Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Punishment: Our Winner's Prize Revealed.

Thanks again to everyone for playing and again congratulations to CliffGirl for winning the Fill In The Blank challenge. She was kind enough to email me back last night and I thought I would post my punishment here for all of you that weren't able to log onto Facebook. Which after reading her response a few times, the sentence is actually my style. Yay!

So this is the line that I will incorporate into Dan and Rowe Chapter 5 as CliffGirl's prize:

"Not a single cloud littered the night sky but the moo...
n cast a strange glow, and (name of major character) felt a storm brewing; s/he was certain of it when s/he looked down and saw a pool of blood on the sidewalk at his/her feet."

*Rubs hands together* Oh yes, this is sooo my style. I got you CliffGirl! I so got you. Looking forward to using this.  On to the next topic of business.  I promised a sentence for every winner of my little game but thought better of that.  Because all of you are so awesome and have been so patient with my crazy writing schedule, I have decided to post an entire excerpt.  Yes, I got all of your emails and I'm sorry I'm being so slow in returning them but there were a lot! :D 
So here is your mega teaser:
The water had finally warmed to Rowe's satisfaction and he moved away, allowing the tap to fill the tub. Carefully bending over Dan on the floor, Rowe pulled his fragile mate into his arms and fought the urge to breathe in the clean scent that permeated through all the dirt and ash along Dan's skin. Like perfume, the smell of fresh grass and clean mountain filled the room. Rowe's gums throbbed--his hunger reaching a high that was dangerously teetering over the edge of his resistance. But this was his pet, his everything, and Rowe refused to succumb to his beast when Daniel needed him the most. No matter how hungry he was.

Rowe focused on the task at hand and his eyes targeted Daniel's blank stare instead of his naked body. He held Dan tight as he climbed into the large tub and sank down into the warm water. With shaking hands, Rowe situated his mate against his chest before turning his head away. He stared at the wall and listened to Dan's heart beat--the sound being the only thing Rowe had left at this point. A tear fell, then another, and another from Rowe's eyes. How was he to fix something so broken? How could he make Daniel better?

Thin arms wrapping tightly around his waist startled Rowe's focus back to the tub. His eyes cut down to Dan. A choked intake of breath cut through the silence of the room before Dan began to sob uncontrollably.  


  1. Oh my God, you have to post this soon. You're killing me!!!!!!

  2. Now I really can't wait. To see that Daniel is finally able to let loose all he has been holding in since Rowe found him. And for Rowe to feel so utterly helpless makes him that much more endearing to my heart. Loved this excerpt am waiting on pins and needles for the chapter. Hurry Night.

  3. I agree with everyone here. Completely begging for the next chapter as soon as possible! Dan and Rowe are my absolute favorite.
    Can't wait!(:

  4. Awww..*hugs*
    Dan can do anything with his Rowe by his side. Love them!!

  5. Relena
    Gahhhh!!! Post the whole freaking thing would you already! I've been checking several times a day EVERYDAY for the past 10 days, and you have the nerve to TEASE me (all of us)! So hurry it up. Love you!

  6. You BIG tease...... Waiting eagerly for the next chapter. Dan and Rowe and the connection btw them is amazing. Next chapter will be explosive. I hope Dan and Rowe finally give in to their mutual need for each other coz after all the drama they deserve some lov'in. Amazing teaser. Love ya loads. Mwah.

  7. Oh yes, Dan can be helped because he has Rowe. Loved the way Rowe holds his own desires back for his pet. The sooner Dan gets well, the better, for his and Jess's sake, but also because we all miss the sweet banter between Dan and Rowe.

  8. Yeees! Thank you, thank you, thank you. And you're right about Cliffgirl's line. I'm certain it will be right at home in that story. So... Want can i start breathing again?

  9. *beats head against keyboard in frustration and impatience*

  10. =O I just can't get enough of this story!

  11. Awwww I love this :) Poor Dan :( Thanks Night. I can't wait to see which character you will use for Cliffgirl's line :) Don't worry Rowe, with you by his side, Dan can do anything :D

    And Night, make it worth it :D Especially the s-e-x part. :D It has to be sweet and wonderful, or as wonderfully delicious I know you can make it to ;) And I am still wondering about Nina so pleasepleaseplease hurry up :D

    I can't wait for it :D