had that nagging feeling in the back of his mind that wouldn’t go away.  As wonderfully romantic as this was, Matt wished Mason had done it, not Todd.

“Really, now get on in.  I’m drivin.” Pop pushed Matt down the short incline and held the boat for him.  Pop's waders splashed in the shin deep water as Matt slowly sat down at the front of the boat.  Pop grunted and plopped into the back.  “Now let that rope go up front Matt and just hold onto the side...and don’t fall in.”

Matt let the rope slip from the post and felt the boat pulled back into the gentle current.  Pop picked up the oars to his sides and directed the tiny boat down the river.  Settling onto the bench, Matt gave Pop a strange look only to receive a sly grin in return.  “A boat ride?  From you?  This isn’t exactly what I had in mind when Todd said ‘date’.” Matt rubbed his knees nervously and glanced up.

“Sorry I’m not what ya were expecting but I promise ya a good time.” Pop winked and Matt gripped the sides of the boat to keep from making any quick movements.  He was going to be sick.  “Settle down boy, I was just kiddin.  You good now?”

“I…I think so,” Matt murmured and relaxed his fingers.
“Good, then have a look around ya.” Pop Olivette grinned and lifted his chin towards the trees.  Turning his head, Matt felt his heart melt.  Lights, hundreds of them decorated the branches—hanging and lighting the way down the small river as the sun began to go down.

“Oh my God,” Matt whispered and turned his body slowly.  “Todd did this…for me?  This is too much Pop, like…way too much.”

“Just enjoy the ride son.  Sit back and relax.”  Matt heard Pop but he couldn’t do any of that.  His heart pounded in his chest.  It felt like a hand was squeezing his gut and telling him to go back to shore, to forget Todd because this wasn’t just a date, it was just a distraction.  Paola had gone overboard for a first date.  He couldn’t handle this.

“Take me back Pop.  Turn around,” Matt gasped.  He couldn’t settle his heart beat or control his breathing.  This was all wrong; Matt had to go to Mason.  They had to work this out.  If there was even the slightest chance that Mason was gay or even just into Matt, he had to try. 

“We’re already too far up to turn this thing around.  Take a few deep breaths if you’re nervous and if you feel like you’re gonna hurl, do it over the side.  Gotta return this baby to George in the morning and he don’t like other people’s funk up in his boat.” Oh my Lord, Pop winced, this boy looked like he was about to put himself through the ringer.  “Just keep still alright?”

“No, we have to go back,” Matt returned gripping the sides of the boat.  The lights were so beautiful that his heart ached and his eyes watered.  He wished this was Mason with all his heart, Matt wanted him so badly that he hadn’t even realized it until now.  But Mason hated him because he was either scared…or just straight.

“Matt?” Pop stopped rowing and the boat gently floated until it hit a muddy ledge.  “Matt, c’mon look at me.”

“What?” Matt looked up with tears in his eyes. “I can’t do this with him.  I’m not like that Pop, I thought I was but I’m just not.”

“Well that’s a good conscience you got there because Todd Paola is a walking talking piece of rat shit,” Pop stated with a shrug.

That stopped the tears and Matt looked up with confusion. “What did you just say?”

“I done told you to look around you Every.  Good gravy you’re slow.” Pop pulled on a rope that was tied to a four feet dock next to the ledge.  Matt leaned over and saw that the dock was lined with more of the same small tea lights in little mason jars.  Every one of them was placed with care and the overall picture was like a dream.  “Uh, hello?  You can get out now Matt.”

Looking at Pop, the older man gestured for him to get out with a hitch of his thumb.  Matt pulled himself up on the dock while Olivette steadied the boat.  “Do you need help getting up?” Matt extended his hand and Pop shook his head with a laugh. 

“Nah, I’m just fine but you have yourself a good ole time.” Pop held the brim of his hat and nodded. 

“Wait, what?” Matt squeaked quietly and reached for Pop who pushed off the dock with his boot.

“Catch ya later Every!” The man called before picking up the oars.  Let them two work their own shit out for once, Pop grinned and waved.

“Pop! Oh my God,” Matt groaned and peered around the archway of trees that led somewhere up a hill.  More mason jars filled with candles lined a path for Matt to follow.  This was way too good to be true for a first date and Matt looked back over the water at Pop—who was smiling at him as he paddled away.  Why would Pop help Todd Paola out like this when he was so close to Mason?  It didn’t make any sense to Matt but this was a small town and he still hadn’t quite figured out the mechanics of it all.  He also realized he couldn’t just stand here for the rest of the night like a coward.  Matt was an adult and when he saw Todd, he could simply tell the guy to take him home. Right?

At a turtle’s pace, Matt put one foot in front of the other and climbed the gorgeous lawn.  Time and care had gone into every detail of this place. With every jar and light tipped tree, Matt could feel that southern charm creep over him like a warm blanket.  He stopped when he got to the top of the incline with wide eyes.  Covering his mouth with his hand, Matt surveyed the most wondrous scene he’d ever laid eyes on.  A white chandelier hung from the canopy of trees surrounded by little paper lanterns and more hanging jars.  A wonderland lawn for a southern palace in the woods, Matt mused and let his hand fall as he crept closer.

An inviting porch was softly lit with candles and lighting from above.  A porch swing moved slightly off to the right and a table for two was set up to the left. Something about the white house in front of him gave Matt the feeling of home.   His eyes fell on the bucket of beer chilling on the steps and it was then that he knew.  That red labeled Bud was not the kind of thing Todd drank. Matt wasn’t sure why he knew that but he just did.  Mason?

Out of the open doorway, Mason took a few steps into the light.  His hands shook, his pulse raced, and he was sure there was a knot in his throat but Mason kept walking.  Down the first porch step, then the next, and right onto the grass—with every step he watched Matt’s eyes water.  Hate and adoration shifted back and forth on Matt’s face.  He couldn’t believe this, was this some cruel joke?  Had he actually wanted to go to Mason earlier?  This had to be a joke. What was he doing here?  And…where was Todd Paola?  Taking a step back because he was scared shitless, Matt put his hand up and Mason stopped.  “Where’s Todd?  What did you do?”

“Matt please just listen,” Mason pleaded softly.  He didn’t move any closer.

“Listen?  That’s all I’ve done around you, listened.  Now you answer me Mason! Where is Todd?” Matt wiped his eyes on his arm and backed up again.

“He’s with Noah and Jamie alright?  Now can I talk?” Mason fought not to pull Matt to his body and never let him go.

“No!  Do you know what I was thinking the entire time I was riding that boat down the stupid river?” Matt turned his eyes on Mason and the guy winced. Yeah, that had to hurt his ego, insulting Mason’s thoughtful plans. But unlike the Mason Matt knew, the guy in front of him stayed silent…his eyes on the ground.  Matt fought his legs good and hard to stay still and not go to Mason.  “I was thinking how I couldn’t go on a date with Todd because I knew exactly what he wanted…but he wasn’t what I wanted.”

Mason still didn’t say anything but his teeth ground together in his mouth and his fingers fisted inside his jean pockets.  Matt regarded him with cold eyes and Mason knew he deserved every bit of it.  But he hadn’t actually been prepared for the sound of those words in his ears or the pain that flooded his body like it was physical.  Mason was devastated.

“I wanted to go to you.” Matt cried but kept his hand up as Mason looked up with surprise.  “But now that I finally look at you, I can’t.  I just can’t get over what you said.  How much you avoided me like I was some sort of outcast or not even there at all.  How you threw that bitch in my face because you knew how much I wanted you.  I don’t think I can get over how you blamed me for you thinking you might be gay.  I just…” Matt covered his mouth and backed up. 

“I never blamed you Matt!  I said some stupid shit and hell, I was scared to death but I never once said I blamed you.  In fact for the past three weeks, all I can think about is kissing you again…touching you again.  Oh God Matt, I am so sorry.  Please you gotta hear me out,” Mason argued and Matt let his arms fall to his sides.

“I’ve never kissed you or let you touch me…like that Mason,” Matt murmured.  What the hell was he talking about? Matt felt a cold chill up his spine.

“That night that you got drunk with Sam and Perry.” Mason swallowed and took a deep breath.

“What Mason?  What happened?” Matt asked in horror. Oh please God, let that not have been it.  Did he and Mason have sex and he didn’t even remember it?  Didn’t even feel it the next day?  Matt shook and wrapped his arms around himself.

“Oh shit, you think we did that? No Matt!  I swear to you I just kissed you and put you to bed in the barn.  That was it, I didn’t do anything else.” 

“That night wasn’t a dream was it?  You were all over me, I could feel your hands on me.  It was so real,” Matt said and started to feel sick.

“You don’t believe me?  You think I would do that to you?  You think I would do all this if I done took you when you was drunk?  You think I would come out to the entire damn town and tell them I was in love with you since the moment I done laid eyes on you if I raped you!  You think I would’ve bought a house and fixed it up just for you with the reminder in my head that our first time was when you was unconscious?  I know I was confused for a while there but I wasn’t then and will never be that confused.  If you don’t want me then fine.” Mason’s fingers shook like he was having tremors as he dropped his truck keys on the lawn and looked at Matt. “Take my truck and get the hell off my lawn.  I ain’t no damn rapist and you ain’t the person I thought you was neither.  Oh and if you hurry, you might catch Todd before Sam and Perry torture him to death up at Noah’s barn.  You can add kidnapper to that list of reasons why you hate me too.”  Mason exhaled and the sound was tortured.

“No! You don’t get to walk away from me damn it.  Now you actually tell me you love me and then you find a way to get rid of me!  What do you want from me Mason?” Matt screamed and took an angry step forward.  “What the fuck do you want with me?  You come out to everyone except me and make me the bad guy for trying to care for you in the first place?  You tell me you kissed me and I don’t remember it!  You say you bought a house for me but never said you would share it with me?  What the fuck do you want!  To maybe give me a whirl and try me out because you got hard one time?  To see what it’s like then take up Suzanna if it’s too weird for you?  To make this all my fault by involving everyone in this big production and then if it doesn’t work, it couldn’t have possibly been your fault. Who would say no to this right?”

“I said I was sorry Matt! What do you want me from me huh?  You want me to go and put rainbow face paint on and wear a shirt that says I’m queer as fuck for Matt Every?  Or do you want my friends and family to side with you and stone me in the town square for being an ass and scared as shit? And you know what Every?  Yeah,” Matt taunted with a nod of his head. “I did kiss you when you were drunk. I slid my tongue all up in your gay little mouth and you liked it.  Even put your hands up in my hair when I felt up your chest too.  Then the next day, I knew you didn’t remember and I was just about to tell you how much I liked it, how much I liked you and you fucking cut me off!  You said why not tell Noah?  You know why Matt?  Because I wanted to tell you!  I wanted to tell the son of a bitch who I’m madly in love with that I was gay and I wanted him and you made me feel like…”

“I was trying to make you feel comfortable!  I thought you hated me.  I thought you didn’t want me to touch you or talk gay with you or nothin!  What was I supposed to say Mason?  Confess my feelings for you and wait for you to basically slap me in the face with a reality check?  No, I couldn’t do that because I couldn’t hear you tell me no but you did.  You really did.” Matt was bawling, his vision was blurry with tears and his hands couldn’t punctuate the air anymore.  He was done.

“Yeah, I did. Didn’t I?” Mason murmured and crossed the distance between them in three long strides.  His lips found Matt’s and Mason kissed the tears away.  They grabbed at each other, hands fisting in hair or at clothing—it didn’t matter.  They needed each other like air at this point and Matt held on for dear life as Mason apologized with his slow tongue.  Kissing Matt drunk had been one thing but this kiss was something else entirely.  It was so much better and Matt’s arms wrapped tightly around him made Mason crave the guy that much more.  Dizzy but in good way, Matt relaxed into Mason. 

Once the kiss slowed like the pace of poured molasses, Mason knew he’d never know lips like these again.  Matt Every was all he’d ever want.  Not even Suzanna held a candle to the man in his arms or the flip flops his heart was doin.  “Matt?” Mason whispered as he pulled back a little.  Matt’s eyes were shut and he just stood there with his swollen lips like a dummy.  A cute dummy though.

Matt was scared to open his eyes.  He was terrified this was a dream and that when he came around he’d be hung over in his bed or something.  But Mason’s voice called him awake and he opened his eyes slowly.  Hundreds of lights, the house, and Mason were all still there.  It wasn’t a dream, Matt stared at Mason stupidly and brought his fingertips to his lips.  “I asked if you believed me now?” Mason asked.

“I…I’ve never…I….” Matt was scared to say yes.  What if this didn’t last?  Where would he be in two weeks when Mason chickened out and Matt was left with his heart broken?  What would he do?

“Please Matt.” Mason got on his knees.  “I am begging you now.  See?  I don’t know what to say to you or do for you to make this real.  I just know that if you leave me now, I’m gone.  I can’t look at you every day and know that you don’t want me back.  It’ll break me Matt.  To know that someday you’ll forget me and let some other guy touch you and love you like I wanted to.  To let some other man say he loves you when he can’t possibly love you more than I do.” Mason clutched Matt’s hips and hugged him.  “Please just give me a chance. Please.”

Mason looked down at the country boy who was normally so confident and stubborn.  Now Mason was on his knees begging and not even realizing he was crying.  Deciding that never having given Mason a shot was worse than trying and it not working out, Matt grabbed Mason’s hands and slid to his knees.  “I won’t say that I’m not scared of this because I’m terrified that at any moment you’ll decide you can’t do this and leave me.  But I’d be a fool not to give a man a shot after that kind of declaration.  Tell me one more time and I promise I’ll believe you.”

Mason looked into Matt’s green eyes and twined their fingers together. “Only if you promise to help me out.  I’m scared shitless too Matt.  I ain’t ever been with a man before and I know it’ll take time and a lot of mistakes but please don’t blame me for each one.  Because I’ll try my hardest, I promise you that.  I just need you to tell me you’re in this too.  That I won’t be trying to find my way in the dark alone because I may know where to put this in that but the rest is all new to me.”

“Mason?” Matt touched Mason’s jaw.  “I promise.”  With a sniffle and a small grin, Matt pushed his hand farther until he combed his fingers through Mason’s hair.  “You okay with this?”

With a slight shiver, Mason sighed as Matt raked fingers slowly across his scalp.  “You act like I’m gonna bite you if you get too close.”

“Well I don’t know what you…” Matt’s eyes went wide as Mason kissed him soundly.

“I won’t bite…unless…uh you like that?”

“Mason?” Matt smiled as Mason laid his head against Matt’s shoulder. 

“I love you Matt.” Mason lifted his head and sighed heavily.

“Mason?” Matt slid his arms around Mason’ neck and smiled.

“I think you just like saying my name.” Mason grinned back.

“I…I love you too.”  Matt leaned forward—only hesitating for a second—and kissed Mason. 

Things began to heat up and Matt found himself digging Mason’s shirt out of his jeans.  He wanted to feel that tight muscle he’d been dreaming about for months.  He wanted Mason’s hands on his body too.  “Mason.”

“Yeah, me too I think,” Mason returned in a haze.

“What do you mean you think?”  Matt leaned back and paused.

“Shut up!” Mason rolled his eyes and pulled back getting to his feet.  Matt frowned and put his hands in his lap only to make a strangled noise of surprise as Mason grabbed him up and tossed him over his shoulder. 

“Oh my God! Mason, put me down!  Mason!” Matt slapped Mason on the ass but Pierson didn’t budge as he hauled Matt into the house.

“I had planned on dinner and giving you a tour of the house but I can’t wait that long.” Mason took the stairs almost two at time as he headed for the second floor.  Matt couldn’t see anything but Mason’s ass , although the view was nice and he wasn’t complaining.  Matt's head flew up when Mason’s hand squeezed his ass and kicked open a door across the hall.  “Every time I asked myself what color I should paint this room, I thought of you.  The color of your eyes.” Mason’s voice was thick as he tossed Matt onto the bed and pulled his boots off.  “I think I came real close.”

Matt stretched back onto the simple white bedding and looked at Mason above him.  For a man to tell him that he’d painted a bedroom the color of his eyes was the most beautiful thing he’d ever heard.  But for a man to have done bought a house for you in the first place was just…wow.  Mason Peirson was just a beautiful man inside and out and for Matt to have him all for his own would take some getting used to.  This room…was their room?  He closed his eyes and felt the edges of their pillows with his fingertips and smiled.  He would wake up every day here, with Mason?  Matt’s smile grew only to have a moan rip from his mouth as Mason straddled him and pushed his hair to the side.

“I like when you smile.  It means I done something right,” Mason whispered and Matt shuddered.  “Every day I wanna make you smile just like that.”

“Mason,” Matt breathed.  Mason was terrified he would fuck this up somehow.  Although his moves were gentle and his voice sounded under control, all he wanted to do was to strip Matt naked and…what then?  He’d never touched another man there, never tasted another man like that.  Matt sensed the hesitation but he knew it wasn’t because Mason wasn’t trying. He was just nervous and rightfully so.  Slowing things down, Matt turned Mason’s face to him.  “Just do what feels right.  If it doesn’t then it’s okay.  I just want to feel you and I’ll be happy with the rest.”

“That ain’t fair to you.  I wanna do this right and I gotta learn some time,” Mason argued softly.

Unbuttoning Mason’s shirt, Matt looked into Mason’s big blue eyes.  “Yeah but Rome wasn’t built in a day Mase.  Let it happen.” Slipping the white shirt off Mason’s chest, Matt touched Mason's bare skin for the first time.  He’d dreamed, he’d imagined, and he’d conjured what the feeling would be like under his hand but the actual strength Matt found against his own palm exceeded even the wildest of his fantasies.  “What’s wrong?” Mason leaned forward as he saw the dazed look in Matt’s eyes.

“Nothing’s wrong Mason.  You’re just so damn beautiful and I can’t believe I can just touch you like this.” Matt punctuated his point by adding his other hand—pulling the button up off Mason’s arms to expose his sculpted shoulders. No one had ever called Mason Pierson beautiful before.   He was too manly, too rough around the edges, and too country to ever be even considered but in Matt Every’s eyes he could see the man meant it.  With the flutter of Matt’s fingers over his skin, Mason could feel it too.  Mason grabbed Matt’s hands and pressed them deep into his chest—running them down his torso and back up again.

Their clothes began to become nothing more than barriers to each other and with that simple gesture Mason and Matt unfolded to each other.  Mason pulled Matt’s shirt off and let it drop to the floor—his hips beginning to move on their own while his brain disconnected and Mason’s heart took over. “When I first saw you, I thought I’d gone crazy.  Because ain’t no man supposed to be as beautiful you are Matt Every and no man ever will be.”

Matt was throbbing below and with every sexy word that Mason uttered, Matt had to fight the urge to rip his own pants off.  But Mason seemed to have the very same idea and kissed Matt before moving down in between his legs.  Glancing at Matt for a second, Mason began the task of unbuttoning Matt’s pants and zipping them down. “You’ll tell me if…”

“Mason, please.  Oh sweet Jesus please.” Matt covered his face with his hands to hide the need in his eyes.  Mason’s fingers were burning hot against his skin and the longer they lingered in one spot, the harder Matt got.  Never having seen another man this vulnerable or in such need, Mason couldn’t help but watch Matt’s face a little longer.  The way his lips opened, the way his chin tilted back, the way Matt’s eyes searched frantically for something he couldn’t see.  Matt Every was gorgeous and Mason felt good knowing it was him that caused this reaction—those noises, the quick breathing from Every’s mouth.

Getting the button undone, Mason slowly unzipped Matt’s pants while bending down.  His lips met Matt’s chest and slowly he tasted his way down.  Nearly out his mind, Matt cupped Mason’s shoulders and dug his fingers into hard muscle.  Sure Matt had had another guy touch him before but to finally have it be the one you always wanted?  Nothing felt better than this, absolutely nothing.  His entire body sizzled under Mason’s caresses, leaving Matt in a never ending state of rapture.  When Mason’s lips reached that barrier where skin met cloth, Matt looked down into Mason’s blue eyes to wait for those words of rejection.  Instead, Mason kept his eyes locked on Matt’s as he pulled the jeans and the briefs down.  Even when Mason sat back to pull them all the way off, their eyes were still glued to each other. 

That knot that had been in his throat this entire time dissipated and Mason let go of a sigh.  Entranced in Matt’s body, Mason ran his fingers down the slight curve of both hips underneath him, down both of Matt’s thighs and then all the way back up to his chest.  Staying as still as he could, Matt held his breath.  Mason felt so good on top of him, the look in those blue eyes was like a kid watching a firefly for the first time—mesmerized, overjoyed, but calm.  Matt had figured that by now, Mason would have freaked out but he didn’t. Not when he finally looked down at Matt’s erection, not when Mason swallowed and bent down, and not when Matt almost screamed as Mason licked him from root to tip—Mason was still in this with Matt.

A powerful grip locked on Matt’s thighs and he bit his lip with a moan.  Mason explored Matt’s length slowly while trying to keep the man in place.  Mason found that he actually liked the texture of Matt against his tongue.  He liked the darker, musky smell that a man offered but it wasn’t like he was comparing.  The experience was just different…in a good way.  Braving his next move, Mason shut his eyes and licked the pre-cum that was pooling on Matt’s lower stomach.  He had expected it to be bold but Mason hadn’t expected the intensity that flooded in his mouth.  God he’d never get enough of this, Mason swore to himself and opened his eyes. Matt stared down at Mason as he witnessed the most intimate thing he’d ever seen.

Yes, he’d tasted and been tasted but Matt had never been savored before.  Like he was raw honey on Mason’s tongue—that was the look he received. Like he’d been accepted on some subconscious level by the man he desired above all others.  The night only got better when Mason opened his mouth and took the head of Matt’s cock inside.  He had no idea what he was doing but Mason wanted it to be good for Matt. Trying to muster up a picture of what he liked done to him, Mason swirled his tongue over the spongy head and sucked slowly. 

Matt was pinned to the bed, unable to thrust his hips at Mason and push his cock further into the cozy heat of Mason’s mouth.   He got his chance when Mason moved his hands to feel more of Matt’s body.  Mason pulled back a little at the sudden length in his mouth with shock.  He still wanted this but Matt was on sensation overload—the way Mason was headed—and Mason wasn’t ready to take all of Matt yet.  Fisting the base of Matt’s cock, Mason got his point across.  Matt immediately looked down and sighed.  He was being selfish expecting Mason to take this much, this soon.  The fact that Mason was even below the belt to begin with was a huge step.  Matt melted back into the pillow and settled in but he couldn’t help it when his legs opened wider and his toes dug into the comforter.  Mason began his slow descent onto Matt’s length with his mouth—flicking his eyes up to make sure this was alright.  He smiled a little around Matt as the blonde’s eyes were closed and his hands fell on Mason’s shoulders again.  Those long calloused fingers ran up Mason’s neck and into his shaggy hair. 

Taking his time, Mason gently pumped Matt in time with his mouth.  Hearing the hitch of Matt’s breath with certain movements, Mason tried his best to remember those for later.  He wanted to be good at all this but he knew that this was sloppy and definitely not up to par with Matt’s experience.  But Mason knew he was doing something right because Matt was so hard, his cock was becoming a tighter fit in Mason’s mouth. 

“Mason, come here,” Matt beckoned.  He perched up on his elbows and pulled Mason off him with a hand behind his neck.  Mason was getting nervous –Matt could tell—and he was trying too hard, not enjoying himself.  “Hey,” Matt whispered and kissed his…Mason.

“Did I do it wrong?” Mason sat back trying to ignore the bulge in his pants.  “I’m sorry.”

“No, it felt so good.  So fucking good, Mason,” Matt breathed and brought his lips to Mason’s collar bone where he licked and sucked at the skin.

“Oh my God,” Mason moaned softly.  “What the…” Matt hitched his leg around Mason and pushed him over onto his back.  “Matt I’m supposed to…”

“Enjoy this, that’s what you’re supposed to do.” Matt leaned down and kissed Mason before rising back up and settling his weight between Mason’s legs.  “Are you watching me?”

“Always.” Mason got up on his elbows and his mouth went dry.  Getting to his knees, Matt slid his hands down his own chest and then skimmed over Mason’s denim clad thighs.

“The first time I saw you, I wanted to get on my knees,” Matt confessed and licked up Mason’s chest.  “I wanted you so bad, I could taste you.”

“Fuck.” Mason’s chest heaved with a shudder as Matt’s dark green eyes narrowed and his fingers worked Mason’s jeans. 

“I can’t wait.” Matt licked his lips.  Pulling off Mason’s jeans, he left the striped boxers there on purpose.  The rigid outline of Mason’s erection strained against the material leaving barely any room to move.  “And by the looks of it neither can you.”

“Matt, you don’t have to do that.” Mason squirmed and closed his eyes for a second.  If Matt went and did what he was about to do, there’s no telling how long he’d last.  “If you want me…”

“Of course I want you.” Matt frowned but Mason shook his head.

“If you want me to, I mean uh…if you want…” Mason moaned when Matt’s palm massaged his twitching dick.  Holy Jesus and apple pie did that feel fucking fantastic.  “Harder,” Mason said and Matt squeezed. 

“What were you saying?  What do I want?” Matt teased.  He knew exactly what Mason meant. 

“I don’t think I can last much longer damn it,” Mason moaned the last word when Matt started to suck him through his boxers.  “If you want me to take you like…sweet Mary and mother of…fuck!” Something snapped in Mason. Matt’s fingers pulling his cock out into the open, those lips scorching wet over his length, and Mason just lost it.  “You want this?” Mason growled and Matt shivered. Matt licked his lips and rose to his knees as Mason came at him.  Their lips collided, their bodies meshed, covers were thrown to the floor.

“Give it to me Mason.  I want it so bad.” Matt bit Mason’s ear and squeezed his cock.  “Show me how much you want me.”

“I don’t just want you, I love you.  The way I want you right now isn’t so loving,” Mason returned.

“I know you love me.  No straight man who didn’t would’ve done what you just did.  I want it however you give it to me and if I’m lucky, it’ll be hard and dirty.” Matt sucked on Mason’s ear before turning around and pushing his ass into Mason’s groin. 

“Ah Matt, ah yeah,” Mason agreed with Matt’s body.  Like he knew a thing or two, Mason ran a hand down Matt’s spine and fell in love with the guy all over again.  Matt wasn’t just a body to fill, he was the other half to Mason’s heart and that only made him harder.  Hating to leave Matt for even a second, Mason groaned and reached over into the side table.  Clicking open the bottle in his hand, Mason drizzled the thick liquid over Matt’s ass with a sexy grin.

Matt shivered as the cold lube was poured on his skin.  But Matt put his face into the mattress when Mason’s hand dipped in between his ass cheeks and rubbed the liquid up and down—over his entrance numerous times.  “Mason, oh, right there.  In me, push it in,” Matt encouraged.

He’d tried it on himself twice so far and Mason still couldn’t wrap his head around a finger up his ass.  Mason was scared shitless that he was going to hurt Matt somehow but when his finger began to work inside and Matt moaned, Mason relaxed a little.  It wasn’t until Matt was calling his name that Mason remembered where he was and what his hand was doing.  He’d been so wrapped up in the sounds that Matt was making combined with the slick heat surrounding his fingers that he’d zoned out. 

“Fuck me Mason, for the love of God.  No more teasing, please!” Matt rolled onto his back and started to stroke his cock with his legs drawn up. Mason swallowed and slithered on top of his lover, his heart. 

“You’ll let me know if…”

Matt pulled Mason down and kissed him, slid his tongue right on in.   Matt’s hand snaked between the two of them and grabbed Mason’s cock, guiding it right to his sweet spot.  Mason took the hint and pushed.  His cock being surrounded by the warmest haven he had ever known.


Matt felt the deep down pillow under his head, the warm wall of body wrapped tightly around his back, and the thick arm slung around his waist.  Opening his eyes a little, he saw the soft green walls, smelled the vanilla candles that they had never lit, and watched the sun stream in through the large windows overlooking the front yard.  His body refused to move so Matt closed his eyes with a smile and burrowed against Mason’s warmth. 

Mason awoke and startled a bit when he felt someone against him.  Quickly realizing who it was, he shook his head and buried his face in Matt’s neck.  It would take a bit of getting used to having another person in bed with him but this was…their house now.  That is if Matt decided to stay.  There was always a chance that last night wasn’t good enough for Matt.  Maybe he wasn’t gay enough for Matt, Mason sighed and his breath bounced back at him.  He hoped and prayed that Matt wanted to stay because waking up like this every day was something Mason wanted very much.

“Good morning,” Matt said without opening his eyes.  Mason smiled and snuggled closer.  This was a good sign or so he hoped. 

“Morning,” Mason replied and kissed Matt’s neck.  “Are you hungry?”

Matt made yawned and stretched his body like a cat.  “Yes.”  Turning over Matt pounced on Mason.  “I am.”

“Ah shit Matt.  I just got up and…” Mason was cut off with a kiss and curtain of golden hair surrounding his face.  “I meant food but I guess I can feed you something else…again.” Matt blushed and hid his face.  “Is that how you’re gonna do me? Get me all going and then get all shy?  You sure as hell weren’t shy last night.” Mason chuckled and Matt slapped his chest playfully.  His stomach rumbled and Mason sat up with Matt still attached.  “Guess that settles that then.  Food first.”

“Fine. You win, this time.” Matt kissed Mason before he was hauled upwards and settled on Mason’s hips as the man walked out of the room butt ass naked.


Mason fed Matt another strawberry as they swung together on the front porch.  “It’s so quiet here,” Matt mused looking out over the water.

“Too quiet?” Mason looked down.

“When are you gonna quit that?” Matt turned in Mason’s lap.  “It’s been three months Mason.  I’m not going anywhere.  Even if it was too quiet, I’d just get a radio or something.  I love this house, I love this yard, I love this porch and the swing, I love these strawberries, and I love you.”

“I know, I just like to get you all worked up so you’ll tell me again.” Mason combed his fingers through Matt’s hair. 

“You could just tell me you know.  I always say it back.” Matt grinned and set the bowl of strawberries on the ground. 

“Where’s the fun in that though?  This way I get to watch your eyes get all angry and sexy.  Then your voice gets all high and defensive.  But my favorite part is how you always have to get closer to me when you’re mad, like you just can’t get close enough.  I like that,” Mason drawled and Matt pulled him off the porch swing. 

“So what you’re saying is that you piss me off on purpose?” Matt held Mason’s hands as he took a step towards the door.  “You like making me angry?”

“Yeah, I guess I do.” Mason smirked and pushed Matt into the side of the house—locking his arms around Matt.  “Even angry, I can’t get enough.”

“Mason,” Matt whispered.  His hands found his lover’s waist and Matt pulled Mason flush to his chest.  “You gotta stop saying shit like that.”

“Why?” Mason chuckled.

“Because then I can’t think straight for the rest of the day,” Matt returned and rested his head on the side of the house. 

“Well welcome to my world baby, because I can’t think about nothing else but you.” Mason kissed Matt only to be startled by the sound of vehicles coming down the drive. 

“See? You gotta quit with that!  They’re here.” Matt blushed trying to move around Mason but was pulled to the middle of the porch.

“Let em watch.” Mason laughed and tipped Matt back in front of his family and friends as they got out of their vehicles. The youngest Pierson kissed Matt Every with a chorus of hoots and hollers from the yard.  Righting Matt back onto his feet, Mason grinned like a little boy while Matt was flushed a deep shade of crimson.  “Alright now, I think we got ourselves an engagement to celebrate!” Mason called dragging Matt down the stairs. 

The yard was filled with wooden round tables and small glass blown lanterns hung from the trees of Matt’s own creation.  Guests arrived over the next half hour and soon the yard was full of Shermin Heights locals and old friends of the honorary couple.  Merna came over to Matt and Mason’s table and sat down with a grin.  “So, when have ya’ll set a date or anything of the sort?”

“Merna I ain’t even asked him nothing like that, so don’t go fillin his head with that.  You done seen what a production this was and this was supposedly simple.  Yeah, right, simple my foot. Do you know how many of them cheesy things I had to roll up for this many people?” Mason snorted and rolled his eyes.

“So you don’t wanna marry me because you’ll have to roll up more cheesy things?” Matt made a face and crossed his arms.

“I didn’t say that baby, I said…”

“I know what you said.  You don’t want to make a big production of it blah, blah, blah. Same thing to my ears and to Miss Merna’s I’m sure.” Matt turned to the Bed and Breakfast owner who was about to reply when Noah and Jamie plopped down in the chairs across from them.

“Uh oh, lover’s spat.  I know that look real good.” Noah laughed and kissed Jamie’s cheek. 

“No, he just doesn’t wanna marry me is all.” Matt scooted away and Jamie smiled.

“Just like he didn’t rebuild you a house to declare his love for you?  Or use up every candle in Shermin to make you a candle lit wonderland that you didn’t even get to enjoy?  Just like he…” Jamie chuckled as Matt turned narrowed eyes on him.

“Make fun all you want Jamie.  Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean it’ll get any easier from here on out with that one.” Matt pointed at Noah who feigned innocence. 

“We enjoy complicated thank you very much. Don’t we J?” Noah winked.

“Hell yeah we do.” Jamie leaned in for a kiss and Matt groaned.  “Alright then, we’ll leave ya’ll be but we just wanted to say thanks for this party you guys.  It’s beautiful, really.”

“You’re welcome.” Mason smiled slightly and waved the couple off.  Noah frowned but Mason shook his head. “Ya’ll get on out of here and enjoy this please.  Eat some cheesy things.”

The boys laughed and waved before blending back into the crowd.  “I can’t believe you would think I wouldn’t want to marry you.” Mason cut his eyes to Matt before getting up.  “I was teasing but you ain’t.”

“You didn’t sound like you were teasing.” Matt pouted until he saw the hand extended to him.  With a hidden smile, Matt took Mason’s hand and got to his feet.  Mason’s fingers twined with Matt’s and together they made their way to the crowd of couples dancing. 

“If you need a ring to make you happy, I’ll go out and buy it for you tomorrow.  If you need me to give you an elaborate wedding and dust the yard in diamonds for you to walk on, I’ll do it.  I’ll even roll a thousand cheesy thingys to make you smile.  But don’t you ever doubt for one second that I don’t want you forever,” Mason declared softly in Matt’s ear as they began to sway.

Matt put his arms around Mason and buried his face in Mason’s neck.  “I don’t need all that, I’m sorry that I even…”

“Just dance with me baby.” Mason smiled and gently led Matt in a circle.

“I love you Mason.” Matt tightened his arms around his man and sighed.

“I love you more Matt Every.”


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